Your Ipad Failed To Activate

How to Fix iPhone Failed to Activate Error

There are many other reasons why you might not activate your iPhone, and we will list them below, as well as suggest a number of fixes that should allow you to activate your iPhone. Next, we will talk about possible ways to fix the error Failed to activate iPhone.

Reasons Why You Can’t Activate Your iPhone

Your carrier may have a problem

In case of iPhone X activation issues, it looks like they were mostly tied to AT T and Verizon US customers.

The activation server may be unavailable

Apple’s server that verifies that your device can be activated may be unavailable or may be experiencing a lot of traffic. You can check if the Apple server is here LINK

Check if your WiFi network is working

Try an alternative Wi-Fi network if you can block Apple’s servers are blocked (if you don’t have a WiFi network, connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC and use iTunes, see next step).

Try another wifi network

First of all, make sure that you are connected to a working Wi-Fi, some, very few routers may be the culprit for this problem, as they block iPhone access to Apple servers. Therefore, in some cases, connecting to a normally functioning router solves this problem.

Four Tips on What to Do When You Can’t Activate Your iPhone and See an Activation Error

Your Ipad Failed To Activate

If you get into a situation where you decided to reset your iPhone to factory settings, tried to set it up as a new device and saw an activation failure error, you try again, but it does not help, you again see a tablet with the text below what to do in such a situation?

Your iPhone has failed to activate because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try to connect iPhone to iTunes to activate or try again in a few minutes.

If the issue persists, contact Apple Support at

Tip 2: try again

At first glance, it seems that the activation failed message is completely inactive, you don’t see the control or retry buttons. However, if you press the physical round iPhone button, a menu will appear from which you can: call emergency services, start over, or change the Wi-Fi connection settings. Click start over to retry activation, if the second time it failed, you should try a few more times. Some users note that activation takes place normally on 5 attempts. Perhaps the reason for this is busy servers or other reasons and a little patience will help solve the problem.

How to fix iPhone activation failed. Tip 3: use a working SIM

If you have a different SIM card and you are sure it works, try using it. When replacing the SIM card, you do not need to turn off the iPhone, just replace it, press the Home button and try activation again.

Another important note: the balance of your SIM card must be positive, and the amount on the account is sufficient for one SMS abroad.

This is not advertised anywhere, but this is how the problem with activating iMessage and Facetime is solved. We found that in order to confirm the activation of these services, the iPhone is apparently trying to send a technical hidden SMS to the Apple servers. A technical SMS is sent from your phone to a special number, so the balance on your SIM card must be positive and sufficient for such an operation.

Confirmed! Activation actually sends SMS, which is charged as SMS to other countries.

Restore iPhone

If none of the above helps, try turning off your iPhone, connect one end of the USB cable to the Mac, and do not insert the other into the iPhone yet, hold down the Home button and at this very moment insert the USB cable into the iPhone. If everything went well, iTunes will show a message iTunes has found iPhone in recovery mode. Iphone needs to be restored before using with iTunes. Then click the Restore iPhone button and follow the instructions.

Why does iPad constantly require activation?

It happens that the gadget constantly requires activation, while it is successful, but later a message appears again stating that activation is required. On the Apple website, the developers recommended that the device be activated via a PC. If this does not help, then you need to contact the service center, since the problem may be mechanical in nature, namely, the GSM module is out of order, and its incorrect operation causes failures.

On the Internet, you can find information that this module is repaired by cooling the device in the freezer or heating it with a hair dryer, but such repair methods should be resorted to if the user has a desire to throw out the tablet. Repair is possible only in a service center, and no tricky tricks will help here.

Reason for failure

Usually, in the event of an iPad activation error, a message appears on the tablet with the text that an error has occurred, since the servers are not available. The manufacturer recommends trying to do the activation later or write to support. It is usually not clear from the content of the text what exactly prevents the device from completing the procedure, so you have to find out the reason experimentally. Possible problems:

  • Internet problems;
  • Crashes on the Apple server;
  • Jailbreak was installed on the tablet;
  • The device got a crooked update (example iOS3 in the case of iPad 2);
  • The device was locked by the previous owner.

Why does Aypad activation fail?

One of the common problems for Apple device owners is iPad activation failure. This usually happens after an upgrade or system restore, and users have to look for a solution to the problem on their own.

Before you start looking for the reason, you should make sure that the data for activating the iPad has not changed, and the user remembers exactly his login, password, mail. In some cases, the problem is caused by simply entering incorrect data. To check, you can log into your account from another device or through iTunes and check the correctness of the information.

