Xiaomi TV reflash

I cannot run the app on Mac because it tells me that the app is not signed

Just right click and press “open”, then confirm you want to open it.

How can I use it?

Just download and it install it on your PC first.
Then launch it and follow the instructions that will be prompted to you.
This tool is designed to be guided itself, with no need of boring guides to follow, if it needs you to do something, you will be prompted to do that.
The basic flow process is: launch XiaomiTool V2, connect your device to your PC using the cable, enable USB debug, choose the rom you want to install when asked, wait, done.

Can I unlock the bootloader without waiting with this tool?

No, official unlock procedure cannot be bypassed, this tool just replicate what the official tool does.
So, the same rules apply: you have to bind your account to the device and wait for 15 days

Is XiaomiTool V2 safe to use?

It’s hard to guarantee “100% safeness” with this kind of operations, but I designed it to be the most safe as I can get.
The chance of getting your device bricked is very little.
I’m not responsible anyway of any of the possible outcomes of the usage of this tool
If you are expert and you feel more comfortable not using it, go ahead, but for not expert user I would suggest to use XiaomiTool as it’s probably safer than the average user trying on his own.

This tool didn’t worked for me, where can I report it?

Feedback is gold since I cannot spend 3242 hours testing the tool.

Can I unbrick my device with this tool?

XiaomiTool will try to unbrick your device with the best procedure available. It will use both fastboot and the stock recovery to flash a stock rom, wiping the data partition.
In some cases the device might not be unbricked with this tool, for example if it is hard-bricked.

Robot vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi have gained popularity in our market in the smart home segment. They keep many homes clean, but they make sounds in English. But you can talk with your Xiaomi vacuum cleaner in the same language. How to do this, now we will tell you.

How to easily install firmware from USB device on Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 32” L32M5-AZ


To do this, you need an Android smartphone and a vacuum cleaner itself. This manual is suitable for both Xiaomi Roborock Sweep One S50 / S55 and Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum.

To flash the vacuum cleaner, download the application (mirror) and install it, but do not start.

Next, you need to download the official Russian voice pack or choose another option from this archive. Place the language pack in pkg format in the memory of your smartphone, preferably at the root, excluding various folders.

Now it’s time to move on to the vacuum cleaner. Start the vacuum cleaner and reset the Wi-Fi settings. Depending on the model, this can be done by pressing the return to base and turn on or local cleaning and return to base keys within a few seconds.

After resetting the Wi-Fi on the vacuum cleaner, turn off the mobile internet and go to the Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone.

Find and connect to the passwordless hotspot your vacuum cleaner is distributing.

Now run the installed application.

The app will automatically detect your device’s token, two orange keys are activated. You need to click on Flash Sound.

Next, select the desired voice package, after which its installation will begin.

After a couple of seconds of flashing, the application logs will stop updating, which will mean the end of the voice pack installation process. Now the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner has become even closer to you and is ready for further connection in Mi Home.

If the software is not flashed, 50 lines will appear in the log with the indication Trying to flash the firmware. In this case, you need to completely reset all the settings of the vacuum cleaner and try again. If your smartphone does not allow you to install the application, then go to the following path: “Play Store”. “Play Protection”. “Settings” and disable the item “Scan applications using Play Protection”.

Helpful information.

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1.1. If the broadcast from the phone to the device (TV, projector) does not work for any reason, then you can use AirScreen (Wireless display, Miracast, Chromecast, Googlecast, Airplay). Install on device. Turn on the Wireless Display feature on your phone. You do not need to install this application on your phone. Suitable, for example, for XGIMI H3 and of course for other Android devices.

You can find out which matrix is ​​on the Xiaomi TV by downloading the Mi Info application. but app often shows Unknown in Display Vendor line

4.1. Download another Russian keyboard Fire TV style keyboard. but better use point 4

Download Aptoide TV (Play Market replacement monitors application updates and does not require an account login).

6.1 Download the Kinopub application for watching movies and TV series. Viewing up to 4K content from 116 rubles per month on 5 devices. How to connect a device to kinopub: first, from a computer, register on the cinema pub website and pay for access, then on the left there will be a menu-set-top boxes- Android- installation on Android TV- do everything point by point.

IPTV application for watching TV over the Internet

8.0. GUARD. WINK does not work. We use other applications:

Lime HD 1.2.1 (hacked) full version. without eroticism or install telegram on TV or a projector (works only with a mouse, cannot be controlled from the remote control), find the wink_news channel and in messages dated February 21, find version 1.2.1 for TV set-top boxes

Parom TV (install from flash drive) download

SPB TV (install from a USB flash drive) download (with ads for free, by subscription from 99 rubles per month without ads) conditions

NOT UP-TO-DATE: (RT-TV (Wink) application for watching TV for free via the Internet (more than 300 IPTV channels) download the latest versions (Recommended mods on Wink). Delete the old application, install a new one from the flash drive.

