Xiaomi redmi 3 won’t boot

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Xiaomi Redmi 3 freezes, what to do, how to force restart Xiaomi on Android

Your Xiaomi Redmi 3 smartphone is frozen and you don’t know what to do. In this article, you will learn how to force restart a frozen Xiaomi Redmi 3 and similar Android devices. Please add a review on whether the information below is suitable to restart your smartphone or tablet, indicate the model of the device so that other visitors of the site will have useful information from you.

Want to know why Xiaomi hangs? Yes, because any device needs a reboot. It is recommended to periodically restart your smartphone or tablet so that errors in the operating system are corrected. Android is a huge number of running applications and programs, and even when we close all applications, not one program remains to work in the background, but a whole bunch. Like the Xiaomi Redmi 3 computer, you need to restart until there are so many errors that the phone or tablet freezes tightly.

Many users are so nervous when their phone or tablet freezes hard that they are ready to smash it to shreds by throwing it against a wall or floor. I recommend you not to do this and try to apply the method of forced reboot of a hung Xiaomi and similar devices, as described below.

Now let’s see how to restart Xiaomi Redmi 3 which is frozen and does not respond to any actions. Press and hold without releasing the “On / Power” button for 20 seconds, after which your Xiaomi will reboot. (For those who do not understand, you need to keep the button pressed, which we usually turn on the smartphone). If it didn’t work out, then you can try holding the button again, but for a little longer.

If the method above did not help to get the phone out of freezing, then follow this link to another page where more ways to force restart Android devices are indicated.

Perhaps this forced reboot method is suitable not only for Xiaomi Redmi 3, but also for phones from other manufacturers. Please leave a review on whether the article helped you get your Xiaomi smartphone or tablet out of freezing or not. If you solved this problem differently, then please take a moment and share your advice with users by adding a review below. Thank you for your kindness and mutual help.!

UPDATE THE REVIEW PAGE Author:Prince Vladimir 14-07-2021 20 hours 22 min. Message: Thank you, holding the button helped to restart. Author:Alexander 12-03-2021 01 h. 48 min. Message: Thank you, holding down the PIT button. helped to get out of a hung position. Redmi3a Author:Rovshan 15-10-2020 10 a.m. 18 min. Message: Thanks, it helped! Readme Note 9 Pro Author:Olesya 11-08-2020 07 hours 11 min. Message: thank you so much, cheers I revived it! Love him!))) Author:Oleg 18-06-2019 20 hours 33 min Message: Xiaomi Redmi 3x. after 20 seconds of holding rebooted. Thank you Author:Valentina 13-05-2019 21 hours. 11 min Message: Thank you very much. Everything worked out. Author:Lena 16-04-2019 17 hours 50 min. Message: Yes, it helped. Thanks a lot. xiaomi_redmi_3s Author:Uncle 30-03-2019 08 hours 56 min. Message: Yes, it helped. Thank you Author: gulnara 28-03-2019 11 a.m. 51 min Message: yes thank you very much Author:Xenia 01-03-2019 02 hours 35 min Message: Thank you helped Author:Svetlana 26-02-2019 14 hours 57 min Message: Thank you. It turns out that the button was fixed for too short a time. Author:Vladimir Petrovich 22-02-2019 01 h. 38 min Message: Thank you Author:Gulnara 21-02-2019 12 noon 00 min Message: Thank you very much, Redmi 3C Author:Stanislav 19-02-2019 21 hours. 31 min Message: Thank you very much Author:Ruslan 05-02-2019 23 hours 02 min Message: Redmi 3 thanks unlocked. Author:Yura 03-02-2019 19 hours 50 min Message: Xiaomi Redmi 3 Thank you unlocked by your advice Author:Dima 10-01-2019 08 hours 40 min Message: Didn’t help, Android won’t load, What to do? Author:Oleg 04-01-2019 13 hours 21 min Message: Thank you! Helped Author:Vladimir 30-12-2018 21 hours. 17 min Message: Thank you. Worked flawlessly. Author:Elena 18-12-2018 03 hours 11 min Message: Saved with just a tip Author:Danil 29-11-2018 17 hours 10 min.Message:thx helped a lot Author:Raf 16-11-2018 22 hours 44 min. Message: I.e. I need to enter fastboot mode. I reflashed a lot of Xiaomi phones, but this was the first time I encountered this. Tried a lot but alas. Author:Raf 16-11-2018 22 hours 39 min. Message: Pressing the recommended buttons does not turn on Fastboot mode. You may have encountered this situation. Write. Thank you Author:vadim 08-11-2018 10 a.m. 40 min. Message: Rahmet, very helpful SPS. Author:sergey 05-11-2018 07 hours 35 min Message: thank you very much helped a lot. Author:Elena 02-11-2018 00 h. 11 min. Message: 2 minutes held. just rebooted Author:Olya 10-10-2018 20 hours 46 min. Message: To the author. Statya helped Author:Rita 07-10-2018 14 hours 00 min Message: Thank you very much. rebooted and it worked. Author:Ilya 07-10-2018 12 noon 14 min Message: Helped! Thanks a lot. Author:Andrey 25-09-2018 18 hours 38 min. Message: I am very grateful to the author of this article for taking the time to console inexperienced android users;) and explained that nothing terrible happened to the android and we will order him to live long;) Author:ALMAZ 24-09-2018 09 hours 35 min Message: The article helped, 20 seconds of pressing the power button brought the phone out of the glitch. Author:Irina 19-09-2018 13 hours 35 min. Message: To prevent such glitches, as well as slowing down the phone, the inability to launch any application, and sometimes worsening of the sound (very rarely), you need to REGULARLY clean the phone. It is necessary not only to delete information using special programs, but also to go into folders (especially WhatsApp) and manually delete all unnecessary audio and video files. And then there will be no complaints on the phone. Author:Margarita 18-09-2018 14 hours 24 min Message: Thank you so much! helped Author:Maxim Datsyuk 24-08-2018 20 hours 12 min Message: The phone freezes intermittently as stated in the article. Just knocking it out is exactly what to get rid of the symptoms of the disease and not from the disease itself. I’m not going to do this forever! Author:Zhandos 14-08-2018 16 hours 37 min. Message: Thank you so much for helping!) Author:Antonina 20-07-2018 06 hours 14 min Message: THANK YOU for the advice. Indeed, at first there was a panic, but I tried to use the advice and everything worked out. Luckily there is a laptop nearby. Author:Nikolay 19-07-2018 09 h. 54 min.Message:Hold for 15 sec and turned off Author:Victoria 18-07-2018 08 hours 48 min Message: Thanks, really helped. phone turned on) Author:Artyom 14-07-2018 12 noon 02 min Message: Helped, thanks Xiaomi Redmi 3s Author:Valeria 11-07-2018 21 hours. 16 min. Message: Thank you, dear person)) It helped, not immediately and after clamping for half a minute. Stuck on logo on reboot Author:Natalia 09-07-2018 19 hours 40 min. Message: Yes, thank you, very helpful. Enough to hold 12 seconds! We were ready to disassemble and remove the battery, but it’s not so easy anymore. Thanks again! Xiaomi Redmi 3. Author:Maria 02-07-2018 16 hours 59 min Message: Helped on Redmi 3 Pro. Author:mustafa 25-06-2018 15 hours 43 min Message: helped, thanks Author:Valery 21-06-2018 20 hours 00 min Message: Redmi note 3 pro has started. Thank you. Author:IRINA 17-06-2018 10 a.m. 27 min Message: helped on another xiaomi Author:Sikowitz 11-06-2018 23 hours. 23 min Message: Thank you very much, it helped! Author:Stasya 10-06-2018 23 hours 10 min Message: Thank you very much) helped. Author:Alya 08-06-2018 20 hours 58 min Message: Helped! And before that I gave 500 rubles in the service, I suspect that for the same operation! Thank you! Author:Lyudmila 31-05-2018 14 hours 14 min Message: THANK YOU. I thought the end had come. held for 15 seconds. Author:Alisher 28-05-2018 13 hours 35 min Message: Thank you very much! Helped held 15 seconds! Author:Anna 20-05-2018 16 hours 29 min Message: Thank you very much. helped. I held it for 15 seconds and the phone immediately rebooted. scared that it won’t work at all. Author:Maxim 14-05-2018 00 h. 08 min Message: Redmi 3S. After 10 sec. holding the button helped. Thank you. Author:Boris 06-05-2018 10 a.m. 46 min Message: Redmi Note 3 Pro. Thanks, it helped! Author:Irek 04-05-2018 21 hours. 07 min Message: Redmi 3s. Holding the button off, on for 15 seconds helped. Thank you Author:Valery 25-04-2018 14 hours 26 min Message: Thank you. helped. Author:Aleksey 22-04-2018 22 hours 38 min Message: Thank you very much! helped. Author:Nikolay 22-04-2018 19 hours 45 min Message: Helped, THANK YOU! Author:Maxim 13-04-2018 21 hours. 14 min. Message: Thank you, I pressed for 3-5 seconds, it did not help, I tried about 10 times, freaked out. After your post, I held it for about 7-8 seconds, the smartphone itself went into reboot and immediately went to boot. For 2-3 seconds, everything that was before that (phone number) jumped out, which EVERYTHING WAS DIALED and WORKED. THANK YOU. Really works. Try. Author:Yana 12-04-2018 23 hours 41 min Message: really helped, thanks Author:Sergey 10-04-2018 10 a.m. 35 min Message: Thank you helped Author:oleg 10-04-2018 08 hours 27 min Message: thank you very much helped Author:Andrey 09-04-2018 13 hours 58 min Message: Helped thanks Author:Alexander 08-04-2018 10 a.m. 56 min. Message: I almost broke it. Thanks for the advice. Author:Sergey 08-04-2018 05 hours 37 min. Message: Thanks, helped Author:Andrey 08-04-2018 00 h. 10 min Message: thank you very much Author:Ekaterina 04-04-2018 18 hours 36 min. Message: Thank you, everything worked. The screen went out, then rebooted. Author:Nikolay 28-03-2018 16 hours 48 min Message: Thanks for the site helped me. Author:Aleftina 27-03-2018 21 hours. 56 min. Message: Oddly enough, yes, the article helped. Just calmly explained what to do. Author:Vladimir 27-03-2018 12 noon 23 min. Message: Thank you, Redmi 3s is frozen. It took less than 15 seconds to reboot. Author:Andrey 24-03-2018 09 hours 03 min. Message: Phone 3x, began to update, and hung. Three dots at the bottom are flashing, and it doesn’t start in any. Author:Alex 23-03-2018 22 hours 20 min Message: Also stuck after redmi3s update. It took less than 15 seconds to reboot. Thanks to! Author:Julia 23-03-2018 15 hours 43 min Message: Thank you very much! After the update, my Redmi 3s stuck for an hour (everything worked out) Author:Gulina 22-03-2018 14 hours 53 min Message: Helped, thanks. On Redmi 4 pro Author:alena 22-03-2018 13 hours 16 min. Message: thank you, I didn’t believe that it would work, after the system update it hung up, and the desktop did not react to anything! Even for charging! held the button for 2-3 minutes and rebooted, my Redmi 3s phone Author:Olga 21-03-2018 21 hours. 24 min Message: Thank you! Helped! Didn’t know what to do anymore. Author:Anton 20-03-2018 00 hours 55 min Message: Thank you very much! helped! Author:Oksana 19-03-2018 20 hours 02 min Message: Thank you! bailed out! Author:Svetlana 19-03-2018 08 hours 32 min. Message: Tell me if the phone works, but the power button does not work / does not respond. How else can you reload? Author:Oksana 17-03-2018 15 hours 47 min. Author:Natalia 16-03-2018 16 hours 38 min Message: Thank you. It turned out you just need to hold the off button longer than usual. It took 15 seconds. Author:Julia 14-03-2018 13 hours 04 min Message: THANK YOU SO MUCH. it took 12 seconds. for 3x. Author:Vladimir 13-03-2018 18 hours 28 min Message: Thanks for the tip. I took advantage of a long hold on the power button and the phone came to life. Author:Maria 13-03-2018 18 hours 08 min. Message: Kpts, I couldn’t do anything with the phone for an hour, I didn’t know what to do anymore ((I already thought that I would have to carry it in for repairs. I went to your site and was just surprised everything was easy and simple, although before that he didn’t react on the shutdown button, it turned out that it was much longer to growl (it held for about 2 minutes) and voila, everything works as before) thank you very much)) Author:Pavel 11-03-2018 06 hours 29 min Message: Helped. Thank you Author:Elizaveta 08-03-2018 12 noon 56 min Message: Thank you very much! Helped a lot! Author:Anna 06-03-2018 18 hours 52 min Message: Thank you very much for the information Xiaomi Redmi s 3 It took 12 sec. Author:Grigory 03-03-2018 08 hours 29 min Message: Thank you for Xiaomi Redmi note 4.10 sec. Author:yyyyyy 01-03-2018 14 hours 52 min Message: thanks it works Author:Lyudmila 01-03-2018 11 a.m. 46 min. Message: Thanks for the help, the tips helped Author:Inga 27-02-2018 13 hours 32 min Message: Thank you Author:Andrey 24-02-2018 10 a.m. 25 min Message: Thank you. 12 seconds for Xiaomi Redmi 3. Stuck when trying to reboot normally Author:katya 23-02-2018 14 hours 35 min Message: thank you very much) Helped immediately ))Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X) Author:Inna 22-02-2018 18 hours 55 min Message: Xiaomi Note 3. Rebooted after 13 seconds. “Hung” for more than 2 hours. thanks for the help! Author:Malik 22-02-2018 16 hours 45 min Message: 12 seconds for Xiaomi Redmi 3s. Thank you. Stuck when I connected the charger and after a while I wanted to turn on the phone Author:Erika 19-02-2018 23 hours 32 min Message: Very helpful. I nearly had a heart attack. I thought that my mother would kill me, but you saved me. Author:Alexander 18-02-2018 22 hours 27 min Message: Thank you very much Author:Elena 17-02-2018 15 hours 09 min Message: Thank you. Helped right away. Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro. Author:Inna 07-02-2018 23 hours 48 min Message: Thanks for helping. Exactly 20 sec. Phone model Xiaomi Redmi 4 Note. Author: accountant 04-02-2018 12 noon 54 min. Message: thanks guys helped. Redmi 3s Author:oleg 01-02-2018 01 a.m. 21 min.Message: thanks pamoglo Author:Philip 01-02-2018 01 a.m. 01 min Message: Helped me! thank you very much! Author:Aleksey 29-01-2018 20 hours 27 min Message: Success, reboot! Author:sveta 22-01-2018 08 hours 00 min Message: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ADVICE Author:yulia 20-01-2018 19 hours 54 min. Message: yes it helped)) thanks)) Author:Gleb 19-01-2018 20 hours 19 min Message: Yes, thanks. Author:Anna 17-01-2018 18 hours 39 min. Message: Hello, I have it and it freezes during the reboot, and not including it, it’s already a kaput phone? Author:Eugene 16-01-2018 19 hours 56 min Message:Yes! Helped. Thank you. Author:Anastasia 15-01-2018 19 hours 14 min Message: Thanks, it helped! The phone first hung, I turned it off, after which it did not react to anything. Neither for charging, nor for holding the on / off button. On your recommendation, I held the on / off button for more than 20 seconds, and, lo and behold, Smart turned on Author:Stanislav 14-01-2018 16 hours 26 min Message: Thank you! Helped! ))) Author:Irina 12-01-2018 00 h. 27 min. Message: The article helped, thanks. My husband’s xiaomi Redmi 3 s hung specifically. 10-15 seconds and the phone turned on. thanks for the help Author:Pashka 11-01-2018 22 hours 27 min. Message: Helped me: hold down the power button and then after a second. 15-20 add volume buttons. And then I was already thinking of giving it to a service center !! )) Author:Ksenia 10-01-2018 15 hours 05 min Message: Nothing works. ( Author:Aru 10-01-2018 14 hours 27 min. Message: Thank you very much, I was very nervous. Helped me happy Author:ponchik 09-01-2018 13 hours 55 min. Message: Thanks for helping. restarted after 25 seconds Author:Ivan 09-01-2018 12 noon 48 min. Message: Xiaomi Redmi 3. this method helped a lot immediately after 10 seconds Author:Yura 08-01-2018 22 hours 19 min Message: Thank you. The article helped Author:Ilya 07-01-2018 11 a.m. 17 min Message: Thank you very much helped Author:Eva 07-01-2018 02 hours 17 min Message: This is not the first time Xiaomi has been stuck so hard while surfing Instagram for a long time. Your recommendation helps but sometimes it doesn’t work the first time. Thanks for the advice!Xiaomi Redmi 3s.