Eliminating the problem

So, there can be many reasons why the iPad is not activated. Some of them are very easy to solve, others will require more serious action. To begin with, you should start with simple solutions to the problem.

If Aypad activation fails due to the fact that the server is temporarily unavailable, then it would be quite logical to wait a while and try to connect again. By the way, it will not be superfluous to first reboot the device.

  • Another option that will tell you what to do if there is no access to the server is to change the ip of the connection point. The easiest option is to connect to a different Wi-Fi network or reboot the router.
  • Sometimes iPad writes an activation error and indicates that the SIM card that is in the gadget is not supported by the current Apple policy. This happens if the SIM is damaged, the tablet simply does not understand it. To fix the problem, you should check if it is correctly placed in the slot, check the sim on another gadget, and if it is not working, change it in the operator’s cabin. In some situations, changing the cellular provider helps. However, this happens very rarely.
  • If changing the wireless network and restarting the tablet did not help, then you should use the iTunes program. It should be updated to the latest version. To activate via iTunes, the tablet will need to be updated. To do this, it connects to the PC via a cable, the program displays the connected gadget, clicking on it opens a window with a proposal for recovery and update. After updating the device, and sometimes the reason that Aypad is not activated is in the outdated version of the software, the program will prompt you to go through activation immediately. To do this, follow the instructions that appear on the laptop screen.
  • If none of the above methods worked, and the user was still unable to activate the iPad, then you should try restoring to factory settings. Perhaps the update did not get up correctly, or the user jailbreak failed. First, it is recommended to perform a system restore through iTunes. The machine is returned to the factory state and the user needs to set it up as if it had just been purchased. This often resolves the problem. You can try recovery via Recovery Mode, there are no differences in the process, only the tablet itself is connected a little differently. First, it should be completely turned off and before inserting the cable from the PC, hold down the home button.
  • Sometimes the problem is that the user wanted to update the system on an old tablet. For example, an old iPad wanted to update to more recent versions of iOS, but the beta firmware was downloaded by mistake. In this case, it is usually not possible to activate the iPad, and you will either need to reset it to the initial version, or download the new iOS 11 (any other version), but the official, not beta version. To initially avoid such problems, it is recommended to carefully read the instructions and description for the firmware, the creators describe all the nuances and features.
  • An activation problem may occur due to the fact that the update itself was not done correctly. After updating to iOS3, many owners are faced with the fact that they cannot activate the iPad 2. In this case, it is recommended to roll back the iPad to the previous version and wait until the problem is fixed. This usually takes very little time (if the error in the firmware was global, and many users encountered it, then it can be eliminated literally in a matter of hours).
  • If none of the methods helped, or if you can’t re-flash (reset) the tablet, then reset in DFU mode can help. This is the toughest reset option, which will save even in that situation, if the find Aypad mode was not disabled on the tablet, the user forgot the password and login from the account, and the problem arose as a consequence of this.
  • Activation attempts fail: Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable

    Activating iPhone is a simple process and is made by Apple developers intuitively, however, problems can arise here too. One of the most common errors is associated with the message that appears Your iPhone could not be activated, because the activation server is temporarily unavailable, we will tell you how to get rid of it in this manual.

    During iPhone activation, you may encounter various errors, the list of which is listed below:

    • Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable
    • Iphone is not recognized and cannot be activated for service
    • Sim card is not supported in this iPhone
    • Itunes cannot check the device

    If one of these messages is displayed on the screen of your iPhone, try our advice, one of them will definitely help you cope with the problem situation.

    Use a different Wi-Fi connection

    A Wi-Fi connection blocking the smartphone’s connection to Apple’s servers may be one of the reasons why you can’t activate your iPhone. Please try another wireless connection and try again.

    Try activating iPhone through iTunes

    Connect your iPhone to your computer, open the latest iTunes and try activating your smartphone. This method is best used if you do not have the opportunity to connect to another Wi-Fi network.

    Insert SIM

    New iPhone owners are often in such a hurry to get to know their device that they completely forget about the need to install a SIM card. In this case, the smartphone does not need to be rebooted, the activation process will continue immediately after installing the SIM card.

    If the SIM-card is inserted, then you need to make sure that it works. Try using a different SIM card and retry activation.

    Reboot iPhone

    Problems with iPhone activation can be solved after a banal smartphone reboot. Restart your device and try activating it again.

