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There are a large number of different mail services on the Internet, but Yandex, Gmail, remain the most popular and won the public. Rambler.

When setting up mail on a smartphone, please note that there are two types of protocols for mail services:

  • IMAP. exercises full control over your mail and mail service functions;
  • POP3 is a technically obsolete protocol that is still in use today. Forwards all mail from the service to your application. When creating a draft, for example, you will not see it on the service website or in another program.

Servers of popular mail services for configuring applications for the IMAP protocol:

Setting up mail through the Mail app in MIUI

On Xiaomi smartphones, the MIUI shell has a pre-installed Mail application that allows you to add any mailbox, select a protocol and, if necessary, specify server data.

After entering email, password and choosing a protocol, the application will prompt you to enter the server and ports in the next step. Once everything is configured, click “OK”.

There are alternative applications in the Google market, and almost all popular services have specialized applications for working with their mailboxes.

Use only popular email applications. It is possible to download phishing applications that will steal your email password.

Problems with mail on Xiaomi

As a conclusion, we can say that setting up mail on Xiaomi is a simple matter, but it requires care when entering a password and specifying a server. If you have any problems that are not described in the article, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

All these methods work on all devices that support MIUI: Xiaomi Mi, Mi Max, Redmi, Redmi Note and so on.

How to activate automatic updates on Xiaomi Redmi 9C?

If you do not have any particular memory problems on your smartphone, we advise you to activate automatic updates on your Xiaomi Redmi 9C. this will allow you to download and install it every time a new version of the OS is available, rather than waiting and gradually risk losing the power of your Xiaomi Redmi 9C. In addition, you will only be able to activate this option. when you are on wifi. this is the best option to avoid consuming data from your internet data plan, if you ever encounter Wi-Fi problems on your Xiaomi Redmi 9C, feel free to take a look at our article on this topic to sort it out. To activate them, follow this simple procedure:

  • See you in » Settings » of your Xiaomi Redmi 9C
  • Select any option if it is directly available in your menu in “Software Update” Or go first through the “submenu” system “
  • Now toggle the option slider “Automatic download over Wi-Fi” Solid green to activate
  • Your Xiaomi Redmi 9C will now boot up as soon as it is connected to Wi-Fi and the latest Android update for your Xiaomi Redmi 9C will be available.

How to check the Android version installed on my Xiaomi Redmi 9C?

First you need to be sure of the version installed on your smartphone before starting the update and check that an update is available for your Xiaomi Redmi 9C. Android updates tend to come every 2/3 months, sometimes closer, but these are just small fixes that follow the recent update. Whatever happens, we advise you to perform system updates at least once a year, or even once a quarter. If you are outside of this frequency, now is the time to take care of it. To check, do the following:

  • Depending on your version of Android, the path in the settings to manage the update of your Xiaomi Redmi 9C will be significantly different.
  • Open “Settings” From your device
  • Go either inside “system” Then in “Software Update” or directly in the updates tab
  • You can now in-game » Latest Update » Check the latest update that was installed on your Xiaomi Redmi 9C.
  • And in “Download and Installation” you will see the date of the latest update available for your Xiaomi Redmi 9C.

How to update Android on Xiaomi Redmi 9C?

If your Xiaomi Redmi 9C starts to run slowly or has errors, it is definitely because you have too old version of Android and it is time to upgrade to the new version. One of the biggest hurdles for people putting off system updates is their weight. However, they are mainly for minor fixes and optimizations. If you opted out of the latest system update and still want to do it, we will explain to you. how to update android on xiaomi redmi 9c?

To do this, first we will learn how to make sure that the version of Android installed on your Xiaomi Redmi 9C is the latest one. Then how to activate automatic updates on your smartphone, and finally how to update manually on Xiaomi Redmi 9C?

How to update manually on Xiaomi Redmi 9C?

If you missed the automatic update of the new Android version of your Xiaomi Redmi 9C and rejected it. You will be happy to know that there is a solution to install it manually and therefore do not stay with an outdated version of Android. This is almost the same procedure as the previous two parts of this guide, everything happens in your device settings. You will just need to manually start the operation and download the update if not already done.

  • See you in » Settings » of your Xiaomi Redmi 9C
  • Depending on the version of Android installed on your device, go to “About phone” or “System” or “Software update”
  • The final menu to reach would be “Software Update”
  • You will now be able to click the pending update to manually install the latest Android version on your Xiaomi Redmi 9C
  • Don’t forget that the battery must be over 80% or plugged in to avoid getting an error during installation. In addition, if it is not downloaded, it is better to connect to Wi-Fi in order not to use your internet package.

If you are looking for as many guides as possible to become the king of Xiaomi Redmi 9C, we invite you to see other guides in this category: Xiaomi Redmi 9C.

How to update Xiaomi through three points?

Quite often you can hear that Xiaomi smartphones can be flashed through three points. An inexperienced user is absolutely incomprehensible what it is about and how it all works. So what does it mean and how to update Xiaomi through these very three points?

The fact is that updates to smartphones do not come at a time and even having, for example, Xiaomi Redmi 4x, it is not at all necessary that a new firmware will come to your mobile device on the same day as the same smartphone in another city and country.

This is due to the distribution of the load on the Xiaomi servers, because if all people start downloading heavy updates at the same time, the network may not be able to withstand it and updating the smartphone will simply become impossible.

However, it is not necessary to wait for the new firmware to arrive on your smartphone. You can download it, and then manually install it on your mobile device.

Instructions for updating Xiaomi through three points

First of all, you need to download a new firmware on your smartphone.