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Reset device to factory settings

This method is not applicable when the Xiaomi phone does not turn on and does not show any signs of life at all. The so-called Hard Reset works if the device turns off periodically or is at least loaded in Recovery mode. The problem can be solved this way, but there is a significant drawback. the complete removal of all information from the device, including the contact list. Before proceeding with a factory reset, use the data backup, remove the memory card from the slot.

Xiaomi does not turn on

  • hold the volume down and the power button at the same time until the Mi logo appears;
  • now hold only the volume key;
  • after entering the recovery, we look for the English language;
  • we are looking for the Hard Reset designation, click on it, confirming our intentions.

Xiaomi won’t turn on or charge. Solution!

For a long time, a Xiaomi phone can please with smooth operation, and then suddenly stop turning on. It is difficult to describe the emotions that arise in the user when he picks up a smartphone, and he no longer shows signs of life. In such a situation, the first thing that comes to mind is: why did the gadget turn itself off and why doesn’t it turn on? Yes, it’s not an easy situation, but you shouldn’t panic. You need to first find out what caused this problem. After understanding the cause of the problem, you can familiarize yourself with the methods for solving it. And in today’s article we will help you figure out what to do if Xiaomi does not turn on. We will talk about those reasons that most often lead to the failure of the device to turn on. Perhaps some of the above applies to your device.

Why did the phone stop turning on?

Xiaomi company produces high-quality products, but it is not immune from various failures. After all, any technique is not perfect. From the owners of Xiaomi Redmi 4, for example, sometimes there are complaints that it does not turn on for unknown reasons.

But other models, such as Xiaomi Redmi Pro and Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, can also upset the user.

When such a nuisance happens to your device, the first thing to do is find out if warranty service is still available. If there is a guarantee, you can easily resolve the issue with a specialist in an official service center. If the device does not turn on the same day it was purchased, this may be a sign of a marriage. In this case, you must definitely demand to replace the smartphone with a working one.

Xiaomi does not turn on

However, our citizens like to save a lot of money, since today there is such an opportunity. This can be the purchase of a gadget in Chinese online stores, from resellers or a used phone from hand. Despite the noticeable advantages in the form of a low price, this method is quite risky, since the product is not guaranteed.

It may also simply pass the warranty on a smartphone purchased from an official representative. In this situation, it is not necessary to count on free repairs if Xiaomi does not turn on. Therefore, you will have to delve into your device yourself to find out the cause of the problem in order to fix it. But it will not be easy for non-specialists to do this, but you can analyze for the presence of problems that occur most often. The list of problems and solutions below is relevant for all Xiaomi models, since they are identical in software terms:

  • The phone was discharged before shutting down. It often happens that a Xiaomi smartphone has a red indicator flashing and it does not turn on by itself. This may indicate that the battery is completely discharged. For this reason, the device may not have enough remaining power to start the system, making it pointless to press the power key. The issue is often resolved by putting the phone on charge for about 1 hour, after which you can start it up again by pressing the power button for 10 seconds. If the device is charged, but does not want to turn on, take a closer look at the cable. It may be damaged, try another cord. Or, for fun, connect the old cable to another smartphone in order to understand what the problem is. It happens that the USB connector fails in the device, so there is no power.
  • System hang. The second problem in line is a software failure, which entails turning off the mobile device, and it can also prevent it from turning on. If you have an old Xiaomi model with a removable back cover, you need to remove the battery, then install it again. Thus, a deep reboot of the smartphone is carried out. In gadgets in which the battery cannot be reached, for example, in Xiaomi Redmi 5, for this you need to hold down the power button for 10 seconds. After completing these steps, you can hope that the phone will still start.
  • Power button malfunction and other hardware problems. Sometimes the cause may be mechanical damage due to the fall of the device or a possible marriage in production. Own forces are unlikely to help here, you will have to contact the service center. If Xiaomi turned off and does not turn on, the problem may also lie in a faulty power controller, due to which the gadget cannot gain energy to turn on, you can recognize the problem in this area by connecting a charged battery to the device.
  • Firmware failure. Sometimes users are faced with such a problem as incomplete loading of the smartphone. That is, the phone turns on, which is confirmed by the illuminated screen, but the matter does not go any further. In this case, there is a high probability of problems with the firmware. You will most likely need to reinstall the device software. This can be done using the Mi Flash application, suitable for all gadgets of the company, including the Xiaomi Redmi line.

