Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Connect To TV

Currently, people have developed many devices that can interact with each other, and compatibility in this is growing every year. Any modern smartphone and tablet can be connected to a laptop, desktop computer or even a TV. There are two ways to connect: wired (using USB, HDMI and other types of cables) and wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). This feature allows you to perform many useful actions, for example, watching a movie on your phone can be broadcast on TV using Wi-Fi or other technology. Let’s look at a few ways to connect the Xiaomi Redmi 4X to a TV or other phone.

How to connect to a TV

There are several ways to create a connection between a TV and a smartphone. First, we’ll analyze the wired methods, and then the wireless ones.

First you need to purchase a special MHL cable. The point is that there is a micro-USB connector on one end of the cable, and HDMI on the other. Almost all of these cable types have an optional USB cable that connects to a power source, such as a PowerBank.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Connect To TV

The next connection method is wireless technology. Mostly used wifi. The smartphone must have a Miracast or Wi-Fi Direct function, which any modern TV with Smart TV supports. The disadvantage of this method is that there may be noticeable delays in signal transmission, which means the image will be distorted.

There is another wireless way. DLNA. With it, you can work with files directly from the screen, which means they can be launched from there. On the smartphone, you must install the specialized application BubbleUPnP or the like. In this case, the phone and TV must be connected to a single Wi-Fi network. This option works well in Xiaomi Mi5.

How to connect a Redmi 4a or Redmi 4 pro to a TV

These smartphones most likely will not be able to connect using a cable, which means we use Wi-Fi Direct:

  • go to your phone’s settings and then to the “Wi-Fi” section;
  • below we find the “Advanced Settings” or “Advanced Settings” subsection;
  • find the option “Wi-Fi Direct” and click on it;
  • in the window that opens, the search for devices will begin. In our case, the TV. It should be borne in mind that both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. As soon as the device detects a TV, we try to connect to it;
  • To display the image on the TV screen, you need to open YouTube and click the broadcast icon. You can simply turn on the movie through the built-in player;
  • Now you can watch movies, listen to music and view photos.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Max and Note 3 smartphones via USB and HDMI

Connecting a mobile device to a TV using a USB cable is quite simple, but there is one caveat. The fact is that after connecting the phone to the TV, it will be defined as a flash drive with a file structure, which means that there will be no real-time broadcast. We perform the following series of actions:

  1. Take a Xiaomi smartphone or any other and a microUSB cable (some now support the USB Type-C standard). It is desirable that the wire was factory.
  2. We connect the devices and wait for the TV to determine the phone.
  3. Using the remote control, open the smartphone catalog.
  4. Now you can run music files,s and images.

The following method is similar to Wi-Fi Direct. We connect a special cable or adapter to the smartphone and TV (one is connected via microUSB, the other via HDMI). The phone screen will automatically appear on the screen. over, all actions carried out in a mobile phone will be broadcast on TV. The quality of the picture here depends on the resolution of the phone.

It is worth noting that modern TV devices with Smart TV are automatically synchronized with the smartphone and display the image immediately. In some cases, the TV will have to be tuned.

How to control a TV instead of a remote control

You can control your TV from your Xiaomi phone using the infrared port. This technology is called IrDA. Of course, you can control not only TV, but also many other devices, but here we will analyze the first option.

The infrared port is available on Xiaomi Redmi note 4 and Mi Max 2. Check the infrared port on your device in the specifications, there should be an “IRDA” line.

When downloading, there will be one feature. The tool, most likely, will be called the letters of the Chinese language, which means that you need to download this particular application with a blue icon. Or it will be called Mi Remote controller.

  1. After starting, you need to “Add remote”. a control device;
  2. Select the item “Mi TV / Mi Box”;
  3. Find the company of your TV;
  4. We direct the infrared port sensor to the TV and press the large button to check the operability;
  5. After definition, the control buttons will appear on the screen.

The wrong choice of the TV manufacturer is accompanied by the fact that when you press the buttons in the Mi Remote application, the TV will not respond, so we are looking for the right company. Although there are times when manipulating the TV comes out even when choosing another manufacturer.

Thus, almost any phone can be used as a remote control for the TV.