To do this, go to the official Xiaomi website in the download section, look for your smartphone and open the list of firmware available for it.

At this point, it is worth deciding which firmware is installed in your smartphone: the official global, the official developer (weekly) or some kind of custom. details about the firmware can be found in the article:

In the event that the official global firmware is installed on the smartphone, click on Downoad Full ROM in the Stable ROM section, and in the case of the weekly one in the Developer Rom section.

We are waiting for the download to complete and in the event that the download was made from a computer, we transfer the downloaded archive to the smartphone.

At this stage, we proceed directly to updating the firmware of the smartphone.

In the smartphone settings, click on the About phone section and go to System update.

At this stage, just the same three dots appear, which mean nothing more than calling the context menu in which you need to click on the item Select update package.

After that, the process of unpacking the update package will start, and subsequently the system update itself.

It is very important that the battery charge is at least 70 percent to avoid trouble and interruption of the update process.

Using this update technique, you can switch from the global stable version of the firmware to the developer (weekly) and vice versa without the need to unlock the bootloader, but user data will be lost, so you will have to take care of their safety in advance. But if the firmware itself is being updated (for example, the old stable version but newer) without switching to another type, then the data will be saved and you can safely continue working with your smartphone without having to re-install applications and configure them.

A useful feature that will help you not to miss an important event, and if you missed it, for example, congratulate, notify you.

We go into the messages and select the subscriber, next to the text input field there is “”, click on it and select “Timer”.

Some additional options when pressing “”:

  • Quick replies (templates). swipe right;
  • Send a contact (someone’s vCard), attach multimedia (like MMS);
  • Add Nickname as a Title.

If your Xiaomi smartphone has stopped sending SMS, you need to check if the SMS center numbers are correct.

To check, go to “Settings” “System applications” “Messages” “Advanced”.

Mobile operators in Russia have the following SMS center numbers:

One of the problems with sending and receiving SMS may be in the SIM card: for example, you changed the SIM card, and you need to wait exactly a day for sending and receiving SMS messages to work, this feature of mobile operators.

What to do if messages do not open

All these methods work on all devices that support MIUI: Xiaomi Mi, Mi Max, Redmi, Redmi Note and so on.

Background processes

Another reason why the smartphone does not send SMS may be the blocking of background processes.

The system blocks applications in the background to reduce power consumption and optimize RAM, and system applications could also be blocked in the same way. about this problem and how to set everything up correctly is described in the article about notifications and blocking background processes.

Not receiving or sending messages on Xiaomi

Once we encountered the problem of incorrect phone operation, with Xiaomi Redmi 3s SMS is not sent, messages are not received on the smartphone, or the sent SMS is delivered only 10 hours later. As it turned out, the problem with sending and receiving messages is quite common among owners of Xiaomi smartphones who purchased phones on Chinese Internet sites. This problem affects both old models and models of recent years. There may be several reasons, so consider the most popular solutions.

Checking the SIM card

Initially, it is worth checking whether it is possible to send or receive SMS with the same SIM card on another device, it is quite possible that the problem lies not in the Xiaomi phone.

If, before using the SIM card, you replaced it, for example, with another format, then it should be borne in mind that due to technological features, after replacing the SIM card, restrictions will be imposed on receiving and sending messages, lasting up to 24 hours. This rule applies to many operators.

In our case, setting up the SMS center on Xiaomi Redmi helped. Let’s go to Settings. System applications. Messages. Additionally. SMS center number. There you need to enter a special number, it is different for each operator and region. It is easy to find it in search engines or you can call the operator’s support.

It is worth checking the black list, it is quite possible that by mistake the numbers important to you got there. You can configure it in the “Security” section.

Messages not opening

If messages do not open at all on the smartphone, an error appears or the program closes after a couple of seconds, then this is a problem with the miui operating system. Apart from updating, there are a few more solutions.

  • If you changed the font size in your phone, for example, from M to L, then you should return the previous size, after that the “messages” application should work correctly.
  • Try to activate messages, you can find this setting in the following path: Settings. System applications. SMS/MMS. Mi messages and press the “Activate” button.
  • Change the device language to English (United Kingdom), open messages and agree with pop-up windows to systematize various data, then change the language to Russian.
  • Check your phone for viruses, it is possible that a virus is blocking messages.
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We hope these tips have helped you. Perhaps you know more effective ways, share your experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

MIUI update for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

At the end of September, users began to actively receive the MIUI update for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus. Smartphone owners finally received the first release of the stable tenth version of the MIUI GUI.

The global firmware V10.0.2.0.OEGMIFH is distributed via OTA (i.e. over the air). Also on the official website are available links for downloading Recovery and Fastboot archives with the full version of the firmware. Check your phone settings to see if you’ve received a notification. If the update has not yet arrived, then you should wait for your turn, or install the firmware yourself.

MIUI for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

In the latest update V9.6.5.0.OEGMIFD, the smartphone received a new version of the Android Oreo 8.1 operating system. User reviews about this update can be found in the firmware review at the link above.

We also recommend that you read the information about MIUI 10 Stable for September.

What’s new?

The list of changes is standard for the first release of the stable ten. All journal entries are identical for all Xiaomi phone models that receive the MIUI 10 update.

The main changes are to the interface, full-screen gestures, new system sounds, and other optimization improvements. For example, many system applications (Clock, Calculator, Weather, Notes, Calendar) will look different.