However, it is not a fact that your device will have one of the above problems. The inability to turn on can be caused by other reasons:

When the root of the problem has become known, it will be immediately clear whether it is worth making repairs yourself or going to a service center. You can’t do without a master in case of serious breakdowns, such as mechanical damage after a fall and water seeping into the case. Short-term failures may also occur as a result of incorrect operation of individual applications. over, all software problems are treated in two common ways, and we will consider them.

When to Call a Master?

A serious malfunction in any case will require contacting a service center. Users who are not familiar with the inside of the device are not recommended to carry out repairs on their own, so as not to aggravate the condition of the smartphone. If Xiaomi does not turn on, it is wiser to trust the master, even if there are certain financial costs. You can practically only change the firmware, reboot and reset the settings to the factory settings. The signal for going to a specialist will be such signs as a complete shutdown of the phone even without the possibility of entering the recovery, a flashing red light in the off state, the system freezing when loading the Mi logo, as well as obvious mechanical damage.

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Network disappears after update

Frequent picture. Numerous messages on the forums that mobile communication stops working after the MIUI update indicate the importance of the problem.

Among other things, the device does not see the SIM card, even simple calls become unavailable. The reason lies in the flaws of the software itself, here are some tried and tested ways to solve this problem.

  • Roll back to the previous firmware that was before the update. And put a ban on a new update. Suitable for those who are not looking for easy ways and are immediately ready to make changes to unwanted software. Requires certain knowledge and orientation in the sea of ​​various firmware.
  • Flash the modem itself. For any device, a whole set of system files is provided, including the radio module. From v36 to the latest v Of the negative features of this method, we can mention the complete ignorance of the final result. That is, you, getting involved in this adventure, will never be sure that it will end in success. There are no calculations about the performance of this or that modem. It all depends on your region and mobile network features. Simply put, it will look like this. Plug in the modem and see what happens. Don’t like it, different. And so on, until the end.
  • Change preferences in settings. Moving away from the preferred 4G standard, to 3G or even, just to test, 2G. To do this, go to settings. “About phone”. “Internal memory”. We click on it several times, until “Information about the phone 1 and 2” appears. Here we set the preferred network type. There should not be any TD-SCDMA in the title. For 2G. GSM only, 3G. WCDMA only, 4G. LTE only. Or a combination of these frequencies.
  • It would be nice to deal with those frequencies declared in the specifications of the device. In Russia, the following ranges are provided for LTE: B1/3/7/20. But, not every Xiaomi has them in full. As an option, I offer the most common and stable 3G. The pursuit of speed turns into a paradox: everyone wants to sit on 4G, and the 3G band is free. I recommend using this, at least for a while.
  • Check IMEI. #06# Dial this combination on the dialer, and the phone will indicate it to you. If there is nothing, then the device is not detected on the network in any way. That is, somehow (due to a firmware curve or an incorrectly installed update), your identifier has disappeared. Recovery required.

How to set up mobile internet on Xiaomi

The situation when mobile Internet does not want to work on a Xiaomi phone, unfortunately, is not uncommon. The reasons why this happens are quite varied. As well as the methods of “treatment” of the smartphone. Like it or not, but today you have to navigate the whole variety of manifestations of the mobile network, the main parameters and settings. Otherwise, communication with the world will be broken or absent altogether.

If only https sites open

This situation implies that the Internet is still present on your Xiaomi. But it doesn’t work as it should.

Possible reasons for “cutting” data transmission:

  • For some reason, not entirely clear, the access point is corrupted. Enter the settings and check all the lines to the very end. Particular attention should be paid to the authentication method, the most common is PAP.
  • Another frequently encountered feature of reducing the incoming volume of information is hidden in the security settings. We go into the traffic and set the monthly limit in MB. If desired, you can even adjust the daily limit. In addition, two possibilities are defined for the device if the limit is exceeded.

In order to save money, excessive traffic can lead to a disconnection from the mobile Internet or simply to a warning to the owner. Make the necessary adjustments yourself.

By the way, many custom firmware sin with one feature. Programmers who compile and upgrade system software are not averse to making fun of it. In our case, when the device’s operation in mobile networks suffers, this leads to the fact that the system / etc / hosts: file turns out to be so changed (it blocks ads in the browser) that access to many resources is prohibited. You can’t completely delete the file, ads will crawl from all the cracks and instead of surfing the Internet, you will get an advertising swim.

Root.rights and Root Browser are required to correct it. See more here.

Xiaomi Won’t Turn On or Black Screen! Here’s How You Fix It

Do not forget that after all the actions you have taken, the best way to complete the phone setup is to reboot it.

Setting up mobile Internet on Xiaomi

The main actions in the standard version are their complete absence. That is, you are required to insert a SIM card into the Xiaomi phone, at best, reboot it and click on the Internet option in the drop-down curtain. That’s the whole setting, in the vast majority of cases this is enough. The phone automatically sets all the necessary parameters, accepts settings from the telecom operator and starts data transfer.

That is why, due to the seeming simplicity of connecting to the network, many are lost if something goes wrong. To start, general recommendations.

  • The phone must have a new SIM card with 4G support. If there is any doubt about its performance, it is better to replace it. First of all, this applies to long-term employees who have managed to visit different devices and “tired” of life sims.
  • No matter how trite it sounds, but check the status of your personal account, a positive balance is required.
  • It is important to know the coverage area map, which networks and in what range operate in your locality. Choose the operator that is maximally represented in your city, so as not to run around the apartment with a phone, jumping on stools, and not looking for a place of reliable reception.

So, the choice is made, the SIM card is inserted, but the desired connection did not happen. What to do? Let’s do manual settings.

  • go to “Settings”, from there to the item “SIM cards and mobile networks” (depending on the firmware, this option is called differently);
  • we allow data transmission over a mobile network;
  • select the operator of the inserted SIM card at the top, go to its settings;
  • select an access point, it must be corrected manually, in accordance with the values ​​​​from the provider.

The table shows the most common operators, if the column is empty, then nothing needs to be entered.

An icon will appear identifying your mobile internet type.

  • G, E. 2G networks, speed ranges from 171.2-474 kbps;
  • 3G, 3G, H. 3G networks, speed increases: from 3.6 to 42 Mbps;
  • LTE. 4G networks, space 100 Mbps.

The phone itself will select the network it needs, choosing the most stable one from the options presented. If this does not happen, then you should indicate to the device the frequency range in which it will work. To do this, in the same place where the access point was edited, there is an option below to select the preferred network type. 2G, 3G, 4G standards introduced. Based on the map of coverage areas of your region, select the type that is most common.

If it flies out of the network every 10-15 minutes

Immediately you need to decide which slot fails. We take out the SIM card from the first and stick it into the second.

We change the frequency priorities on the slot that fails. We are descending from celestial LTE to prosaic GSM. The main thing is to understand what does not work for you. If it’s soft, exhale the air and calm down. The solution will come, it is associated with resetting to factory settings or, in severe cases, replacing the firmware or the radio module itself.

Another option is that you have a hardware error and you need to carry the phone to the workshop. You yourself will not do anything worthwhile with it, the mobile Internet will not return by itself.

I hope that you will avoid all these troubles described in the article, working mobile Internet on Xiaomi smartphones, this is more of a rule, not an exception. Firmware from year to year are becoming more and more perfect, and devices are less vulnerable. And if so, then you can handle all the other little things.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 phone does not turn on

Phone Xiaomi Redmi 3. Does not turn on, put on charge. not charging, but warming up. Was on charge for an hour and nothing. What to do next?

The battery may be faulty (in deep discharge and you need to push it from the laboratory power supply or with a frog), power connector, power controller, memory chip, processor, power circuits, software failure. Need diagnostics at a service center.

Firstly, check the cable and charging unit, and secondly, check the charging connector for integrity. If everything is fine with this, you need to disassemble and ring the power controller and battery

Good evening! The problem may be in the connector, in the battery, in violation of the power circuits in the device, without diagnostics it is difficult to say yet, show a specialist

Payment problems. Perhaps a banal replacement of the charging port

To get started, hold down the power button for 20-25 seconds, maybe just “frozen”. If it doesn’t help, then open it up and study, maybe the battery, maybe the power controller.

Good afternoon, first try charging it on another power supply complete with a cord, if everything is the same, then you need to contact the service, you can’t solve the problem yourself.

There may be a problem with the battery or charge controller. It is necessary to open the phone and test the power circuit.

Good afternoon. First, check the charge cable. Try disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it, perhaps a bad contact of the charging cable. There may be a problem in the charge controller chip, as well as in the charge connector. It is not working. Contact the service center.

Similar questions

Phone glitched over a year ago Xiaomi Redmi 6A cell phones

The phone glitched, I pressed the screen lock and it doesn’t turn on anymore, I don’t know why, and it doesn’t charge. Calling from another phone.

Xiaomi note4x tries to turn on and can’t over a year ago Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X Cell Phones

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X phone was discharged to zero, put it on charge, it tries to turn on immediately and cannot because there is not enough.

I put it on charge for the night, and in the morning the phone is turned off and the red light is flashing, when you try to turn it on, the red light also flashes.

