Xiaomi phone what to do if you forgot the password

Xiaomi phone what to do if you forgot the password

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We keep all the information about ourselves in smartphones: photos and videos, bank cards, contacts, passwords from mail and social networks. Each person sets passwords on their device to hide personal information from prying eyes. This helps to protect the device, but what to do if the owner himself has forgotten the coveted combination? In the article, we analyzed several ways to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone if you forgot the password.

We keep all the information about ourselves in smartphones: photos and videos, bank cards, contacts, passwords from mail and social networks. Each person sets passwords on their device to hide personal information from prying eyes. This helps to protect the device, but what to do if the owner himself has forgotten the coveted combination?

In the article, we analyzed several ways to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone if you forgot the password.

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How to unlock Xiaomi without losing personal data

Practice shows that a blocked device is hollow. After all, in the end, you can always roll back to factory settings, completely relying the gadget. Another thing is that together with such a collapse, an automatic cleaning of a mobile device will occur from all content contained on it, including all photos and video files, as well as the whole correspondence. And this is often fraught with even more serious consequences than just a gadget breakdown.

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Password restoring the Google Account

That is why you should not rush with complete collapse, and it is better to resort instead to more sparing methods, especially since they were provided for by the developers. So, a clear example of this is the restoration of the data blocked together with the device created earlier by Google’s account. And before proceeding with the description of this technique, it is worth noting that it will only work if before the blocking the user regularly synchronized his own data with a tied account.

Subject to these conditions, it is recommended to perform the following actions:

  • First of all, the wrong code should be entered as many times as it will be required so that the question “Forgot the password to be on the gadget screen?”(Usually this is a five.Time incorrect introduction of signs).
  • Next, it is recommended to indicate the login and password from your own Google Account, using the opened windows for entering.
  • After the manipulations made, the gadget system will offer to change the smartphone password. It is precisely this proposal that its owner should take advantage of, at the same time unlocking the device and restoring access to all his data with minimal, or rather, with a complete absence of losses.

Perhaps today this method is the simplest and most effective for solving the problem. But if the owner of the smartphone did not use Google or his gadget works on the old firmware (below MIUI 8), then he will have to look for other ways to unlock.

Unlock with Mi Unlock from Xiaomi

Google was not used? It doesn’t matter, because there is also a Mi account, which is created on any model of the Xiaomi smartphone with a mandatory link to the current phone number (good, the SIM card can be removed from the blocked device and rearranged to another gadget) and an electronic mailbox. As for further actions, they are formed in a simple algorithm:

  • First of all, you need to go with the PC to the official website of Xiaomi, as well as find and download the proprietary utility Mi Unlock.
  • Next, a direct connection of a blocked gadget to a PC by means of a complete USB cable is performed.
  • The next stage implies the transition to the Mi account and forced reloading the device through simultaneously squeezing the power button and the volume reduction button. This will automatically move on to FASTBOOT mode.
  • At the finish stage, the apparatus is re-connecting to the PC and its unlocking without any harm for personal data.

Hard reset Xiaomi Redmi 7 M1810F6LG. Remove pin, pattern, password lock.

The use of MIM accounting involves another method that involves confirmation of the password reset with the further introduction of the address of the synchronized image or phone number. After these actions, a letter containing a special code must come to the specified address, which must be inserted into an open restoration column.

And if everything was done correctly, then the user will just have to come up with a new password. If the letter did not come to the specified address, then it is worth looking for it in the “Spam” section or make a second request.

Password restoring by phone number

Another option to restore mi account. By phone number. This methods, as through the mail, is official, so it works with a one hundred percent guarantee.

To restore the number, access to the tied SIM card will be required.

xiaomi, phone, forgot, password

Now for access to the account will be used exactly the password that you came up with. If necessary, it can be changed already in the account settings. This is one of the easiest ways to restore the password.

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Attention! If the verification code does not come, wait a couple of minutes and click on the “Repeat Sending” button. She is located next to the code input field. If this does not help, try to restore access using email addresses.

How to get around the Mi Account Xiaomi or “half.Brick” =) ⁠ ⁠

Things happen. But you forgot the password from your Chinese and made a hard razm. As a result. Got a brick.

Let’s imagine that you have gathered all the passwords and nowhere to recover. What to do?

P.S. A bunch of such devices for a penny are now sold in pawnshops. I took Redmi 5 in full set in perfect condition for only 1000 holes.

Mi Account Xiaomi. Appleid. Print from him passwords you get a brick, but some versions of iOS I still learned to go around with a creak of teeth.

No firmware from 4pda will help to get around the account. One horseradish you will get the same brick.

We take us means our brick and start with Hard Reset (the bodies must be perfectly clean).