  • New notification sounds that most users like.
  • Smoother UI.
  • Improved notification bar.
  • A new look for your favorite apps.
  • Portrait mode for the front camera.
  • Can’t set background in call settings.
  • Battery drain is possible on some devices.
  • Google search is not called by the usual swipe from above.
  • There is still no AI Portrait mode for the main camera.
  • Bug with displaying notifications in some messengers (for example, whatsapp).
  • Some users report poor performance of the fingerprint scanner.

Regarding the release date of Android 9 Pie for Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, nothing is known yet. The developers have published a rough release schedule for most of the new Xiaomi models, but Redmi 5 Plus is not included in it yet. Owners of this model should be prepared for the fact that Android Oreo 8.1 will be the last OS update.

Information about the firmware

Release date end of September. Newsletter via OTA from 23.09.18.

Google security patch dated August 5, 2018.

MIUI 10 screenshots

We invite you to evaluate the MIUI10 interface by looking at the screenshots shared by one of our readers. For which special thanks to Alexander.

Dear readers, if you have already received a notification on your smartphone and updated, do not forget to share your impressions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Your feedback about MIUI will help other users and members of the Mi community with their problems and possible questions.

Hello dear friends! My name is Mikhail Xiaominko, I am a fan of Xiaomi technology, gadgets and smartphones. Having access to information, I try to provide interesting and high-quality content for Xiaomi readers. Sharing the latest news and exclusive content.

Thank you!! Very useful information, when a beacon appeared that I can upgrade to this version and do not know whether to install it or not, so as not to mess up anything later. At least somewhere you can find something useful for yourself.

The new watch looks completely amateur made. IMHO I liked the old ones better.

It’s strange, I recently bought a phone (5 plus), the update has not yet arrived, is this normal? Version right now is

Your firmware is Vietnamese. Read more in this article Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus firmware versions

Hello! I have What is my problem? To this day I’m waiting for this update.

There are no problems, you just have the “Russian firmware” MIUI 10 installed, which is simply not updated for your model. Since there are no official updates. It is recommended to unlock the bootloader and switch to the global version of the firmware Global (Mi).

Hello everyone. Xiaomi Redmi 5. I will not describe the pros of the 10s, and without me a lot of Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will write what I did not like. 1. You can’t put a background on a call, and the color that costs it is something, visually, notifications began to look worse in the status bar, and in the curtain, in general, all notifications look like a single whole, visually and the location of the volume level. 2. When the curtain is pulled out, the topic is blurred. 3. And the last peak is an alarm clock (clock) it is generally a zashkvar, a black background, as if some kind of mourning. In general, everything that I didn’t like was practically a new visual style, of course this is purely my opinion, but you could leave the choice so that the person himself chooses how this or that action will look like for him.

We continue to describe the jambs, if when you call the curtain, you can still put up with the blurring of the topic, then when you watch videos from YOU TUBE, THE PLAYBACK VIDEO IS ALSO FLUSHED. THIS IS A DIRECTLY SPECIFIC It feels like Xiaomi did not test the top ten at all.

Let’s go further on the little things: When you try to adjust the volume, the volume of media files is always adjusted in any mode, i.e. to increase or decrease the volume of the phone itself (for example, the volume of the call signal), you must first call all 3 adjustment modes, I repeat, in absolutely any mode. Further, on the screen in lock screen mode, notifications are not shown in the status bar, i.e. to see if there are notifications, you must definitely unlock the screen (previously, in any mode, at least in the status bar, you could always see notification icons from applications). Now all notifications from applications are silent by default, even if you set the notification sound mode with sound, then after that you will have to go to the settings of absolutely each application and set the notification mode with sound in the settings there.

In general, Xiaomi decided to reinvent the bicycle, only it turned out with oval wheels, of course you can ride, but it is very inconvenient. It’s not clear what the hell it was impossible to leave all the best from the 9-ki and gradually add all sorts of jokes. In my opinion, the ideal option is 9, but on the 8th Android, although in the 8th Android it is not very clear why it is better than the 7th. There are no more words in the call book yesterday, today, 5 minutes ago, just now, the time and date of the call are pure (a trifle, but it was more convenient with words). In general, Xiaomi is very smart. Let’s hope for a speedy elimination of jambs. Together, all these shoals cause rejection to use the phone, where you can’t put a joint everywhere.

Thanks for the great review and attention to detail.!

“When you try to adjust the volume, the volume of media files is always adjusted in any mode, i.e. to increase or decrease the volume of the phone itself (the volume of the call signal, for example), you must first call all 3 adjustment modes, I repeat, in absolutely any mode “

In my phone, only one volume slider comes out. I have not seen THREE at once (as it was announced). Therefore, my phone and media are regulated separately.

I agree with the above, I want to add on my own that the sound of notifications does not always appear even if you do everything as you say, for example, it did not appear in classmates and until you go into the phone from the lock screen, even the notification will not appear.

We will consider the simplest case first, and it is considered simple for the reason that it does not depend on your actions or on the version of the phone that you have.

As soon as Xiaomi programmers complete the assembly of the final firmware build for the phone, test it by the company’s internal forces and make sure that it does not contain critical errors, its distribution among users begins.

But the mailing does not start for everyone at once, first of all, those devices are chosen on which the “Early Updates” function is activated. But even among voluntary participants, approximately 30% of the total.

They receive the firmware, install it and continue to use their smartphones as usual. At this point, Xiaomi is closely monitoring both the automatic error reports that the phone sends, or user complaints on the official forum or other thematic sites.

If critical errors occur during this procedure that require immediate correction, the distribution of the software is stopped, the engineers fix the error, after which a new build is assembled and distributed again under the same conditions.

This lasts up to 3-4 weeks, and only after this time has passed and provided that there are no critical problems, the firmware becomes available to all owners of this model.

