Xiaomi Redmi 4x Can’t See Computer

Every smartphone user sooner or later needs to connect it to a computer via USB. This may be required for various purposes, for example, to install new software on a gadget or to save any files. However, sometimes it is not possible to synchronize a mobile phone with a computer. There can be a great many reasons for this, and they can be either software or mechanical. But the main thing for you and me is not so much to figure out a specific reason, how to eliminate it in order to comfortably use a smartphone.

Today we will tell you what to do if the computer “does not see” Xiaomi Redmi 4 pro. This gadget is taken as an example due to its high popularity, and the recommendations given in the article can be successfully applied to connect other models of mobile devices from Xiaomi to a PC.

Causes of malfunctions

First, let’s say a few words about why the phone does not connect to a computer or laptop. The main reasons may be:

  1. Mechanical damage to the cord or USB connector.
  2. Using aftermarket components to create a PC connection.
  3. The lack of the necessary driver version on the computer.
  4. Wrong choice of mobile device connection method.
  5. The presence of system problems on a PC or mobile gadget.

These are just the causes of connection problems that lie on the surface. serious problems are possible, but let’s hope that they do not apply to your phone. Well, for those reasons that were listed above, the solutions below will be quite effective.

Checking the USB cable

Before delving into the settings of your phone and PC, looking for a problem there, make sure that the connection is organized using working components. If you are having difficulty using one cord, we recommend using another. If the problem has not gone away then, you can look for the problem in another area.

Xiaomi Redmi 4x Cant See Computer

Just in case, try to connect your smartphone via different USB ports. It is possible that one of the sockets on the computer does not work, and when using the other, everything will work out.

Download drivers

Synchronization of the phone with the computer is possible only if the appropriate drivers are installed on the PC. And although most modern operating systems allow you to automatically download the right driver from the Internet when you reconnect, it happens that it does not update in a timely manner or for some reason does not download at all. As a result, your Redmi Laptop does not connect.

In order for the system to correctly see the phone, you need to check the compliance of the drivers. Well, the easiest way to manually download (7 MB) them to make sure that you have the correct version installed. Install the downloaded file on the PC and try to reconnect. If this time the computer “does not see” the mobile device, then we continue to look for other ways to resolve the issue.

Turn on debug mode

To implement this task, you need to obtain developer status. This is done extremely simply: go to the settings and click 7-10 times on the graph “About the device”. Immediately after this, you will see a message informing you that you have been assigned the appropriate rights. In practice, this definition means that you can make a little more individual settings compared to the average user.

We go into the settings and see that an additional item has appeared: “For developers”. We click on it and in the newly appeared menu select USB debugging. It remains to turn it on and try to connect to the PC again.

Connect via Terminal

If the methods described above did not help and the phone categorically does not want to be detected on the PC as a removable medium, you can try to do this through the third-party Android terminal emulator application. This program allows you to obtain superuser rights, which is very similar to the rights of the developer. In fact, all this allows you to make advanced settings.

First, we write in the program a combination of letters SU, which will give us superuser rights. Next, write a more complex phrase: setprop persist.sys.usb.config mass_storage, adb and press the enter button. This command allows you to recognize the phone as a drive on the computer. It remains to restart the smartphone by issuing a command Reboot, and connect to the PC.

Connection in camera mode

Sometimes it happens that the phone is recognized on the computer, but only in camera mode. This can be taken advantage of. For example, you can drop all the necessary files from the computer into the section “A photo”, and then, disconnecting from the PC, sort them manually using the file manager on the mobile device. It is simple, and accessible to everyone. But remember that this will not fix the problem, but will only allow you to get around it.

This method is suitable in case you have a shortage of time, and you need to connect to a PC urgently. But in the future, one way or another, one will have to figure out how to organize a stable connection.


As you can see, it is not necessary to immediately reset the system settings on the phone, update its firmware or carry the device for repair. Rather simple and feasible to each manipulation can solve the problem quickly and effectively. We hope our tips have helped you set up your phone to PC, and this problem is a thing of the past.