Xiaomi Redmi 4 Configure Camera

Each lover of high-quality images, after acquiring well-known smartphones from the acclaimed Xiaomi company, is wondering whether it is possible to make the shooting process more productive and improve the result. To do this, you need to answer the question of how to configure the camera on Xiaomi.

Setting the quality of photos

To implement setting the quality of photos on Xiaomi open the camera and select “Settings”:

Xiaomi Redmi 4 Configure Camera

If you have an SD card, activate the function for saving images to removable media. This action in some way affects the quality of shooting, albeit slightly. Speaking about the advantages of an SD card, one cannot fail to say about a large additional space, which will fit more than one thousand of your wonderful shots.

2. Improve photo quality choosing the right aspect ratio will help. The best option looks like 3: 4. This format will provide maximum expansion during shooting on the phone

3. When you select “Image Quality”, select “High”. Then your smartphone uses the camera as much as possible and allows you to enjoy a clear picture where the smallest details are visible.

4. Inexperienced users most often choose the maximum level of sharpness, which is categorically wrong. For naturalness and good quality photos, you must choose either “Low” or “Lowest”.

5. When setting the contrast and saturation, you should not change anything, just leave the “Normal” level.

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It is important to say that not always certain settings will provide the best result. Conditions will always change, including lighting. Change settings for higher quality.

One practical example is the use of flash. In the daytime, it is useless, and sometimes even spoils the entire frame. If you work in the dark, highlighting objects can guarantee the best result.

How to improve quality?

quality setting on Xiaomi no more complicated than the actions that are needed to get amazing pictures. Open the camera and do the following:

Step 1.

Select the “Modes” section, and then “Open Settings”.

Step 2

When setting “Quality”, select Full HD exclusively. If you decide to create a masterpiece in slow motion, you can choose just HD.

Step 3

Very important focus mode. The quality of the material will depend on it. By choosing continuous focus mode (CAF), You don’t have to monitor the clarity of the image, your phone will take care of it yourself.

Tips for shooting

If you are aiming for the perfect, some shooting tips will be very helpful. Try to use manual focus if you are targeting a specific subject.

In addition, in low light, use the flash. A good will be when you take care of image stabilization. Even if you hold the device with both hands, shaking will be significantly reduced.

To make you comfortable viewing all that you shot, it’s better to create horizontals. A computer, laptop or TV is more adapted to this format, so you will enjoy your as much as possible.

Do not make sudden movements with the camera. Sometimes the power is simply not enough and the output is only a blurry picture. Make any smooth, it will add to its appeal.

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