Therefore, if your friend received a notification about the need to update Xiaomi, but you don’t, just wait, after a few days, or after a week, you can install the new software on your phone and enjoy its increased functionality.

Discrepancy between phone origin and software version

If you bought a phone in an online store at a low price, there is a chance to stumble upon the so-called “Chinese” Xiaomi. This means that the device itself was made for the domestic Chinese market, and Chinese firmware was installed on it. Cunning sellers bought the device at an internal price, upgraded the global firmware to it and are now selling it as a global version.

That’s just to ensure that such a smartphone subsequently received a software update, they did not think, and this may be the reason that you will not receive a notification for the update.

But it happens that such manipulation with the software goes smoothly and the phone is subsequently updated normally.

What to do with the phone in this case, you need to ask the service center, they will probably be able to install the firmware for you so that in the future you can update your phone.

But for the future, remember. the miser pays twice. Buy Xiaomi officially imported in Russia and there will be no problems with updating.

Global Firmware Version Difference

For various domestic and foreign policy reasons, Xiaomi releases several versions of the global firmware, which contains a wide range of languages ​​and regions, which includes Russian.

These phones proudly display the “Global Version” sticker on the packaging, and you buy the device as usual, but in the future you may encounter a lack of updates.

At the moment, 5 varieties of global firmware are known:

In terms of functionality, they are almost the same, except that the set of pre-installed applications is different, adapted to the country for which the software was assembled.

But in matters of renewal, there can be significant differences. For example, the Russian version was updated very rarely until recently, and there were cases when the same phone model, flashed with Mi or EU version of the software, received one or even two updates, and Ru received none at all.

And the point is not that the user did not press something, did not select or did something with the phone, it’s just that the Ru firmware branch is updated extremely rarely and only in case of special need.

How to understand which version is installed on your phone?

After examining the line “MIUI version”, we will see that the smartphone supposedly has the Global Stable version of MIUI (NEGRUFD) installed.

Deciphering the letter code will tell us that this is the Russian (RU, Russia, Global RU) version of Miui for Redmi 5 Plus (EG), based on Android 7.хх Nougat (N), version 9.6 (FD).

It remains only to wait and hope that Xiaomi will release an official update, or go into all serious trouble by manually flashing to the European version of the software with all the aggravating: lack of warranty, the ability to “crumble” the device, and the like.

How to check if there is a firmware update for your Xiaomi smartphone model?

Open Xiaomi official website https://ru.c.Mi.com/ in browser.

Select Firmware from the top navigation menu. Now select your phone model. Look at the version posted on the site. If it matches yours, then there were no new versions of the software, but if it is different, then either wait until the notification arrives on your phone, or decide on a manual flashing with a vague outcome of the event. Return

This might be helpful:

Hello, my name is Timur. Since childhood, I have been fond of computers and the IT industry, I like it, this is my passion. Over the past few years, I have been deeply fascinated by Xiaomi: ideology, technology and a unique approach to explosive business growth. I own many Xiaomi gadgets and share my experience of using them, but the main thing. solving problems and incidents that arise under unexpected circumstances on the pages of the site Mi-check.ru

Failure in system settings

By default, Xiaomi is set to reinstall to modern MIUI firmware automatically. But sometimes a mistake can happen. Try updating your device manually:

Charge your gadget to 60% or connect it to a charger.

Go to Settings = About phone = Update.

In the menu that opens, click on the button.

If the option does not work, you need to download the file for this device model on the official website of the developer and place its archive in the root of the directory. Then we take steps:

Go to the gear menu = About phone.

If the device displays a line with no fresh settings, click on the three dots at the top.

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Select the section “Select firmware file”.

Important! Firmware (Firmware) won’t install? You may be trying to install an older OS.

Before you figure it out, in the absence of requests to install modern versions of MIUI, check for auto-update:

Follow the path Settings = About phone = Update.

In the window that opens, click on the three dots and in the upper right corner of the screen, select the item related to automatic reinstallation.

Turn on the Internet, search for the latest software version.


Here, check the “Update automatically” box if it is not available.

Did not help? Trying to figure out the system.

If you have a stable operating system from MIUI and everything works perfectly, you can disable the download of new software and not worry that an update has not arrived on Xiaomi. There is also a risk that native and downloaded installations will compete with each other and cause serious problems in the operation of the device.

It is easy to understand that you have a custom OS refinement. Open Settings, then the top line, look at the number of the malware. If you have more than 4 digits in the number. amateur operating system.

When improved software does not come to Xiaomi, you should not immediately panic. As follows from the article, the problem is quickly fixable, and sometimes no action is required at all.

Why are Miui updates not coming??

As you already know, there are 2 sub-versions of regional firmware: 1. Stable version and 2. Test (Weekly, Developer, beta version).

The test version is updated weekly on Fridays.

It is designed to test innovations.

However, this version, due to its test nature, may contain errors.

After the innovations are tested and tested, bugs are fixed, a Stable update is being prepared.

For various reasons, the stable update is released infrequently, approximately every 1-6 months.

After the Stable update is ready, it is initially distributed over the air to 30% of random users.

The update file is not posted on the official website during the initial distribution period.

In the event that no serious remarks are revealed in the Stable Update, it is posted on the official website in 2-4 weeks and sent over the air to other users.

If serious flaws are found in the update, then it is withdrawn, removed from the official site (if it was posted), and on the smartphones of users who managed to install it, the firmware receives the status ‘Secret’.

