Xiaomi power bank 20800 how to distinguish a fake

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Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 mAh how to distinguish a fake

You bought a cool smartphone and are very happy with your new purchase.

The only fly in the ointment in such gadgets is their weak battery. It seems that a solution has been found portable batteries or power banks (Power Bank).

However, shady manufacturers massively produce fakes for well-established portable batteries. They cost almost the same as the originals, but the capacity is significantly lower than stated on the label.

This article provides practical advice on determining the originality of Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 mAh batteries.

External differences

If it is not possible to verify the authenticity of the product using a special code, then it is worth taking a closer look at some details. As you know, scammers are pierced precisely in small things.

In our case, these are USB connectors, both on the battery itself and on the cable.

  • The USB port plate on the device case is white. Counterfeits are usually supplied with beige plates;
  • The plate on the cable plug is black. Copies are usually white.
  • if you look into the depth of the case connectors, then you can distinguish the letters Mi on the metal connectors. You won’t see this on fakes.

I would also like to note that the connectors of the new original battery are sealed with a white sticker.

Another sticker is present on the opposite end.

  • in the original the text is pale, but at the same time everything can be read;
  • in copies, the inscription is brighter, there may be scuffs, blurring, spelling errors;
  • contains information about the technical characteristics of the product.

When opening the original Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 mAh sample, you can see inside the LG battery. Fakes will contain obscure elements.

Batteries in the originals are directly connected to the board. In fakes, thin metal threads are held between the batteries and the board, which instantly start to heat up.

Packaging differences

There must be at least two stickers on the side of the box. The first contains a barcode.

The second is designed to protect against fakes. It is colored, has the letters Mi and a window with a protective layer.

Removing this layer, under it we will find twenty numbers. This is a special code.

By entering it into the search box on the official website of the company Verification on Mi.com/verify, you can easily get information about the originality of this item.

In principle, this could have ended the article. But, especially for those who buy a battery without packaging (for example, used), consider a few more points that you should pay attention to when buying a power bank.

How to check the original empirically

Everything is simple here. You just need to put the battery on charge. And to it, in turn, connect your gadget to be charged. If they are both immediately powered by current, then you have the original in your hands. Counterfeits with such double work can not cope.

As you can see, checking Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 mAh for authenticity is not so difficult. So you can make a great purchase.

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Pay attention to capacity

Currently, only 6 models can be purchased with a variety of capacity options. The indicator is measured in mAh:

Accordingly, if you are offered a Xiaomi external battery with a different capacity, then this will be a clear sign of a fake product. And by the way, it is definitely a fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 20800, since the manufacturer did not release this option for sale.

On the back of the device, the manufacturer applies data on the capacitive characteristics of the device. On original products, you will find numbers and letters in a pleasant silver hue. If you touch them, they will be slightly rough.

If you are dealing with a copy of Xiaomi, then the letters / numbers will most likely be black and glossy. There is a chance that they will be fuzzy, and their contours will be blurry.

Function of the LED indicators

The original Xiaomi power bank is distinguished by its ability to keep the LEDs glowing when charging and holding the power button. Even if you release it, the indicators will not go out, but will continue to burn. Accordingly, the copy does not know how to do this, therefore, no matter how much you press the button when recharging, the LEDs will not work.

And one more important point: the presence in real Xiaomi external batteries of the function of protection against recharging the gadget “itself”. Checking for its presence is very simple: connect the cable included in the kit to both ports at once and make sure that the device will stop working. But the fake version will try to replenish the charge even in this way.

code designation

In order to make sure that you do not have a fake Xiaomi Power Bank 20000 or other modification, it is recommended to pay attention to the data contained in the code on the package. The box of this machine must have a sticker with a protective layer on the top. It is enough to rub it with a hard object, as a combination of 20 numbers will appear before your eyes.

It is needed in order to enter it in the appropriate field on the Mi.com/verify/ website. For ease of introduction, the code combination is divided into four parts of 5 digits. Just below you will see a captcha field, which is required to confirm that the request was sent by a real person and not a robot.

After pressing the Verify button, literally a few seconds will pass, and information about the origin of the device will appear on the monitor. You will also find out how many times a request for Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10000 was made. Please note that if this figure is greater than one, then someone already has access to the identification code, which cannot but alert.

Xiaomi Power Bank: how to distinguish a fake

In order to be able to recharge a smartphone or tablet in a timely manner, it is not at all necessary to constantly be in close proximity to the mains. There is an alternative option with which the process of replenishing the charge level of your gadget can be carried out in any environment, even outside the city or in a car.

We are talking about external batteries that have the ability to accumulate an electric charge and give it out when other devices are connected. One of the best manufacturers of such devices is the Chinese brand Xiaomi, which introduced a number of models of various capacities. However, like all quality products, its products are often copied by unscrupulous manufacturers. How to avoid the possibility of buying a fake Xiaomi external battery? You will learn all about this from our article.

Flow Charging

Agree how convenient the function of flow charging is: just connect an external battery to the network, and already to it. a different gadget, and simultaneously charge two devices at once. Fake models are not capable of this.

