Xiaomi Mi True Left Earphone Does Not Work

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The operation of a wireless headset is based on receiving data from a device by means of various data transmission methods. It can be radio communication, infrared receiver, Bluetooth connection. Xiaomi wireless earbuds adopt the latter method, which is due to the simplicity and reliability of the connection and ease of use.

How to solve this problem?

Solving the problem is painfully simple. you need to synchronize the headset by performing a complete reset of the headset.

To reset Xiaomi wireless headphones, you need to turn them off. Pinch the touchpads and hold them until the lights turn reddish. Press the panels again and hold for 30-50 seconds. AirDots should turn on (you will see it by the blinking white indicator), after 10-20 seconds the lights will turn red and white and blink twice. It is necessary to hold the buttons pressed until the lights go out, and then blink a couple more times. This is a signal indicating the successful completion of the repair.

Place the discarded headset in the case for 5 seconds and take it out. Synchronization starts. When the left earpiece manages to find the right one and pair, try to connect to the phone. If the headset works, you will hear stereo sound.

This method works with both Mi AirDots and Redmi AirDots. In the case of wireless headphones of the Redmi line, you need to wait until they beep twice, all other points of the annotation remain without configuration.

After a full reset, a situation may appear when the phone sees both headphones as two separate devices. In this case, connect the right earpiece, wait for it to start working, and press the button on the left. Both earbuds should sync.

There is another method to make both AirDots connect. This procedure is also very routine and will not take long. The main thing is not to rush and follow the sequence of actions:

  • remove the headset case, close and make sure that it is charged;
  • if the battery is charged, take out one earphone;
  • wait for the earphone to turn on automatically and turn it off forcibly with a long press;
  • pinch the panel and hold it until the reddish indicator turns on;
  • take out the 2nd earphone and do the same actions with it in the same sequence;
  • put the headset with the glowing reddish indicators in the case.

After these manipulations, the headphones should be synchronized and work in stereo mode.

If it didn’t work for you the first time, repeat the function. May also help clear Bluetooth app data on phone.

How to fix the problem

Depending on the breakdown, the Bluetooth device can be repaired, either at home or by contacting a service center. Small breakdowns and shortcomings can be corrected by hand.

Full discharge

The safest reason is the ordinary discharge of the battery. The case must be connected via USB to a power source, and then place the ear pads in the “sockets” for wireless charging.

The dots should be cut in automatically after being removed from the case, but this will not happen if the docking station is discharged: manual activation by a long press on the buttons is useful. For the same reason, the earbuds may not turn off in the case without the help of others, so always look at the charge level.

Incorrect settings exposed

By default, many phones transmit audio signals through the speaker rather than through the headphones. You need to do the following:

  • Go to phone options.
  • Find the name Sound or Sound Source (maybe a little different, depending on the model).
  • Select headphones as source.

Disconnecting and Re-pairing

One of the solutions to the obstacle can be a new connection of headphones. Owners of Apple AirPods must disconnect the pods from the phone and place them in the case to make the reconfiguration:

  • Open the Bluetooth menu on your phone, select “AirPods” in the list of devices.
  • Go to the headphone options (by clicking on the blue icon with the letter i, circled).
  • In the window that opens, tap “Forget this device”.
  • Put the headphones in the case, but leave the case cover open.
  • Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds. It is located on the back of the case.
  • Do not release the reset button until the indicator starts flashing orange.
  • The AirPods are reconfigured. Restart your phone and pair your headphones and phone again.

One earbud disconnected

When the sound does not come from only 1 earphone, the situation is more suitable. A system crash usually occurs, resulting in an out of sync. We already knew in a separate manual how to return binaural mode. Let’s duplicate the basic information here.

One earphone does not work on a computer or laptop

There may be several reasons for the lack of sound in headphones when connected to a PC:

  • Necessary drivers for the network card are not installed.
  • Not installed drivers for the device itself.
  • The sound level is set to a low value or completely off.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds

No wires


I bought it for my wife, she is very happy. Some complain about the microphone, I personally do not share these complaints, I speak with my wife on the phone, I can hear her perfectly.

Bad sound

Wired is three times cheaper than quality, just a finger from China

Price, quality, look and sound are decent.