    Restore iPhone via iTunes

    In most cases, the first four tips will solve the problem with activating the iPhone, however, if all else fails, it’s time to connect the heavy artillery. Restoring the iPhone is done as follows: while holding and holding the Home button, connect the smartphone to the computer. The device will be recognized by iTunes in recovery mode, after which you will need to click the Restore button.

    Iphone activation failed after flashing. Error 0xE8000013

    Today I found out (yes, I am a slop in this case) that many users have a strange error 0xE8000013 after flashing their device to iOS 11.0.2. Let’s take a closer look at the problem.

    The essence of the problem

    Users started to flash the device with iOS 11.0.2. After flashing, they get error 0xE8000013. Here is one of the comments on our website (the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved):

    The error, by the way, is not new. A year ago, some iPhone 5S users were catching the same error on iOS 10.


    One possible reason for error 0xE8000013 is not the native Touch ID on the phone. But not always. This is an iOS 11 bug.


    There is no definite solution. Recommendations found on the Internet:

    • You need to plug the wire directly into the PC. That is, without using USB hubs.
    • Try a different USB cable
    • Disconnect all USB devices from the computer except the mouse and keyboard. Restart your computer and connect your iPhone to your computer.

    The guaranteed solution was to rollback the system from iOS 11 to iOS 10, but the method no longer works since Apple stopped signing iOS 10.

    If you have any information, some solutions, or you have such an error, write comments. We’ll figure out. For now, to avoid problems, I recommend not updating your phone to iOS 11.0.2.

    P.S. Attention. Scammers were identified in the comments. Now he acts under the name of Glory, but he can write under any other. Do NOT send your money to anyone! Nobody can solve your problem remotely. Do NOT share your APPLE ID and password with anyone.

    Now faced the same problem
    I’m waiting for a new update
    I hope apple will solve this problem

    Congratulations, you have a brick
    [News] Caution! Bricks can be caught when restoring iPhone with iOS 11

    The first complaints about the error 0xE8000013, which occurs when trying to restore an iPhone from a backup, began to appear at the end of September. To date, no solution to the problem has appeared.

    You decide to perform a hard reset (Settings General Reset) or restore your iPhone from a previously saved copy to iOS 11 or a test version of iOS 11.1 using iTunes. Any of the options will result in an error with device activation.

    In common people, you will receive a brick with error 0xE8000013.

    How common is the problem

    To date, thousands of users around the world have encountered the scouring of iPhones. Apple representatives did not officially admit the problem.

    Hello guys! This is a problem associated with the restored phones, namely, with the fact that they replaced the flash memory and did not register the native poppy address of the Wi-Fi bluetooth. So Apple does not recognize these phones.

    It turns out that iPhone phones have become disposable? Then let the price be like a one-time product. All phones were once released by apple and were working, but due to their fragility and technical weaknesses, they became REF even by officially buying a new phone. Dropped off nand and that’s it? To find out the data of the poppy addresses bt and vf is not possible if broke nand

    Repair in an official service and there will be no problems !

    Well, thank you! Just going to update. Stopped.

    And when 11.1 comes out?

    There is already the first public beta. It seems like the second should come out today.

    I have been fighting for the 3rd day, there is no sense ((
    updated to 11.1
    Does not help. In the trash can

    Take your time 🙂 I think Apple will revive your gadgets

    Even if they warned, what and how, but there is no information, it’s a shame

    A good mine with a bad game) Therefore, they do not warn. They want to fix it on the sly

    Well, it seems as it is already known, it will not work, the brick remained in one word and not the phone

    Hello! I have such a problem I updated the iPhone 6 to IOS 11.1.2 and did a factory reset, and now, when activating, Writes, your iPhone could not be activated because it could not contact the activation server. Try to connect your iPhone to iTunes to activate or try again connect over a cellular network in a few minutes. You can also try to activate via WI-FI, or contact Apple support
    The phone has a network, but there is no network name, 3g, LTE shows, Wi-Fi is also there but I can not activate it, I did updates and restores everything reaches the end (software check, Unpacking Software, Extracting Software) on the phone a white screen is being installed. Until the end, a failure appears on the computer screen and all the error numbers are not there, please help me, I don’t know what to do anymore, epl says all sorts of nonsense, about the restored devices it says that if they did it in an unauthorized service, they replaced something, it might be a failure as someone did, it was necessary to bring it to the service, but I didn’t have it to be repaired, I don’t have to throw out the phone, help, whoever had such a problem, he fixed it, I’m glad for everything that tell me to do
    P.S on my computer still crawls out the sim card is worth it or not, but I have a SIM inserted

    Exactly the same story with me, you can’t do anything, just give it away for repairs, and then someone needs to fumble, you need to rewrite the memory there, and then it will work, and I think the repair will be more expensive than the phone itself, so the trash!