Those users whose smartphones were not included in the initial mailing list can, if they wish, download the full update file on the Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum:

Also, the required version of almost any firmware can be downloaded on w3bsit3-dns.com website in the section of your smartphone, in the ‘Firmware’ subsection.

For example, here is a link to the Redmi Note 5 smartphone section, where you can find the Description, Specifications, Firmware and many other useful information on a specific model of your smartphone:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global / Note 5 China. MIUI firmware. w3bsit3-dns.com @MIUI |

Particularly impatient users can install the Weekly (Developer) version of MIUI, which, as already mentioned, will be updated over the air weekly on Fridays.

However, before installing the beta version of Miui, please note that: 1) it is a test version and may contain errors; 2) for some time now, on some devices, starting with a certain version of Miui, anti-rollback (ARB, Anti-Roll Back) has been introduced into the bootloader operation algorithm (ARB, Anti-Roll Back), that is, you need to have an idea of ​​​​how to check the status of the bootloader (Bootloader) and how way you can safely return to the Miui Stable version.

2nd option. more difficult: this is a test of attentiveness.

Look closely at the photo for details of ‘About Phone’. Key points on our topic are highlighted in red.

Let’s see, for example, the name (code) for the Global version-model of Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (pictured).

We find a clear discrepancy: the model code in the ‘About phone’ information does not match the code of the Global version-model of this device.

Photo Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Global Version Code: M1803E7SG (for example):

Through Google search, we will find out what is MEE7S. this is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 model, intended for sale exclusively in China, in other words: ‘Chinese’, ‘Sinanthropus’.

‘Native’ factory firmware for this model. in two languages: Chinese and English.

That is, we have a ‘Chinese’ flashed to the Global version of Miui.

By and large, this is not yet a problem, because the ‘Chinese’ correctly flashed to the OFFICIAL Globalka are subsequently safely and without problems updated ‘over the air’.

Again, carefully examine the version of MIUI in the photo: ‘MIUI 9.5 Global Stable. (OIIMIFA)’.

Everything seems to be fine at first glance: the corresponding Global Stable version of Miui under the number was indeed officially released by Xiaomi developers.

Deciphering the MIUI letter code allows you to detect a ‘trick’.

We go to the official website of MIUI developers: ru.miui.com or en.miui.com in the ‘Firmware’ section (or ‘Download’), subsection ‘Redmi Note 5 Global ROM’.

Photo Section ‘Firmware’. Subsection ‘Redmi Note 5 Global ROM’:

Next to the digital code of the OFFICIAL version of the MIUI firmware, we see its letter code: OEIMIFD.

O. Android 8.xx Oreo, N. Android 7.xx Nougat, etc.

2-3 letters. smartphone model code: EI. Redmi Note 5.

4-5th letters. firmware version code: Mi. Global,, RU. Russian (Russian, Russia, Ru, Global RU), CN. Chinese.

6-7 letters: FD. version code 9.6, FA. version code 9.5 etc.

We study the MIUI version letter code in the photo and see: OIIMIFD, that is, this MIUI letter code does not correspond to the letter code of the genuine OFFICIAL firmware.

Here is the REASON for the lack of official updates: our smartphone has an UNOFFICIAL firmware (‘Vietnamese’, ‘basement’, ‘homemade’, etc.).

1) by a non-standard Android version code, for example: JBFMIEK, while in the ‘About phone’ information, the Android version is listed as 6.0, that is, Marshmallow,

2) by non-standard firmware region code: NBFCNFA. taking into account the fact that this version is declared the Global.

As we know, Genuine Miui Global Version has the letter code Mi,

3) by non-standard Miui version code: NEGMIEI.

When analyzing this alphanumeric code, we see that the official alphabetic code for Miui 9.2. this is EK, not EI (EI. is Miui 9.1 version code).

In addition, you can detect ‘Vietnamese’ by a non-standard NUMERIC code, which contains not 4 groups of numbers (standard), but, for example. 5.

Xiaomi Redmi 5 || System Update Problem Solve

Here are examples of STANDARD digital codification: or

And here is an example of NON-STANDARD digital codification: or

In these examples of NON-STANDARD codification, there is an extra group of numbers in the code (extra zero).

Another way to check: there is no ‘Vietnamese’ in the archive of OFFICIAL versions of Miui.

From the second half of 2017, Xiaomi began installing firmware with the RU index (Miui Russia, Global RU) in Global version smartphones intended for sale in Russia.

The confusion here is that, by all external signs, such devices are no different from smartphones of the Global version.

In fact, these are the devices of the Global version.

And even on the packaging there is a neat sticker: Global Version.

Only here in these devices lies a small catch: they have RUSSIAN (Global RU) firmware.

You can make sure that the Russian firmware is installed in the device in the information ‘About phone’ in the line ‘MIUI version’.

By examining the line ‘MIUI version’, we will see that the smartphone supposedly has MIUI Global Stable version (NEGRUFD) installed.

Deciphering the letter code will tell us that this is the Russian ( RU, Russia, Global RU ) version of Miui for Redmi 5 Plus (EG), based on Android 7.хх Nougat (N), version 9.6 (FD).

This is where user confusion begins.

After reading ‘Global Version’ on the box, and in the line ‘MIUI Version’: Global Stable, but without studying the MIUI letter code, many users go to the MIUI official website and see that Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus has long been released update OEGMIFD based on Android 8.xx Oreo (see photo).

For information, I will express my own judgments: it seems that the developers frankly ‘scored’ the Russian firmware.

For Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, the Russian firmware (RU index) is still based on Android 7.xx, while the full Global Stable version (Mi index). on Android 8.xx.

