Xiaomi Note 5 Replace Screen

Suggest you do repair Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 at the Multiservice Service Center. We specialize in repairing Xiaomi smartphones and gadgets, and the experience of the masters and the availability of the necessary equipment allows us to perform it quickly, professionally and with a guarantee. Contact us if you need to replace the case or screen, repair or replace any parts with new ones, restore a phone that, for unknown reasons, does not work or has been drowned. We will provide professional assistance and repair Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 at an affordable price. You can contact us for advice, having received answers to your questions. We will advise on the services of the service center (basic and additional), their prices, as well as options for recovering your mobile phone based on the symptoms voiced by you. For communication, leave a contact phone number by filling out the online form, or call us at the phone numbers listed on the site.

Xiaomi Note 5 Replace Screen

Why is it better for you to repair Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 in Multiservice?

We give you 3 guarantees of quality repair and ease of cooperation with us:

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 repair in Kiev

Replacement of glass (sensor), separate from the phone screen:

The most asked question is whether you need to repair the screen (replace the sensor) of the phone or replace the screen of the phone.

The masters of our service center for repairing telephones after a short diagnosis are qualified to answer this question. As a result of the phone’s diagnostics, the service center wizard will determine whether replacing the touch screen or the glass of the phone will help, or if the complete display module of the phone is needed. By phone screen repair, we mean the separation of broken touch glass or cracked phone glass (lamination of the display module) with the further replacement of the phone screen glass with a new one, using OSA technology.

Symptoms in which it is possible to repair and replace a broken sensor (glass) of the phone:

Symptoms in which you need to replace the phone screen assembly:

Modern smartphones. quite complex and productive devices, sometimes comparable to personal computers. Phones are running powerful software that sometimes crashes for various reasons. This can be either the impact of viruses or incorrect user actions, or manufacturer’s flaws. A software malfunction causes the phone to freeze or even turn off the smartphone completely. Of. For the many protections provided by smartphone manufacturers, it is not always possible to repair the phone by conventional firmware. With a non-professional approach, there is a high probability of exacerbating the malfunction and bringing the phone to a state “bricks”. Here specialized repair programs come to the rescue, but the cost of a license for them is quite high. Therefore, they are not available to the ordinary user for single use. We are glad to inform you that we have a number of professional repair programs for restoring and flashing the phone, and the masters of our service center have vast experience in the program recovery of phones.