It is easy to check this: connect the Xiaomi power bank to the electrical network (it is not recommended to connect it to a laptop or PC, because there may not be enough power for this check), and a smartphone or tablet to it. If you have a fake Xiaomi Power Bank 2 or another model, then only the battery itself will be charged. The phone/tablet will not recharge.

USB cable design

Regardless of the modification, microUSB is included in the original product package. It is completely white, there are no markings on it, including things like Mi, Mi.com or brand names, and the manufacturer recommends charging an external battery through it.

It is recommended to carefully inspect the connector, as its inner plastic part should be black. In most fake Xiaomi Power Bank 10400 and other variants, the connector inside will be white, sometimes with jagged edges.

One more feature. the inside of the USB ports must be made of pastel-colored white plastic.

Fake versions will have black plastic material in the microUSB port, and milky white in the standard USB.

Why is it not recommended to buy a non-original product?

This is due to the fact that the buyer does not have the slightest idea of ​​what structural components the device consists of, what components were used and whether all technological nuances were observed. Xiaomi carefully monitors the quality of its products, controls their production at every stage and guarantees their impeccable quality.

Also, by purchasing a fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank, the risk of discrepancy between the declared capacitive indicators and the real ones increases sharply. This means that the number of possible recharges of the gadget will be less than the owner expected.

And most importantly, a fake product can cause failure of devices connected to it, since the quality of the connectors can be far from the best and safest.

Charging progress indication

To charge the Power Bank, you need to connect it to a computer or to a power outlet via a power adapter using a micro-USB or USB-C port. Learn more about how to charge the Power Bank correctly and not harm the device. After connecting, the charging process of Xiaomi Power Bank 2 10000 mah will begin, and the instructions in Russian hedgehog indicate the degrees:

  • From 0 to 25%. At this level, only one LED will flicker, the rest remain in sleep mode.
  • From 25 to 50%. The first LED will glow constantly, the second will flicker, the rest will be off.
  • From 50 to 75%. Two LEDs are on, one is flickering, one is off.
  • From 75 to 100%. Three LEDs are on, one is flickering.
  • The charging process is completed. All 4 LEDs are lit.
  • An error has occurred. All 4 bulbs.

The model for 5000 or 20800 mah also has 4 LEDs, they are responsible for the percentage of battery filling, but they have their own capacity.

USB-A inputs and USB-C/micro-USB ports

The instruction for Xiaomi Power Bank 10000 indicates that ports of this type are used to transfer charge from an external battery to another gadget: smartphone, player, etc. To start the energy transfer process, it is enough to connect the devices with a complete or similar cable. In older models from Xiaomi, there was only 1 USB-A connector in the case, in some versions there are 2 of them at once, which will allow you to simultaneously charge several devices.

These connectors are necessary, on the contrary, to charge the Power Bank itself. The old version used a micro-USB input, but Power Bank 2 already uses a double version, where in addition to it there is also a modern Type-C connector.

Additionally. According to the instructions of Xiaomi Power Bank 2, the device is equipped with protection against overcharging, overheating and short circuits.

charge transfer

The instruction in Russian for Xiaomi Power Bank 2 says that the degree of charge transfer can also be determined with LEDs. To do this, you need to insert the cable into the USB-A input of the external battery, and connect the other end to third-party equipment (for example, a smartphone).

  • 0%. If Mi Power Bank is low, all lights are off.
  • From 0 to 25%. Only one LED flickers.
  • From 25 to 25%. Two lights flicker.
  • From 50 to 75%. Three LEDs flash.
  • From 75 to 100%. All lights flicker.
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There is an instruction in Russian for Power Bank Xiaomi 10000, in which the “warnings” section is extremely important. It describes in detail what can harm the device and disable it. Also, some actions can be dangerous for the person himself, so you should strictly adhere to the rules:

  • The Xiaomi Power Bank 1000 instruction says that the product is not a toy. It must be kept out of the reach of children. Also, do not allow children or pets to play with appliances.
  • Checking the quality of the charger. It is important that the charger is suitable for the mains voltage and battery. Otherwise, there is a risk of electric shock or battery damage.
  • Cautious use. It is important that the Power Bank is not exposed to vibrations, shocks, or powerful pressure. All this can lead to the fact that a short circuit occurs, or the batteries are damaged.
  • Water protection. The external battery must not come into contact with water, because it is not waterproof and water ingress may cause damage.
  • The manual states that if the batteries are swollen, deformed, or show unstable performance with reduced capacity, then the device should not be used. You can’t throw it away either, you need to hand it over for recycling.
  • Ensuring the proper level of heat dissipation. During the charging process, it is important that the devices can freely vent. If the Power Bank and the phone are in your. under your pillow, in your bag, then the devices may overheat.
  • Do not disassemble the Power Bank yourself, and keep it away from batteries, stoves, fire and other heat sources. Operation of the device at temperatures above 60 °C is prohibited.
  • Do not leave the external battery in direct sunlight. He must always be in the shade.

Inside the body of the device there is a lithium-polymer battery. It is strictly forbidden to open, heat, give in to other actions, it is extremely dangerous.

