Xiaomi Mi band 4 can be wet

Mi Smart Band 4 | Mi Smart Band 4 NFC

Water resistant up to 50 m. 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope.

Up to 20 days on a single charge

One battery charge is enough for 20 days of use.

Health Monitoring

Continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.


All-new AMOLED color touch display. Even brighter and 39.9% bigger.

View notifications of incoming calls, messages, applications, and control music playback. Let your hands be free from unnecessary trifles.


Your personal trainer who is always there.

Track your heart rate in real time to keep track of your workout performance when you’re climbing a steep hill or simply speeding through city streets.

Mi Smart Band 4 monitors your heart rate and calculates calories burned during rope exercise.

Pace tracking and step counting.Safe runs for both long and short distances.

Water resistance of 5 ATM at a depth of up to 50 m. Recognition of up to 5 swimming styles. Registration of 12 types of data, including stroke rate and number of strokes.

Recording 5 main types of data.Help improve the efficiency of your workouts.


Tracking your sleep quality will help you stay awake throughout the day.

Sleep monitoring

Accurate analysis of sleep habits in fast and slow phases, as well as heart rate monitoring help you analyze the quality of your sleep.

alarm clocks

Light vibration will help you wake up early in the morning.

MiFit app

Recording your heart rate helps you keep track of your health.


Mastercard on your wrist. Just click and pay.

The contactless payment function only works with the official Russian version of Mi Smart Band 4 NFC. Please make sure that the product has the ID MGW4059RU when purchasing.

The function is available only after adding Mastercard cards to the Mi Smart Band 4 NFC via the Mi Fit app. When entering the Mi Fit application, you must select “Russia” as the region.

In order to eliminate the risks of illegal actions using the payment system, please read the related information about the device

Mi Smart Band 4 NFC payments will be available to holders of Mastercard cards issued by Raiffeisenbank, VTB, Tinkoff Bank, Otkritie Bank, Post Bank, Yandex.Money, Russian Agricultural Bank, PSB, Alfa-Bank, Russian Standard Bank, MKB, Credit Europe Bank JSC ( Russia), Bank Soyuz, Gazprombank. The number of issuers whose customers will be able to pay with the Mi Smart Band 4 NFC smart bracelet will grow.

The frame is staged and does not describe a real usage scenario.

Transport Card

Use the bracelet to pay in the public territory of the Russian Federation.

Instant payment

Fast and convenient payment in shopping centers, supermarkets, gas stations and other places.


Continuous heart rate monitoring allows you to keep track of your health.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4. тестируем огнем, водой, заморозкой, падением с высоты. Crush test

Continuous heart rate monitoring

Health is above all. The bracelet will alert you when your heart rate is too high.

Warm-up reminders

Be active. Warm-up reminders never let you stay too long.


20 days of use on one full battery charge

Pay now and your order will be shipped within 1 week.

Make a pre-order for guaranteed receipt of Mi goods.

Make a purchase and pay now. Estimated shipping time is 1 week.

To protect Mi Fans from speculation, the delivery address cannot be changed

If the price of the product is changed before shipping, the price of the order will not be changed.

Is it possible to wet Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and swim with it in the pool

Theory: water protection in Mi Band 4

Since the manufacturer declared its Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet as waterproof and indicated a value of 50 meters, this caused ambiguous interpretations. Let’s look at all the indicators in order. According to the characteristics of the bracelet, it has a degree of moisture protection according to the international protection rating IP68. In this case, the number 6 means that the bracelet is completely protected from dust, and the number 8 indicates the ability of the gadget to withstand immersion in water to a depth of more than a meter for the time specified by the manufacturer. The characteristics also say that the fitness bracelet can withstand pressure of 5 ATM, that is, to withstand the pressure of a stationary water column 50 meters high. But this does not mean that with Xiaomi Mi Band 4 you can swim at a depth of up to fifty meters. This is due to the fact that even when swimming in shallow water, the bracelet is subjected to significant pressure from moving streams of water. Therefore, the standard allows gadgets with a characteristic of 5 ATM to be exposed to rain, splashes, water jets, and also swim at shallow depths.

