Xiaomi Redmi 7 Locked

Xiaomi mobile devices are designed in such a way as to protect all user data as much as possible, as well as make the operation of gadgets extremely comfortable. Therefore, in particular, the latest versions of Haomi phones come with the bootloader in a locked state. On such phones, it is impossible to install new firmware on your own and make any other significant changes to the device configuration.

There is also a protective function in which the system will be locked after several attempts to enter the wrong password on the smartphone. But what if the phone is locked accidentally? For example, if you forgot your password and now do not know how to remove the lock mode from your phone.

Today we will find out what to do if the Xiaomi phone is blocked, and how to unlock it. And let’s talk about how to properly unlock the bootloader to bypass the ban on flashing the smartphone.

After the password is entered incorrectly

If you use a graphic or digital key to protect phones, we strongly recommend that you do not forget it. But if this still happened, you can remove the lock. There are several basic ways to do this.

  • Incoming call. The method will only work on the Xiaomi Mi phone if you accidentally blocked it and remember the password. Very often, children indulge in mobile gadgets and, without suspecting it, enter the wrong password, which leads to the blocking of smartphones. So, we call our phone from another, accept the call and minimize the conversation window. This will allow temporary unlocking on the device. Now go to settings and delete the password.
  • Low battery. The principle of operation is the same as in the previous case. Only now we are waiting for a notification about an early discharge of the battery and at this moment we click on the notification curtain. After that, you also need to delete the password.
  • Google Account If you still couldn’t make the phone unlocked, no matter how you try again, then use this method. In the tenth attempt to enter the password incorrectly, the system will offer to restore access to the gadget through your Google account. Need to choose an option “Forgot the pattern key” and enter the password from your own account. An important condition for unlocking is having access to the Internet. If access to the network is not activated, installing a SIM card with already active Internet will help to remove the block.
  • Flashing. If the device is still locked, and you do not know how to remove the block, then it will remain to resort to extreme measures by performing a flashing of the gadget. Xiaomi smartphone is definitely unlocked, but there is also an important drawback of the method. when it is implemented, all your personal data and settings will be deleted. Therefore, it is better to transfer data to another medium from time to time so as not to suffer in such a situation.

Bootloader unlock

As we already said, Xiaomi phones have an initially locked bootloader. And therefore, in particular, it will be unrealistic for you to do a flashing yourself. But smartphones with standard firmware are far from always convenient. Therefore, users were forced to look for a tool that would remove this restriction. When unlocking Bootloader, you can:

Xiaomi Redmi 7 Locked
  • Install custom Recovery.
  • Fully adjust the work of the smartphone to personal preferences.
  • Get superuser rights to work with system files.

As in the previous case, there are several ways to make the bootloader unlock. But the beginning of the path is always the same. obtaining permission from the manufacturer to circumvent the original restrictions. It is not just that Xiaomi representatives decided to block the bootloader.

A request to change the status of a blocked bootloader must be left on the official website of the company. The answer will come in 5-7 days, sometimes you have to wait about two weeks. If you have already made a request, but received a denial, then try again. Requests that have been repeated more than once are usually satisfied sooner or later, and users can unlock the phone bootloader. The unlock procedure itself goes like this:

  • Download the firmware you like and load it into the smartphone’s memory.
  • Download the program Mi Flash Unlock (50 MB).
  • We put the phone into bootloader mode. You do this in the usual way, while holding down the power and volume keys.
  • We connect the gadget to the computer, go to Mi Flash Unlock and confirm that we remove the responsibility for the further operation of the device from the manufacturer.
  • Click on the button “Unlock” and wait for the procedure to complete successfully.
  • We install custom Recovery and use it to install previously downloaded firmware.

As you can see, there is always a way out. This applies both to situations when the phone is blocked as a result of an unintentionally incorrect password, as well as cases when you need to install new firmware on a smartphone on which Xiaomi has blocked the bootloader. The main thing, as usual, is not to worry and do everything according to the rules prescribed in this article. And then no lock for your phone is critical.