Power button and LEDs

The instructions in Russian for Xiaomi Power Bank 2 indicate that the button is not intended to activate or turn off the equipment, but to check the charge level. The following commands are used for the button:

  • Single click. Activates LEDs, by the number of which you can find out the approximate level of charge.
  • Quick press twice. Necessary in order to activate low current charging (for transfer to other small-sized equipment).

Additional Information. When the power is low, the Power Bank can still work, but the LEDs will stop shining.

Information LEDs are arranged in a row, 4 pieces. By the number of active light elements, you can determine the level of charge or discharge.

The device box contains instructions for Xiaomi Power Bank 10000, a short USB-miscro USB cable, the battery itself is in a protective shipping film. Powerbank can be charged from a PC or laptop, and you will also need a power supply with a USB input for an outlet. At the bottom of the case are technical specifications: volume 10000 mah, and other information from the manufacturer. On the top there are display elements, controls, ports.

Specifications Power Bank 2 10000
Device connection 1 USB input
Voltage, V 5/9/12
Current, A 2.4
Capacity 10000mah
fast charging Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0
Dimensions 130x71x14.1 mm
Weight 127 g

h2 2,0,0,0,0.-

Precautionary measures

Regardless of the capacity, both 10000 and 20000 mah Power Banks have their own precautions:

  • Before using the device for the first time after unpacking, it must be fully charged to 100%.
  • For high-quality charging, you need the appropriate power wires and a block. The instructions indicate that it is better to use branded memory from Xiaomi.
  • Do not leave an external battery unattended while charging. Before leaving the house, it must be unplugged from the power supply.
  • When the indicators indicate that the charging process is complete, you need to unplug the device from the mains so that no damage occurs.
  • When the Power Bank enters protection mode, the indicators do not light up when the button is pressed. To activate the device, you need to connect an external gadget.

The manufacturer recommends that with constant use, try to keep the charge at 25-50% (two LEDs) and store it in a cool, dry place. But a constant full charge or discharge can harm the operation of the device.

  • find out the real capacity of the device being charged (for example, I have a smartphone and its battery has a capacity of 3000 mAh);
  • we estimate the required number of charges, for example 5 times;
  • multiply the battery capacity of the smartphone by the number of required charges and by the energy conversion loss factor. 1.3.

The easiest way to do this is on the sticker on the package in which your smartphone was located. Often, the manufacturer on it indicates the exact date of production of the gadget (year and month, sometimes a day). Here, however, there is a minus. some negligent sellers can change the sticker, indicating a different date on it.

The production date is located on a sticker on the package. it shows the S / N and IMEI codes and the exact date of release of the device. over, the production date on the package must precede the date of purchase from the manufacturer, which can be recognized by S / N and IMEI (otherwise the device is fake).

IMEI and serial number can be found on the sticker on the box. If there is no box, then enter #06# on the dialer and get IMEI, and the serial number can be obtained by lowering the top curtain, pressing settingsAbout phoneGeneral information. Did everything go like clockwork? So you will see the result.

You can distinguish the original and fake Amazfit Bip by the strap. On genuine watches, the strap is made of a special type of silicone. hypoallergenic. It has no smell. There may be a slight sensation of a characteristic aroma after opening the box.

In this case, a special USB tester will help us to determine the battery capacity.

  • We connect this device to the circuit between the network adapter and the Power Bank.
  • We carry out a charge cycle until the battery shows that it is fully charged.
  • We look at the tester the actual capacity that the power bank has absorbed.

All without exception, and even fake phones, have a unique serial number and IMEI identifier, which can be found by typing #06# on the keyboard. Enter the serial number or IMEI on the SNDeepInfo website to check the phone for authenticity.

To find your device’s serial number in the software, go to Settings System. Then go to About Phone Status (On Huawei and Honor devices, select “General Information”). The serial number of your device is indicated at the bottom of this screen.

How to distinguish a fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Xiaomi Mi Power Bank external batteries are incredibly popular all over the world. They have an honest declared capacity, excellent appearance and, at the same time, quite affordable prices. It is not surprising that such a combo of characteristics attracts not only buyers, but also scammers who give out their low-quality fakes under the guise of original Xiaomi power banks. In this manual, we talked about how to distinguish a real Xiaomi Mi Power Bank from a fake in the easiest way.

How to distinguish a fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

Find the Xiaomi logo sticker on the back of the packaging of the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank you purchased.

On the sticker you will find an erasable protective coating, familiar to most from lottery tickets.

Wipe off the protective coating with a paperclip, coin or even your fingernail.

Under the protective layer will be a serial number consisting of 20 digits. Go to the Xiaomi Special Service for Product Authentication and enter the number of your Xiaomi Mi Power Bank in the “Please enter your 20-digit security code” field.

Then enter the captcha and click Verify. The service will tell you if the external battery is genuine or not.

If Xiaomi Mi Power Bank is genuine, the service will display the message “This is an authentic product. This is the first time this security code has been queried.” Also, this message will indicate that the power bank has not been previously checked using this service.

If the message is of the form: “This is an authentic product. This security code had previously been queried 3 times”, this means that the device is genuine, but has previously been checked three times. Note that it is almost impossible to face a similar situation in the case of a new original external battery from Xiaomi.