In addition, if the Global Firmware (Mi index) is being tested for the transition to MIUI 10, then Russian (RU index). No.

And the date of the transition of the Russian firmware to MIUI 10 is not officially published at all.

Perhaps after the Global (Mi) Stable MIUI 10 ‘settles down’, the developers will start updating the Russian (Global RU) firmware, but these are my assumptions.

There is no official information on this issue yet.

Recently, this information has appeared that explains the reasons for the poor updateability of this version of the system: Reasons for the delay in the release of MIUI 10 Global Russia @MIUI| https://Mi-faq.ru/miui-10-global-russia.html

However, the above article does not have links to the sources of the information given and is not an official point of view.

In fairness, it should be noted that at the end of 2018. beginning of 2019. the developers ‘delivered’ with a couple of updates of the Russian version of Miui, but, again, for two or three smartphone models.

Why are SMS messages not coming to Xiaomi? What to do?

This happens, although quite rarely, SMS messages stop coming to the smartphone. In the case of a push-button telephone, this can be understood: the memory is small, the number of SMSs is limited. But this does not apply to modern smartphones, right? That’s right, friends, the point here is clearly something else. But what exactly, let’s figure it out. We have several interesting versions.

Go to settings, select System apps, then Messages. Here click Advanced settings.

If the number is missing or incorrect, change it and save.

Russian firmware MIUI for Redmi

Using the links to the name of the smartphone or tablet, you can download not only updates for all other regions, but also old versions of the device’s firmware (Fastboot, Recovery, OTA).

Model MIUI Android Release date
Redmi 7A 10 01/18/2022
Redmi Note 8 eleven 01/17/2022
Redmi Note 8T eleven 01/16/2022
Redmi Note 8 2021 eleven 01/10/2022
Redmi Note 10 Pro eleven 29.12.2021
Redmi 10 eleven 12/22/2021
Redmi 9T eleven 12/20/2021
Redmi Note 10 eleven 10.12.2021
Redmi Note 9S eleven 07.12.2021
Redmi Note 10S eleven 06.12.2021
Redmi Note 9T eleven 01.12.2021
Redmi Note 10T eleven 01.12.2021
Redmi 9C NFC 10 11/30/2021
Redmi Note 9 Pro eleven 11/30/2021
Redmi 9A 10 11/27/2021
Redmi 9 eleven 11/22/2021
Redmi Note 9 eleven 11/22/2021
Redmi Note 8 Pro eleven 11/17/2021
Redmi 8 10 11/15/2021
Redmi 8A 10 19.10.2021
Redmi Note 7 10 09/13/2021
Redmi Go 8.1 04/16/2021
Redmi 7 10 03/19/2021
Redmi S2 / Y2 9 12/15/2020
Redmi 6 9 09/19/2020
Redmi 6A 9 07/13/2020
Redmi 5 8.1 07.11.2019
Redmi Note 5 9 30.10.2019
Redmi Note 6 Pro 8.1 03/11/2019
Redmi 5 Plus 7.1 08/08/2018

Russian firmware MIUI for Xiaomi, Mi

The appearance of new Russian updates for all models is checked several times a day. Tables are updated as official firmware is released.

Model MIUI Android Release date
Mi 8 Pro 10 01/17/2022
Mi 8 10 11.01.2022
Mi 11 eleven 01/06/2022
Mi 11 Lite 4G eleven 04.01.2022
Mi 10T / Mi 10T Pro eleven 30.12.2021
Xiaomi 11T Pro eleven 29.12.2021
Mi Note 10 / Note 10 Pro eleven 24.12.2021
Mi Note 10 Lite eleven 12/21/2021
Xiaomi 11T eleven 12/20/2021
Mi 11 Lite 5G eleven 06.12.2021
Mi 10 eleven 06.12.2021
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G eleven 11/26/2021
Xiaomi Pad 5 eleven 11/25/2021
Mi 9T eleven 09/03/2021
Mi 9 Lite eleven 08/10/2021
Mi 9 eleven 07/23/2021
Mi 9T Pro eleven 07/15/2021
Mi 9 SE eleven 06/04/2021
Mi Play 8.1 01/20/2021
Mi MIX 2S 10 22.12.2020
Mi Mix 3 10 11/27/2020
Mi Max 3 10 10/16/2020
Mi 8 Lite 10 09/12/2020

Russian MIUI for Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi, POCO

Russian MIUI (index RU) is a version of the Xiaomi operating system designed for devices sold in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It belongs to the category of global, therefore it works normally on smartphones and tablets not for the domestic market of China.

Here are the latest official Russian firmware for Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi and POCO phones. Each version has an Android generation and release date.

Only stable Russian assemblies for Xiaomi, Redmi and POKO devices are presented. To download the update, follow the link on the name of the smartphone: firmware for other regions is also located there. Fastboot ROM, Recovery ROM and OTA Update files are downloaded in their original form from the Xiaomi website. miui.com.

Russian firmware MIUI for POCO

The tables show all released Xiaomi, Mi, Redmi and POCO phones, including older models. The purpose of the page is to show the latest Russian versions of MIUI for all existing Xiaomi smartphones.

Model MIUI Android Release date
POCO F3 eleven 01/21/2022
POCO M3 eleven 01/10/2022
POCO X3 Pro eleven 12/22/2021
POCO M4 Pro 5G eleven 12/22/2021
POCO X3 NFC eleven 10.12.2021
POCO M3 Pro eleven 01.12.2021
POCO F2 Pro eleven 24.11.2021
POCO F1 10 01/29/2021

Main causes and solutions

Xiaomi is engaged in the production of high-quality products, which in some cases can still malfunction. Xiaomi Redmi 4x is receiving complaints about the device turning off for unknown reasons. Malfunctions may occur with Redmi 3, Redmi 5 and other models.

