You can find out the phone number by last name

You can find out the phone number by last name

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  • Contact Search Reasons
  • Ways to find a phone number
  • Phonebook
  • Cell phone operator and manager in a mobile phone salon
  • Database
  • Internet services
  • Internet search engine
  • Law enforcement

Contact Search Reasons

The main reason for contacting different services is the purpose of finding the number. Finding a phone number often comes from important motives. Often a telephone number is sought in order to lose the previous number, but there are more important moments when a person is lost and cannot be found. Depending on the degree of importance, you need to choose the most convenient way for you to search for a phone number by last name and first name.

Search Service

The most common reason is the loss of contact for some reason. The easiest way to return the loss will be the request of your friends to dictate the phone number of the subscriber. This method is the simplest, most effective and efficient.

Sometimes a telephone number is sought for a harmless rally. The reason is not common, but is used among people who are looking for missing relatives. To search for this type, they use open services that can be used freely.

Not all search methods are legal. But not everyone is turning to such a search because there are more reasonable methods. Many search engines are paid, but there is a chance to find free ones, it all depends on their relevance and popularity. Search on the Internet and social networks is also quite effective. Despite the variety, there are also negative points. Due to the large number of mobile operators and phone numbers, the subscriber is able to easily change the number of his mobile device at any time. And in any of the sources where there is data about it, they will not be changed immediately. The reliability of the proposed information is violated.

Ways to find a phone number

It is possible to use different methods to find a phone number. These include:

  • Phonebook;
  • Mobile operator;
  • Database;
  • The Internet;
  • Internet search engine
  • Law enforcement agencies.

It is important to pay special attention to each method in order to be sure whether it will help or not in a particular situation.


In times when mobile phones were beyond the reach of people, people actively used telephone directories. From such source of information it was possible to find out not only the phone number, but also the address of residence. Few pursued selfish goals, and therefore such information was publicly available. The advantage of those times was that for the whole family there was one landline telephone, through which you could contact any member of the family living in an apartment or house.

If the necessary person lives in another city, then another guide will be needed. You can find it on the Internet and in a familiar way, using the alphabetical order to find the required number. In order not to resort to such a huge number of manipulations, you can do much easier. Find on the Internet the telephone number of a specific city and call there. There, upon presentation of the surname, name and patronymic of the person, the operator will provide a phone number. In some cases, they may request the address of the subscriber.

Such a search is still used, because in many apartments home landline phones are still installed. Only the directory itself has changed. The information resource was converted into electronic form, which simplified the use and content of information. Negative reference search. This is only the availability of landline phone numbers. Information about mobile numbers is not contained there. Since the mobile number is a personal number, each subscriber independently decides whether to give his number to someone or not.

Cell phone operator and manager in a mobile phone salon

A more modern way at this time is to contact the mobile operator using a call or a mobile phone salon. This method will help if the reasons for the search will be very significant. A more effective method would be going to the salon, because face to face it is much easier to explain the need and ask the employee to enter his position. An understanding employee will not refuse help and will do everything possible. Indeed, sometimes with such requests they come not just to call, but to find a person. First you need to determine which mobile operator the subscriber is using. If the number is unknown, you can check the information on the Internet. Having learned the operator, you can go to the nearest salon for the required information.

Popular mobile operators

This method does not apply to all mobile phone stores. For example, the mobile operator Megafon provides specific data exclusively to police officers. With only a few exceptions, the data will be provided to the average user. Therefore, if you need to find out the number for personal purposes, you must come up with a compelling reason for the manager to consider providing it. But in frequent cases, an appeal to the managers of mobile phone salons does not guarantee success.


On the Internet you can often find resources that offer to find the subscriber’s number by the available last name and first name. They take the basis in the databases that are developed by the mobile operators themselves. Such databases should not be in the public domain, since the distribution of personal data by a mobile phone company is illegal. If such information freely fell into the hands, then it contains old data that is unlikely to help.

Additionally, for permanent use of the base, in the future it will be necessary to purchase certain conditions for using the service. Such use will be convenient for those who need to constantly find numbers. If you need to find a phone number 1 time, then it would be wiser to find a free version of the program.

Finding a phone number in this way is considered quite effective, but minus it in the cost of databases provided on the Internet. Given how fresh this base is. It is important to attach particular importance to the choice of base and seller so that money is not wasted. It is better to immediately spend more time finding the necessary site.

Internet services

Internet services provide only paid services. The cost is not prohibitive, but still for the number will have to pay about 100 rubles. To use this service, you need to find an Internet source, enter information about the owner in a special field and the personal number of the person who is engaged in the search. After sending the request, a notification will be sent to your mobile phone. Then the information from the message will need to be entered into the computer and send a request. In a short time the request will be processed and the result will come. This method is very convenient and easy to use.

Search Service

The method is effective, but quite risky. Sometimes money is debited from the account, but the promised service is not provided. But when choosing the right source of information, there is every chance of getting the right information.

Also, special programs are created to search for contacts. After downloading the application, you need to register, fill in certain fields, and the contact of the right person will appear on the monitor screen.

Internet search engine

Currently, searching for a person on the Internet is a common thing. This is due to the fact that a large number of people begin to use social networks. To register with them, you must fill out a form with personal data. Such data is immediately issued when searching for a person by entering the desired query. Such use is especially popular among young people.

Even if the desired person is not registered in social networks, they have groups in which you can post information about the search. There will certainly be people who know him and will help to contact the right subscriber. To find a subscriber you need to open any browser, enter the subscriber’s name, surname and middle name in the search bar, city, and some factors that distinguish it from most. Then comes the search. Different people will be offered, but most likely the right person will be issued on the first links.

