Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 How to Disassemble

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 How to Disassemble

Despite the fact that the third Xiaomi Redmi belongs to the budget class, it is distinguished by a premium metal case, a 5-inch display and a good Snapdragon 616 processor. If you are interested in fixing the Xiaomi Redmi 3 smartphone and, accordingly, how to disassemble such a device, you should notice that this process is absolutely uncomplicated. All parts are easily removed, the bolts quickly unwind, no physical effort is needed or even impossible. If during the disassembly, something stretches tight, you should not pull and tear it so that you do not have to buy new parts. It is more advisable to check whether everything is unscrewed and whether all latches are raised.

Instructions on how to disassemble in Redmi 3 (Redmi 3) and in what sequence is presented below. Before starting the process, carefully read the article, and if in doubt about your abilities, it is better to contact a professional. over, it is important to take into account some nuances.

What to expect after disassembly:

  1. The smartphone has a thin back cover of 0.3 mm, therefore, despite the fact that it is metal, you should handle it carefully, remove it without effort.
  2. If the battery (original at 4100 mAh) is opened and replaced, the manufacturer’s warranty on the smartphone loses its power and it will not be possible to use it.
  3. The camera has a protective frame made of durable zinc alloy.
  4. On chips, a good amount of thermal paste is needed to protect the device from overheating, you can’t remove or pick anything from the blocks of chips.

Out of curiosity, disassembling a smartphone is strictly not recommended, when disassembling, all responsibility lies entirely with you.


In order to look inside your Xiaomi smartphone, you will need to carry out a simple disassembly. To do this, you need an ordinary thin blade without any additional devices. It is not necessary to turn off the phone (in order to immediately check for a malfunction), but in this case it should be blocked so as not to press too much.

Step-by-step actions are as follows:

  • Remove the SIM card carriage by prying it with a special paper clip;
  • Take a prepared spatula or other available means at hand, which can be driven into a thin gap between the upper and lower housing cover;
  • We pass a shovel around the perimeter of the entire body, slightly prying the cover;
  • Remove the back of the case;
  • To disassemble the Xiaomi Redmi 3 completely, you need a sharp flat screwdriver, which you need to unscrew the bolts screwed to the metal parts above the battery (there are nine of them);
  • Remove the unscrewed part (only one that is larger on the left and the size), gaining access to the schemes;
  • Pry off the holders around the perimeter with a thin spatula (small rectangles, tuck off only on one side);
  • Gently pry the block with circuits, gently pry the holders from the inside, disconnect and remove the block;
  • Take out the main camera from above and flash (can be removed without any adaptation and effort);
  • Take the same sharp flat screwdriver and unscrew the bolts from the lower plastic block (under the battery, there are 5 bolts);
  • Pry off and remove the unscrewed part;
  • Unscrew the bolt from the open view of the diagram panel (green), pry the black rectangular holder on one side from the top and disconnect the panel on the right, remove it;
  • Take out the battery.

If we disassemble the device independently and there is little or no experience in this business at all, it is important to remember what, where and in what sequence you need to connect back.