You can install Weiber on a computer without a phone

How to install a Weiber on a computer without a phone: buy a disposable number or use an emulator?

Fans of communication in messengers often ask how to install Weiber on a computer without a phone, and is it possible to do it. Theoretically, this is real, but the procedure itself requires the installation of additional emulator programs or the use of services to create a virtual number. Below we consider step.By.Step instructions for each of the proposed options.

The developers say that you cannot put Weiber on a computer without installing on a phone. And this is supposedly makes no sense, because the application is tied to a mobile number. In practice, users have two bypass ways at the disposal:

  • Using an emulator that allows you to install Viber on a computer without a phone.
  • Connection of a virtual number using special services.

How to Install Viber on Your PC (Windows 8/8.1/10)

Each of the methods has features and requires individual approval.

Using an Android OS emulator

To figure out the question of how to install Weiber on a computer without a smartphone, you will need a special emulator program that allows you to create an Android virtual OS on PC. The whole process consists of several stages, on which we dwell in more detail.

Installation Viber

First you need to install Weiber on a computer. To do this, do the following:

install, weiber, computer, phone
  • Wait for the boot to end.
  • Find the file in the download folder (if it is set by default) and start the file.
  • When asked if there is a wiber on the phone, click yes.
  • Indicate the phone number and click continue. If the application is installed on a smartphone. If not, you need to install an emulator on a computer. This program will be needed to turn PC into phone.

Installation Bluestacks

You can find many emulators on the network, but Bluestacks is considered one of the best options. With it, you can install Weiber on a computer without a phone and not experience difficulties.

install, weiber, computer, phone
  • Wait for the file download. It has small sizes, so it takes a few seconds to download.
  • Run the file and wait for it to unpack it.
install, weiber, computer, phone

After these steps are performed, you can put Weiber on a computer without a smartphone. But it is first recommended to make several important settings.

How to setup

To log in in the application and install Viber on a computer without a phone via Google Play, you will need a Gmail account. Over, registration is available directly in the program. Do the following:

  • Click on the inscription input via Google. If you already have a Google account, it is not necessary to read further instructions. You can immediately proceed to the next section. If the profile is missing, starting Weiber on a computer without a phone will not work. Need registration (description below).
  • Indicate yourself (do not enter the phone number), and then press on the button indicated in the picture.
  • Agree with the conditions that the system offers.

As soon as you have a Google account, proceed to the next step.

Authorization and configuration of the emulator

Before activating Weiber on a computer without a phone, you must log in and configure BlueStacks. This work is done once, after which in the future the program will always be available to work. Go the following steps:

  • Come up with a name, and then click on the Done button.
  • Disconnect geodata, because they do not need.
  • Inte Weeise Language Install Russian.
  • Click OK button and take the license conditions.
  • Select the necessary Google services.
  • Put data about yourself.

After performing the above steps, the Bluestacks emulator is installed on PC. Now you can download Weiber on a computer without a phone and use its capabilities in normal mode.

Installation Viber via BlueStacks

Now you can proceed to the main stage. Install Weiber on a PC using an emulator and without a phone. Do the following:

  • Launch Bluestacks.
  • Open Google Play.
  • Drive the name of the application that you plan to install in the search query. In our case, this is Viber.
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Waibera’s launch and activation

The next question that requires consideration is how to enter Weiber from a computer without a phone and activate its work. Do the following:

  • Open Viber on an emulator and specify the phone number.
  • Choose the option, my camera does not work for me.
  • Copy authorization code and enter it in the smartphone browser.

After that, Waiber is ready to work and it remains only to undergo authorization. The algorithm is this:

  • Go to the desktop version of Waiber.
  • Click on the button to continue.
  • Click on the inscription that is marked in the picture with a red rectangle.
  • Get authentication code and enter it into the emulator web conductor.

If everything is done correctly, you managed to install Weiber on a computer without a phone.

Using a virtual number

If the method considered above is not suitable for some and there is no way to use the real phone, you can use the virtual number. For resolving the issue, one of many services, for example, a telfin from the link Telphin is suitable.Ru/virtualnye-nomera.


Bluestacks can be called the most popular emulator of the Android operating system for Windows. The program includes all the necessary set of functions, and also interacts perfectly with all computers that meet the technical requirements. I simulated the full.Fledged work of the smartphone on PC, this is perfect for activating Viber on the computer, as well as for further work with the messenger.