Most Popular Search Engines

Like any other, the method is not 100% effective, but do not miss any chance. Especially often, this search helps when used in small towns, because many people know each other by sight. In big cities, the chances of finding the right subscriber are drastically reduced. Proven dedicated sites will be of great benefit.

Law enforcement

Last but not least, a police search method. Such measures are taken in the most extreme cases when a person is missing. To do this, you need to come to the police station, write a statement and the person is missing and wait for the results. At a personal request, you can try to search for a number by name and surname, in case the missing person could make a new mobile number. The minus of contacting the service is the full right of employees not to give the number to the applicant. Such data is reported only to parents or close relatives.

To search for a phone number, you can contact the law enforcement authorities

A rare but effective way to search for a number. To search for numbers, authorities have their own databases. In addition to missing people, this way the phone is searched for the person who committed the crime.

Find out the phone number by last name and first name

How can I find a person by phone number or find out the number by last name and first name? Different ways.

We have put together the most effective ways for you to find out the phone number by the last name and first name of the person. We hope you find them useful. Disagree with article rating? Then just put the ratings on your own and leave comments.

The problem of finding a phone number by first and last name is more relevant than ever, despite the ease of access to the Internet and various sources of information. Most mobile operators keep records by registering numbers on passport data. In addition, there are telephone directories. There are alternative ways to find the phone by last name. Collecting information on social networks, using various Internet services, and in extreme cases, law enforcement agencies will come to the rescue. Details of each method will be described later.

Search for a number in the database

There are actually many ways to find a phone by the name of a person, but not all of them are legal. For example, on the Internet you can find already formed databases where various mobile operators collect all their past and present subscribers. On the one hand, companies do not have the right to issue such information for free access, but most often this is done by stealing information or copying from unknown sources.

How true the information is, one cannot speak clearly. On the Internet you can find both free and paid databases with name and subscriber numbers. If this is an isolated case when you need to find out a phone number for free, you can search for free access to downloading. In the case of regular use of such a resource, you can purchase a paid version.

  • Effective and fast search;
  • Convenient interface;
  • Free and paid use of your choice.
  • The base may offer outdated information;
  • Some resources are expensive.

So that money is not wasted, it is important to responsibly approach the choice of the seller and his databases with information. Do not rush to choose a site, and if you pay, then for a reliable source. During the search for a person, it is desirable to enter not only the surname, but the name and patronymic. If the SIM card was registered with relatives or third parties, the search will be inconclusive.

We use the directory of home phones

The easiest and at the same time legal way to find out the phone by last name is to search the directory with home phones. Ever since the time when smartphones did not exist, people actively used stationary devices, and numbers and data were entered in special directories.

Despite the fact that such phones are less commonly used in modern society, it’s quite possible to find a home phone by last name, and in the directory, in addition to the name, the address to which the numbers are registered can be indicated. The only difference is that the directories from the books were transformed into electronic databases with simple navigation. In it, the subscribers are arranged in alphabetical order; there is a search field.

  • Legal way;
  • Convenient search;
  • Alphabetical order of subscribers;
  • No payment required.
  • You can find out only the home number;
  • Some telephone directories are outdated;
  • Not all subscribers are registered and included in the database.

Law enforcement

The most reliable way to get a phone number is the help of law enforcement agencies. But to get information about the right person, there must be good reason for this, for example, when searching for a missing person, in the case of various criminal criminal offenses, etc.

  • 100% effectiveness;
  • Quick search;
  • Updated databases.
  • Serious reasons are needed to break through information;
  • Employees may not give the number;
  • Information is provided to relatives.

Law enforcement agencies have constantly updated databases, thanks to which you can find the right person and detailed information about the place of residence, area of ​​activity, contacts, marital status, etc. In two accounts. Unfortunately, not everyone can resort to their help.

Social Media Search

The location, region of residence, personal information and phone number, all this information can be stored in a person’s profile on any social network. Portals such as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and various dating sites daily receive millions of people of all ages.

To try to find information about a person by his last name and first name, you can register on the proposed sites, and then use the search option for a specific person. His account can be both hidden and available for viewing. In the profiles of social networks there is a column “mobile phone”, many active users indicate it.

  • A huge audience of social networks;
  • Profiles requiring completion;
  • Help with identifying yourself in forums and groups;
  • The ability to find out personal data about the right person;
  • Affordable and not expensive method.
  • Some people do not use social networks;
  • Not everyone indicates information about themselves in the questionnaire;
  • Not all account owners provide reliable information about themselves.

If you cannot directly ask for the number of the right person, you can do this with his friends on the page. There are also many groups and communities where you can leave a request for help with the search.

Using Internet Services

The most popular way to find out a phone number online is to search through Internet services. By opening the search engine, you can quickly find the suitable portals, with the help of which it is possible to find out any personal information by name. A prime example of this is the Help.Ru.Net service, but here you can find only the landline phone number.

To do this, perform several steps:

  • Open the site;
  • Choose a parameter to search. Last name, phone number, address, etc.;
  • Enter the first letter of the last name;
  • Clarify the beginning of a surname for a quick search;
  • Consider the options found to choose the right one.

You can also use other search engines. Yandex or Google, Rambler, Mile.Ru, Aport and others. They will find any sites and notes that mention the desired surname and name of a person, starting from social networks and ending with different blogs.

  • Availability;
  • Free use;
  • Providing miscellaneous information.
  • Similar sites often block;
  • Some search engines give out only a city number.

Practice shows that using this method is extremely difficult to find and find out the phone number and other information about the right person.


All the methods collected, how to find a person and get his phone number, are appropriate in certain cases. The most reliable definition is considered to be with the help of law enforcement agencies, this is legal, but requires good reasons and kinship. It is much easier to see information on social networks or using search engines on the Internet. Also, an alternative can be a special electronic directory of fixed numbers or illegal, but accessible to view the database.