Xiaomi wireless headphones are not connected to the phone

Why does the phone not see Bluetooth nashthe and what to do?

Modern and popular wireless accessories are convenient, but it is with them that many users are most difficult. They are connected using built-in Bluetooth modules. First of all, you need to check once again whether the module is activated, as well as the time of its activity. Some wireless headphones or headsets after mating with one device may not connect to others. You can start the working mode by holding the power button for 5. 10 seconds, after which the device will give a light signal. Further, synchronization should occur in automatic mode, but, perhaps, it will need to be done manually. Sometimes, after holding the inclusion button, Bluetooth can be requested synchronization code

The second “software” problem is why the phone does not see the headphones, this An obsolete firmware version

This may happen regardless of the operating room, whether Android or iOS. You can update it in a workshop or yourself. If you do not own experience, it is better to trust a specialist.

With each phone or smartphone, it may happen that the device will cease to recognize headphones. It should be noted that this problem does not always solve the replacement of the headset. In our article we will talk about this: what to do if the phone “does not see” the headphones, and how to eliminate this unpleasant situation.

Reset settings of the Xiaomi Redmi Airdots device

If you have already connected the headphones to the phone, most likely they refuse to work synchronously. Music sounds only from one. If you press the button of another headphone, the music begins to sound in it, but at the same time it stops in the first. And so it can continue endlessly. Let’s fix it. First, remove Redmi Airdots from your smartphone.

    We need to open the quick access menu and select the Bluetooth button or find this window through the main settings;

The manipulations with your mobile phone ended. Now let’s move on to setting up the headphones themselves. If Xiaomi Redmi Airdots still do not come together, it is necessary to reset their settings to factory. To do this, take them out of the case and clamp the buttons synchronously on both headphones.

Hold for more than 30 seconds, they should turn off the long signal. This sound is reproduced by every headphone.

What to do if the Bluetooth headphone and Xiaomi conjugation procedure does not end, or the name is not displayed in the list of available devices?

If you have not been able to connect the Bluetooth headset to the smartphone, then you need to make sure their performance.

Methods for solving problems with the connection:

  • Restart the phone, in some cases it solves the problem
  • Turn off and turn on Bluetooth headphones
  • Try to connect the headphones to another phone and vice versa

The last diagnostic method is not always available, however, extremely effective, t.To. Instantly gives an answer to the question: which of the devices does not see another.

The Bluetooth protocol is compatible, this means that even if Bluetooth 5 is installed on Xiaomi.0, and the headphones have a Bluetooth 3 module.0. They should work normally together, albeit with some restrictions.

The same applies to the Codecs for the transfer of music, the standard SBC codec is supported by all Bluetooth versions that have A2DP profile. I do not focus on this for the reason that all modern phones and headphones support this profile and codec, and therefore there should be no problems.

If there is no possibility of diagnostics, then it remains only to take the gadgets to the service center so that the experts examine them and determine the malfunction.

Solving frequent problems

Acquired a high.Quality headset, clearly follow the instructions, but certain problems are observed with headphones? Do not worry, problems can be easily solved by reading our tips and recommendations.

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What to do if Xiaomi does not see headphones

Most often, the error is the software. For example, after system updates, this is a fairly common phenomenon. Then it is worth rolling back to the last version or dumping to factory settings.

If there are problems with the wired connection, then it is worth checking and thoroughly clean the connectors. And also pay attention to the serviceability of the wire and the contacts themselves.

In most cases, headphones are not connected if the setting is incorrectly made by the user. So carefully read each supervision point before contacting the service center.

The sound in the headphones is too loud or quiet

We talked about how to increase the volume in headphones on Xiaomi phones in our separate article. A huge number of different methods are presented there, and there is also a video instruction and answers to your questions.

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Why does not connect. Possible reasons

There are situations when Xiaomi wireless headphones are not connected to the phone the first time. The reasons can be different:

  • Low battery charge. This is a common reason why it is not possible to connect the device via Bluetooth. To avoid such a problem, you must first recharge the device, and then switch it with a smartphone.
  • The headphones are disabled. The activation process may vary depending on the model. Detailed steps to include are indicated in the instructions for the product.
  • Products did not undergo an operation of primary conjugation on Bluetooth. Be sure to go through the procedure that is considered above. The headset should be associated with the Xiaomi phone.
  • Bluetooth disconnected. Sometimes it is not possible to connect both headphones to the Xiaomi phone due to the Bluetooth function disconnected. Check once again that it is active through the settings or by lowering the upper curtain.
  • The inconsistency of Bluetooth versions on the smartphone and the receiving device.
  • Wireless headphones are at a great distance from the Xiaomi smartphone. Bring them closer. This is especially important at the conjugation stage.
  • Breaking. Failure cannot be excluded. If you turn on the Bluetooth headphones Xiaomi, you will have to contact the service center. Experts will check the performance and help connect the headset if necessary.
  • Problems on. Sometimes it is not possible to connect the headset after updating the firmware. In this case, you can return to the old version of the OS or install a new firmware after fully formatting the Xiaomi smartphone.