Causes of incorrect charging of the gadget

If Xiaomi takes a long time to charge or the charge level does not increase at all, identify the cause of this problem.

  • the charger (cord or AC adapter) is defective;
  • the battery burned out;
  • water has entered the mobile phone;
  • dropping the gadget led to the disconnection of the battery;
  • the appearance of bugs in the software;
  • inconsistency between the charger and the gadget model;
  • USB port is defective;
  • incorrect battery calibration;
  • smartphone recharged.

Incorrect Xiaomi smartphone charging: causes and solutions

There are many reasons why Xiaomi mobile phone won’t charge. This has led to the emergence of a large number of ways to troubleshoot. Studying them will help to cope with the problem as soon as possible.


In the case when Xiaomi began to charge slowly or stopped doing it, identify the cause of the problem. After that, you should select and apply one of the troubleshooting methods. Consider the most common options that allow you to quickly identify the cause and get rid of the problem.

Identifying Physical Issues and How to Fix Them

You can find out about a charger malfunction by the indicator located on the AC adapter. If the light does not turn red or flashes, then there is a problem with the plug or USB cable.

If there is no indicator, connect the cord to another AC adapter. If the smartphone began to consume energy from the network, then the plug is faulty. You can check the operation of the USB cable by putting the gadget on charge in the car.

If these steps prove that the charger is not working properly, it must be replaced. It is better to purchase a USB cable and a network adapter in the official store that is suitable for your smartphone model.

Faulty USB port

The charging connector may not work for 2 reasons:

Take a flashlight and shine it through the hole. If dust or particles of small debris are found inside, then clean the port with a hard brush, pin, knitting needle or needle. You can also use nail scissors.

After moisture enters the hole, the contacts are oxidized. This leads to the appearance of a white coating. To eliminate it, you can seek help from a specialist. You can also clean it yourself:

  • find a thin needle;
  • soak it in alcohol;
  • install the connector against direct light;
  • gently swipe over the oxidation sites with a needle.

Important! It is difficult to fix physical problems on your own, so it is better to give the phone for repair.

Asking for help from specialists

You can tell about a burnt battery by the smell and smoke coming out of the headphone jack and connecting the USB cable. This can also be detected by specialists who will completely or partially disassemble the phone and diagnose the components. Actions of experts on carrying out repair work:

If the battery cable is disconnected from the motherboard after a fall, then the master will return it to its place and check the health of the mobile phone as a whole. Keep track of repairs. Some service center employees may bill for a battery replacement, but in reality, just connect the cable.

Important! Also, service centers eliminate malfunctions that have not arisen due to physical impact on the smartphone.

What to do if the smartphone is overcharged?

For each gadget, the manufacturer measures its time period for recharging. For this reason, it is important to unplug the device from the outlet when the charge level has reached 100%.

Some mobile phones that are connected to the mains for a long time turn off on their own. If the phone is recharged, it will not respond to touch and start up for 30 minutes.

Important! Do not press all the buttons in a row and do not boot the device into recovery mode. It will connect automatically after a while.

Battery recalibration

Over time, the battery begins to malfunction and stops receiving power from the AC adapter. Signs of this problem: the smartphone charges slowly or does not charge at all. You can fix the problem by self-calibrating the phone:

  • completely discharge the mobile device before turning it off;
  • connect the AC adapter to the outlet and insert the USB cable;
  • plug the plug into the connector on the smartphone;
  • wait until “100%” appears on the screen;
  • click on the “Power on” button and wait until the gadget is fully loaded;
  • turn off the device and put it back on charge;
  • do not touch the phone for 15 minutes;
  • disconnect the smartphone from the charger and turn it on.

After these maneuvers, a new calibration will be established.

Installing an Energy Saving Program

If Xiaomi Redmi 3 or another later model does not charge in the absence of physical malfunctions, then problems in the system are detected. Energy saving apps on your smartphone allows you to detect software failures.

In many Xiaomi, such utilities are already built in. Models such as Redmi 4X or Redmi Note are not equipped with them. Download one of the programs to your smartphone:

Important! You can use both paid and free versions.

Software Update

Installing custom firmware solves most of the problems associated with the incorrect operation of a mobile device from Xiaomi. These smartphones are mainly designed for the Chinese market, so you will need to reflash the mobile phone to the global version.

Update software via computer:

  • back up your data;
  • boot your phone in “Fastboot” mode;
  • connect your phone to PC via USB cable;
  • run the program for flashing;
  • install new version of MIUI.

Important! This method is suitable for solving problems with charging a fitness bracelet or laptop.


The most radical way to troubleshoot. If your Xiaomi phone stops charging, you tried all the available methods, and nothing helped, then perform a hard reset.

As a result of this procedure, all applications that slow down the charging process or cause the phone to discharge frequently will be removed from the smartphone.

A hard reset is carried out in 5 stages:

  • turn off the phone and boot it up by holding the power and volume up keys;
  • wait for the proprietary recovery menu to appear on the screen;
  • go to the “Wipe and Reset” section;
  • click on the “Wipe All Date” button;
  • confirm the start of the process by clicking on “Yes”.

After deleting faulty apps, the phone will charge back up to 100 percent.

Other Ways to Solve Poor Battery Charging Problems

If Xiaomi does not charge well, then use the advice of the owners of devices from this manufacturer:

  • the gadget stopped charging after updating the shell. roll back to the previous version;
  • the new firmware turned out to be “heavy”, so the smartphone needs more time to recharge. install a simplified version of the shell;
  • turn off the “GPS” function while charging the mobile phone;
  • do not use the smartphone while it is charging;
  • regularly check your Xiaomi for viruses, delete infected files and programs.

Disconnecting the battery at home

This method was also developed by the owners of Xiaomi products. To fix bugs on your smartphone, follow 5 steps in sequence:

  • remove the cover from the back of the phone;
  • disconnect the battery from the motherboard by snapping off the cable;
  • connect the gadget to the outlet through a working charger;
  • start the smartphone;
  • connect cable to motherboard.

According to tacit statistics, this method helps in half the cases of problems when recharging a mobile phone.

You can fix problems with incorrect charging of the device from Xiaomi after diagnosing and identifying the true cause of the problem. Using all methods at once will lead to other malfunctions.

If it was not possible to determine what caused the problem, then seek help from specialists. Most service centers provide free diagnostics. In the event that the gadget still falls within the warranty period, and the breakdown was not the fault of the owner, the fault can be fixed under warranty.

Review Xiaomi Redmi 3: not the most budget, but very nice device

Over the past six months, I have used a fairly large number of devices from the Chinese company Xiaomi, already known to the whole world, and they all made a positive impression on me. Mi4c, Redmi Note 2, Note 3 and now Redmi 3 “state employee”. any of these devices, depending on your budget, I can safely recommend for purchase, which is worth only the autonomy of the latter. Let me remind you that in China this smartphone is sold with an official price tag of 110, and for us the real cost at the time of this writing is about 140-150.

▌Appearance and usability

I approached this smartphone after three weeks of using the Redmi Note 3 phablet, which left me with the most positive impressions, but in terms of ease of use, the hero of today’s review turned out to be even better. My predisposition to small smartphones played a key role in this feeling, and due to the use of a 5-inch display, Redmi 3 can be called relatively so.

Otherwise, smartphones are very similar and I won’t dwell on the appearance in detail, I’ll just go over the key differences and features. The rear aluminum panel has acquired an engraved pattern, which I would prefer to refuse, although this is an amateur, and most will carry a smartphone in a case at all. There is an opportunity to purchase a smartphone without a pattern, but only for the gold version.

One “cold” LED is used as the main flash, instead of two with different color temperatures. The camera eye has also moved to the upper left corner, and the fingerprint scanner below it is missing in Redmi 3. According to rumors, Xiaomi is already preparing to release an improved version (Redmi 3S) with a fingerprint sensor.

The micro USB connector on the bottom is centered, which is a damn good thing. You might think I’m being picky, but ask any docking station owner or user what they think of the off-center USB connector on other Xiaomi smartphones. table_placeholder2 The RGB indicator LED has moved from the top of the front panel to the Home touch key. The function keys this time are not backlit, but with a reflective coating, which is why I noticed the fact of the lack of backlighting already when writing these lines after 3 weeks of use. table_placeholder3 The display of Redmi 3 is beyond praise. The brightness adjustment range is from 2 to 518 cd/m2 and the display resolution is ideal for 5-inch HD IPS matrices. Regarding the latter. IMHO, but I do not see the need for FullHD for IPS on such a diagonal. The viewing angles, of course, are maximum, and the range of brightness adjustment measured using a colorimeter allows you to use your smartphone both at night and in direct sunlight without pain for the eyes. For comparison, the same Redmi Note 3 has a maximum brightness of 385 cd / m 2. and the much more expensive iPhone 6S has an upper limit of display brightness of about 496 cd / m 2.

Regarding anything related to the appearance, display or usability of this smartphone, I have not the slightest complaint. The case of the smartphone does not creak when twisted, and the vibration response is pleasant, unlike the Redmi Note 3 that I had. If you don’t like good reviews, then it’s better to close this article right away, because I don’t intend to stop.

▌Performance and Software

The heart of the smartphone is Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 616 system-on-a-chip. The “stone” is quite new and Redmi 3 is one of the first smartphones built on its basis. In fact, this is the same 615 model, but with a new LTE modem and an increased lower limit for the processor’s operating frequency from 1 to 1.2 GHz. To confirm my words, I quote the results of testing in popular benchmarks: table_placeholder4 In everyday use, the smartphone behaves very quickly, although minor freezes may occur when manually terminating a large number of programs. Of the two gigabytes of RAM declared, about 950 MB are available to the user at the start of the system, so games and other resource-intensive applications rarely “survive” after being minimized. 10 GB of user memory expandable with microSD cards up to 128 GB.

But when installing a microSD card, you will have to choose between using two SIM cards or expanding the memory, since the slot is combined.

For gaming performance tests, I usually choose World of Tanks: Blitz. Optimal for the game are medium graphics settings with a stable 40-50fps. You can play at maximum, but be prepared for periodic “drops” up to 20 frames per second in action scenes with a lot of tanks.