How to install Viber on a computer without a phone

Along with Skype, the Viber Internet mixer is the most popular means of communication on the Internet, and you can use it both on a mobile device and on a desktop computer. Unfortunately, several years ago, Viber developers made significant restrictions on the use of a messenger on desktop computers without reference to a mobile device. Now, to use Viber on the computer, you first need to install it on the phone.

And only then with QR.Code or Secret key ID Activate an additional version of Viber on another device.

Given the fact that most users have mobile gadgets, this procedure should not be particularly difficult for them if not one “but”. For some reason, Viber stubbornly does not want to install on some mobile gadgets. So, we were not able to establish the current version of the messenger on the Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 under the control of Android 5.0.1, while the latest version of Viber was successfully installed on the ancient model Samsung GT S7262 running Android 4.One.2.

Activation of a messenger on a computer with a mandatory pre-installation of a program on a smartphone is part of the policy of the developer, but nothing prevents you from getting around this restriction by installing and activating Viber on a virtual mobile device using any Android emulator-Bluestacks. Nox App Player. Mumu App Player and so on. The procedure for activating the messenger bypass is not difficult, however, some difficulties can still arise, although they are not so significant that you can not cope with the task.

So, for the case you will need one of the Android emulators, a service or a mobile phone (the best phone with your contacts). Capable of taking SMS.Message and installation desktop-version in Viber.

Download and install on a PC Android emulator, for example, Memu.

Run the emulator and enter it in your Google account.

Install the Gmail mail client in the emulator (if not installed). You will need it.

Install Viber in the emulator, run and indicate the phone number to which SMS will receive.Messenger activation message. Confirm the activation of virtual Viber using SMS obtained by SMS.

Without closing the emulator, install the desktop version of Viber on a computer or laptop.

Click in the window of the Messenger’s computer link “The camera does not work”, copy the received secret identification code to the exchange buffer and send it to yourself from the computer to the Gmail electronic box. Registered by you in the Android emulator.

By clicking on this link in the virtual mail client, you will receive the message “Activation of an additional device”. Install the confirming checkmark and click “Allow”.

Official site

And finally, the easiest way to produce Waiber’s desktop version, regardless of the Windows version and the presence or absence of a smartphone, is the use of a distribution received from the official website of the developer.

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As when using the previous method, it is previously necessary to install the mobile version of the messenger and activate the Viber account through the smartphone, and to use the Android emulator to use it!

If the smartphone is absent, and activation of the account was carried out using the emulator according to the instructions “without a smartphone” proposed above in this article, we do the following:

    In the Viber window for Windows containing a QR code, click the link “My camera does not work for me. What to do?””.

Click “insert” and then click “Enter” to follow the link.

As you can see, get the version of the Viber application-client, which operates in Windows environment is completely easy. Having completed simple instructions, we get a lot of advantages in just a few minutes, it is only important to choose the right installation method!

Viber on the device of proxies

If you have trousers with iOS/Android in a circle.A device that you can completely trust, including personal correspondence in Viber. Children, parents, brothers, sisters, you can ask one of these persons to install Viber Appendix on its device and connect your account. Well, so that your correspondence to Viber does not deliver discomfort to your loved one, he can turn off the notifications for Viber on his device. What to do if your loved one has his own connected Viber account? The Viber mobile application itself does not provide a multi.Account, but you can take the ability to cloning mobile applications. This is somewhat problematic for iOS without jailbreak, but there will be no problems on Android. For these purposes, there are a lot of apps of the App Cloner. Do Multiple Space. Parallel Space. Over, you can clone Android applications using the standard functionality on some devices. This functionality, as a rule, is in the Android Applications settings. For example, on Xiaomi devices in the settings, click “Applications”, then “Application Cloning”. Next, select the application that we want to clone, turn on its switch.

Click “Create”, and we have a clone of Viber’s clone in which we can connect another account on the desktop.

True, in this case, at the system level, disconnect notifications only for the application-clone cannot.

How to connect Viber on a strange smartphone or tablet? Enter our phone number during authorization, confirm it.

We expect a little until the options “Send SMS” or “Request the call” are active. The first will send to our SMS phone number with the activation code of your Viber account, and the second will make a call to our number and dictates the activation code. Select any method of obtaining activation code and introduce it. Then we set up your account.