    I understand that even devices with native Touch ID cannot revive? I just have an iPad refresher and it has been dead for 3 days, today it was in the service, they said “epidemic”))) Well, let’s wait, the trash can is nearby)))

    And my 5s on 11.02 constantly does not want to connect to wi-fi at home, does not accept the password, connects only after rebooting. Ipad doesn’t have this problem. Every time I come home I restart my phone. ??

    It shouldn’t have been worth updating, just like me.

    Yes, similar problems with wi-fi connection on iPad Air after updating to iOS11: it returns only after reboot. I thought that I was the only one. On the Apple forums, I have not yet found a clear solution. I would be grateful if someone did it and share some advice.

    11.03 released it turned out to fix activation error?

    I have such an error on iPhone 6s
    my research showed that the phone turned off all communications with the outside world, and very limited with iTunes.

    offers WiFi activation, but no WiFi icon. The module is dead.

    Mobile network
    if a SIM card is installed, it writes 3G and the signal level, but does not write to the operator (and how would he know the APN)

    the phone recognizes but does not recognize the serial number. Although on the CH phone itself you can see and everything is ok.
    Well, when you try to activate, error 0xE8000013 and activation failure.
    By the way, it was possible to roll back on 10.3.3, but it still does not activate now.

    How did you roll back? Wasn’t there a mistake? Tell me how you rolled it back. I just downloaded the firmware ?

    Yes, Sergey, I just downloaded the firmware 10.3.3 and through iTunes according to the instructions in the article “Apple has started signing iOS 10.3.3 for the iPhone 6s again. How to rollback from iOS 11” on apple-iphone.Ru
    there is also a link to the firmware


    Damn, and on the contrary, they told me to update the support service, yes 11.0.2 updated the error did not disappear, I was already in a panic, to be honest, a week has passed, nothing has changed today, I installed 11.0.3 nothing has changed in the service, they are fed promises that engineers are solving this problem, but from this it’s not easier like that !! This is how to understand finally what I have always loved for epl stability, and so on and now I have a brick that I don’t even know will fix or not say one thing !! This is a mess. They ruined their image seriously

    And I have this that I updated it with the same error when activated, in short, I contacted them in St. Petersburg, they made me collect all the logs and send them to them for a month without a phone, and in short, they say that I am not the first who encountered this, but I ask them. And who would not have solved the problem. Are silent

    People, why update at all ?? I have an iPad mini 3, aios 8 with something (even on the drum, what numbers are next). All perfectly

    Good day! And I haven’t received push notifications for three days already. I didn’t install anything, didn’t change it. I decided to upgrade to 11.0.3. Nothing changed. Notifications come only if the program is open. In other words, I only see calls and that’s it.

    So I have been updated and the settings have dropped the words no, what evil I sit, waiting for a decision

    The same problem after updating IOS 11.3 dropped and now the brick.?

    What to do with the brick now?

    If completely brick-brick, do a flashing through DFU mode.

    I have been doing it for a week without activation with iPad Air 2 11.0.3, an error all the time, I try to activate it through aytyuns, but I write incorrect data, please try again later))

    Try to flash the firmware again. In theory, the problem has already been fixed

    Last night I was stitching, the same thing. And how to remove the firmware from aytyuns so that a new one can be downloaded

    On the ipad mini 2 decided to perform a full reset, the activation flew.
    Went to iTunes downloaded a new firmware, but I can not activate, it gives an error:
    ipad “ipad” could not be activated because the activation information was incorrect. Please try again later.
    Guys, can anyone already know the solution to the problem, please share.
    Can I flash it for a fresh one according to the instructions? By downloading the firmware?

    I also have an iPad 2 such a case of error 0xE8000013. But through i tunes I see the ipad, but there is no Refresh button. Login fails issues “this Apple AD hasn’t been used yet i tunes store”. Before that, there was a different ID, after changing the ID the problem began. How to flash? I am suffering for 4 days.

    I have an iPod mini 3. Everything is the same. I’m disappointed with Apple.