I haven’t found it in half a year.

Great headphones. They play well. The bass is there. They hold the charge well. The range is normal, indoors, through walls 5-6 meters.

-Good sound
-do not fall out of the ears and fit well
-good appearance

For almost a year of use, the case got a little scratched and the lid broke, but despite this, the headphones are excellent

I advise everyone)))

The sound completely satisfies me, especially for the price.
The case crunches a little, but it is not noticeable at all, the lid does not play, etc.
As for me, it keeps the charge for a very long time, on a single charge I can walk for over 1 week or more.

I never found them for myself, except that it very rarely happens that after returning the headphones to the case, they do not start charging immediately, but recently this has not happened.

For such a price, they hardly have competitors, and after one earphone dropped into tea and the earpiece was completely working, I was shocked: D

Sound quality
They hold a charge for a very long time, and the case can also be used as a power bank
Noise reduction at altitude
Do not wheeze
Microphone presence

– Sometimes fall out
– When you want to fix them, you accidentally press the button
– Although the microphone is present, its quality is not very good

Although I use it for a week, I really liked them, because there are no competitors for this price.

Price. No problem connection.

Didn’t notice

I bought it as a gift, my wife liked it!

Very good price for quality sound


Good price and high-quality sound, keeps charging for a long time


Price quality, great sound.

For conversation, of course, it is better to take from an apple manufacturer. The microphone suffers

Great ears for music)

no wires and hold a charge for 2-2.5 hours.

bluetooth often falls off and the headphones are out of sync, the sound is C grade. Bluetooth 5.0 is a complete mess.

if you have an increased requirement for the quality of the reproduced sound, then I do not recommend these headphones to you. money down the drain.

Sound quality, long battery life, low price.

Six months later, they began to “fall off”, “lose” each other, etc.

Recommend but not with certainty.

Compact, hold a charge well, quickly charge from the case, good sound quality.

Not very comfortable to sit in the ear.

In general, the headphones justified their price very much)

Great sound and great price.


Compact, good sound, long battery life

Did not reveal

Great headphones for the money. Enough for 1-1.5 weeks if used without fanaticism. The declared playing hours are kept without problems.

Mobility, lack of wires, of course) The sound is not so terrible

Charge (or rather, the very need for charging, but this is understandable)
You can lose the earphone while running

What can be said after a year of use. The charge was greatly reduced, the headphones are enough for half an hour of active listening, which does not suit me. I used my headphones almost every day. The experience, of course, is positive, but most likely, I will return to the “wire”.

The sound is super, the bluetooth pairing is good.


Price, quality, ease of use. Do not fall out.

It is not convenient to use on the plane due to the large number of mobile devices per capita. Difficult to connect even if the device is already paired.

We liked it very much. The duration of a single charge is powerful. In addition to flights, they did not let us down anywhere else. I use it on the way to work, from work, in the office via a bluetooth adapter (connected to a computer.

In my ear, the sound of music is quite suitable! They are assembled well, the price is affordable, they fit securely. I was also pleased with the button (if you need to talk or pay at the checkout, just clicked and everything calmed down. Then again. and it worked).

A disadvantage that overrides any advantages: In any doubtful situation, it loses connection with the smartphone! Now for half a second, then less, then more, but the connection is lost! It becomes impossible to listen to music until you get into a zone favorable for them.

Xiaomi Mi True Left Earphone Does Not Work

I took it purely for trial, to find out which one to walk with wireless headphones. But my mistake was that I checked them and forgot about them, tk. was on vacation and did not go to much. Then I remembered, and on the first trip I ran into the disadvantage that I wrote above. I realized that it was already impossible to return, and using them was not an option. Now I use it either in the car or at home. And again I go with wired ones. I’m afraid to take others.

