Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Does Not Turn On

Xiaomi smartphones are rightfully considered the most trouble-free of Chinese-made devices. Still, even sometimes they are very rare, but nevertheless they demonstrate a stubborn desire not to turn on, to hang and upset their master. Be calm like a lotus flower, even if Xiaomi does not turn on for a reason unknown so far! Most of the cases described below will solve the problem without contacting a service center.

Charged all night and did not charge

Yes, it happens. all night your redmi (you can substitute the name of a specific model yourself) lay “tied” to the charger. And the next morning he, not that he was not charged, was discharged so much that he did not want to shine at least somehow!

Most likely, the following happened:

  • The charger does not work;
  • Damaged USB cable;
  • The connector on the phone is damaged.

Any of these reasons can lead to a complete discharge of the battery, so deep that even if you eliminate the cause, you still can not turn on the phone.

So, try plugging in a new charger adapter or replacing the USB cable. If the battery charge “went”, you need about fifteen. thirty minutes to keep the device on recharge, and only after that try to turn on the smartphone. Most likely, the device will boot successfully, but the battery level is unlikely to exceed 2-3 percent, and you need to wait for the end of the charging cycle.

If replacing the charger or cord did not solve the problem, you should contact the service center to replace the connector on the phone. Soldering a USB connector is a time-consuming operation, it requires special equipment (a soldering station) and some experience in the production of such works. Therefore, it is better to entrust this work to specialists.

Flashing red light

A red indicator flashes on your Xiaomi, and the device does not turn on. The situation is sad, but solvable. However, in this case, you will also have to visit the service center.

Xiaomi Redmi 6 Pro Does Not Turn On

A flashing red diode, and an absolutely non-responsive device is a possible sign of a malfunctioning power button, loss of a loop on the motherboard as a result of mechanical stress (drop or shock) or a malfunction of the power controller itself.

In any case, the specialists of the service center should have experience in eliminating such damage.

Please note: if you try to disassemble the device yourself, you can lose the warranty.

Software crash

If your mi smartphone managed to “freeze” with an inactive screen and still does not want to turn off, you can pull out the battery for a while. Everything would be fine, but only most of the newer phone models have a non-removable battery. In this case, a long one will help. more than 10 seconds. Pressing the “Power” key (on).

If the firmware is fine, the smartphone will habitually vibrate, then the operating system will start.

Usually, a software failure occurs due to inept self-flashing of the Android version, installation of twrp, as well as other similar user actions.

Another option to reanimate the device during a software failure after an unsuccessful update is to simultaneously press the volume down (down) key and the power button on the phone off.

If the result is positive, fastboot mode will download (the corresponding screen saver will appear on the screen), from which then. by long pressing the “power” button, we perform normal OS loading. If normal loading does not work. then the firmware files are damaged and you have to flash the phone through fastboot.

As you can see, even from a depressing, at first glance, situation, you can find a way out. Feel free to follow the steps described. this is how you will be able to restore the device without visiting a service center.

nothing helps how to live

Carry on free diagnostics.

My screen is broken because of this they do not take for diagnostics

Is your glass broken or the matrix itself? Try another service, you can always agree. The main fear of services is that when parsing, your glass will crumble.

P.S. When you open the phone. be careful, the phone cover is connected to the main body with a thin cable of the fingerprint sensor. If the cover and the case are sharply pushed apart, this cable will break, do not disconnect the cover and the case strongly, just carefully put the cover side by side, the length of the cable allows. Or you can disconnect the loopback connector from the board. To disconnect the cable (battery or fingerprint sensor. the cable connector just needs to be pulled up with tweezers, a spatula or a fingernail, and then just put it back in the same way, click-click).

I did everything as you advised and the Xiaomi Redmi smartphone earned many thanks

Woke up. I see the indicator flashes. I thought notifications came. But the strangeness of frequency surprised me. I decided to look, and saw that the phone does not turn on. I am in shock. I put it on charge, the phone did not even show a discharged battery, but usually within 3-10 seconds after connecting the network it showed 0 charge and then charged. But now I’m waiting for a minute. I cut the device from the network I understand that something is wrong with it. I start to press the reboot soft button for a long time. And again, it doesn’t get it. I am in despair, scared of what should be carried to the service center, put it on charge again. I wait 5 minutes and this bastard got it. Thank god. This is just a complete battery drain.
P.S. Do not forget to put the device on charge :))

The same problem, Redmi 4, I’ll check later, well, I think I found a solution, thank you! Administrators you must definitely enter this in one of the ways! After all, not everyone reads the comments!

Which one? About parsing or about the reboot softkey?

Thanks a lot. I thought that I would have to carry it to the service. Just turned off and did not react to anything.

thank you very much. everything worked out

There was a problem with a flashing indicator, did not respond to inclusion and to reboot. I also set it to 0. It was disassembled, disconnected the battery cable, and connected. In the end, it didn’t help.
I collected it, put it in a box and thought about handing it over for repair. A friend advised to hold on for longer, such as sitting down.
But on USB, he was charging from the computer all night and I was not sure of the method, and you know what? EARNED!
Now my phone is pocked, for the cover was removed with a nail pusher, but it wasn’t worth it))
Actually, I wanted to write. First try charging!))

With all the advantages of this smartphone, this shutdown is very scary. I’ve been using it for 2 years and 3 times I threw such a fortress. This usually happens when the battery is completely discharged. I start, as described in the article off / on volume. The phone makes a sound like vibration and the ml splash screen appears, and then press the power button and hold it for 15-20 seconds. Imagine how many people ran to repair!