A lot of questions arise regarding how to connect Xiaomi.Type wireless headphones Air Dots. Sometimes situations arise when the left ear cannot “find” the right. In this case, take the following steps:

  • Disconnect both “ear”, and for this, hold the touch panels and hold them until the red indicators appear;
  • Hold from 30 to 50 seconds. At first white lights up, and after 15-20 seconds a red-white glow appears. In this case, the indicator flashes twice;
  • Keep the products to the moment they fit several times and go out for a couple of seconds, and fit it again. This indicates a reset of settings.
  • Return the “ears” to the boxes and get them again. The left must find the right and synchronize.

Now try connecting the headset to Xiaomi. Management is carried out by one touch. Double touch guarantees a call of a voice assistant. If you hold the touch panel one or more than a second, the call is canceled, and in the case of a double touch, the microphone is turned off during the call.

The phone stopped seeing the headphones

The most common setting of the headset is the lack of conjugation, users often face a situation where Xiaomi does not see headphones. Often the cause of this phenomenon is an incorrect connection and conjugation of devices, in this case the problem can easily be eliminated by rebooting or re.Searching through Bluetooth.

However, in some cases, the phone does not see the headset for more serious reasons, for the solution of which it is necessary to change the system settings of the phone.

How to connect wireless headphones to the phone

On the wireless headphones Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic there are buttons. With their help, we can manage reproduction and answer phone calls. But first you need to connect the headphones to your smartphone.

  • Take both headphones from the case;
  • Press the buttons synchronously on them and hold them for about 10 seconds;
  • Headphones indicators should light up in red. Now again click on both buttons to enable them. It is enough to hold the buttons for about 2-3 seconds until the moment when the indicators become white;
  • When only the right flashes white, this means that the headphones connected to each other and are ready to conjure with the phone;
  • Open the smartphone settings and look for Bluetooth;
  • Even if only the right headphone Mi Earbuds is displayed in the Bluetooth list of devices nearby, both headphones are actually connected;
  • Select the device in the list in the list.
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Having connected once, you will no longer need to go through the Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic headphones to your smartphone again. If you want to turn on only the right or left headphone, you must again discharge settings. To do this, click the button and hold until the red indicator appears. Then click the button again for a few seconds and find the liner in the list of devices.

As you understand from the article, there are several reasons why the smartphone does not perceive the headset. Do not immediately panic and run to the service center for help. You yourself can diagnose and eliminate the problem. Experiment with headphones that the smartphone does not perceive on another device. Perhaps this model is incompatible with your gadget.

I have Redmi4. And a completely different problem. Headphones sees. Music plays. But the speakers are not disconnected. Sound there and there, and even the volume is equally adjustable. What to do ?

When connecting at the top, the headphone icon appears? From the first day of the purchase, such a problem or problem appeared after some action with a smartphone?

There is a icon. At first I did not notice, I listened three times in headphones. Then two days as I paid attention, yesterday it began to work normally. Without speakers. I don’t see any pattern. To stick and drop it does not help.

It is very similar to bad contact, check the nest of headphones for garbage and dust, if this does not help, try changing the headphones, maybe the business in them.

With old headphones for three contacts there is a icon and sound only in headphones, but there is no icon with the set of the headset and the sound is through the speaker.Such a problem from the very beginning, so to speak from the box.

I bought headphones, everything worked in the store, on the same day, after a couple of use, I stopped seeing

The reboot did not help? Other headphones tried to use?

No matter how I have a problem, it is already the end, I have already tried the 3rd headphones and there something blocks it, but but there’s nothing to have a problem (I used it and everything was fine during the day, but in the evening this is the same Shnyaga) Phone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

There is more rather mechanical damage, we need examination.

After, he fell in the snow, so they do not work? He just fell sideways with others

Quite possible. There are many reasons. Try to make the usual reset of settings, if it does not help. It is better to give it to free diagnostics.

Good afternoon. For the phone itself, cleaning the headset connector is generally safe?

