Xiaomi Mi Max 2 output

Xiaomi Mi Max 2 output

Fans of Xiaomi’s budget flagships are eagerly awaiting the sale of new products. Indeed, each new version surprises with design features and more advanced functionality.

In the summer of 2019, the famous Chinese brand plans to release the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 smartphone, as well as its Pro version. The fourth-generation phablet will differ from its predecessors in design, advanced multimedia functionality and some features.

The exact release date has not yet been set. But according to the assumptions of experts who regularly monitor the news, the presentation is planned for early June. Although some of them claim that the release date of Xiaomi Mi Max 4 is planned no earlier than mid-August 2019. So in the fall it can be purchased. Based on the results of the leaked information, a detailed overview of the predicted characteristics is offered.

Design features

The main advantage of the devices of the Mi Max line is the dimensional parameters. In size, the phablets are similar to mini-tablets, but retain all the characteristics of super powerful smartphones with a wide range of functions.

The release in July 2018 of the Mi Max 3 model made a real stir among fans of high-tech budget flagships. At a relatively low price, the smartphone has decent performance and opens up many additional opportunities for users to this day.

The new Mi Max 4 Xiaomi developers plan to do even better. The first difference is the diagonal. In version 3, its length was 6.9 inches, and in 4 standard and Pro versions, the diagonal was increased to 7.2 inches.

It is also worth noting the presence of a cool IPS LCD display with a resolution of full hd and a complete lack of frames. The smartphone allows you to see a clear image at different viewing angles.

The back of the phablet is made of tempered glass Gorilla Glass 5, which is resistant to damage. To protect the device’s design as much as possible. the glass case is complemented by a solid metal frame.

The fingerprint scanner in the standard version of Mi Max 4 is located at the back. Also in the smartphone will be present face recognition scanner. The Pro version is different from the little brother. In its design, the imprint is hidden under the glass at the bottom of the screen. They plan to leave the standard headphone jack. Also, the smartphone will have built-in speakers with a sound amplifier for deep sounding and a sensitive microphone with noise reduction function.

The devices are planned to be released in classic black, as well as in blue and red shades with gradients.


Xiaomi developers want to exceed all the expectations of those who use the Mi Max line of smartphones. In version 4, they built in the Samsung Isocell GM1 module with artificial intelligence. This smartphone, unlike the Mi Max 3, is equipped with three external cameras 48mp13mp8mp with LED flash. The predecessor has only two.

Such an updated system will allow you to take photos ands of professional quality in motion, in poor lighting, and to shoot in the dark. Also, according to the functionality, the camera will be adapted for shooting portrait photos.

It is planned to install a front camera with a set of settings for a 13MP selfie.


To make the user feel comfortable and fully use all the functions of the Mi Max 4, the developers installed a 5800mAh lithium-ion battery with a quick charge of 18W in the smartphone. To connect the charger built-in connector for micro-USB.

The performance of the phablet is provided by the 8-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset with a clock frequency of up to 2.2 GHz and an Adreno 512 graphics processor with a frequency of up to 600 MHz.

Fans of entertainment using this smartphone will be able to fully launch a new generation of gaming applications, work with complex graphics and view in 4K format.

Mi Max 4 memory ratios are offered in three versions:

  • 4Gb RAM 64Gb. built-in;
  • 6Gb RAM 128Gb. built-in;
  • 8Gb RAM 128Gb. built-in.

You can expand the memory capabilities using a removable micro-drive up to 256Gb.

Firmware and additional features

Xiaomi developers plan to launch fourth-generation Mi Max smartphones on the Android OS 9.0 Pie OC and the exclusive MIUI 11 shell with the possibility of subsequent updates.

Standard slots for 2 micro Sim cards will be the same as the third-generation Mi Max Xiaomi models. The built-in Wi-Fi module and the function of supporting mobile Internet 2G, 3G, 4G / LTE also remain unchanged. The mobile phone will be equipped with satellite navigation, operating at the frequencies of GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Xiaomi Mi Max 4 phablet

Analyzing the review of the declared characteristics, we can conclude that the 4th version of the Mi Max line of smartphones will be distinguished by high performance and the ability to work for a long time without recharging. Suitable device priority for entertainment.

For lovers to take beautiful photos and high-qualitys, a number of new opportunities will open. A large amount of storage and RAM will allow you to download and comfortably use all the necessary applications. In this case, the speed of the smartphone will remain at the level even after downloading system updates. Given that the Mi Max line offers low-cost smartphones in comparison with competitors, buying a 4 model the user definitely remains the winner.

Of the shortcomings, users allocate only size. Men prefer smaller devices. Although they buy phablets of the Mi Max line for entertainment. Women willingly purchase widescreen smartphones, as they carry them with them in handbags.

The predicted price of Xiaomi Mi Max 4 smartphones:

  • 4/64. 250;
  • 6/128. 280 dollars;
  • 8/128. 310 dollars.

The exact specifications and cost of the standard and Pro versions will be announced at the presentation, which users still expect in early summer. Phablet Xiaomi Mi Max 3 could be purchased in July 2018. Perhaps his heir will have time to put on sale a month earlier.