Practice: how Mi Band 4 behaves in water

In practice, you can really take the Mi Band 4 smart bracelet with you into the shower, walk with it in the rain, swim shallowly in the pool or the sea. But there are certain nuances that must be observed. The first is the need to block the gadget before meeting with water. The fact is that the screen reacts to splashes and jets of water in the same way as to finger touches, which leads to arbitrary activation and launch of various functions such as a player or heart rate measurement. Such uncontrolled operation of the gadget can not only knock down its settings, but also interfere with the selected training mode. Therefore, do not forget to lock the screen before interacting with water (read more about locking and unlocking Xiaomi Mi Band 4). For the same reason, it is recommended to turn off the function of activating the screen when raising the wrist.
The second nuance is related to the impact of the aquatic environment on the bracelet. If this is fresh water, then you don’t have to worry about the gadget. After bathing, it is enough to wipe it dry with a soft cloth. over, the manufacturer recommends regularly cleaning it under running water. But nothing is said about swimming in salt water, although on all advertising posters of the bracelet people swim in the sea with it. The opinions of the owners of a fitness tracker on this topic differ: some regularly swim with it in the sea, others are afraid of the negative impact on the bracelet of sea water. In any case, it is recommended to thoroughly rinse the gadget after such a bath in order to reduce the risk of damage from the aggressive effects of salts. Note that the manufacturer does not recommend using the Mi Band 4 for swimming underwater or in a sauna. The third nuance is the correct fastening of the bracelet. If during swimming the gadget incorrectly determines the swimming style or calculates the distance with a large error, you need to fasten it tightly on your wrist as close to the hand as possible. But it should be borne in mind that even in such conditions, a smart bracelet does not always cope with its functions. He may not count one of the lanes for you at all or incorrectly determine the style of swimming.

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Cases of damage to Mi Band 4 in water

Some gadget owners complain that after meeting with water, the fitness bracelet has become unusable. One of the reasons for this development of events may be a simple ungluing of the capsule. Since the capsule consists of two glued parts, it must be removed from the strap without pressure on the glued area. Let’s explain it below.

How not to take out the capsule

Having made several unsuccessful attempts to pull the capsule out of the Mi Band 4 strap, some owners of the gadget hook its upper part with their fingernail and pull it up. Yes, this method will eventually lead to the solution of the problem, but this increases the load on the joint of the two parts of the capsule. Over time, this leads to depressurization of the bracelet, that is, the loss of its ability to keep water out.

How to take out the capsule

Let’s consider two ways of the correct excavation of the capsule. The first option: take the capsule with one hand so that the thumb is on top of the screen, and the index finger is on the bottom of the case. With your other hand, grab the strap from the side of the clasp and gently pull it towards the clasp. At the same time, with the index finger of the first hand, press the body from below. In this case, the capsule will partially come out of the strap socket, after which it will not be difficult to get it out. The second option is similar to the first, only the strap is not pulled away from the capsule, but is bent at an angle of about 90 degrees. Another common reason for a fitness bracelet to fail after meeting with water is buying a fake. Unlike a branded item, a copy of the bracelet does not have the characteristics of the original, so it will easily break when wet (more on how to check Xiaomi Mi Band 4 for authenticity).

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and water: is it possible to swim in the pool or wash in the shower with a bracelet

Although the manufacturer declared the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet as waterproof, many users have questions about the interaction of the gadget with water. Some are interested in whether it is possible to fully swim in it or the gadget can only withstand splashes? Others would like to understand the start of a water workout and the parameters determined in its process. We will devote our article to these questions.

Swimming with Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in the pool

Starting training mode in Mi Band 4

To start training, scroll through the Mi Band 4 screens until you find the “Workout” section. Select the “Pool” menu in it and set the size of your pool. You can choose one of the standard dimensions for pools or enter your own value in the range of up to two hundred meters. After that, the countdown will start from 3 to 1 with vibration to get you ready for the swim. Now you can swim in your usual style, and the fitness tracker will count the distance, time, calories burned and determine other parameters. After training, all data can be viewed on the graphs in the Mi Fit app. When you finish swimming, unlock the bracelet by swiping up and down, as shown on the screen. Press the touch button and select one of the available options. The bracelet will tell you that to pause the workout, long enough to hold the touch button. To continue it, click on the triangle icon on the screen, to stop. the white rectangle icon on the screen. Now you can get acquainted with all the data collected and calculated by the bracelet and evaluate them for reality. If the error is large, try fastening the strap tighter and closer to the wrist.

