Xiaomi Note 10 Recording Calls

The MIUI shell on Xiaomi smartphones has a fairly extensive built-in functionality, which saves you from numerous searches for the necessary programs in the market. This article will focus on the built-in conversation recording feature. This option is available on all versions of the MIUI shell. Consider the “call recording” function on the example of xiaomi redmi note 3 pro.

Unlike third-party solutions. the built-in voice recorder writes very good sound quality in mp3 format, there is no echo and other interference. This function can greatly help in everyday life, recording conversations in which there is a lot of information for further transfer of all data to paper or to a notebook. It is possible that the recorded conversation may be evidence of any illegal actions of a person.

It is worth mentioning that in each country the laws on recording a conversation are very different. In many countries, it is forbidden to record a telephone conversation or only partially permitted. In the Russian Federation, recording conversations is permitted, but with some restrictions. For more information, we turn to the Constitution of the Russian Federation (article 23, part two):

Everyone has the right to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic and other messages. The restriction of this right is allowed only on the basis of a court decision.

In practice, this means that you are allowed to record the conversation, but you are only allowed to listen to it, otherwise disclosing information or distributing the recording amounts to a violation of the above article.

Turn on and configure call recording

To enable one-time recording of a conversation on xiaomi, during a call, click “” and select “Record” in a pop-up window. How to enable permanent recording of all conversations, we will consider a little later.

To get to the settings, you need to go to the dialer (dialer or dialer), where we go to “Settings”. “Other settings”. “Recording settings”.

Xiaomi Note 10 Recording Calls

The following options will be available for you in this menu:

  • Show call recording notification
  • Record all calls automatically
  • From which numbers to record calls (from all, from unknowns, from numbers from the list)

You can listen to all recordings of conversations in the recorder. They can also be found in the file manager, where they will be saved after the call is completed, in the MIUI / sound_recorder / call_rec folder located by default in the device’s internal memory (tested on xiaomi mi5).

Third Party Solutions

The Android operating system, unlike many others, supports the ability to record calls and provides developers with access to api, (deeper integration with the system). In practice, this means that you can use third-party programs to record voice on any android device, if there is no restriction from the manufacturer. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the built-in function, you can try one of the recommended applications.

Pros of third-party solutions

  • Ability to choose a program with a convenient interface
  • Numerous flexible settings

Cons of third-party solutions

  • There are no guarantees of the correct operation of programs on your OS version
  • Increased battery consumption

Call Recorder

The program supports automatic recording of calls, saving files in the Dropbox and Google Drive clouds, all that is missing is the choice of sound recording quality. In the paid version, you will have a voice recorder and the ability to automatically turn on recording only when talking with certain contacts. In the settings of the signal source, select Voice Communications. this is simultaneously receiving data from a microphone and from a line. You can record in one of four formats: AMR, WAV, AAC or 3GP.