Strong heating of the back cover under high load was not recorded. the standard 35-40 degrees Celsius. There are no complaints about receiving a cellular network signal, Wi-Fi, GPS (starting with the Internet in a matter of seconds), conversational and multimedia speakers. Everything works and works well. Despite the low cost of the device, I do not understand the lack of support for Wi-Fi standard / ac, especially given the availability of appropriate access points in the company’s assortment.

With the installation of software, Xiaomi is still doing poorly due to the locked bootloader and signing the firmware with private keys. In my recent articles about the smartphones of this company (Mi4c, Redmi Note 2, Note 3), I dwelled in sufficient detail both on MIUI itself and on problems with firmware in new devices. Up-to-date information on the software part can always be found in the corresponding topic on the w3bsit3-dns.com forum.

My device came from a Chinese online store with a partially Russified version of the software pre-installed, which cannot be updated over the air. Through simple manipulations, the smartphone was reflashed to the official English-language firmware, which for the entire period of operation received an update to version with an impressive list of fixes.


The high battery life of Redmi 3 became clear immediately after the official announcement of the smartphone. Having an HD screen and a 4000 mAh battery on board, the smartphone is literally obliged to work on a single charge for a long time, despite the rather voracious MIUI.

In my operating mode, Redmi 3 consistently shows 5-6 hours of screen activity, where my mode means periodic GPS activity, Wi-Fi working alternately with 3G, Bluetooth for pairing with smart watches. The screen brightness level is adjusted automatically, but often this parameter is at around 30-40%. Now I hardly play games, the maximum is 10 minutes a day in World of Tanks: Blitz, which I use as a universal gaming performance benchmark. Calls no more than 5-10 minutes a day, I don’t use SMS either, mostly network connection, instant messengers, social networks. networks and surfing. table_placeholder5 PCMark Work Battery Life test results: table_placeholder6 hours.

Autonomy is one of the trump cards of this smartphone. over, Redmi 3 is the most autonomous smartphone among the devices that I have used over the past year. In order to at least compare the results with something, you can take a look at my previous reviews.


The situation with the camera is very interesting, since the quality (details, colors) of some pictures is superior to that of the older brother. Redmi Note 3. With both devices, I had a chance to visit the mountains and take some comparative pictures: table_placeholder7 photos and comparison of HDR pictures are available in the archive. to which I will link below. Photos from Redmi 3 turned out to be more detailed and warm, although it would seem that the camera in Note 3 should shoot better. In everyday use, the Redmi 3 camera also performed quite well, both in terms of image quality and speed. table_placeholder8Full-size frames, including shots in comparison with Redmi Note 3, can be downloaded from this link.

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Even for a 150 smartphone, Redmi 3 has an excellent camera and it’s hard to say anything else here.


Now a smartphone can be purchased in Chinese online stores for 140-150 with a 4-8% discount through the use of any cashback service. For the money, I simply cannot find better offers among smartphones with a large battery, a metal, well-cut case and sufficient performance. And in general, the ALL current line of Xiaomi budget smartphones is worthy of purchase, even despite problems with the software.

MIUI itself works tolerably, but for many smartphones, including this one, Xiaomi is in no hurry to release an international version of the firmware with Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​\u200b\u200bimportant for a large number of potential buyers here. Recently, the company has also begun to sign firmware with unique keys, and subsequently blocked the bootloader in its smartphones by default, which made it quite difficult to install software localized by craftsmen. Negligent Chinese sellers also make their contribution by preinstalling either partially localized software in which the possibility of updates “over the air” is excluded, or firmware with tons of malware that nullifies all the charm of a large battery. It would seem that spending the evening to put the smartphone in order is not a problem. However, judging by my experience (I am often approached with similar requests), for most people this is, if not an unsolvable problem, then an unpleasant impression of the device for sure. Especially for the majority, I attribute “software problems” to the disadvantages of this smartphone, but at the same time, one or several evenings and instructions on w3bsit3-dns.com nullify this disadvantage and you become the owner of an excellent smartphone in terms of price / quality ratio.

What did you like

What did not like

What would you like

▌Where to buy?

At the Everbuying online store for 149, for example. There are a lot of offers on various sites, because the smartphone is in demand, and sellers are now trying to make the most out of sales of new items. But gradually will fall and, I think, in the coming months they will settle down at around 120-130 dollars.

I look forward to feedback on the material here, in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, or in social networks:. In contact with. Instagram. For each repost in the social. networks special thanks. Thank you for your attention!

Fastboot error on Xiaomi: causes and what to do if the phone does not turn on

The phone writes Fastboot and Xiaomi does not turn on. such troubles are not a cause for concern. Usually, fastboot mode is enabled as a result of setting incorrect settings or after careless user actions, so it will not be difficult to disable it. Less often, the opening of the mentioned menu signals a system failure that requires timely intervention by the smartphone owner.

In each case indicated, you can easily restore the operation of the device using the standard methods to exit the fastboot mode. There are several of them, so if the most affordable method does not allow you to troubleshoot and gain access to Android. enough to take a different approach. In the most severe cases, when it is impossible to return the phone to its usual state, you will have to contact the employees of service centers. But usually nothing of the kind is required, since recovery is as simple as possible.

The fact that the information below is relevant for all Xiaomi models deserves special attention. including mi. Redmi and others.

Fastboot on Xiaomi: what does it mean, how to remove?

Fastboot on Xiaomi is a special smartphone operation mode. The service is used to install software on the phone and change installed programs, system settings and files. With it, users can install firmware and update existing components.

An important feature of the mode is its interaction with computers. With the help of this service, the PC detects the connected phone not as a standard drive or external storage, but as a full-fledged working terminal that can be controlled. Management is done using the command line. As a result, using the service is the easiest way to restore the device after a failure or problems. True, inexperienced users are not recommended to perform such manipulations, since the firmware can not only increase the performance of the device, but also lead to serious problems that only employees of repair shops and service centers can handle.

Xiaomi does not turn on after Fastboot

There are several ways to exit the described mode:

  • rebooting the phone;
  • enabling the recovery menu;
  • disabling the “fast boot” function;
  • factory reset smartphone.

The easiest and most convenient way is to reboot. To use this approach, you need to hold down the power button for 20 seconds and wait. Usually these steps are sufficient.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

If the proposed option helps, but after a while the error repeats, it is recommended to go to the gadget settings and disable the fast loader. As a result, the involuntary opening of the fastboot will stop.

If, after rebooting, the smartphone does not exit the uncomfortable mode, it is worth opening the Recovery menu (simultaneously pressing the power button and volume up button) and pressing the “Wipe Data” button. It is important to emphasize that the last instruction should be used in the most extreme cases, since the described actions will lead to the destruction of all information stored on the phone. It will not be possible to restore it later, therefore, in order not to encounter such difficulties, it is recommended to make backup copies in advance or store important files in the cloud storage.


There are several reasons leading to fastboot “error” on Xiaomi. But before considering the possible sources of the mentioned menu, it should be clarified that the fastboot is not a mistake, but an important mode available for use even when the smartphone does not have Android (or other software).

  • accidental opening of the mode by the user (by simultaneously pressing the power button and volume down button);
  • unexpected failure of the phone;
  • enabling “fast boot” in the settings;
  • incorrectly installed firmware;
  • getting a virus or a dangerous malicious file on the gadget;
  • incorrectly installed or erroneously removed program.

From the presented list, it can be seen that most often careless or thoughtless actions of users lead to the opening of the mode. Other reasons are becoming the exception rather than the norm, therefore, in order not to encounter difficulties, be careful enough about technology and not rush into making frivolous decisions.

Mi redmi Phone Not starting | Redmi | How to Fix Stuck On Boot Start Screen Problem in Xiaomi Solved

What to do if the Xiaomi phone does not turn on and it says Fastboot ?

If the above steps do not help, it remains to install the firmware through a computer. For this you will need:

  • download and install on a PC a special program for interacting with the service ( fastboot mode );
  • connect the phone to the computer using the cable that came with the equipment;
  • run the previously installed utility;
  • follow the instructions on the screen and prepare the file for flashing;
  • reflash software.

If the user, on the contrary, does not turn on fastboot Xiaomi. It is recommended to contact the service center immediately. Especially if the device is under warranty. Independent attempts to restore the software and return the service to a working state can lead to new difficulties and problems. Therefore, it is wiser to immediately give the right to carry out repairs to experienced craftsmen.

Restoring Bootloader Files

Updating the firmware saves in cases where the bootloader files are damaged. In this case, Xiaomi often hangs on the logo after flashing. Also the method is effective for Android crashes. For stock and custom firmware instructions are different.

I wrote detailed guides about flashing, so below I will give a general description of the problem and its solution with links to these instructions. You can download the latest firmware for your phone in the archive of official updates by selecting a smartphone model.

Drain firmware via MiFlash Pro

To do this, you will need to download the firmware file in advance, find and install the ADB drivers, and also download the MiFlash Pro program. To work with it, you will need to log in to your Mi account. Without this, installing the official firmware is impossible: instructions for reinstalling the stock Recovery.

It is worth noting that you can change the OS on the phone using MiFlash Pro even if the bootloader (Bootloader) of the smartphone is locked. Unlock optional.

Custom build firmware

In this case, you will have to use the TWRP recovery. First you need to download the firmware file itself in the ZIP archive, Google services (Google Apps) if they are not in the firmware itself, the ZIP package for installing MagiskRoot, as well as various fixes (if required). All this needs to be moved to the root of the memory card.

I described this process in detail in the instructions for installing custom recovery on Xiaomi. You need to strictly follow it, otherwise, instead of a working phone that turns on endlessly, you can get a “brick” that does not turn on at all.

If you are using MiFlash Pro, there is an option to save user data. To do this, instead of “flash all and lock”, check the “save user data” item before clicking on the “Flash” button. In the case of TWRP, this is not possible.

Attention! If you want to install custom, check the checksums of the downloaded files before installing. It will turn out unpleasant if TWRP refuses to sew the system due to package damage.

Above, I have listed all the “home” ways that will help to revive a Xiaomi phone stuck on the Mi logo. If you know others, please feel free to comment.

