Xiaomi wireless headphones why one headphone works

The right or left wireless headphone does not work in Bluetooth. What to do?

Any owner of the Bluetooth headset sooner or later had to face the question. What to do if one right or left wireless headphone stopped working on the phone or they play separately? Over, a similar problem happens both with budget models, such as Xiaomi Redmi Airdots, Huawei Freebuds, Honor Earbuds, QCY, HAYLOU, and with more expensive JBL and Apple AirPods. And also the problem happens on any operating system, whether it is on iPhone or Android. Today I will show how to connect one headphone to another headphone again so that they work in pairs with smartphones Samsung, iPhone, Honor, Huawei, LG, Meizu and others.

First, we will figure out the reasons why the right or left headphone stopped working. We list the main of them, and then we will go through each in more detail.

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  • The headset works in solitary mode, while one of the headphones is completely turned off
  • The headphones stopped seeing each other, that is, there was a lighting between TWS modules
  • In the right or left headphone, the battery was completely sat down, which is why it does not turn on
  • Bluetooth headset failed. For example, water fell into one “ear”, it fell or just broke from time

Mono mode

Most modern wireless sets have a single (mon) operating mode. Even the budget Chinese TWS i9S, I10, I11 and I12 can be connected to the smartphone separately without the second module. This is convenient if you want to listen to music or talk on the phone and at the same time be aware of what is happening around, for example, when you are driving behind the wheel. This is especially true for intra.Channel headphones that completely block the auditory passage from the penetration of extraneous sounds.

So, the transition to the mode of operation one at a time happens automatically if you take your headphones from the cover at the same time, but after a short period of time-even 15-20 seconds are enough. The fact is that immediately after taking out their case, TWS headphones begin to look for a pair of Bluetooth for themselves. And not finding her, they go into mono mode. This often happens by chance-they took out the first, thought about something, then take out the second-and it no longer works. As a result, the sound goes only “in one ear”.


Another common reason when one of the headphones does not work is the right.Wing and left modules. This is when headphones lose touch with each other and work only separately. A characteristic feature will be the presence of two stereo warecs in the Bluetooth list of devices available for connecting on a smartphone. Or their names will differ by the letters “r” and “l” by their location (right. Right or left. Left).

Susynchron may occur during use in modules of any type and budget level.

One liner is disconnected

When the sound does not come from only one headphone, the situation is more favorable. Usually a systemic failure occurs, which leads to rasinchron. We have already told in a separate manual how to return the binaural regime. Here we duplicate the main information.

Reset to factory settings

Hard Reset is a hard reboot, after which the device is completely returned to the factory state. Reset eliminates system problems and allows you to configure the gadget from scratch. It is recommended to resort to this operation if the left headphone does not connect to the right, and the sound goes only from one outpatient.

  • We take out the headset from the case and clamp the panel until the red indicator appears.
  • Click on the button and do not let go for 40-50 seconds. The bulbs should blink several times in red and white.
  • We place the inserts in the case and remove it after a few minutes to re.Interior with the phone.
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Proper synchronization

  • Disconnect Airdots from the device and remove the model from the list of Bluetooth devices if the conjugation has already been carried out before.
  • Hold the key for 5 seconds before the appearance of a red flashlight, let go and clamp for another 10 seconds. We place the inserts in the dock, after a minute we take out and turn on in turn.
  • As soon as the right headphone begins to flash white, we find in the list of Bluetooth devices “Airdots Basic_r” and we connect.
  • Now it remains to legitimate the right liner to legitimate the left, pressing the button on it.

Similar procedures are suitable for a more expensive Xiaomi Airdots Pro headset, only there you need to carry out actions with a case on which a special control button is located.

We found out the main reasons why the Bluetooth lips may not turn on. If no described method helps, as soon as possible contact the service center.

Reset to factory settings

Redmi wireless audio quadrators may occur from time to time synchronization of the left or right liner. The malfunction is characterized by the lack of sound in one of the headphones due to an incorrect connection to the Android Smartphone or the “apple” device.

To correct the situation, reset the settings of the pair and perform a new conjugation. For this:

  • Both liners need to be removed from the charger and turned off by clicking the appropriate buttons with holding. In this case, indicators should be lit in red light.
  • To reset old settings, you need to clamp the control buttons for both liners. Wait until the LEDs flashing red-white lights out.
  • Place the included liners in the case for a few minutes. If necessary, recharge.
  • Carry up with a smartphone.

The problem is in the software

In practice, there are cases when headphones fall off from a smartphone due to the update of the firmware. Similar trabels were recorded during the transition from Miui 7 to the eighth version. With the release of Miui 9, nothing of the kind was observed. For greater confidence, in particularly difficult cases of diagnosis, when it is unclear that it is to blame for a specific absence of contact, you can try to install the current firmware on a pre.Formatted phone (reset to factory settings).

For successfully listening to sound on MIUI 9, a fine setting of audio channels is provided. We go to “Settings”. “Expanded settings”. “headphones and sound effects”. When connecting the headset, you will immediately notice the pale icons will “come to life” and will become available: the choice of headphones, equalizer and buttor calibration.

Here I want to bring to your attention a successful program that solves many problems with the connection of headphones and eliminates many unpleasant noises, cod and similar sound distortions during playback. This is Soundabout. You can download it in Play Market, the application is completely free.

The settings in the utility itself will help you normalize the sound, and most importantly, eliminate software (software) errors of connection. The only negative. The icon about the connected headphone in the line of the state will not appear. But the headset will work. Some users write that after applying this program once, subsequently everything returns to normal. I did not check, but there are plenty of positive reviews about it. Suitable for desperate, although simple reinstalling the system should help you.

