Xiaomi Mi5 Doesn’t See Wifi 5 GHz

Mi Wi-Fi Router Mini: installation and setup is easy

Your smart home will become even smarter thanks to this efficient, multi-functional device. Wi-Fi Router Mini is not just a router. It is compatible with many smart devices: lamps, air conditioning and even a TV. The router operates at a frequency of 2.4 GHz for regular Internet surfing and 5 GHz for colorful games or volumetric operations.

The router can be used with many smartphones from different manufacturers. The design of the Wi-Fi Router Mini is suitable for any interior, and is available in three colors: black and white, as well as blue. In addition, the Mi Wi-Fi Router Mini can be easily installed and configured by following these instructions.


Xiaomi Mi5 Doesnt See Wifi 5 GHz

The router is packaged compactly and securely in a sand-colored box. In the upper right corner you will see the elegant logo Мі. Pulling out the inside of the box, you will find the following objects:

1. Router. It is covered with a protective
film. Remove it and lift the “ears” of the antenna to get started and examine the back panel of the device:

2. Adapter. Please note that it is adapted to work in the vastness of China, whose outlet standards are different. Therefore, in order to connect the router you will need to purchase the appropriate adapter for the domestic connector.

3. Instruction manual. It is written in Chinese and has no translation into either Russian or English. Therefore, you can put it back in the box and start installing the Mi Wi-Fi Router Mini without undue worry, following the steps below.


1. Connect the power cord pre-adapted for our socket to the corresponding hole. To understand that the device is ready for use, look at its front part, a blue light will flash on it.

2. Now connect your WAN cable to the blue port.

3. Open the MAC address from your ISP.

4. Connect your device via wi-fi to the router. You have two options depending on your goals: Xiaomi_xx is 2.4 GHz and Xiaomi_xx_5G is 5 GHz.

5. Next, wait until the “Router Setup Wizard” opens or manually enter the IP address. and follow the steps below:

Voila! That’s so quick and easy Mi Wi-Fi Router Mini is ready to work on the Internet. You just need to update the configured connection and login and password. You are connected.

If you need to work with other configurations, you need to enter the “Router Settings”. To do this, enter your IP and password. This will open a page in your favorite Chinese. But it can be translated through Chrome. And in a familiar language, enter the aforementioned section. Also on this page you can find out your status and connection speed. Enjoy your use!