The reasons why Xiaomi does not turn on and the logo is on can be different: from problems in the software part to failed smartphone components. Determining the cause is 50% success.

Why does the phone hang on the Mi logo when turned on:

  • Android system glitch (relevant for Xiaomi A-series). This OS is not perfect and crashes happen. If the cause has a software property, then in 99% of cases the problem can be solved.
  • Crookedly installed custom firmware. If you installed custom firmware on the device and any errors appeared during the process, then loading to the logo and freezing is the result of these errors. After an unsuccessful update, the phone freezes on the splash screen quite often.
  • Problematic OTA update. Most often, such problems occur on Xiaomi A series, but they also happen on MIUI. The manufacturer rolls out unfinished updates, after installation of which there is an eternal loading of Xiaomi with a logo on the screen.
  • Damage to bootloader files. Sometimes, due to incorrect actions of the user or as a result of the operation of malware, the entry of the OS loader is damaged. This problem belongs to the software category.
  • Short circuit on the SIM card. Sometimes this happens: the SIM contacts catch a short circuit, and the smartphone cannot boot. The easiest solution is to temporarily remove the SIM card from the phone.
  • IncompatiblemicroSD. Xiaomi stuck on the Mi logo may be the result of installing an incompatible or damaged memory card in the phone. Remove the flash drive during startup and look at the result.
  • Full discharge or deterioration of the battery. If the battery is discharged “to zero”, then the phone will not be able to start in any way. The same can happen if the smartphone battery has been actively used for more than 3 years.
  • Damage to the memory chip. Especially the part of it that contains the boot entry containing the necessary data for booting. You can’t change the chip yourself, all that remains is a visit to the service center.

If the error is of a software nature, then in most cases it can be fixed. But if the problem is hardware, then in modern Xiaomi smartphones, even the battery is difficult to replace at home. Let’s try software ways to fix the situation first.

Attention! If the problem is related to the hardware, in no case do not try to disassemble the smartphone yourself to fix the error (especially if it is still under warranty). Without proper phone repair experience, smartphone components can be damaged so much that it becomes unrepairable.

If the phone turns on but does not boot up, try the simple solutions above (like removing the SIM card or flash drive). Also charge the battery using the original cable.

If the smartphone still hangs on the splash screen, it does not load,

Reset your phone to factory settings

Hard Reset. aka reset to factory settings. If the problem is caused by an operating system error, this method should help. The algorithm of actions varies depending on what kind of recovery you have installed: stock or custom.

Attention! After the reset, there will be no user data left on the phone: photos, applications, audio. everything will disappear. In addition to the contents of the memory card. In essence, you receive the phone in the “from the store” state.

Hard reset in stock recovery

Done in just a few steps. To enter the recovery, you need to turn off the smartphone, and then hold down the power and volume up buttons at the same time. You need to release them after the recovery menu appears on the screen.

Earlier, I already talked in detail about resetting Xiaomi to factory settings through recovery. There is a high probability that after the restart the phone will boot normally. The first start after reset may take 5 to 10 minutes.

Hard reset in TWRP recovery

If you have custom recovery installed (for example, TWRP), then the process of resetting to factory settings is completely different. Although you need to enter this mode in the same way (power volume up).

Please note that for resetting, you need to use selective cleaning and in no case touch the System. In the picture below, the System section is marked, but you do not need to do this, otherwise the operating system will not boot at all.

Contacting a service center

If none of the above helped, most likely the problem is of a hardware nature and it will not be possible to correct the situation on your own. You will have to contact the specialized specialists of the Xiaomi service center.

Evidence of the official purchase of the smartphone (receipts, boxes, warranty cards) will be required. And in some cases, they may be asked to show a passport or other identity document.

Attention! Do not go to handicraft workshops. Perhaps the craftsmen there will be able to revive the smartphone, but it will not last long. It is also not recommended to do this for security reasons. Information stored on the phone can become the property of intruders.

If suddenly your Xiaomi phone freezes on the power-up splash screen and does not start, try to solve the problem using the methods described above. They help 99% of the time. And if not, then prepare for a visit to the service center, whose specialists will definitely be able to restore the phone.

Why Xiaomi phone won’t turn on?

Very often, after some time after buying a new smartphone, the user is faced with a situation where the Xiaomi phone does not turn on. We turned to the specialists of the ASC (Xiaomi Authorized Service Center) to tell them working ways to restore the phone at home.

For completeness and relevance of information, we additionally analyzed hundreds of real situations and reviews on w3bsit3-dns.com and other thematic forums, as well as in the Mi community. The owners most often encounter problems: Redmi 3 / 3s, Redmi 4 / 4X, Redmi Note 4, Mi 5, Redmi 5A, Redmi 6.

Xiaomi phone does not turn on: 3 ways to solve

Practice has shown that the most common problem with a Xiaomi phone is the inability to turn on the device. If there was a mechanical impact, such as a strong blow, before the malfunction occurred, then everything is obvious. This, with a high degree of probability, is internal damage to the board.

But what if the reasons are not so obvious and the phone stopped working “by itself”? Let’s analyze the options why Xiaomi does not turn on, pointing out ways to solve them.

deep discharge

The lithium batteries used in smartphones have a built-in charge controller. During deep discharge, it closes the battery power line. This is done in order to protect against a drop in capacity to a certain value so that the battery does not fail.

Therefore, when discharging, the phone may not turn on, even when connected to a charger. In this case, the signal LED will flash red. There are also cases when a white indicator flashes when pressed.

How to solve?

  • Leave the phone on charge for a long time: from one to six hours. This time should be enough to bring the gadget out of a state of deep discharge.
  • Try connecting the gadget to another, more powerful charger.
  • Force charge the battery from a 5 volt supply, limiting the current to 300-350 milliamps.

If you have experience, it is recommended that you only remove the back cover yourself, using detailed instructions.

Technical problem

Perhaps Xiaomi is fully functional, but power is not supplied to it due to a faulty cable or insufficient power charging unit? Check them out on another device.

If everything is in order, then the reason may lie in the power button. Evaluate its serviceability realistically and visually. The button should be elastic, not indented, pressed with a slight subtle “click”.

Sometimes a non-original case interferes with turning on the phone. Remove it from your smartphone case and try launching again.

Often the microUSB socket fails. With rough use, it wears out quickly, internal contacts move away from the landing pads on the system board.

Only professional repair in the service center will help here.

Software failure

Critical software errors are a common reason why a Xiaomi phone won’t turn on. They appear for various reasons. Here are some of them.

  • Operating system crash on boot (system hung).
  • An update was being installed on the device, and a shutdown occurred (the battery was dead).
  • After installing TWRP.
  • Action of malicious virus applications.

Solution Methods.

  • Forced reboot. It is carried out by long (about 10 seconds) pressing the power button. In this case, the phone should emit a short vibration signal and start.
  • Reboot from the service menu. The entrance to the engineering menu is carried out by simultaneously pressing the power and volume buttons up. Next, turn off the device and try to turn it on again.

Flashing. Installing a new version of Android with the MIUI shell solves software problems. In order to perform recovery in this way, you need to use special bootloader programs, for example, Mi Flash.

Dear readers, if you have any questions related to the topic of this article, ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Also don’t forget to leave a review and share your experience. Tell us exactly which method helped you turn on a Xiaomi phone that was not working and restore it to working order.

Hello dear friends! My name is Mikhail Xiaominko, I am a fan of Xiaomi technology, gadgets and smartphones. Having access to information, I try to provide interesting and high-quality content for Xiaomi readers. Sharing the latest news and exclusive content.

Good quality instructions! It’s a pity she wasn’t there when I had such a problem with my phone. I bought a new Redmi 5 Plus phone. I had another phone at the same time. Therefore, I used the new one for a week and a half a little bit to get used to MIUI and explore the main features. As a result, I did not keep track that the phone was completely discharged. I undertook to turn it on, but he did not. minute button on kept the result zero. I put it on charging did not react, although I got used to the fact that when you put the old phone on charge, the indicator immediately lights up. It turns out that a really deep discharge has occurred. It also helped me understand this. Because it was a day off. I put the phone on charge and forgot, so it stood for 10 hours. Then I take it in my hand, hold down the button again and lo and behold, I feel the vibration and see the Mi logo on the screen. And I already thought. it’s a pipe, 14 days have passed, and my phone doesn’t work, and suddenly it’s a marriage. You won’t return it and you won’t prove anything. The joy of working phone knew no bounds. )

I held it for 10 seconds and it worked. THX

I had a similar situation with an old Redmi 4. I sat shorter in YouTube, with charging. And she was very sucky charged ON CHARGING, the battery still sat down. In the end, the phone went to zero (it was still working). He shook the wire for a brief moment, the charging turned off and the brick. I tried to turn it back on, zero answer, even the indicator does not light up. I decided to leave it on charge for an hour. Did not help. Then I put the charge from the camera, and left it for the night. I get up, I come to the phone, the screen does not light up. As a last resort, I held down the power button. Approximately 10 sec. he finally got it! Now it’s standing here, charging. And the instruction is one of the few that WORKS.

I have exactly the same problem now, (I put it on charge, I’ll wait and hope)

Great article! I bookmark. Prepared means armed

Thanks for the battery tip! I have an old Redmi 4x, and there, who knows, the cover is conditionally fixed. Holding down the power button for a long time did not help. I had to carefully pry off the back cover to manipulate the battery. As a result, the old man turned on, showed signs of life, and I didn’t have to lose hope and carry him to the service, where they would charge me at least 400 rubles for thanks. Thanks from me!

Thanks a lot. Thanks to this article, I managed to figure out why my Redmi does not turn on and turn it back on. I was already afraid, I thought that it had broken and needed to be carried. And this is extra time, money, and I would have to go without a phone. And it’s so nice, she figured it out and turned it on. Once again I express my gratitude to the creators of the site and the author of the article!

Hello. Good article, informative. But unfortunately it didn’t help me. I bought a new Mi8 while working went out. Became a brick. Any operations according to the article are ineffective.

The article describes solutions that help turn on the phone in 95% of cases. Please specify what actions were performed with the phone? What firmware was it? By itself, in order for the phone to work like this, nothing was done, and in the end it went out and stopped turning on, a rather extraordinary case. The phone may have been flashed.?