Well, if the service issues a “Please check that your code has been entered correctly and try again” alert, then this, unfortunately, means that the external battery being checked is a fake. If you purchased the device in an online store, then try to open a dispute as soon as possible and return the money for the purchased fake.

How to distinguish a fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank without packaging

You can check Xiaomi Mi Power Bank for authenticity without packaging, even if such a need arises quite rarely. The surest way is to weigh the battery. Chinese craftsmen can fake the appearance of a power bank very accurately, but instead of a capacious and heavy battery, they most often insert ordinary rechargeable batteries into their gadget. And at this very moment they are pierced, since the weight of fakes is much less than the original device. The weight of all Xiaomi Mi Power Bank models is presented below.

  • Mi Power Bank 5000. 156 g.
  • Mi Power Bank 10000. 207 g.
  • Mi Power Bank 10400. 250 g.
  • Mi Power Bank 16000. 350 g.
  • Mi Power Bank 20000. 338 g.
  • Mi Power Bank 2 10000. 228 g.
  • Mi Power Bank 2 20000. 330.5 g.
  • Mi Power Bank Pro 10000. 223 g.
  • Mi Power Bank Pro 2 10000. 223 g.

Of course, not everyone and not always has the opportunity to accurately weigh an external battery. For example, when buying from the hands on the street, it is extremely difficult to do this. In this case, a flashlight will help you out. Highlight the USB connector of the Mi Power Bank, in its plastic part the Xiaomi logo should be clearly and accurately embossed.

It is important to note that only one model from the line does not have a logo in the connector. Mi Power Bank 16000.

How to recognize a fake device at a glance:

  • The specified processor capacity is incorrect. The original batteries are only 5, 10, 10400, 16 and 20 thousand mAh. Powerbank with 20 800 mAh fake.
  • Structural elements are not fitted closely to each other, gaps are visible.
  • Charge the battery and connect your smartphone or other device to it. The current should charge both an external battery and another gadget. Fake double work can’t handle.

The appearance of the battery

For a more thorough verification of Xiaomi Power Bank for authenticity, follow the instructions:

  • The case should be matte, the glossy shiny surface is a fake. The power button should not go into the case.
  • The inscription Mi Power Bank should be clear, light in color, but not stand out from the design. In a counterfeit battery, it is bright dark, blurry and worn in places, typos are possible.
  • Reliable thick wires.
  • The USB port plate is white for the original, beige for the fake.
  • All connectors on the original are covered with a special protective sticker.
  • When you open the device, you should see LG batteries directly connected to the board. If an unknown company is written, it is a fake.

Weight of Xiaomi Power Bank original manufacturer:

A fake battery weighs less, but also charges less than specified.

Packaging and licensed label

Power Bank should be in a white cardboard box. There should be 1 more box inside the package, the same good quality as the top one. It contains the battery itself and components that sit firmly and do not dangle in different directions. The charger is securely packed in a white translucent cellophane.

There should be 2 authentication stickers on the back. The first is a 20-digit security cipher, which you need to check on the official Mi.com website. Second barcode with IMEI combination.

By serial number

On the back of the package, you need to find a sticker with the manufacturer’s logo, which must be erased with a coin or something sharp to reveal the symbols. Then enter the code in a special form on the official website. If the product is authentic, then after checking for the originality of the number, you will see a message: This is an authentic product. This is the first time this security code has been queried. This means that the code was entered for the first time and has not been used by anyone else.

Mi Anti Fake App

If the Mi Verification service is temporarily not available, you can find out the authenticity of Xiaomi Power bank using the application:

  • Find the APK file on w3bsit3-dns.com or the official website, download and install on your smartphone.
  • Enable feature on device Trust this app.
  • Open the program, connect the power bank and click Check Now.
  • Switch the power mode on your phone to Performance mode to conserve battery.

Mi Anti Fake was developed by Xiaomi together with Antutu Company. The application works in test mode, but despite this, it can confidently determine the originality of the device.

On the site

  • Go to Mi.com/verify.
  • Look for the IMEI number under the barcode on the back of the box. The page shows a screenshot (user manual) in the right corner, where to find the desired cipher.
  • Write the required data in the first field. You can also check the serial number here.
  • In the next section, enter the captcha and click Verify.
  • Device information appears.

If a red circle appears, the power bank is fake, the green one is original.

Quick check for dual charge and “self-charge

Another reliable authentication method is double charging. Most power banks made by other companies are unable to simultaneously charge a smartphone and charge from the network. To check the charger, you need to connect it to an electrical outlet and to the gadget that you want to charge. When connected in this way, the charging indicators on both devices should be on.

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To check the gadget for “self-charging”, you need to insert the cable that comes with the power bank, one end into USB, and the other into the microUSB connector of the device being checked. If the charging lights are on, then this is a fake device. The original device must not charge itself, and there must be no indicator light.

FAKE 20800 mAh xiaomi power bank baught from aliexspress

How to check if the capacity corresponds to the declared

The capacity of the original device must correspond to the declared one. You can verify this with a USB tester. This is the simplest and most accurate method for determining capacitance.

Discharge the charger battery before starting the capacity test. After that, you need to connect one end of the tester to the power bank, the other to charging. When the PowerBank is charged, it will be possible to read the readings from the tester screen and compare them with the declared capacity.