Features of Vaiber

Viber is one of the most popular instant messengers, which is owed to constant improvements and additions by developers. Among the features of the program should be highlighted:

  • High level of safety provided by a unique encryption system;
  • The function of hidden use is provided, which is similar to incognito mode;
  • Added the ability to hide chats, limiting the access of other subscribers;
  • You can create backup copies of conversations with the possibility of data restoration;
  • A large set of tools that allow you to personalize and configure Weiber for yourself;
  • High.Quality communication that extends not only messages, but also to video calls.

How To Use WhatsApp Web/App WITHOUT a Smartphone!

The simplicity of the Viber integration moves quickly to get comfortable inside the service. The messenger also has an extensive unique set of stickers that can be used when communicating with friends. System subscribers can make calls even to those people who are not Vaiber users.

What is required for installation

To install Viber on a computer without a phone, you will need an Android emulator to simulate a mobile client. Any phone with a SIM card of a mobile operator is also needed, since the messenger uses the phone number as an account. And also a computer is required that meets the minimum requirements for the work of the desktop version of the messenger.

The sequence of actions consists of three stages:

At least some phone, but we will definitely need a working number-a code will come to it to activate Viber. But we will not install Weiber directly on the phone. Only on the computer.

Installation of Weibar on a laptop

For those who are already using Weibar on the phone, installing it on a PC or laptop will not be difficult. It is worth noting that you can download the messenger on the following operating systems: Windows, Mac, Linux. That is why, everyone can use the program.

  • Run the installation file.
  • Agree with the license agreement by clicking on AcceptinStall.
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After that, you need to tie the mobile number to PC or laptop. To do this is very simple, you need to answer “yes” to the question “you have Viber on a mobile phone?””.

After that, you must specify the country of residence and mobile phone number.

Activational code will receive this number. SMS will enter the phone, which will indicate 4 digits that must be entered in the activation window. After that, there will be synchronization of contacts, chats and calls, then you can use the program.

  • Carry out free voice calls to all mobile phone numbers, in any country.
  • You can make video calls.
  • In addition to sending a text message fashionable, you can send a media file (photography, image, video, audio).
  • Automatically synchronization of data on a mobile device and PC.
  • You can establish a forwarding of the current call between devices.

How to use Viber messenger from a computer

Upon completion of the installation, activation and settings of the Viber application in the Windows environment, users of stationary PC and laptops have no obstacles to effective interaction with one of the most popular information exchange system today. The functions of the desktop client of the messenger is maced, but to figure out how to perform a particular operation is easy.

Textual messaging

Correspondence (chat) with another person who is physically at any point in the globe is perhaps the main thing for which people install any messenger on their computer. Vaiber developers for PC took this fact to take this fact. All the elements of the integration that will be needed when creating a message and sending it, as well as to read incoming messages, are immediately available after launching the application.

    The list of open chats, which is also obtained from the “main” client of the messenger on the smartphone due to synchronization, is almost always displayed on the left side of the Viber Desktop window, and if not so, it is easy to call by clicking on the “conversation” button.

    Click on the “Create” button located next to the search field over the list of open conversations that will open the list of “Contacts”.

Or choosing “show contacts” in the “viewing” menu.

Whatever action from the above you perform, the address book will open. Further, depending on the type of displayed list of contacts, just click by the name of the future interlocutor or set a check box in the checkbox near the right user, and then click “Start Chat”.

    Call the “number” from the “View” menu “,

Either clicking on the “more” button above the list of dialogs and selecting the “dial” item in the options that opened.

To send a message, click on the round button “Paper Airpill” near the input area.

In addition to a manually set, the text of the message can be formed by copying from other applications and then inserts in the site of the messenger window,

But in this case, keep in mind that there is a restriction. The volume of the message transmitted through Viber should not exceed 7,000 characters.

In situations where it is necessary to remove one or more messages from the chat, completely clear the history of correspondence with a separate user or streamline the list of open conversations by destroying its individual elements, follow the relevant instructions from our articles.

Smiley and stickers

The text of the message transmitted through the desktop version of Viber can be very easily “diluted” by emoticons, as well as supplement or even replace the emotional picture with a “sticker”, which is very popular today among messenger users.

    To open the lists of available emoticons and stickers, click on the icon located close to the message input field on the left.

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