Good afternoon, Redmi 6 pro is charging and does not turn on, constantly every 5 seconds the vibration lights up Mi, goes out again and so on in a circle. What to do?

Judging by the symptoms, after the update by air, they grabbed the bootlap. It is recommended to look at the 4PDA topic about remote recovery and EDL mode.

I have the same trouble with Mi A1, what should I do.

I was helped by the option to stick out the battery cable.

I have a Xiaomi Redmi note 5a prime phone and when I want to turn on the phone I press the key on the right, the screen lights up after 5 seconds, and it happens that I have to press it three times. And there are still problems with ending the call, I can’t end the conversation until the subscriber disconnects himself, the screen does not light up (((

I have the same problem, the phone (Mi8) just lay on the table (didn’t fall, didn’t beat). First, he stopped catching the network (he learned from people who could not get through to me). I turned it on, tried to call someone says there is no network. I clicked on the reboot of the phone, and most of it does not react to anything at all. Miui 10 firmware version was installed on Android 9.

See also  Xiaomi redmi note 2 runs out of battery quickly

The screen crashed, while waiting for a new battery, it ran out, took the module, carefully disassembled it, threw in a new module, battery, connected the charger, the picture of an empty battery blinked and the phone went into a bootlap. That’s all. Left for the night. In the morning, Akkum measured 4.35 volts. The body is in an eternal bootloop. Mi 8 was bought in Russia in the official store at the start of sales.

You managed to break the screen, then you repaired it yourself and now you are surprised that the phone does not work?

Yesterday, while using the phone, it just turned off, although charging was normal. does not load when turned on. At the loading stage (CD built for people) something like that is written there), nothing happens further. I left it overnight for charging, but when I turn it on and off repeatedly, nothing happens beyond the above stage ((((

If you can’t revive it in any way, then you can somehow connect it to a PC, so that at least all the information can be saved? Just connecting to a PC as before does not work, does not see the phone ((

If the preservation of information is important, then it is better not to take drastic actions so as not to harm even more. In this case, it is recommended to contact the service center. Judging by the reasons described, the case is not quite standard, resuscitation may require disassembly and diagnostics.

Yes, and it’s better not to do a Factory Reset yet, that is, reset to factory settings, since all user data will be lost.

Good afternoon. My Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 turned off while in use. while the charge was sufficient. Does not turn on for charging does not respond indicator does not light

This is the situation: Mi 4c was taken from the repair, the battery was changed. All the rules worked. I had beta 10 miui 8.9.13 like. So, the phone had been lying before the repair for a long time, and I decided to check the updates for the firmware. It turns out they don’t exist anymore, well, everyone doesn’t release updates for it, but I don’t even know much about this native updater, also in English.

There was a download update button there. Well, I downloaded it twice, until I realized that there were still no updates and that I was installing the same version. Well, I left this idea, put the phone down, I think let it lie for now, started downloading the firmware, I just wanted Russian, that’s the whole point. Well, in the meantime. The phone was cut down and bricked. Without my influence.

Well, I think, okay, apparently the firmware has become crooked. I’ll put another one and that’s it. Fortunately, I already got used to breaking the bootloader lock, like two fingers. But here the main pitfall awaited me. The phone is not recognized by the computer. The option is this, he didn’t turn at all, but he can’t start. That is, the mi logo appears, it goes out again and again, I connect it to the laptop, it immediately goes out and I can’t turn it on connected.

I must say right away that the battery was above 80%. So, in fast boot mode, the laptop does not see it either. I thought that the matter might be in the laptop, it laid yusbi there. Nifiga, the reboot did not give anything, I went to the PC and everything is the same there. Well, the phone in fastboot mode does not burn for a long time, it immediately turns off. It was already late at night and I decided that the morning of the evening was wiser. Put down the phone and dialed. Woke up during the day. I’m trying to turn it on. And here …. NOTHING. Well, absolutely no response.

I thought as an option to disconnect the battery physically, wait 10 minutes and connect again. But I’m afraid a pitfall awaits me in the form of the fact that Well, he’s about zakirpichilsya and he does not accept yusbi. And yes, when charging or connecting to a laptop, the charging indicator does not light up. What is the actual question: What else could it be, besides my guesses? before I take any action. I just would not really like to open it, I have a minimum of experience with smartphones inside. I wouldn’t want to break the strap. I can’t send it in for repair yet. A little later if all else fails.

You can try to reset to factory settings, in some cases such a simple action makes the phone work normally again. It is only desirable that there be a backup copy of the necessary data, since “reset” deletes user data from the phone.

I have almost such a situation) in general, after the street I went into the apartment to visit a friend after a frost) I sat on the phone for a bit, he sat down, put it on charge in an hour, I look at 2%, that’s all (I turned off the charge), the next day I come to and put it on charge. As a result, charging above 0% does not rise! I lowered the settings to the factory settings 2 times, I still did the battery calibration the same way without changes. I put a USB charge on it, it turns on, you can sit, the battery charge shows 65429%)))) but the charge does not go, I remove the USB from the phone, it immediately turns off and that’s it! I don’t understand how this happened, the phone was not damp. Clean in the on the street and after the frost street.

What to do if the Xiaomi Redmi 5, 6 or 7 phone does not turn on?

If your Xiaomi Redmi 5, 6 or 7 does not turn on, then do not be upset and do not rush to carry it to the service. Despite the reliability of this phone, this sometimes happens to him, so the problem is known. In this case, there may be several cases:

  • Redmi 5, 6 or 7 turned off, does not turn on and does not show any signs of life;
  • The Redmi indicator is on or flashing red and the phone does not turn on;
  • hangs on logo loading;
  • won’t turn on after flashing.

Solutions for all cases are the same, but in the first two, you need to exclude such causes as battery drain, as well as mechanical damage to the processor or display. For example, if the Xiaomi Redmi 5 screen does not turn on, then there may be a problem with the cable, and the phone will actually be turned on.

If you have determined that your Xiaomi Redmi 5, 6 or 7 phone does not turn on due to hardware, we recommend that you contact a specialized service. It is not worth it to carry out repairs on your own, you can finally “kill” the device.

If you are sure that the problem is with the software, try to force restart your Xiaomi Redmi. To do this, hold the start / lock button for at least 10 seconds (until the device vibrates and goes into reboot).

If after that your Xiaomi does not turn on, then you will have to do a hard reset. You can read about how to implement it in our instructions: Reset Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 to factory settings. Please note that after a factory reset, all user data (files, music, applications) will be deleted.

Did not help? Then there is another option. to install a new official firmware on Redmi. You can do this using the MiFlash program, which you need to install on your computer. In addition, you need to go to the official website of Xiaomi and download the latest version of the official firmware.

To flash Redmi 5, 6 or 7, you need to launch MiFlash, connect your smartphone to a PC via USB and, after selecting the downloaded firmware in the program, start updating the phone. After 5-10 minutes, the system will be updated and the smartphone should start. You can read more about how to flash Xiaomi Redmi in this manual.

We hope that the steps above helped you resolve the issue. If all else fails and you have questions. ask them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

physical breakdown

Breakage of chips or sensors on the Xiaomi board is possible even if you did not drop the smartphone and did not expose it to water or extreme temperatures. This happens over time, the degradation of materials occurs in all devices, and some conditions significantly accelerate it and the brakes start first, and then complete inoperability comes.

Probably, in the memory on which the boot file is written, broken cells have appeared and now the processor cannot read them and freezes. It is necessary to carry out a complete memory diagnostics, but it is impossible to do it at home without additional equipment on a non-working phone, and it is for this reason that the Xiaomi phone does not boot beyond the logo.

Contact an Authorized Repair Center.

Software error

In rare cases, software errors occur at the Xiaomi boot stage, even without installing a new one, or rolling back to the previous firmware.

Try to turn off Xiaomi, then hold down the “Volume” and “Power” buttons, hold them for 15 seconds, after which you should boot into Recovery mode. If you succeeded, select the “Reboot” item and try to reboot the device in a normal way. If everything stalls again at the logo, enter Recovery again, but this time click on the “Wipe Data” item. Thus, you will reset Xiaomi to the factory state, while all data from the memory will be deleted, but if the procedure is successful, you will get a working phone.

If the tips described above did not help and the Xiaomi logo on the phone does not disappear for a long time when loading, all that remains is to send it in for repair, it is unlikely that it will be possible to restore its performance at home.

This might be helpful:

Hello, my name is Timur. Since childhood, I have been fond of computers and the IT industry, I like it, this is my passion. Over the past few years, I have been deeply fascinated by Xiaomi: ideology, technology and a unique approach to explosive business growth. I own many Xiaomi gadgets and share my experience of using them, but the main thing. solving problems and incidents that arise under unexpected circumstances on the pages of the site Mi-check.ru

What to do if Xiaomi (Redmi) does not load beyond the logo and freezes

If you turned on your Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone, a logo appeared on the screen, but it does not load further, as if it is frozen, I have bad news for you. this is a serious problem.

If you have just flashed your phone, then the boot files or part of the boot memory are corrupted. If the firmware is not official, you need to refer to the resource where you downloaded it, they should have instructions on how to roll back the changes, or on how to re-flash a Xiaomi device stuck on loading. In most cases, these recommendations work.

A few reasons why Xiaomi is stuck on the logo on loading, without a previous firmware change:

I describe only the most common errors, in reality, each phone needs to be dealt with separately, and it is better to do this in a service center with diagnostic equipment.


If the Xiaomi battery lasts longer than three years, there is a very high probability that it cannot provide sufficient current parameters for the processor, memory and other elements of the smartphone, for this reason it freezes at one of the boot stages, and you still see the logo on the screen Xiaomi.

Try connecting the charger, wait 20 minutes and without disconnecting it again try to restart the phone.

If that doesn’t help, you probably need to look further for the problem.