Important! Get a USB tester, the screen of which displays not only the capacity, but also the voltage with current.

There is another way to check the capacitance using a USB tester and a load resistor. Before checking, you need to charge the external battery. To start the test, a load resistor is connected to one output of the tester, and a power bank to the other. After the gadget is discharged, it will be possible to read its real capacity on the tester screen.

How to check the originality of the Xiaomi power bank

The Chinese company Xiaomi appeared on the market relatively recently, in 2010, but its products have already gained popularity. It produces high-quality electronics, for which some users called it the “Chinese Apple”. However, it is also popular with various scammers who counterfeit products. In order not to buy a fake, you should check the purchased product, because the original product lasts longer and its characteristics will correspond to the declared ones. In this article, you can find all the information on how to authenticate Xiaomi Power Bank at home.

Checking by serial number through the manufacturer’s website

On the back of the package is a license sticker with a code for checking the authenticity of Xiaomi products. To see the 20 digits of the code, you need to erase the protective layer. After that, you need to enter the received data in a special form located on the Xiaomi Product Authentication tab.

Attention! This check does not guarantee that no one has entered the code before. Therefore, the product may be counterfeit.

Weight check

Another way to check Xiaomi charging for originality is to weigh it. This is a reliable method, because non-original small-capacity batteries will weigh less. To use this method, you need to know how much the Power Bank of the capacity you need should weigh. Below is the weight of each model produced and its capacity:

  • PowerBank 5,000 mAh. weight 156 g;. weight 207 g;
  • PowerBank 10400 mAh. weight 250 g;
  • PowerBank 16000 mAh. weight 350 g;. weight 338 g;
  • PowerBank2 10,000 mAh. weight 228 g;
  • PowerBank2 20,000 mAh. weight 330 g;
  • Power Bank Pro 10,000 mAh. weight 223 g;
  • Power Bank Pro2 10,000 mAh. weight 223 g;
  • Power Bank 2S 10,000 mAh. weight 240 g.

This information is useful for capacity authentication. For example, if you come across a Power Bank from Xiaomi with a capacity of 12,000 mAh, then this is a clear fake, since the company does not produce drives of this capacity.

Packaging inspection

You can start verifying the authenticity of the Xiaomi bank by inspecting the package and the license sticker. The company packs its products in a white box made of high quality cardboard. There should be another cardboard box inside. The charger and other accessories must be secured. Power Bank is packed in a translucent plastic bag.

The box contains a license sticker with a twenty-digit authentication code through the Xiaomi website. Also on the original packaging there is a second sticker on which a barcode and IMEI code are applied.

The appearance of the power bank itself and the cable from the kit

When inspecting the charger case, you can also identify a fake. We list the main characteristics of the original Power Bank from Xiaomi:

  • The case of the device is matte, the material is aluminum.
  • Connectors are covered with a protective sticker.
  • The inscriptions on the device should be light, clear, not very bright. They should not have scuffs and grammatical errors.

You should also pay attention to the USB cable. It should not contain inscriptions, symbols and other data. The color of the original cable is white. The USB cable plug, if you look inside, is made of black plastic. The inside of the USB ports that are on the case are made of white plastic.

In the picture below, the original cable is on the left, and the fake is on the right. The non-original cable has the inscription “Mi”. Besides, the plug inside is white.

What should be inside the case?

To once again verify the originality of your device, you can look inside the power bank. For the production of its products, Xiaomi uses branded batteries manufactured by reputable manufacturers: LG, Panasonic, Samsung. Counterfeit devices use batteries from unknown manufacturers, and these batteries usually get hot during use.

It is best to buy an original Xiaomi charger in the official store of this company, in which case the probability of buying a fake is almost zero. In any case, the ability to identify a fake will help to avoid acquiring a fake power bank.

The easiest way to identify the Global Version is by the corresponding inscription on the box and descriptions in English (instead of hieroglyphs). To be sure, it would also not be superfluous to compare the IMEI of the device with what is indicated on the package (you can find it out by entering the code # in dialing).

In this case, a special USB tester will help us to determine the battery capacity.

  • We connect this device to the circuit between the network adapter and the Power Bank.
  • We carry out a charge cycle until the battery shows that it is fully charged.
  • We look at the tester the actual capacity that the power bank has absorbed.

set the current strength to 1 or 2 Amperes; on the other hand, we connect a charged Power Bank; we wait until the Power Bank is completely discharged and turns off; we connect a completely discharged battery to the network to turn it on, and see how many milliamps it gave to the measuring device.

To check the match, you need to dial a combination of numbers #06#.Check by IMEI

  • the first 6 indicate the batch number;
  • the next 2 are the code of the country of manufacture;
  • then 6 digits show the serial number of the smartphone;
  • the last digit is the main one and allows you to check the phone for originality.

Manufacturers of smartphones on the Android operating system have already taken care of everything. If you are the owner of just such a phone, then go to the standard call menu and enter the following code ##4636##. A menu will appear on the screen, which will display complete information about the battery status.