    Same problem. The phone was not being repaired. Touch id is native, robotic. We are waiting, as I understand it, a new update. Sad with apple ?

    This is all the movement

    Apple is certainly handsome. Faced the same problem on the Ipad Air 2. I bought it from a friend and did a complete reset and that’s it, hello brick. I hope that with the release of 11.1 Apple will be corrected.

    Did not help. I just restored it with an update to 11.1 and still does not activate. I think a class action lawsuit against them could be?

    You updated iTunes, I received an update yesterday, I haven’t tried it yet

    I called support today. They said that for a billion epl phones, the problem of a couple of thousand calls with error 0x8000013 is unlikely to motivate techies to solve it in a short time. These are certainly not literal words of support, but the meaning is captured by this.

    On the contrary, I would reassure you that there are too many references not to pay attention to them.

    Today I turned to the service with the same problem. They said that it was boring to change the motherboard (touchpad) and for all this 125.

    Don’t do it! Service breeds you 🙂

    I generally have REF iPhone 5s, according to the standard out of the box it was 10.3.3, then I updated it to 11.0.3, sometimes started to freeze, and the like, did a rollback to 10k, and that’s all, activation failed, could not connect to the servers.

    Rollback to iOS 10 hasn’t worked for a long time. Therefore, flash to the latest iOS 11.0.3 and everything will be activated for you

    No, having a restored iPhone ref, it is he who blocks the activation of apple /

    Did you really do it? I put iOS 11.03 a week ago, but it still does not activate

    To my delight, I have no such mistakes. Catching it on purpose is unlikely to work, so I give general advice. But carry it to the service and change the motherboard and touchpad, as the last case advises above.

    You understand, this problem is only with repaired iPhones, or Chinese refahs, I read here

    I reset the iPhone 5s, downloaded ios 11.0.3 and everything is exactly no activation, and everything is exactly 0xE8000013 in iTunes, and in the service they say they can start after the phone is re-soldered, the cost of repair
    more than half the cost of an iPhone))

    Let’s write to the support team in bulk. This is a violation of the agreement on their part. In the United States, this is a responsibility. You can demand money or fix their jambs. I try different options, unsubscribe

    A really significant problem at first gave error 3194 when rolling back and then again connect to aytyuns and, like all 0xE8000013 in the server, they said to wait from the Chinese for a solution to this problem, they say today there were more than 50 people with such a problem

    I’m just wondering? Where do people get this information from. “Apple said” etc. That there was no official statement from them. And in general, this is completely their jamb. That is, it turns out on IOS 10 everything was cool and did a full reset and everything was activated, and here, a new firmware comes out and “half of the population” gadgets stop working. Don’t you think this is strange? And the fact that Touch ID stopped working for many on 6s (and for unmakers, who will say what it means is changeable, then I will say: if the button changes, then the print will no longer work initially! Check)
    I have an Ipad Air 2, normal, not fixed and Apple has a serial number in the database and for some reason the activation has flown.
    And in general, think about what you write, well, even if the phone was already sorted out, let it be fixed, but who cares. Yes, the sinister Apple company decided to punish such owners. Kapets, it’s funny. That is, they “outraged” over their clients, and were not afraid to lose 20-30 percent of the profit, because everyone will switch to android. Ingenious.
    Therefore, this is a real firmware bug, which they simply must fix. Considering that such a story has already happened to them with 5s when IOS10 was released.
    And do not get fooled by all sorts of stories that you need to rewire the board and all that, this is the golden moment for the SC

    90 percent of devices are not activated due to the wrong mac wifi address
    the problem is solvable, contact ss there will help you.

    So I already contacted ss apple, they told me that the phone could not be repaired, but the situation for me, however, like everyone else, worked fine on 10 ios, updated it to 11ios, worked for a week then started to turn off myself, I decided to reflash, reflash and all activation does not work, I have 5s

    Hello everyone, let’s all zay. So to speak apple collectively. I have been terrorizing the support of the result for 2 weeks now, not just a promise I even sent them diagnostics, and now they say wait, engineers solve your problem, and so it went 3 weeks!

    Hello everyone! I’m in a panic! This morning I had all the photos of 1000 pieces automatically remotely, but there were no photos in the album recently deleted, I don’t understand why? My husband decided to restore and make a backup via iTunes updated, there is a chance return all the photos, but the phone does not allow opening the problem, because of there it shows a window “IPhone could not be activated because an unknown error occurred (0xE800013) Please try again later”how can this be understood and corrected to return IOS 11.