How to find out what version of Bluetooth is on Xiaomi (Redmi)

Redmi not 8t, went into the settings for developers, chose a screen cutout, wanted to change it to another one, and knocked out a black screen and loading, then throws it into recovery, I press reboot, and the same thing. What to do? What could it be? Tell me please

And if the smartphone rebooted during the update \ reset WHAT TO DO. Model Xiaomi Redmi 9C

Hello, does it turn on? Or does it not even turn on? If it does not turn on, there are 2 options: take the phone to a service center, where they will try to reflash it using a computer, or you can try to do a similar operation at home. However, I cannot give you advice on this part, I have little experience in this.

If, after factory reset, Redmi note8T stuck on 12 MIUI logo and language and region settings, it won’t boot. what can be done

Hello, I have a Xiaomi Redmi note 8 phone and it does not turn on and off, it vibrates and Redmi is written on the screen, what could be

Thanks for the advice. You just saved me! “Reboot” helped. Please let me know if this is a temporary error or it may happen later.?

Good afternoon, the error is most likely temporary. I can’t say for sure without seeing your phone. If everything works, so be it 🙂

Tell me, if reboot does not help, how can I save the data that is on the phone?

But what to do if, when loading, it shows the Redmi inscription for a couple of seconds and reboots itself again

In the first case, the main symptom is that the LED indicator flashes red. Cause 2: Deep battery discharge and faulty charger, cable, or microUSB connector.

In the second case, the main signs are that the smartphone freezes on the Mi logo, reboots endlessly (bootlap) or does not turn on (brick).

In the third case, the device does not respond to pressing the power button and connecting to the charger. Reason 8:

  • faulty battery;
  • liquid has entered the housing;
  • the tracks on the board or the board are damaged due to impact or fall;
  • the power controller burned out;
  • short circuit;
  • broken screen;
  • the power button sticks;
  • damaged battery cables, power buttons, screen.

Troubleshooting: Deep Discharge

Lithium-ion batteries are protected against deep discharge, as it can damage it. When the smartphone is disconnected from a lack of charge, it works and blocks the next launch.

To disable protection, you need to connect the phone to the mains for 6-8 hours.

Fixing the problem: the charger, cable or connector on the smartphone is faulty

To check, you need to connect a known-good memory / cable from another smartphone. If charging does not start, then the connector pins are damaged or other phone components are faulty.

Troubleshooting: Failed to load

Ways to restore the device 2:

To restart, hold down the power button for 10-15 seconds.

To return to factory settings you need:

  • Turn off the phone by holding down 3 buttons: power and volume.
  • Remove SIM and SD card.
  • Start the recovery by pressing and holding the power button and volume up until the Xiaomi logo appears.
  • Change menu language to English.
  • Go to the Wipe Reset subsection on the new screen and select Wipe All Data. The device will ask for confirmation from the user and start the memory cleaning process.

After that, the smartphone will automatically reboot.

Troubleshooting: unsuccessful update through 3 points, installation of custom recovery or unofficial firmware.

To restore the device to work, you will need to install the official Anglo-Chinese firmware. This is done as follows:

  • Download the required files and unzip them to the root of the local disk into a folder with a name consisting only of Latin letters and numbers. For example: C:\Flashing54.
  • Install drivers by running files MTK-v1.0.14.exe, ComPortDriver[x32].exe (for 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7) and ComPortDriver[x64].exe (for 64-bit versions of Windows Vista, 7). The bitness of the operating system can be found by right-clicking on the My Computer or Computer shortcut and selecting Properties.
  • Turn off smartphone.
  • Run the flash_tool.exe file from the folder with the contents of the archive.
  • Click Download Agent and select the DA_SWSEC.bin file in the Explorer window.
  • Select the МТ6795_Android_scatter.txt file in the Scatter-loading-file line. It is located in the images/signed_bin folders.
  • Specify the firmware mode. Download only.
  • Click on the button.
  • Hold down the volume down button and, while holding, connect your smartphone to the computer.
  • Wait for the color of the strip in the lower half of the window to change to yellow and release the button.
  • Wait for a message in the form of a square with a green check mark and disconnect the phone from the PC.
  • Turn on the device. First download lasts 10-15 minutes.

There are several ways to turn on a Xiaomi smartphone. Some of them work if the power button does not function for some reason. Consider the most useful options.

How to turn on the Xiaomi phone, including without the power button:

  • Power button. The first and most obvious method. Just hold down the power button for a few seconds. The device will vibrate and the download will begin. Provided that everything is in order with the firmware and hardware of the phone. Sometimes it seems that the Xiaomi phone has stopped turning on, although the power button simply does not work. The device simply does not respond to the power button if, for example, the cable has moved away from it.
  • Charger connection. Another affordable way: you need to connect the charger and plug it into the outlet. The smartphone will come to life and start loading. This method will help if the smartphone does not boot due to a dead battery.
  • Reboot from recovery (if the phone’s power button works). Press the power button and volume up at the same time. From the stock recovery menu, select Reboot to System. Confirm the action with the Reboot button.
  • Removing the memory card. Sometimes a full external drive can prevent your smartphone from starting up. Remove the microSD card and restart your phone. If it’s a flash drive, the method will help.
  • Flip the battery. This term in certain circles refers to the procedure for disconnecting the battery cable and then returning it to its place. When phones had a removable battery, everything was easier. Now you have to disassemble the smartphone and remove the back cover. It is better to contact the service.

These are simple activation options, but sometimes even they do not work and you have to resort to more serious measures. They will be discussed below.

If none of the activation options worked, it is obvious that the problem is much more serious and related to the hardware of the smartphone. For example, if he fell to the floor or into the water. Trying to fix the phone yourself is not worth it. this is fraught with even more serious problems. Worth the service.

Reason: software glitch

Sometimes it happens that the smartphone firmware (stock or custom) fails. This may be due to viruses, incorrectly set superuser rights, and other reasons. The phone may turn off and not turn on. However, this problem can be solved.

Hard Reset will help. reset the phone to factory settings: step-by-step instructions for Xiaomi hardress. In this case, all user data on the internal drive will be deleted. This applies to both photos, videos or music, as well as applications along with their settings. In fact, the phone will have to be configured again.

Redmi | How to Fix Stuck On Boot Start Screen Problem in Xiaomi Solved bootloop

The link above shows several ways to reset, but here is the easiest one for a switched off smartphone:

  • Hold down the power and volume up buttons.
  • The phone will enter recovery mode, select Wipe Data.
  • Tap on Wipe All Data.
  • Confirm the action by clicking Confirm.

When the process is complete, return to the main menu, select Reboot and Reboot to System. to exit recovery mode and boot into MIUI.

The first boot after a factory reset can take up to 10 minutes. You can’t turn off your phone during this time.

There is a good chance that after the reset you will be able to start the phone and use it normally. This method can help if the smartphone is functioning, but the screen does not turn on.

If Xiaomi does not turn on after a factory reset, try the following ways to revive your smartphone.

What does the blinking color mean?

Xiaomi models with LED indicators signal a problem with the color of the diode. Flashing frequency and signal color (red, white, blue) can indicate the type of problem.

LED indicator signals when Xiaomi phone does not turn on:

  • The red indicator flashes, which indicates mechanical damage: the power button cable has come off, the battery has completely died, or the memory with the bootloader sector has been destroyed as a result of mechanical damage. In this case, it is possible that Xiaomi does not turn on and does not charge due to the battery condition.
  • The white indicator flashes when the battery is deeply discharged. If the phone turns off, does not turn on and the white light blinks, then the battery charge is completely used up. You need to connect the charger and wait for a full charge. Only after that the smartphone can be turned on. The usual situation after the battery is discharged to zero.
  • Flashing blue when you try to turn on the smartphone indicates a software problem: a crooked OTA update was installed, the bootloader crashed, or MIUI system files were significantly damaged. Sometimes even after a normal phone update, it does not turn on.

If the problem is software in nature, you can fix it yourself. A hardware problem will require the intervention of a Xiaomi appliance repair specialist.

LED indicators are only found in early Xiaomi phones (eg Redmi 4X). In newer smartphones, the company does not install such indicators. If you have a fresh smartphone, you will have to carry Xiaomi to a service center for diagnostics. But first, you can try to solve the problem programmatically, described below.

Reason: Xiaomi bootloader damage

Bootloader in Xiaomi is designed to securely boot the device. If it is damaged, the phone will not turn on. There can be many reasons for damage: a crooked OTA, an incorrectly performed ROOT, or a failure.

There are several ways to return the bootloader to its place: flash the stock MIUI using MiFlash Pro or restore the bootloader using a computer, USB cable and ADB / Fastboot.

Attention! Before restoring the bootloader using ADB / Fastboot, you need to make sure that all the necessary drivers for the smartphone are installed on the PC. Also check the cable connection. If Connect is accidentally interrupted in the process, you will receive a brick that can only be restored in a service center.

Reason: corrupted firmware files

If the files of the operating system are damaged, then there is only one way out. to flash the smartphone again. If we are talking about stock MIUI, you will need the MiFlash Pro program and a set of ADB drivers.

If you have custom firmware installed, then it has its own instructions: the firmware is carried out using the TWRP recovery and the firmware downloaded to the memory card in ZIP format in advance. After the firmware, you will need to set up an account and everything else again. You can download the firmware for your Xiaomi phone from the catalog of official updates.

If you are flashing MIUI via MiFlash Pro, then there is an option to save user data. To do this, at a certain stage, it is necessary to mark not the item clear all and flash, but save user data. Otherwise, all photos and music will be permanently deleted.

Reason: hardware problems

All of the above methods are only suitable if it is possible to enter recovery or at least Fastboot mode. But if the phone does not show signs of life at all, all the methods considered are useless.

There is a problem with the hardware components, it is not recommended to try to open the phone yourself. In this case, experience is required and you will have to carry your smartphone to a service center. It is better to choose official intermediaries. Their price is a little higher, but the repair is better.

If the warranty for the Xiaomi smartphone remains, then the more you need to contact the official service center. To do this, you will need a box from a smartphone, a receipt confirming the purchase of the product, a warranty card and a passport.

If the Xiaomi smartphone does not turn on, in most cases the problem can be solved by yourself. But not when the hardware components of the phone are damaged. In this case, repairing the smartphone in the SC will fix the problem.

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