Xiaomi Mijia Bt4 0 Customization

Xiaomi seems to have noticed how popular Lenovo’s hybrid smartwatch has become. Now the manufacturer brings to the market its version of the gadget. Xiaomi Mijia SYB01. Classic design, high autonomy and a limited number of “smart” functions. at first glance they resemble Lenovo’s counterparts, but they cost more. What is unique about this watch? Let’s figure it out.

High quality watches

The term “hybrid smart watch” to some extent already defines the design. At first glance, Xiaomi Mijia SYB01 is an ordinary wristwatch. There is no display. only a classic dial. The gadget is available in three colors: gray, black and white. Thin watches. only 11.9 mm, diameter. 40 mm. The case is made of stainless steel (316L), the dial is covered with tempered glass. It is noteworthy that the Lenovo Watch 9, which costs three times cheaper, uses ultra-strong sapphire crystal.

Xiaomi Mijia SYB01 (left) and Lenovo Watch 9

The black version of the watch fell on the test. The dial design is the same on all Mijia models. It is minimalistic, without numbers. Under the main hands showing the time, there is an additional scale for counting steps. There is a limit of 20 thousand steps, which is strange. they could do more.

Tempered glass is convex outward, slightly curved at the edges. The transition from glass to the housing is devoid of gaps. The bottom side of the gadget is also curved on all sides, so the side of the device is very thin. It looks more compact than it actually is.

Particular attention is paid to comfort.

The watch is very comfortable on your hand. over, they weigh only 42 grams. almost half as much as competitors from Lenovo. You stop feeling them on your hand in a minute. That’s cool.

Leather strap greatly enhances comfort. According to the manufacturer, Italian leather is used. This fact partially justifies the higher price than competitors who use plastic and metal. According to personal feelings, the quality of the skin is average.

The strap length is 24 centimeters. The watch has a moisture protection standard of 3 ATM. resistance to splashing water. If you want to swim without removing the accessory from your hand, it is advised to take a closer look at other models, for example, Amazfit Stratos.

Functionality and Mi Home App

Xiaomi Mijia SYB01 do not have a display, but are a smart watch. To use all the functions you need to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth (version 4.0). First you need to install the branded Mi Home app on your smartphone. It is available for Android and iOS, and is also downloaded after scanning the QR code in the watch instructions. If you already have Xiaomi smart devices at home, then you do not need to download additional applications. everything works in one program. The interface is in English, but the controls and settings are intuitive.

Xiaomi Mijia Bt4 0 Customization

The watch connects quickly to the smartphone. To work, you need to have a Mi account. In the application, you need to add a new device and follow the further instructions. The initial setup includes entering personal data. height, weight, age.

First setup

The time is synchronized with the smartphone and set automatically. Be sure to select the correct time zone in the settings, since in China there is no “summer time”.

First, it is recommended to calibrate the gadget. To do this, select “Hand calibration” in the application in the upper right corner of the application, then “Calibrate the watch hands” and then follow the simple instructions in the pictures.

Xiaomi Hybrid Smart Watch Features

The watch has a built-in pedometer. The results can be viewed both in the application and on the watch. In the application, you can track statistics for several days, and not only in steps, but also in calories, distance.

Inside the gadget, a vibration motor is built-in. You can configure the vibration notification at a specific time interval. from a minute to an hour. The watch vibrates during the alarm, while waking up only you, and not the whole house. Also, the device should notify during an incoming call, but in our test this function did not work. The motor, by the way, is weak, the vibrations are barely noticeable.

Six months of battery life

Analogs from Lenovo were remembered for their high autonomy. Xiaomi could not afford to concede in this indicator. Of course, we could not verify the declared 6 months of work. However, given the lack of a display and most “smart features”, the result is quite achievable. The watch uses a CR2430 battery (270 mAh).

The application does not have information about the remaining charge, but you can see how many hours are already running on one battery. It is not difficult to change the battery: removed the strap, tucked the back cover with a small screwdriver and you’re done.


To be honest, I expected more from the watch for 80. I really liked the design, assembly and wearing comfort, but in modern realities this is not enough.

If we talk about smart watches, albeit hybrid ones, there should be something more inside than a normal pedometer and a weak vibration motor. I hope that Xiaomi will add some features by updating the mobile application.

Buying Mijia SYB01 only makes sense if you want a stylish high-quality watch plus a pedometer. If you want a smart watch in a classic design, then Lenovo Watch X offers more useful features (there is even a heart rate monitor), but it costs less. If you do not want to overpay for bells and whistles, your choice is Lenovo Watch 9. If you need a good fitness tracker, feel free to take Xiaomi Mi Band 3.