When there are problems with the phone, you need to check the warranty period. If the warranty is valid, the problem is fixed by a specialist in the service center.

When the gadget does not turn on on the day of purchase, this may indicate a marriage. In this case, the customer must replace the defective device. When purchasing goods from a reseller, second-hand device or in an online store, there is a risk of occurrence or presence of malfunctions in the device, which is not covered by the warranty.

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In this case, you can not count on free repairs. Problems can be fixed on your own if they are common problems that are common to all Xiaomi models.

In addition, the phone does not turn on due to a sharp temperature drop, a faulty battery, or moisture getting inside the gadget, during which the contacts are oxidized and the motherboard breaks.

The SIM card can be the source of the problem. To check the health of the phone, it is removed and the device is turned on again.

If the phone is working, then check the SIM card. Plaque or oxides can short the contacts. The contact group can be cleaned with an eraser or cotton swab with alcohol. If these steps did not help, then check the slot for the SIM card. Oxides may also be present on it, deformation of the elements is not excluded. They are straightened and a phone with a SIM card is turned on. In some cases, a replacement SIM card is required.

Xiaomi Note 4x or Pro often does not turn on due to a damaged cable. Over time, it burns out and the phone does not turn on. Most often this happens in a place with a high load on the cable from the battery or USB. The integrity of the wires is checked by removing the cover and protective cover.

If there is a network break, then the contacts are cleaned, soldered and insulated. The cable can be purchased at the store and replaced. When there is no experience in repairing such devices, they contact the service.

Deep charge battery

Smartphones use batteries. which are made of lithium, with a built-in charge controller. It blocks the line of electric power supply to the battery in case of deep discharge. This function is necessary to protect the device from reducing the capacity below the permissible value, after which the battery stops working.

For this reason, the phone does not start when the charger is connected. In this case, the red indicator flashes, but there are situations when the burning light blinks white.

To solve the problem, you need:

  • connect the gadget to another more powerful charger;
  • charge the battery from a 5 V power source with a current limit of up to 300-350 mA;
  • leave the phone to charge for 1-6 hours, which is enough to bring the device out of deep charge.

Dismantling the battery in Xiaomi models with non-removable covers is recommended to be entrusted to a specialist. Due to improper disassembly, the phone may be completely damaged.

If the user has experience, then you can remove the back cover, following the instructions.

Faulty cable

In Chinese devices, the length of the plug may be less than the required indicator. In this case, the contacts will not reach the conductors of the phone. Often the power cord is not connected all the way, trying not to harm the new device. The plug must be pressed harder for the phone to start charging, but do not overdo it. If the cable often flies out of the phone, then soon the device stops working.

Software error

  • operation of applications with malicious viruses;
  • operating system crash during boot;
  • installing TWRP;
  • turning off the smartphone when installing an update.

To solve problems, use a forced reboot. To do this, press the power button, holding it for about 10 seconds. The phone vibrates and the screen lights up. In addition, a reboot from the service menu will help.

To enter the engineering menu, you must simultaneously press the power and volume buttons up. After that, the device is turned off and on again. The gadget will go into a non-working state if the settings are incorrectly set in the Service Recovery mode.

If the phone starts to hang, then also use a deep reboot. In the old model, you can remove the cover, pull out the battery, insert it back and turn on the device. Xiaomi Redmi 5 is treated differently. The cover cannot be removed in it, so the power button is pressed for 10 seconds. After that, the phone no longer hangs.


The problem of turning off the gadget can be solved in this way, which has a significant drawback. During the procedure, all information will be deleted from the phone, including contacts. For this reason, before resetting to factory settings, you need to use data backup and remove the memory card from the slot.

  • press and hold the power button and volume down until the Mi5 splash screen appears on the display;
  • hold down the volume control key;
  • enter Recovery and find English;
  • press hard reset.

Phone flashing

Software problems that ended with the gadget turning off and the LED blinking can be fixed by replacing the old firmware version with a new one. The actions are similar to resetting the settings, but with an additional step in the form of searching the Internet for the necessary program. It is downloaded from trusted sources or from forums, after checking that it is suitable for the selected gadget model.

Before that, they check if the smartphone is working. To do this, you need to connect the plus charging with an ammeter and a phone. Connect the negative terminal in the same way. If the arrow of the device starts to react, and the device does not turn on, then you need to flash it.

After downloading the update for the operating system, you need to enter Recovery mode and connect your smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. To install firmware and other program files on a Xiaomi gadget, you will need the Mi Flash program. It is connected and waiting for the device to be detected. In the future, indicate the path to the file and click Flash, thereby starting the installation.

To ensure that the device does not turn off during the firmware, it is necessary that the battery charge is not less than 50%. There are no problems after flashing and updates, which the company itself conducts once a week or a month. In this case, an algorithm is used that will prevent the process from starting if the battery is not enough.

What to do if Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on

The phone often has problems immediately after purchase or some time after the start of use. In most cases, Xiaomi does not turn on. With the help of several recovery methods, the gadget can function again. The main thing is to find the cause of the Xiaomi malfunction.

In which case you need to contact the service center

You can solve the problem with the phone yourself only in half of the cases. If it was not possible to reanimate the gadget, then you need to contact the service, especially if you have a warranty card.