Absolutely invisible in the ears (excluding ear pads).
Do not fly out, sit comfortably.
Pretty good sound.
Simple sync.
Water resistant! (I might be lucky)

Rare cases of waiting (1-3 minutes) for synchronization with a smartphone (but here it is more likely the fault of the old iPhone SE smartphone)

For its price (I took it at a discount of 1200), the headphones are just wonderful!
And the main thing for me in them is the advantage and shock. this is work after scrolling one earphone (by mistake, of course) in a full wash cycle.
over, it was not immediately discovered and lay in the washing machine for several more hours.
After several vain attempts to turn it on, I lost hope of working.
But, a month later, already going to buy new ones, I decided to fully charge the case with the headphones inside. And, lo and behold, the right one turned on!
It remains only to resynchronize them and you’re done. Work like new!

Still, in comparison with AirPods, the sound is better here and the price tag does not bite. One and a half hours hold a charge.

Turn the tower slightly, asynchronous left earphone. From time to time they can “fall off” by themselves, starting with the left earphone and then start reconnecting to smart

At 2.5 out of 5 it will go, purely because of the sound quality, price tag and one and a half hours of headphone battery charge.
But I didn’t like the constant desynchronization and reconnection

Good sound
Distance range
Fast charge
Holds for a long time

Well, let’s start with the fact that these are already my second TVs from Xiaomi.
To begin with, these headphones are different. For example, Xiaomi TVs, which were released on 06/26/2020, do not have any indicator on the case. And for the headphones on 09/04/2020, the charging case has a red indicator, although I still don’t understand why. When charging the case, it is constantly on.
Now I will describe the headphones themselves in general. The sound in the nickname is really good, but since I used TVs only from this company, I cannot compare with other TVs, but I will compare with wired ones. Throughout my life, I have used a huge bunch of wired headphones, ranging from 49 rubles and ending in 2000. So I want to say that not a single wired headphone from these price categories stood next to the sound that Xiaomi has here.
That in those that in these TVs the sound range is 7 meters. After 7 meters, the sound already starts to disappear, although it says on the box that the sound range is 10 m.I believe that this does not correspond, therefore, this is a minus.
But I was very disappointed with the headphones that were released later. Why? Well, there are common problems with the connection. That is, you get out of the case, but they are not connected, because they are turned off, but in theory and in practice they should turn on automatically and connect to the phone, but practice shows the opposite. I would not say that this is just a private problem, no, but I still consider it a disadvantage. By the way, there was no such problem with the headphones that were made earlier.
The next problem is the problem of sound jamming. She met me on old TVs. I would not say that often either, but sometimes I heard the music stuck and then accelerated, which was not very pleasant to hear. On new ones, I have not noticed such a problem yet. And I also want to note that on new TVs, when you insert the headphones into the case, they do not turn off. But this is already happening often now. over, I will even note that the headphones, being in the case, can themselves connect to your phone (new TVs), I noticed such a shnyaga already 4 times, although this was not on the old TVs.
In principle, that’s all I wanted to say. A relatively poor microphone can also be noted. That in those that in these it is noisy, and it also happens that when recording a voice. the microphone may not record, that is, it may stick and miss a couple of letters
Recommend for purchase? Well, if you’re lucky and you come across headphones that are better or similar for 06/26/2020, then of course take. And if you drop out headphones that are new like mine, then I can help you


On the second song, the left earpiece starts to stutter. Can be reloaded, but on the second song see above


Sound quality.

Small, compact, lightweight, good sound, good noise cancellation, good battery holding.

Sometimes they turn on and do not disconnect arbitrarily, but this rarely happens.

For almost a year, while I go with them, there were almost no shortcomings. Of the advantages:
Good sound quality
The convenience of wireless headphones
Doesn’t stick out of your ears like Apple’s bananas
Do not fall out with strong shaking.

The shape may not suit everyone
In cold weather, they lose their charge 2-3 times faster (now I have 6 ° C).
When cleaning with napkins, they were out of sync, they made them to me in the CSN. So be careful

Recommend for purchase

They keep charging for a long time, you can go about 7 hours without charging the headphones themselves, maybe more, but under 7 hours of use they have already been discharged to 10 percent.

there is no way to see the charge of the case, only the headphones themselves, the lid of the case itself is slightly loose, not critical

The sound in the headphones is good, but the bass is too strong (I don’t consider this an advantage or a disadvantage), a little less and it would be great

They are cheap, they perform their function.

The sound is C grade, crackling next to the power line, sometimes even the connection disappears from the metro.

