Xiaomi Redmi S2 Android Update

At the end of March, the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus smartphone received the MIUI 9.5 Stable update. Global stable firmware V9.5.3.0.NEGMIFA will be selectively distributed via OTA until April 9. After which, if no critical errors are found, the update will begin to fly to most smartphone users Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.

Recall that according to the release schedule of MIUI 9.5 in April 2018, the second stage started. Therefore, in addition to the XR5 Plus, other models from the Redmi line should receive the update.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus update MIUI

Xiaomi Redmi S2 Android Update

In March, the global MIUI 9.5 Global Stable ROM firmware was already received:

Half of the firmware contains a number of critical errors, which users have already unsubscribed in their reports. While the developers are working to eliminate them, let’s see how things are with MIUI for Redmi 5 Plus, and whether the owners of this Xiaomi smartphone should install a new update.

Recall that the previous version for XR5 Plus is V9.2.13.0.NEGMIFA.

Review: what’s new?

The list of changes is standard for MIUI 9.5 and contains a set of corrections from weekly packages for November (11-.), December (12-.) And January (01-.).

The main feature of this firmware is the appearance of the long-awaited control gestures. The developers announced this feature back in early 2018.

Gestures on Redmi 5 Plus

In order to enable this function, you need to go to Settings and select the “Unlimited screen” option, then the “Full-screen gestures” mode. After that, the smartphone will offer you to complete an educational game.

What are the main control gestures you can now use on Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus:

  • Return to the desktop. just swipe your finger up and down.
  • Opening recent applications is similar to the previous action, but hold your finger in the center of the screen for only 1-2 seconds.
  • Return. for this gesture, just swipe your finger to the left of the center of the screen or to the right.

GUI and system sounds

The developers decided to slightly optimize the graphical interface and make the MIUI shell even more attractive. To do this, square windows made with round corners. Rounded corners look much more pleasant and modern.

Thanks to the optimization of Android Nougat 7.1 software, the smartphone has become smoother. You can see how the device began to respond better to user actions and quickly exit standby mode.

Although the smoothness of the animation is still not ideal, as in some situations, lags and slight slowdowns are noticeable.

After installing the update, you will notice Redmi 5 Plus has changed system sounds. For example, the familiar phone unlock sound will now sound new.

Download MIUI

Updating via OTA weighs 547 megabytes, if you had custom firmware, then it is better to use Recovery archive.

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Gestures for Redmi 5 is cool! Played for half a day. The main thing is that they work clearly. All as you follow the instructions with your finger and voila smartphone understand what I want from him.

Updated yesterday. I haven’t noticed much lags yet, so that something is stupid. Therefore, while the update is satisfied. And special thanks for the gestures to the developers!

And for some reason, my fingerprint scanner began to blunt slightly. Thinks much longer when unlocking than usual. Does anyone else have this kind of problem? Unsubscribe if I’m not the only one.

There is such a thing, and even blunted it once, and it didn’t open, I had to log in with a password, and it worked.

Gestures are super. And the sound of blocking too! very nice but there are lags. During the day, the animation sometimes slows down and once the phone just freezes! No response! I waited a couple of minutes, it all went away, the fingerprint scanner and battery and everything else works perfectly. Well, if briefly, I’m really looking forward to a revised update.

Also bullshit! Pressed, vibration and seconds 4-5 nothing else, then wakes up!

Updated. My opinion is that the interface has become better, gestures are good, but new sounds are now really annoying. not familiar.

Sounds new shit!

Firmware 9 5 3 0 for redmi 5 plus I like. Everything is working fine so far. Anyone with noticeable lags, just try to clear the memory and delete the dubious applications.

Yes, now the buttons on the screen are not removed in the settings, for me it is very critical.

I also noticed that if earlier when you open the folder the background was slightly darkened, but now I don’t see this in the interface. But again, there’s nothing wrong with that, just not familiar.

Thanks for the information. I will wait for an update for my phone. I also want to try how these gestures work on my xiaomi.

If there is no long manicure, then the smartphone will listen to you like a native! # 128578;

I jump through the MIFLash firmware, it seemed that charging on v9.5.3.0 1.5 times faster, I advise either v9.2.13.0 global or v9.2.10.0 Russian (the phone keeps them calm for 2 days). V9.5.4.0 arrived on v9.2.13.0 (daily, initially stable), which is strange, because it didn’t arrive at I also advise 8.3.29 the weekly beta version, there are gestures there, and it takes a long time to charge. In general, I advise v9.2.13.0!

Bro thanks a lot !! Infa mega-price! I bought redmi 5 on the weekend, I thought it was already being updated. But now I’ll turn off auto-update and I’ll sit at 9-2-3-0, as it was by default.

If you now have V9.2.3.0.NEGMIEK and you want to flash, then: 1) Do not forget to unlock the bootloader; 2) Through the MiFlash utility (all instructions are on the official mi page and on YouTube) sew any firmware you need). Again, I repeat, I advise V9.2.13.0.NEGMIFA

Any v9.2.3.0, I don’t know why I selected NegMiEk

No need to unlock, unless you buy on aliexpress. I bought from representatives and calmly updated from to

MIUI Tested, DO NOT THINK TO UPDATE TO IT. looking for how to roll back. now the points:

1) Notifications: now you can’t mark as unimportant and cram into a folder with the same name and you can’t brush it off either (or you can just some but certainly not all), the clear button disappeared somewhere. And now there are several white notifications on the whole screen (in curtain) and you can’t remove them in any way, although the “unimportant” example hung in the BLACK folder: SIM card menu / empty /. you can’t turn off this notification at all (I haven’t tried it yet / except root), then VPN from Adguard and something else there, the lights are hanging and you can’t hide them, as it was before, until ovalization.

2) Topics: All the “My Theme” saved by me earlier, collected from various components of the topics, now do not work, although everything was fine with previous updates, but now it is written. a third-party source.

3) Gestures. The idea is good, but the implementation of the bottom.
3.1) when you make a “backward” gesture, you need to drag your finger from the very edge of the phone, that is, be sure to blink or rest your finger on the cover (native / convenient), it is very annoying.
3.2) gesture “there is no quick transition between the last two windows!
3.3) the gesture “recent applications” is executed very long and tediously (also by jerking at the end), in comparison with a quick press of a standard button, that is, you can’t quickly use it anymore, draining. returned white on-screen (wretched) buttons.
3.4) there are no complaints about the gesture home, but I didn’t understand the right-to-left gesture, it’s some kind of nonsense.
PS. I suppose that gestures will conflict with similar gestures in programs, for example, browsers.

Well, it’s so easy to do it, why are you Chinese ?? I only listed the jambs I found from the last find, I guess I can find something else. Why did I just buy this xiaomi. I really regret it. It would be better to take it like many times before Sonya.