You can also install telegrams on the device and immediately download the latest versions from there (you need a mouse and you need to log in to download the necessary files): enter wink_free in the telegram search bar, go in, click on the chat name at the top of the page, then click on the link where it says “navigator “, then” recommended mods for Wink “, then” for consoles and TV “, click on the version you want to download. I choose VOD, then choose the version that you need:

If the projector or TV is not stitched into Russian. then download the Wink ARM7 version without ROOT-fix.

If flashed then ARM7.

XGIMI H3 requires Wink ARM 64 version without ROOT fix.

Discussion of the Wink application in telegram.

Download either VOD or Ultimate. Differences between versions. Use the one you like best.

They write that you can even register to add films and channels to your favorites.

From time to time, the application is blocked and you need to download a new version. )

Youtube version (Smart Youtube TV) that does not require Google services and does not show ads (functionality and appearance are exactly the same as in standard youtube). If Youtube is removed from Xiaomi TV, please install this version

ATV launcher. it’s better than shafa launcher

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Even more applications (suitable for TVs, projectors, TV set-top boxes on Android) are on the w3bsit3-dns.com forum in the Mi TV 3 topic header in the section “With boil p (Applications)”

And also WE WRITE and reflash the projectors into Russian:

Xiaomi Mi Laser / Mi laser 4K / 4K Cinema / Wemax / Wemax PRO / Wemax A300 / Mijia Projector Youth Edition (Xiaomi small white projector)

Xgimi Lune / Xgimi Lune 4K / Xgimi Lune 4K PRO / Xgimi H2. For Xgimi H3 / RS Pro, for now, just switch to Russian settings.

We do not flash remotely, we do not sell firmware. You need to bring the projector to us.

Leave the application through the “Ask a question” tab. Xiaomi TVs are not flashing!

What guarantees?

The owner of the xmiTV.ru domain and the administrator of the VK group. Anisimova Alena, I answer:

We value our reputation.

My VK page was created on November 21, 2007;

Our VK group was created on April 19, 2015;

The Avito page was created in May 2011;

The concept of firmware

The term “firmware” appeared a long time ago, back in the days of the first computers. Interestingly, both the original name and the process itself have survived to this day, which has not changed at all.

To flash means to introduce other values ​​into the device’s memory in order to introduce new functionality.

Of course, today it is much easier to do this. You need to download the firmware file in the required format, write it using a special program to the device and wait for the installation. The installer will do all the most important steps by itself.

All Android devices are flashed in the same way.

Connection modes for firmware

Drivers are required for Android TV BOX firmware to be successful. They will serve as a device identifier and allow the computer to “understand” the model of the equipment connected to it. You can find drivers directly on the device (hardware method) or in the firmware archive (software method). Let’s consider each method in more detail.

about drivers

It is enough to install this software once. Please note that your permission may be required when installing drivers from a computer. The window that prompts you to install looks like this:

It is safe, viruses do not threaten you. You can find drivers for RCB Tools by following the link. After that, you can start the firmware.

What is needed for the firmware

To flash Android TV BOX, you will need:

  • computer with internet access;
  • RockChip Batch Tools (RCB Tools). a program with which the firmware will be installed;
  • drivers for TV set-top boxes;
  • firmware file;
  • USB cable.

It is important that Windows is installed on the computer, since the program with which the device is stitched is written specifically for it. You also need to carefully inspect the cable to make sure it is intact. On the set-top box itself, you need to enable USB debugging.

Flashing Android TV BOX

There are two ways to install new software on your TV BOX. The first is through Recovery mode:

  • Download the firmware file and place it on the device’s memory card.
  • Plug the set-top box into a power outlet, but do not start.
  • Put the flash card in the box.
  • Hold down the Reset and Power buttons at the same time.
  • As soon as you see the inscription with the logo of the manufacturer of the set-top box, release the buttons. After that, the firmware will be installed automatically.

However, not all devices support this mode. In such a situation, the second method is used, which does not require recording to a memory card. We recommend that you extract it for a while while the prefix is ​​updated.

Android TV BOX firmware

Smart TV is becoming more widespread and it is not surprising that the number of people willing to take advantage of technological innovations is growing. But sometimes problems arise with SMART technologies. To solve them, or better to warn them, the developers try to support their products by releasing new firmware. An Android TV box, like any other device, can be flashed. Let’s try to figure out how to flash Android TV BOX.

Hardware method

This method uses the drivers located on the device. The following steps are taken:

  • Turn off the set-top box and wait a few seconds.
  • Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable.
  • Hold down the power and volume up buttons and hold them until you see activity on the computer.
  • Wait for the drivers to install and the notification will change to the following.