1) Sound 2) Price 3) Quality.

1) Slippery surface.

These are the best headphones for the price.

good case, headphones don’t fall out
comfortable shape for the ears
a sufficiently large distance at which they work from each other
fully charges in 40-50 minutes
not heavy, ears do not hurt

– the button is sometimes pressed by itself
– sometimes the left earphone becomes louder, fixed by a regular reboot
– the charge lasts only for 2-3 hours
– very flat sound without equalizer

I have been using it for more than a year, everything is fine. I slightly adjusted the sound with the equalizer on the phone and it is quite possible to listen. There is not enough charge at all, you have to put it in a case every two hours.

Sound. for its price it is not even bad, light, do not fall out of ears

A week later, the right earpiece stopped working

What should be included with Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds

Inside is another thinner cardboard box with compartments. Each of them contains a case with Xiaomi Mi Earbuds, as well as instructions in Chinese and English.

Another set of ear cushions of different sizes.

The headphone case is wrapped in a protective transparent film. It protects it from scratches and damage.

For popular device models, Xiaomi makes a special version of the headphones for export to different countries. In their kit, you can find instructions in Russian. But if the device is supposed to be sold in your country, it will be in Chinese. Translation into English exists for the reason that it is considered international.

Parameters: Features Xiaomi Earbuds
Connection method:Bluetooth 5.0
Battery capacity:43 mAh
Time of autonomous continuous work:4 hours
Opening hours from case:12 hours

Instruction: Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds

Xiaomi is trying to be in trend, releasing budget devices and accessories with good quality. Not so long ago, Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds appeared on the market, but the manual for them may be in English and Chinese. This article will help you understand the device and replace the instruction manual.

Instructions for connecting Xiaomi Earbuds to the phone

Unfortunately, in the instructions for Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds, we cannot read about the connection method if we do not speak a foreign language. This is not necessary, we will now demonstrate this process. You just have to repeat these steps to connect your headphones to your smartphone. Prepare devices for connection, move other Bluetooth devices away or turn off so they do not interfere with the process. Also make sure the headphones have enough power to connect.

Follow our instructions:

  • Now remove both earbuds from the case. The red lights on both earbuds will immediately light up. Wait until one of them (right) turns white;
  • The indicator on Xiaomi Earbuds should blink quickly in white. Now we turn to setting up the smartphone. Open a Bluetooth window on it;
  • If the headphone model is not displayed yet, start a new search.

Select your headphone model from the list of devices

When the model is found, select it from the list and the earbuds will be connected. Check their work by starting the track playback in the player. The right earpiece is always displayed because it is the master or master. According to the instructions, first the left earphone is connected to it, and then both are paired with the phone.

Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Case

The color of the case can be black or white. Mostly, users choose black. Inside and outside, it has a matte surface. But the headphones themselves are made of shiny, body-friendly plastic.

The lid of the case works on the basis of a magnet. It is easy to open and close. Under the lid, there are two niches that fit the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds. They are also magnetized, so they will not fall out even if the case is turned over.

Upon first unpacking, each of the earbuds will have a protective film that can be removed.

According to the instructions, it plays the role of a moisture barrier in case of temperature changes in case of long-term storage of the headphones in warehouses. The headphones are equipped with a mechanical button. as well as an indicator Light diodes are needed to determine the current operating mode of the device. Both the case and the headphones themselves have contacts through which their battery is recharged.

Xiaomi Earbuds case is equipped with a port for a charger.

But for unknown reasons, the device itself, or even a cable to it, is not included. Perhaps the manufacturer believes that every user has it. Since the charger is suitable for a mobile phone. But in fact, users often have to buy the charger separately, which leaves a negative impression on the product.

How to use wireless headphones

The buttons on the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds allow you to control music and microphone while they are located in your ears. Their buttons are easy enough to press. But when pressed, you need to slightly hold their body so that they do not press deeper into the ear opening. The headphones work equally well with Google Assistant and Siri without any problems. depending on your mobile phone model.