Add a new network and in the network input named after the network we highlight the introduced symbols and click “Lupa”.

In the line of the capture google we introduce “settings”. (The settings menu should fall out for the choice).

All this can be circumvented in two ways at the moment, this is the “second space”. Eats a bunch of resources and is useless, as for me and frp. This is precisely the FRP we consider, because we get a fully working device, but without the possibility of a future update and with a “carved” from the Mi Account system.

About the phone. Version of miui (clatter 6-7 times like to become a developer). Unknown sources of a checkbox

Extended. For developers, factory unlocking ivopation by USB.

7.1 We connect to PC and download ADB (put all the firewood that ADB will offer).

7.2 My computer. With. ADB with the right button on the folder. Open the command window.

At this stage, we climb into the system itself. Brick is not even more oxirized, but having assholes. Everything is allowed.

(Adb Shell). We are waiting for the determination of the port and inscriptionsfull inscriptions. Clake Enter

(PM Uninstall.K.-user 0 com.Xiaomi.Finddevice). All gaps and punctuation marks are observed by clatter Enter.

We return to the device at the very beginning of activation.

How to reset xiaomi or any other mobile Forgotten password | 100% Working

At this stage, we wiped Mi Account from the system, we can already configure it as a new device, but we need to break the brick))) We go further. (At this stage, when rebooting, he can sometimes request an account again, so we continue).

Supply the application “FindMydevice” and put it.

No system updates do not install, because you will have to go over again.

You will not tie your Mi Account, because we cut out this function from the system.

Method 5. Deleting protective files

In order not to fall into such situations with a password in the future, we can advise one simple solution to this problem. Deleting files in the phone that are responsible for the blocking password.

To delete these files, you will not need an Internet connection or computer.

  • You need to go to the Recovery menu and select the Advanced item and then File Manager.
  • You went to the phone file system where you need to select the Data-System item and delete 5 files that are responsible for the passwords of the locks of the Gesture smartphone itself.Key, Password.Key, Locksettings.DB, Locksettings.DB-Wal and Locksettings.DB-SHM “.
  • Reload your device and the case is done, all passwords are removed from the smartphone, it starts in normal mode. And the lock screen will no longer disturb you.
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System reset. Hard Reset

If in any way it is not possible to activate the phone and reset data, then you can apply the hard method. Hard Reset. This method completely erases all user data, so it will be excellent if the user has a cloud storage of his data. We charge the phone up to 80% at least before the procedure, pull out the memory card and SIM card:

It will be good if the Recovery Twrp program is installed on the phone. The owner needs to find access to the Internet or to the computer. Further, the algorithm for deleting protective files is this:

After that, the device will not ask the user to use the data, ask for the entry of the code.

How to unlock the Xiaomi phone if you forgot the password: two relevant ways

There are many recommendations on unlocking smartphones on the Internet, but only 2 solutions are suitable for Xiaomi products. The first option provides for data saving, but only for users that the bootloader was pre.Unlock and the TWRP Recovery was pre.Unlock. The second option is ideal for people using official firmware and software Xiaomi. But the second method has a significant minus. All recorded data after unlocking will disappear (the phone will be returned to factory settings).

There are no other working methods. Therefore, if the user forgot the Xiaomi Mi or Redmi password, then he has two ways out of the current situation. Use the tips below or submit memory and remember the password. In other cases, access to the functionality of the phone will be blocked. By the way, the proposed options for restoration of access are not only suitable for a numerical password. That is, if a person installed and forgot the Xiaomi graphic password, then he can still unlock the phone.

Next, we will talk in detail about the methods of removing the password, and at the end of the article we will attach a video instruction that demonstrates the effectiveness of the application of the presented methods in practice.

How to turn off the lock on Redmi forever

If you no longer want to ask the question of how to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone, you should turn off the protection or delete this opportunity (this may be needed, for example, if the gadget sometimes falls into the hands of young children who press everything in a row). But take into account that in the case of the theft or loss of the device, your data, including information about the connected bank cards will not be protected from outsiders.

Delete all the files with which the lock is carried out can also be through the TWRP program:

  • Turn off the mobile device;
  • Enter the FASTBOOT service using the simultaneous holding of the inclusion and increase button;
  • Click Cancel to cancel the proposal to set a new graphic password;
  • Open the Advanced menu “Extended settings”;
  • Next, click File Manager;
  • Go to the DATA section;
  • Open the System folder;
  • Find and delete Ocksettings files.DB-Shm, Locksettings.DB-Wal, Locksettings.DB-Wal, Gesture.Key and Password.Key;
  • Return to the main screen and restart the device.

It will not be possible to allocate several files for deleting in the program. It is necessary to open and demolish each of them separately.

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