    Read the problem above, everyone here is just like you, the problem is not yet solved

    Iphone on iOS 11 and iOS 12 won’t activate after factory reset

    This text is an update to the article after the release of iOS 11.

    We have already discussed this situation in the comments, but for those who are too lazy to read, here is a short excerpt from all this.

    The essence of the problem:

    Who is at risk? Devices (running iOS 11 and iOS 12) that:

    • Have ever been repaired (with replacement parts for Nand memory, modem, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module) in unauthorized service centers.
    • They are the so-called handicraft restored iPhones (smartphones assembled by someone who knows where and where) unscrupulous sellers very often sell them under the guise of new.

    What’s happening?

    So, what exactly to do with this now?

    If there is a guarantee, use it.

  • Some unofficial service centers may try to solve this problem with special equipment. But, as a rule, no one gives any guarantees, even if the activation failure can be bypassed now, then in the future everything may repeat.
  • Here is such a sad story. However, it is not at all necessary that the error occurs precisely because of this.

    Iphone Activation Failure Server Unavailable or Worse?

    Hello! It doesn’t matter what you did to get the activation failed error. We reset the content and settings, flashed it, performed an update, any of these actions were restored, and the device must be reactivated. Yes, yes, yes, you will have to go through exactly the same procedure again as when you first turned on the gadget. And here one very large and large ambush can await us.

    An iPhone or iPad is easily able to warn that activation is impossible, because: Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try connecting your iPhone to iTunes to activate, or try again in a few minutes. If the issue persists, contact Apple Support at

    It would seem that everything is very logical. The server is unavailable, Apple has problems, we wait until the failure passes and we swear at the company. However, not everything is so simple.

    And in general, if you are faced with such a message, then I will have two news for you, good and bad. And we’ll probably start with a bad one

    Iphone activation failure is all very bad

    Why does the title say that everything is very bad? Because, it is quite possible that the modem in the device died. Indirectly, this can be confirmed by the fact that by connecting the gadget to a computer and iTunes, absolutely nothing happens, no activation or something even remotely similar to it.

    There is another way to check this terrible guess, on the welcome screen, click on the letter i in a circle.

    After clicking, on a normal and working iPhone, the serial number of the device should appear. If IMEI does not appear, but only standards are written, etc. Then I have bad news, the modem in your iPhone or iPad ordered to live long. Naturally, with such a malfunction, the device cannot be activated. What to do?

    • Contact the service, the repair price is not very high (relative to the cost of the device), but they undertake such a repair of the unit and no one gives guarantees.
    • You can try to put it in the freezer (at your own peril and risk!), There is a possibility that the contacts will get up as needed at least for a while, and it will turn out to activate it.
    • Warm up with a hairdryer (also at your own peril and risk!) The effect is similar to freezing (it may or may not appear).

    It must be understood that the last two points are of course a fierce collective farm and they should be carried out very carefully. But it helps some. By the way, updating the firmware on such gadgets is useless, during this operation you will get an error.

    All that is described above is not your case? Imei is displayed and is the modem normal? Moving on to the next item!

    Iphone failed to activate the server is to blame or

    In fact, failure can occur for a variety of reasons. And the right decision is to check everything in order, let’s go!

    • Check if the SIM card is inserted and is it working? The advice is of course very obvious, but everything happens.
    • Make sure you have internet access again.
    • Apple servers are unavailable how to check their status at the moment? This often happens on the days when new versions of iOS are released. A lot of people around the world are trying to get a new firmware as quickly as possible and the servers simply cannot withstand such an influx of people. In this case, you just need to wait
    • Use a different internet connection. Some Wi-Fi networks can be configured to block access to Apple servers.
    • Use iTunes to activate (be sure to update it to the latest version!)
    • Hard reset your iPhone or iPad. Hold the Home and Power buttons and hold them until the iPhone turns off.

    By the way, the reason for Activation Error may be the fact that a beta version of the firmware was installed on the iPhone, and the device was not registered in the developer program. In this case, the error text will be like this:

    In this case, you need to go to the Apple developer portal ( and register the gadget.

    As you can see, the reason that the iPhone fails when activated can be a variety of situations.

    From the banal lack of Internet, to very complex modem breakdowns and the newly-made iOS 11 syndrome. And if the former are solved quite simply (wait, change the SIM card, etc.), the latter (iron problems) are corrected only with the participation of a competent service center specialist. But I sincerely hope this is not your case.