Fixed MI True wireless earphones 2 basic one side not working | with video

If you clean carefully, without excessive efforts. Safe

I began to define on Redmi 4 Prime as a headset, only the left headphone played, after the reboot, everything became normal, but later the problem returned and the reboot did not help. I tried the headset, defines it as headphones, and the settings “Improving the sound of Mi” stopped working (as well as another and another car radio). I tried to gradually connect, then everything is defined as a headset. How can you eliminate?

How to Connect Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds to Phone. Tutorial 2020

Initially, check for the presence of garbage in a nest for headphones. If this problem is from the very beginning of operation of the device, then this is either software glitch or marriage. A similar problem was discussed at the Asian forum, there was helped a lot of flashing.

Recently acquired Redmi Note 4 headphones work, but the problem is as follows: 1. The sound scene when listening went beyond the back of the head 2. No penetration of channels t.E. The sound seems to be a double mono, please advise what you can do with it?

Initially, check the headphones and the entrance for them, reboot the phone, use another application for listening to music. If nothing helps, then only update or reflash.

Damn the same garbage as Bud two sounds I don’t know what to do on the campaign

No recommendations help? The headphones changed?

And what should remain on the device instead?

Redmi Note 4 x 3/32 with a box of the 4th contact head and phone does not work at the same time ancient headphones from the cassette player work with a bang.What is the reason?

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It’s hard to say without examination. The headset is generally working? Does the phone work with other 4 contact sets work?

Mi 5 and the Air Capsule headset (I seem to write correctly). In the “Kaliber Kalibration” settings, no calibration occurs (there is no reaction to pressing), at the same time, when connecting this headset to another mob.Device. Keys work, switching tracks and answers to the call. The problem is the firmware? Only rollback?

Check the headphone nest in Mi5, there is definitely not garbage? It is difficult to say without examination, but the problem can be in the firmware. It is not necessary to roll back, you can try to upgrade to a more new version, although sometimes glitches and bugs are transferred with data when updated. Here, only complete flashing with data removal can help.

The problem is the same, not a single remote control for 5 wired sets works on Mi5 while the remote control on the Bluetooth headphones works.

How many venues per 3.5 mm of the forth the headphones? Update the firmware or to drop?

4 sites, the firmware yesterday was updated to miui 9 the problem failed. Apple 6s headphones do not work either. In addition to resetting what else can help?

If the reset or complete flashing does not help, then most likely this is a problem in the gland. It is necessary to do additional tests, but already with the filling of a smartphone, for the sake of safety, we do not offer such methods and do not describe. Try to find a service center where diagnostics are diagnosed and give them.

After the next Redmi Note 2 firmware, the track switching buttons via Bluetooth stopped working. Checked on two Bluetooth harp and automobile media centers.

The firmware is official? Try to reset the settings.

Redmi Note 4. When connecting headphones, the headphone icon appears, but there is no sound. Before that, they worked well. In another phone, these headphones work further.

Until what moment did they work well? To the next firmware update?

The same trouble, the tracks stopped switching after updating on a derivative headset

If rebooting and removal from Bluetooth connected devices does not help, then it is most likely a firmware bug. Wait for the next update, if the problem is repeated, you will have to do full flashing.

So if everything works, why make calibration?

I have such a problem in the Xiaomi Redmi Pro 4x phone, when connecting headphones, two headphones with a microphone and without? Please tell me how to set up one icon, headphones without a microphone?

Xiaomi Redmi 3s Pro phone. When connecting a Chinese copy of the headset, Apple Earpods incorrectly determined the buttons. Since I do not need a microphone and buttons, I remade the headset in 3-eh contact headphones, where the first two contacts (from the side of the wire) are injected to the ground. In general, I received what I wanted-all the functionality of 3 contact headphones. But if you move or twist the plug (for example, the phone in your when walking), then the phone “thought” that the button was clamped, and accordingly added the volume, or turned off the music. When this business is completely tired, I redid the plug to the type of CTIA, where the “microphone” contact hangs in the “air”. The problem with the false triggering of the button has passed. But new problems have appeared: the first five to ten seconds the headphone icon does not appear (respectively and the sound goes through the speakers), after this time the icon appears, but the “improvement of sound” is inactive (naked) and does not affect the sound in any way. Based on the results of the “experiment”, two theories climb into the head: either in Xiaomi headsets, a “cunning” system with pull.Up resistors is used (it explains why CTIA is not determined without microphone contact), or you need to change the connector in the phone (because the phone should not work on the plug of the plug ). Changing the connector is not hunting, t.To. In modern phones, this is still masochism! Therefore, if someone has a headset with normally decisive buttons, without false triggering, describe at least briefly a circuit of the board with buttons! Thanks!

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