Method 1. flashing with one.img file

There are two variants of this method, in both cases the contents of the TV-box memory will be completely erased:

  • Using an SD card or USB disk with firmware, which are recorded on a PC.
  • For firmware, the TV box is connected directly to the PC.

Method 2. flashing with one zip file

With this method, we will perform an update, also called OTA, it always comes in a file with a ZIP extension, which we do not have to unzip because the file signature will be corrupted and it will be impossible to apply it.

  • Copy the update ZIP file to USB stick or SD card
  • Run the UPDATE RESTORE application on your TV set-top box. You can find it in the settings menu or among installed applications.
  • Click on the Select button and select the update ZIP file
  • Click the Update button to start the update process
  • The process will take a few minutes.
  • After updating the firmware, you may need to restore the factory settings.

B. flashing using a PC

  • We need a cable (or adapter) USB A (male). USB A (male), such as the link on Aliexpress. Desirable than shorter.
  • In most cases, you will need to use a USB 2.0 connector.
  • Prepare the set-top box itself. disconnect it from the power, remove the HDMI cable, memory cards, flash drives, dongles from the remotes
  • For Windows 10. you may need to disable the use of signed drivers.

Flashing process:

  • Download the Amlogic USB Burning Tool firmware utility, unzip it and run the file. Try the most recent version first, if it doesn’t work try a different, older version.
  • AMLogic USB Burning Tool v2.1.7.0. latest version.
    AMLogic USB Burning Tool added support for SoC Amlogic S905X2.
    AMLogic USB Burning Tool 2.1.6
    AMLogic USB Burning Tool 2.0.9
  • During installation, the appropriate drivers will be installed.
  • Reboot your PC.
  • To flash using this method, we do not need to see anything on the TV screen or connect it to a TV, only to a PC.
  • Launch Amlogic USB Burning Tool (one end of the cable, do not forget, should already be plugged into the PC). You cannot check the box against Reset after success and Overwirte. In the top menu, select open the file, select the file (image) of the firmware and press the “Start” button and only after that (.) Insert the second end of the cable into the STB itself. The computer should “gurgle” (detects the USB connection) and the firmware process begins, we can see its progress in the utility window. If this did not happen and gave an error, it’s okay, remove the cable from the box for a few seconds and try again, it should work. It is not always necessary to press the device reset button.
    We observe the firmware process, as a rule, it takes literally a few minutes, but it happens that the process stops for a while, calmly, without panic, this is possible, after a while it continues and should reach 100% and write that the process is complete, at the bottom of the firmware window the status must be “OK” and “errors”. empty field.
  • After installing the new firmware, we recommend that you restore the factory settings of the TV set-top box.

HD-mediaplayers.ru recommends:

Choosing a firmware method

Depending on the types of installation files:

  • Method 1 = there is one file with the.img extension, (there are two options: from a PC or from an SD card)
  • Method 2 = there are multiple files file.ini, file.img or zip, file.aml and.bin (no PC)
  • Method 3 = there are multiple “u-boot.bin” files (splitting)

A. flashing using an.img file and an external drive or memory card

  • We need a MicroSD card or USB-disk (flash drive) of sufficient capacity, which will be fully formatted.
  • Download to PC and install Burn Card Maker.
  • We launch it and change the interface language to English (select the second option of the main menu).
  • Choose English, click OK, close and restart the program.
  • In the top dropdown, we select the location where we have an SD card or USB drive.
  • Check “To Partition and Format” and “erase_bootloader”.
  • Click “Open” and select the IMG file of our firmware.
  • Click ” Make “To start the process.
  • A message will appear informing us that the partitioning system has been created. A request will appear to format the device. click Accept.
  • Once the formatting process is complete, a blue status bar will appear and it will be completed.
    After the end, our media is ready for firmware and we can close the program.
  • We insert our SD or USB drive with firmware files into a de-energized TV box.
    Press the “RESET” button (in some models it is located inside the AV socket) and connect the power cable to the set-top box. We are waiting for the update process to appear. If the firmware process has not started, we repeat the procedure with the connection again.
  • The process can take from 4 to 12 minutes, you need to wait until the end of the firmware process without disconnecting the set-top box.
    If an error appears, you need to repeat the firmware procedure with another SD card or USB disk.
  • After flashing, the used SD or USB memory will have a special hidden partition created during the preparation process. To recover the full volume of the media, it is recommended to use the MiniTool Partition Wizard to remove all hidden partitions and create one.

Guide to Flashing Android TV-Box with SoC Amlogic

Introducing a guide to update or repair TV boxes powered by Amlogic S802, S805, S812, S905, S905, S905, S905, S905X, S905X, S905X2, S905X2, S905Y2 and S922X processors. In total, there are three methods that are used depending on the types of installation files. The most common method is using the AMLogic USB Burning Tool.

HD-mediaplayers.ru is not responsible for any problems that may arise when changing the firmware. If this suits you, we continue.