Wireless headphones work separately. Only one right or left (Redmi Airdots)

Than a year ago, our article was published about two models of wireless TWS headphones Xiaomi. And during this time several popular issues that are asked by users. I will try to answer one of them today. So, a rather common problem is that Redmi Airdots or Xiaomi Earbuds does not work one of the headphones. Left or right. He does not see and does not synchronize according to Bluetooth with other wireless module, or with the phone. As a result, only one. What to do in this case and how to connect both headphones Xiaomi (Redmi) at the same time?

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As it turned out, the problem is very often found when Redmi Airdots headphones do not work together and do not connect to each other via Bluetooth even after rebooting. For some reason, for some reason, I had no wireless TWS modules from the plant. Both “Redmi Airdots” were displayed on the phone separately. “r” and “l”. At the same time, they connected one at a time and each time one of the headphones did not work. Only the right or left, but not together.

To do this, first of all, you need to cancel the conjugation with the headphones of all the devices to which you previously connected them. To remove them from the smartphone, you need to go into the Bluetooth settings, click on the name “Redmi Airdots”, then on the icon of information “i” and “forget the device”

xiaomi, wireless, headphones, headphone

Next, get them out of the cover, wait to turn on, and then turn it off with buttons. After that, squeeze both buttons for a long time. From about 20 to 40 seconds, during which they will flash white and red several times. It is necessary not to let go before the second descending sound signal and the sunbathing on both headphones appear in the dynamics of the second descending sound signal

Mechanical damage

If the liner fell from a great height, it stepped on it, the design cracked. Of course, it will not work. A similar situation with moisture. Airdots Pro are not protected from water, so swim with them, take a shower, you can’t be in the rain. The liquid will get inside, and the further use of the gadget will become impossible. It will be necessary to contact the master as soon as possible as soon as possible.

There is a separate battery in each headphone, and it could fail with improper charging or long.Term operation. In the service center, the battery will be replaced without problems with a new. But first, make sure that two Airdots are charged. Especially if they were used separately.

Switching to binaural mode

With prolonged use, the headset begins to function in a monophonic regime, that is, only the right Airdots is active. Left, respectively, does not work.

In order for Airdots to move into binaural conjugation, you need:

  • Disconnect Redmi or Mi Airdots from the phone, and delete the model from the Bluetooth list, choosing the command “Forget this device”.
  • Turn off the headphones, holding 5 seconds of the control buttons.
  • Keep the panels for 10 seconds while red-white bulbs will burn.
  • Place the headset in the case and extract again. Synchronization will begin, and the inserts will connect to each other.
  • In the Bluetooth list find “Airdots_r” and connect.

What to do when the Airdots headphone does not connect

When the wireless headset connects to the smartphone, the device case is highlighted in red. This speaks of successful conjugation. If the phone stopped seeing the headset, you need to perform the following:

Important! The case should be charged before this procedure so that the headphones can automatically turn on after extracting from the charging cover.

Mi True Wireless Earphones 2C. Bluetooth Paring Test & How to Reset

  • Cancel the conjugation of a smartphone and airdots, for this, remove the saved connection in the Bluetooth settings.
  • Disconnect the power of the headset by clicking on the corresponding buttons. On both versions, for this you will need to touch the touch panel and hold it for several seconds. At the time of disconnecting, the device is high-white.
  • When Airdots turn off, you will need to press the touch panel again and hold for 10-15 seconds. At this moment, the case will again begin to be highlighted in different colors, after which the bulbs will go out. You need to continue to press the key until each of the headphones will be highlighted 3 times. After this procedure is performed, the conjugation between the headphones will be dropped.
  • Next, you need to put the headset in the cover for charging, hold it there for a few seconds and get it again.
  • To expect until Air DTS performs automatic inclusion and synchronization between left and right headphones.
  • During the white signal backlight on the right headphone, you must enable Bluetooth on a smartphone.
  • Press the Bluetooth search button and find the necessary airdots in the list of devices, is mandatory to connect to the right DOSU.
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Important! For the initial connection with a mobile phone, you should always use the right headphone, since the system cannot connect using the left dots. This is determined by the presence of a “monorage” function, which allows you to listen to music only through one sound element.

What to do if there is no sound in one headphone

Most often there are 4 probable reasons that are easy to check in order to decide on repair or configuration. They are presented according to the degree of prevalence. From the most common situation and further. Therefore, it is also better to diagnose in order:

Решение! Не работает наушник Xiaomi True Wireless | Solution! Earphone True Wireless doesn’t work

  • The headphone simply does not turn on. Under normal conditions, the device is automatically launched when it is removed from the case. But it often happens that the inclusion of the left element does not occur and only the right plays. In this case, you need to manually run it by holding the button for 5 seconds until the light signal appears. Typically, the headphone is “falling off” not on an ongoing basis, but from time to time, to blame for everything, minor malfunctions in work.
  • Susynchronization is also often found and can be the reason that one headphone ceases to function. There are two main reasons: incorrect connection, when the left is chosen instead of the right, or prolonged use of one non.Core headphone, when only the left is specially included, and then the elements are not synchronized among themselves. When operating, only one unit is better to use the main (right): as practice shows, in this case, malfunctions subsequently arise much less often.
  • One of the headphones is not charged in the case. In this case, when installing for charging, press the button. This helps if there is a failure.
  • Malfunction of one of the units. There can be anything-falling, getting into moisture, violation of contacts due to impact, failure of the battery or dynamics. If obvious damage is not difficult to detect, then only a specialist can detect a breakdown. Often the repair costs such an amount that it is easier to purchase a new set.

Other reasons are practically not found, so it is not as difficult to eliminate the malfunction as it seems at first glance. When one wireless headphone Mi True Wireless or other models from Xiaomi does not work, the above recommendations will help to find and eliminate the reason. It is enough to figure out in the process once, so that then easily solve most problems yourself.

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