In order to find out IMEI, dial the following combination on the screen: #06# and press the call button. After that, your personal number will appear on the phone display. To find out if the phone is stolen or not, you need to send an SMS to the phone number 4443 with the following text: MIA space IMEI.

How to check Xiaomi smartphone for authenticity

The fact that the original phone is much better than a fake is probably known to all owners of gadgets. The original origin guarantees the flawless operation of the device for a long time, as really reliable components are used for assembly.

Also, there are no questions about the quality and functionality of the software. If difficulties or incomprehensible moments arise during operation, you can always contact Support, where you will be given a comprehensive answer. Naturally, original products will cost more, but purchasing a non-original Xiaomi phone will definitely be a dubious savings due to incorrect and short-lived operation of the device.

How to check Xiaomi smartphone for originality

There are 3 main ways to check.

Via App

This is an official application developed by Xiaomi.

  • Go to the Play Market store;
  • Enter the name Mi Verification Tool in the address bar;

If your device is running on a Mediatek processor, then the software will probably ask you to enable “Productivity Mode”. To turn it on, pull the notification curtain and find the desired mode in the list that opens.

And this is what scanning on a computer will look like.

By IMEI on the site

Xiaomi has its own database of identification numbers that are assigned to each product it produces. The test is not 100% accurate. This is due to the fact that “craftsmen” steal IMEI directly from the manufacturer, and then assign them to fake phones.

    Go to https://order.Mi.com/service/IMEI. You will see a page in Chinese. There are two options for solving the problem: use an automatic translator (the function is available in the Google Chrome browser) or select English from the menu.

You can get information about the identification and serial numbers by examining the information contained on the sticker on top of the packaging box. In the event that the box is not saved or the information is not readable, then open the dialer and enter the combination of numbers #06#. You can also get the necessary information if you go to the “Settings” menu, select “About phone”, and then “General information”.

By product code

There is another way to distinguish a fake from an original Xiaomi smartphone. It, like the previous version, does not give a 100% probability of an accurate result due to the likelihood of code theft by intruders. To do this, enter in the address bar http://www.Mi.com/verify/#imei_en.

The window will have fields for entering serial, identification numbers, and captcha.

Real power bank, or how to distinguish a fake from the original

We are with you. not the Rothschilds, but, you see, this phrase makes a lot of sense, especially today. We save money for the thing we really need, find it offline, online, compare and. often, we buy the one that is simply cheaper.

Sometimes we are lucky and we buy not a fake. But it is sometimes. How to protect yourself.

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi, which is ahead of Apple and Samsung in many respects in its home market, has faced yet another strong competitor. counterfeit manufacturers. At a press conference at its Beijing headquarters, the company’s CEO stated that: In 2014, sales of Mi Power Bank branded backup batteries reached 14.6 million units, less than half of the expected volume. Why? Because of the huge market for fakes!

First of all, take a few minutes to analyze the site where you are going to make a purchase. If you know what you need to pay attention to, in almost 100% of cases you can immediately figure out the scammers. How? Be sure to read this article .

If you have ALREADY bought a power bank, let’s figure out how to distinguish an original and high-quality one from a fake. By the way, maybe these tips will help you avoid poor-quality purchases of not only an external battery, but also other equipment.

In our material, we will look at how to distinguish fake Xiaomi and PINENG (another leader in the Asian Power Bank market). But first of all, let’s look at what you get by purchasing a fake Power Bank:

Обзор Power Bank Xiaomi 20800: фейк, подделка, копия. Замеры реальной емкости и отзыв.

  • Batteries have a much smaller capacity than stated by the manufacturer, which means that you can charge your smartphone / tablet not as promised, for example, 10 times, but much less (it is not uncommon for the actual volume of the purchased external battery to be overestimated by 10 (.) times)
  • The service life of counterfeit batteries is greatly reduced because only in branded PowerBanks of market leaders, manufacturers use effective electronic protection against improper charge / discharge
  • A poor-quality assembly entails a poor connection of the wire with which the smartphone or tablet is charged, as a result of which the charging process is constantly interrupted, which means it kills the battery of the smartphone or tablet. But you will be provided with a nervous life: put it at the right angle, do not touch it while charging, put the cord on tape or glue so that it does not fall off, and much more
  • Poor material and, again, assembly, affect the appearance: seams, docking, scratches, etc.
  • Not a complete set or a set of defective wires, adapters (by the way, even a low-quality charging cable can shorten the life of both the Powerbank and your smartphone/tablet)
  • In the end, the electronic filling of the Power Bank collected somewhere underground can generally disable your smartphone or tablet.

Do you need it? I hope not! Then let’s move on!

How to distinguish a fake Power Bank from the original?

The original PINENG is packed in a branded box. There was a hologram on the PINENG box in the old design, it shimmered on the boxes with the new design. blue sticker with a QR code and a closed digital code (click on the picture to enlarge).

At the bottom of the QR code there is a protective layer, under which there is a code, by entering which on the manufacturer’s website, you will recognize the original Power Bank in your hands or a fake (click on the photo to enlarge).

packed in a box, on which, also, under a protective layer, you will find a code with which you can also check the originality of the purchase on the official website of the manufacturer.

