Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Sensor Replacement

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Sensor Replacement

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The touchscreen Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 is developed on the basis of capacitive technology and supports the Multi-touch function. Therefore, to control the tablet you do not need clicks, only the contact of the screen with the skin, it is also capable of processing several touches simultaneously. The “High copy” class spare part is as close as possible to the native panel: it has the same size and shape, has good transparency, is able to quickly and accurately execute commands, does not creak, does not create gaps, does not bend in the center.

Touchscreen Feature for Xiaomi Mi Pad 2:

  • Type of parts: touch screen smartphone;
  • Purpose: control of device functions, text input;
  • Type of touch glass: capacitive, multi-touch;
  • Diagonal screen size: 7.9 ”;
  • Physical size: 200.40 x 132.60 mm;
  • The size of the working area: 160.53 x 120.40 mm;
  • Transparency level: not less than 90%;
  • Feature: resistant to abrasion;
  • Color: black;
  • Compatibility: Xiaomi Mi Pad 2.

Complete panel assembly:

  • capacitive touchscreen for tablet;
  • external glass;
  • flat cable;
  • technical packaging.

The main causes of damage to the receiving panel:

  • tablet falling from a height, strong impacts on hard surfaces;
  • lateral or concentrated pressure on the frontal part;
  • violation of the rules of storage and operation of the device;
  • dampness or wetting;
  • started oxidation or corrosion of the cable or connector;
  • mechanical failure of the connecting flexible tape;
  • low-skilled intervention in the design;
  • active or prolonged use of the device;
  • development of labor resources.

Damage to the touch screen makes it difficult, and in some cases makes it impossible to continue using the tablet. Therefore, in a situation where the sensor is damaged, worn or out of order, an urgent replacement is needed. To carry out repairs, we recommend contacting a trusted service center. Self-installation of a touchscreen on Xiaomi is possible only with specialized experience. Also, you will need equipment and supplies. soldering station with hot air gun, STR-blade, antistatic tweezers, 1.5 mm Phillips screwdriver, thin pick, string, UV glue and lamp, alcohol.