Zte Blade A510 Forgot Password

Zte Blade A510 Forgot Password

The manufacturer of ZTE smartphones, as well as the creator of the Android operating system, made sure that the data security in your device is at the maximum level. But security systems should not reduce the usability of a gadget. Therefore, along with the introduction of alphanumeric passwords, the user has the opportunity to unlock the screen of the smartphone and access his data using a graphic password.

Forgot password, smartphone is locked

A man, alas, is not a computer, and can easily forget something that he thought up, composed, did just five minutes ago. This feature of human memory often brings trouble when a user encounters a smartphone’s security system. If you forgot the graphic password, you won’t be able to log into the system, but you can restore this password, change, in general, unlock the smartphone with special forgetfulness. There are several unlock methods, and each can be applied by the user depending on the situation.

Method One: Google Account

As a rule, every person who is friends with the Internet has an account in Google services, and a ZTE smartphone, however, like other brands and models running the Google operating system, it is attached to this account.

  • So, in order to use this method of unlocking, you need, of course, to enter the wrong password several times, which you probably already did.
  • The system will understand the situation and offer to reset the password by entering the email address of the Google account with a password from it.
  • After the system processes the entered access data, the user enters the system, and you can immediately change the password to a more memorable one.

Method two: unlock ZTE with root

If you do not have such an account, or access to it is also lost, but there is an open administrative root level with cable debugging enabled, then you can unlock it without Google. You will need a computer or laptop and a USB cable.

  • We connect the smartphone to the computer, at the last command line, enter adb shell, adb shell, su, rm / data / system / gesture.key.
  • After that, the smartphone must be rebooted.
  • When the phone turns on, you can enter the system with any key. Then you just change the password to a new one.

Another way is tied to installed custom recovery applications. After downloading and installing, you need to follow the instructions that these programs and applications give out. It can be ClockworkMod Recovery or other applications from third-party developers.

Hard reset

This is the most radical way to unlock, because this procedure will completely erase all the information that is on the smartphone. All files, from music, to photos, all games and applications, all contacts not saved on the SIM card, and all settings. If the phone does not have particularly valuable data for you, then calmly do this:

  • At the same time, he presses the rocker in the plus and the power button, wait until the regular recovery menu is loaded. We do this on a turned off smartphone.
  • Next, select the menu associated with reset, with recovery
  • We agree with the deletion of all data, without this, the reset will not start.
  • After the reset, we reboot the smartphone.

Reset code

The smartphone has an emergency call field, we dial 983987 # in it. In the menu that opens, select a complete reset, it will also delete all your data and settings along with the forgotten password.