You can find out with the help of a special USB power tester. It is worth noting that even the original Power Bank for example at 20.000mAh will not show all 20.000. this value. measured under ideal laboratory conditions. But the difference between the declared and received power of the original Power Bank will not be large.

In addition, you need to keep in mind that the capacity indicated on the box and the Power Bank itself. is the battery capacity at 3.7V. Since almost all modern mobile gadgets are charged by 5V, in order to find out what capacity we will get at the output, a formula is used that takes into account the conversion of 3.7V to 5V and the efficiency of batteries from a particular manufacturer.

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If you try to derive a general (simplified) formula, then you can calculate like this:

Real capacity = Indicated capacity 0.85

For example, if the Power Bank says 20000mAh, we get:

Real capacity = 20000 0.85 = 17000mAh

In this simple way, without involving many variables unknown to us, we can find out approximately what capacity should be at the output.

Knowing this value, we can approximately calculate how many times we can charge our gadget from this Power Bank, for example, for iPhone 4S:

17000mAh / 1500mAh (iPhone battery capacity) = 11.3 times

Original PINENG and Xiaomi come in branded boxes with instructions and cable.

The box from PINENG used to be white or brown, now the company officially supplies its products in black packaging. this is an international package.

All body seams are smooth and fit well. The cord fits snugly into the USB and microUSB connectors. All ports are working.

those Power Bank models that have it, for example most PINENG models . Also, if the description of the external battery refers to the backlight of the display, you must definitely check this moment.

On the body of the original PINENG, Xiaomi will always have a company logo.

Nevertheless, as we know, even world brands sometimes fail (which is why thousands of cars of the most famous brands are called back for revision every year).

At the same time, one thing is important: how the store where we bought this or that thing reacts to such force majeure?

We provide a double guarantee to our customers:

  • return/exchange. within 14 days you can exchange or return Power Bank with a money back guarantee
  • free warranty service 12 months

A here you can read how to identify scammers by their website and offer.

Checking for originality through a security code

On the official website, there is another way to verify:

  • Follow the link https://www.Mi.com/global/verify/#/en/tab/secur ;
  • By clicking on the link, a second tab should be opened called “Xiaomi Product Authentication”;
  • Take the box from your Xiaomi device and then look for a secure field on it that can be erased. You have seen such fields on mobile recharge cards;

Recently, not every model (especially new ones) has a similar code on the box!

  • By erasing the protective layer, we will find a 20-digit code, the numbers from which we enter in the first field;
  • Enter the captcha in the second field and click the “Verify” button (“Verify” in the English version).

So you will be able to understand whether your device has passed the test for originality. A positive result will display the number of checks for this code, which should be no more than one.

Xiaomi Authentication by IMEI

There is only one official verification method now. through the manufacturer’s website by IMEI number, serial number or security code.

First you need to find out your IMEI and serial number, there are three ways:

Dual SIM phones will show 2 IMEI numbers, this is normal.

To check a Xiaomi smartphone or tablet for authenticity, you need to:

  • Go to the website https://www.Mi.com/global/verify/#/en/tab/IMEI ;
  • The “Verify device” tab should be open (“Verify your phone purchase” in the English version);
  • Enter the IMEI number or device serial number (S/N) in the dedicated field
  • Enter the verification code (captcha);
  • Click “Verify” (“Verify” in the English version);
  • You will see the test result, a green circle. you have the original, red. fake.


If all labels are displayed in English, you can enable Russian in the upper right corner of the site.

There are 3 test results:

  • Invalid data entered. As a rule, the error “Your IMEI or S / N doesn’t exist, please verify and enter again” appears. Double-check your data, make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the number.

This method is suitable for each model range of Xiaomi smartphones and tablets: Mi, Redmi, Mi pad, Android One (A series).

Additionally, you can try to enter the number in the search engine. If in the search results you see sites with the numbers of your device in the public domain, then most likely you have a fake or a device assembled from spare parts for used gadgets (this can be found on Aliexpress).

We verify the authenticity of the Xiaomi smartphone

Updated 07/02/2020. Xiaomi is one of those manufacturers that have proven their professionalism, but, as is usually the case, there are hundreds of products from unscrupulous “pirates” for everything of high quality. In this article, we will analyze all the ways to check the authenticity of Xiaomi smartphones and other devices.

External check

Checking outward appearances is not 100% certain, but these factors may warrant a more thorough investigation.

It is worth paying attention to external features:

  • Poor quality accessories. the power adapter, headphones, cable is determined by touch. As a rule, the plastic feels unpleasant or the assembly itself is flimsy and does not inspire confidence;
  • Models that must have a metal or glass body are made of plastic;
  • The display or case is very quickly covered with scratches or even cracks;
  • The device from the first days is discharged very quickly. some sellers on Aliexpress sell phones with fake batteries;
  • The screen has graininess, eyes get tired of it and unnatural color reproduction is visible;
  • The large black bezels around the screen are striking;
  • Button and port layout differs from images from official sources.

In addition to external signs, you should carefully study the operation of the smartphone and its software:

  • On Mi and Redmi models, the Miui shell must be installed. Through the settings item, try updating the firmware, as a rule, fakes give an error;
  • An unknown Mi account has been entered (a sign of using a phone or an assembly from different donors);
  • Interface slowdown, lags;
  • Unstable operation of modules (camera, autofocus, microphone, speaker, cellular connection interruption);
  • Strong heating of the phone with clean firmware.