To call the assistant, you must press the button twice. Using the built-in microphone, you can ask your question or ask to turn down or turn up the volume of the music. To pause the track, press the button once. Pressing again will resume playback. If suddenly you incorrectly connected them or only one earbud, you can reset their settings. To do this, hold both buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

The gadget can be used individually. Each of them represents an individual independent device. To connect only one, take it out of the case and find it in the list of connected Bluetooth devices. Use our instruction to connect the Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds above.

Operating instructions for Xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic

This new brand of wireless headset from Xaomi has entered the electronics market this spring (2019). The presence of Bluetooth makes it possible to synchronize the device with a mobile phone. To connect the device, you need to take some steps. For this, this instruction is written Xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic.

Headphones come on sale covered with a special film. The protective coating must be removed before use. Then the gadget should be placed in the docking station to charge its battery. While the battery is being filled with electricity, the indicator is red. When it changes to white, the device is ready to go. Now you can take the headphones out of the case. After a couple of seconds, they are activated. The left device automatically connects to the right one, which is confirmed by a white glow.

The next step is to activate the Bluetooth application on the mobile phone and find the available gadgets. Find Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R from the highlighted list of them and click the icon, thereby confirming the pairing operation. As a result, the contacts of the connected devices are exchanged. Next, the menu will display information about the status of the headset and the state of charge of its battery. The headset is now fully operational. In the future, the gadget will connect automatically, provided that Bluetooth is enabled on the smartphone.

One Mi true wireless earbuds not working?

It so happens that one earbud is functioning and the other is not. This is due to the fact that the pairing is lost for some reason. As a rule, the right device is connected to the smartphone, and the other operates directly through it. When the connection is lost, only one plays.

If you are wondering how to pair Mi true wireless earbuds, then you need to disconnect the headphones from the phone and pause the Bluetooth.

Instructions for Mi true wireless earbuds to pair with each other:

  • place the headset in the case;
  • remove and then press the buttons on the headphones and hold them for at least 15 seconds;
  • when the indication appears, the synchronization is reset, and a new pairing occurs between the devices.

The indication on one right device indicates a successful synchronization and you can now connect to your smartphone.

If, all the same, Mi true wireless earbuds do not work at the same time, then the above steps should be repeated more than once, until synchronization is completed. But when everything ends well, the device will work perfectly.

How to connect Mi true wireless earbuds?

The device comes in a convenient plastic charging case. The headset is designed in such a way that the ear pads can be used independently of each other. The headphones are placed securely, without causing discomfort to the listener, as they have a design that matches the structure of the human auricle. For a more secure fit, the set includes two additional pairs of ear pads. If you want to know more about Mi true wireless earbuds, how to connect them, then read our article.

Before using the device, remove the film protecting the contact surfaces and place them in the charging case. While the battery of the gadget is charging, the indicator light will glow red, which, when fully charged, changes to a white tone that disappears after a minute.

Connection Xiaomi mi true wireless earbuds basic

To connect headphones, you need a smartphone with a Bluetooth interface. The headset turns on when you remove it from the case and turns off automatically when you return it back. When the gadget is turned on, the left earphone also automatically connects to its partner. The indicator of the latter starts blinking in white.

Let’s start with the smartphone. Activate Bluetooth to discover available gadgets. Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R is the device we need (right earphone). Click it and accept the headphone pairing request, where you give permission to exchange contacts.

As soon as the connection is confirmed, the menu will display information about the status of the headset and the state of charge of its battery. The connection ended successfully. You can play your favorite melody and listen to it.

Upon completion of all actions, the headphones will automatically be connected to the previously connected gadget if Bluetooth is activated.

If the operation is unsuccessful, remove the headset from the charging case and make sure it is turned off. Now press the buttons on the headphones and hold them for 15 seconds. The indicator light should flash three times alternately in red and white and blink again. Release the buttons, put the headphones in the case. Remove the headset from the list of paired gadgets on your phone, if any, and repeat the steps again. Now you know how to connect Mi true wireless earbuds.

There is also the option of connecting a mono Bluetooth headset. The sequence of pairing steps is similar to the previous one. To connect the earphone, simply remove it from the docking station and it will automatically turn on. Its indicator first starts blinking quickly, and then blinking white more slowly. Search for an available device and select one, which will be called Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R or Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_L and by clicking on it, confirm the pairing request.

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