Professional help is required in the following cases:

  • the smartphone turned off, there is no way to enter the Recovery;
  • the indicator flashes red when the phone is turned off;
  • mechanical damage is present;
  • the device freezes when loading the Mi6 logo.

You need to contact the service in case of flooding, moisture ingress and falling from a height. The help of a professional will be required for complex software recovery. The service center will be able to fix all problems and give a guarantee. Diagnostics in most cases is carried out free of charge if the consumer orders a repair. The company is chosen based on customer reviews, pricing policy and location of the service.

What to do if Xiaomi does not see the SIM card

It is necessary to make an important call, but something went wrong and there is no connection, the Internet does not work and other related problems. Most likely, the smartphone simply does not see the SIM card, sit back, now we will talk about various options for solving the snag.

Tried to reboot?

Perhaps in some place the connection was not caught, and then the phone simply left this business. Help him by rebooting.

Didn’t press too hard?

Some network settings could “fly off” or a curious child played with the phone.

Is the SIM card working??

The problem may be hiding in the banal failure of the SIM card. Check the performance of the latter on another device. Pay attention to its contacts, which could well have oxidized over such a long period of operation, clean them with alcohol and a cotton swab.

Let’s dig “inside the phone”

Check if the SIM card tray is firmly inserted.

The phone was ordered in China?

Some models simply do not support CIS communication standards. The most common of them is GSM, it is desirable that the smartphone can work with frequencies of 900/1800 MHz.

What if there’s a system crash??

Do not rule out the possibility of a system failure. The fact is that a special modem firmware is responsible for communication in Xiaomi, and if it is “damaged”, further communication failures are quite possible. In this case, try performing a factory reset. I will note the possibility of a separate modem firmware without affecting the main system, but more on that another time.

What can you say about connection??

Maybe it has something to do with where you are right now. Weak coverage or lack thereof, which, of course, is unlikely, but worth making sure.

Dealing with marriage?

Yes, the situation is bad. We bought a smartphone, and here it is Return the device under warranty if you are sure that the problem lies in the marriage.

Problem still not resolved?

We have bad news. Probably something serious happened: the contacts came off or some other mechanical damage. In this case, you will have to go to the service center.

34 Comment on “What to do if Xiaomi does not see the SIM card”

Hello everyone. Smartphone Haomi Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon 625 MIUI Global 8.2. Sent from Aliexpress. I put Megafon’s SIM first, turned on the Megafon network. I inserted a second SIM Beeline, turned on no signal, neither Megafon nor Beeline. I take out the Beeline SIM, but Megafon still has no signal. What could be the reason?

Translate into English lead mi account link account to these numbers and activate SIM

Hello, Xiaomi Redmi 4x smartphone, we insert 2 SIM cards, one sees one, and the other does not, the SIM card is working

Hello, I also see one, but not the second, and also Xiaomi Redmi 4x.

If the SIM card tray is not intact (for example, a piece of plastic is chipped off or a metal plate is bent), this may be the cause of the problem when the Xiaomi smartphone does not see the SIM card. I had just such a situation on Mi 3. The service center could not find the cause of the problem, I found it myself. Hope this helps someone.

There is such a network problem, but calls and SMS do not receive Xiaomi Redmi 4x 2/16gb MUIU Global9.1 stable

How to implement items from the list: Didn’t you press too much?, if there is NO SIM card in the settings? And there is a SIM card in the tray)) Why are these items written at all if they are USELESS?

Hello! It looks like the phone has already ruined 2 SIM cards! Model Redmi Note 4x, 32g I stopped registering on the SIM card network in slot 2, we thought there was a problem with the phone, but when I installed this SIM card in another phone, nothing changed! We concluded = the card was damaged! Taking a new SIM card, installing a 4x note in the second slot, everything repeated. The network appeared for 1 second, and disappeared, this SIM card stopped working even when installed in other phones! Inserting anything into slot 2 is already scary. the first SIM was promotional, with free internet, an irreparable loss (((If the reason is in the phone, you will have to abandon the company. The question is, could the phone burn these two SIM cards.

I support the same phone, the exact same garbage. The phone is a year old, SIM suddenly fails. I change, it works for 3 hours and the same thing. Beeline checked, reloaded the card, nothing helps. SIM after a breakdown does not work in other devices. But in the evening, sometimes the network icon appears without defining the operator and SMS from those who did not call arrive When you try to call from the phone, the icon is immediately inactive and writes the mob network is not available or when the icon is there, but the network name is not detected when the call is pressed, it tries to connect, after 30 seconds it writes the call is completed. So it goes.

All the same, it is better to use Samsung. For the first time I took Xiaomi 5, otherwise I can’t open the calendar, then I delete the contacts myself. Now he also does not see the SIM card in both slots.

Hello, I need help, a mother arrived for my laptop, in the end everything was installed, she does not see the SIM card, she arrived with Chinese firmware, what should I do? there is a donor for resoldering the modem

And what if the SIM works only on Monday and Tuesday.? And the rest of the rules. Everything works as always, calls are received. Phone note 5a.

Установил Android 10 на Redmi 5 Plus | ЧИСТЫЙ КАЙФ ��

After downloading the update, Redmi 4a stopped seeing the sim card. Only reinstalling helps. Then everything is ok. Why is this and how to fix it?

It happened with Kyivstar. I don’t use 3G/4G on it. In the settings, go to About phone. Press 5 times on the Internal memory until the menu Phone Information 1 / Phone Information 2 appears. We go into the settings of the desired SIM card and select the type of connection TD-SCDMA, GSM. We reboot the phone and rejoice)))

Thank you very much! Helped! Before that, I did not see the second SIM card, after the update.

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