The last two points can mean both a fake and an ordinary marriage.

How to distinguish a fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank

In the modern electronics market, you can find many interesting offers in various price categories. however, too cheap devices, in most cases, are counterfeit. Chinese gadgets are often faked, including power banks from the Mi series, which can be called a sign of authenticity:

  • holographic sticker on the box with Xiaomi Power Bank 2;
  • a special erasing area under which you can find a combination of 20 digits;
  • a form on the official page of the manufacturer, by entering a verification number, you can find out whether this gadget is real or not.

An additional way to verify authenticity can be to inspect the box with an external battery, on which the model itself is drawn. Inside there should be not only a gadget, but also a 30-cm USB-microUSB cable that has increased compared to previous versions. There is also an instruction in Chinese. there are no other documents attached to the original battery, so you will have to download the manual in Russian from the Internet.

How to distinguish a fake Xiaomi Mi Power Bank without packaging

In appearance, even a fake power bank is very similar to a real one, so it is more difficult to distinguish a fake without packaging than with a box. But only at first glance. looking closely, the difference is quite noticeable. First of all, this is an inaccurately written container on one of the sides of the gadget. Secondly, the build quality of the gadget, to which the real manufacturer is very responsible. All parts are carefully adjusted to each other, small LEDs look exactly in their place, no play is felt when the button is pressed.

Faced with a fake version of the battery, you can notice differences in the design, which is far from being as neat and stylish, and in the inside of the case, where the real device has:

A fake device can have such shortcomings as large gaps, a sloppy button and LED lamps for determining the charge mode, the quality of which leaves much to be desired. Inside there are low-quality batteries and a board, by the appearance of which you can guess about a fake. The wires here are thin and because of this quickly overheat, all the inscriptions look a little blurry. And, if you look closely at the USB ports, you can see the clearly white color of the connectors. in the original version they are slightly beige.

Checking for originality Xiaomi Mi power bank 2

One of the newest products of the Xiaomi brand is the Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2 external battery. In appearance and parameters, it resembles a model from the previous series, but thanks to the company’s new approach to the production of electronics, it turned out to be more cost-effective. Although the popularity of external batteries and this Chinese manufacturer has led to the fact that you can find a lot of fakes on the market. Therefore, having decided to buy such a device, it is recommended to know how to check the originality of Xiaomi Power bank 2, avoiding problems with a reduced charge, a reduced service life and reliability that does not match the reputation of the brand.

Quality differences

A real Xiaomi external battery has a large capacity and decent voltage and current values. Thanks to this, the device itself charges quite quickly (within 6–9 hours), and a minimum of time is spent on charging other gadgets from it. Fake power banks allow you to charge a smartphone or tablet with an average battery capacity for 5-7 hours, although the fake Xiaomi model itself can charge overnight. The reason for fast charging is the smaller battery capacity. sometimes it’s not 10,000 mAh, but only 5 or 6 thousand.

You can check the authenticity by trying to charge any smartphone from a power bank. If the gadget is genuine, in 3-5 minutes the phone will be charged by a few percent. If the changes are almost imperceptible, most likely the device is fake.

What is the difference between the original Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and a fake

Xiaomi constantly pleases us with its new products and cool devices. The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet is no exception. It not only shows the time, but also helps to monitor the pulse, energy expended, steps taken.

Such a bracelet is most often chosen by people who monitor their health. Some buy it for fun.

For the first category of people, it is imperative to purchase the original device. It will cost about 2000 rubles, including delivery.

For those to whom the bracelet is just an addition to the everyday look, you can also purchase a copy. It does its job well, but it costs five times cheaper.

Comparison of original bracelet and copy

Why is a fake bracelet not good for monitoring your health? Let’s compare the copy and the original of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 bracelet. Then everything will immediately become clear.

    Fake watch cases are slightly larger than the original ones.

In favor of a fake, it is worth noting that all data on the screen is displayed in a size larger than in the original.

Yes, and on the Internet there are many offers in the form of straps of different colors for this bracelet. Precisely fakes.

But the inflexible strap does not provide a full fit of the device to the hand. If the hand is full, then it’s okay, but on a thin wrist there will be a huge gap. As a result, the results of the indicators differ significantly in the fake and original bracelet.

Smartphone connection

Both devices can be synchronized with a smartphone. But the applications used for this purpose will be different.

Original Xiaomi Mi Band 3 will connect via MiFit. By the way, other Xiaomi sports gadgets are easily connected to it.

For a copy, you need the Yoho Sport program. At first it was entirely in English. The released update made the program language Russian.

The menu of the MiFit program is more conveniently thought out than in Yoho. The latter, by the way, does not yet have a battery charge sensor.

But there is one cool feature called “Shake to Selfie”. If you shake the bracelet, the Yoho Sport app launches the smartphone’s camera and takes a picture.

In general, both bracelets can exist. True, they can be used for different purposes. Choose what is closer to you.

if the barcode showed China, then the bracelet is not original

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