Viewing statistics in the bracelet and application

After the swim, the gadget will provide you with the following data: training date and time, swimming time (Time), your style (Main Style), distance (Distance), the number of strokes (Strokes) and the SWOLF indicator (SWOLF index), calculated based on the swimming speed. Also, the gadget will calculate the number of laps (Total laps), the time to complete a distance of 100 m (Pace), the average and maximum number of strokes per minute (Avg SPM and Max SPM), the average distance per second (Avg DPS) and the calories burned (Calories).When phone will become available to you, you can study this information in detail in the Mi Fit application. To do this, open the “Training” tab in it and click on the person icon (the “Status” tab should be open at the top). In the list of activities on the “My Workouts” tab, find swimming and click on this line. If you have launched several workouts in the pool, then a list of them will be built in front of you. Select the workout you are interested in from it and view the data collected for it, including graphs.

Swimming reviews with Mi Band 4 in the pool

Reviews about the work of Mi Band 4 in the pool are the most controversial. Some scold the bracelet for the low accuracy of measuring all parameters and poor definition of style. The latter do not want to use the gadget in the pool due to the constant screen lock and difficult control with wet hands. Still others did not even try to dip the gadget into the water for fear of damaging it. Others, on the contrary, successfully use the bracelet in the pool, shower, do not remove it when washing their hands or in the rain and are happy with this opportunity. Concerning the accuracy of the measurement, opinions were also divided. For some, the readings are more or less accurate, for others, the gadget does not even show real data. In connection with such different opinions, we recommend the following. For those who are afraid to dip the bracelet into water, get acquainted with our tests, where we specifically withstood the gadget in water and ice. For those who are going to swim with the watch in the pool, we advise you to figure out the unlock mode while still on land, start training in the pool, pause or stop it, and also work with the bracelet with wet hands. After experimenting, be sure to wipe it with a clean, dry cloth. This will reduce the discomfort of using it in the pool, when you want to spend time exercising, and not looking for the right menu or button. Whether you use the fitness bracelet in the rain or while swimming is up to you. But only in practice, you can check whether the gadget is really waterproof and suitable for training in the pool. We will be glad if you share with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев your experience of using Mi Band 4 in water.

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Controlling the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Smart Watch via the App

All basic settings in the Mi Fit app are available from the main screen, which opens when you select Mi Smart Band 4. In the “Screen bracelet settings” line, you can select one of the many available watch faces or edit your own. Now there are quite a lot of them, but in the future they promise to add even more dials. In the “Incoming call” section, you can allow or prevent the watch from notifying you of incoming calls, showing the phone number or name of the caller, setting vibration and delay time. In the notification section, you can configure the reminders you want to receive. For example, about the need to warm up, about the fact that there was an incoming call, about the goal set, and others. Similarly, the necessary applications, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, are included in the notification section. For notifications to be sent to your fitness bracelet, the latter must be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. If you want to remind yourself of some events, use the “Events” section, setting the required date, name and, if necessary, repeating the reminder. The alarm can be set for one day, for every day or for weekdays. The vibration of the alarm clock is also configured there. There is also the ability to quickly find the bracelet in the main menu. To do this, you need to click on “Find a bracelet”, after which the watch will vibrate a little. In this case, you are more likely to notice the luminous screen of the bracelet than to hear a quiet vibration. In the “Bracelet location” section, you specify the wrist on which you plan to wear the gadget. If you wear the watch on the wrong hand as indicated, this will reduce the accuracy of the measurements. In general, it is recommended to wear a fitness tracker on an inactive hand (for a right-handed person, this is the left hand). This is due to the fact that it moves less and is more relaxed, which improves the accuracy of measuring the heart rate monitor and other sensors. In the line “Raise your wrist to view information”, you set the time when the bracelet will turn on when you turn your wrist. This is usually when you are awake so that the bracelet does not wake you up while you are resting. There you can also set the speed of the bracelet’s response to your gesture or turn off this feature altogether.
In Xiaomi Band 4, there is such an innovation as the bracelet lock function. It is worth setting the code, as when removing the bracelet from your hand, it will be blocked and will not work until it is unlocked. To enter the code in the Mi Fit app, in the Mi Smart Band 4 section, click on the “Experimental” line, then on “Band lock”. In the “Password” (Change password) line, enter a password of four characters and click “Save” (Save). You can turn off the password in the “Turn off password” line. Also on the main screen there are settings for the elements that will be located on the watch screen, heart rate measurement, night mode, weather settings, updates and some others.

How to charge the Xiaomi Band 4 fitness bracelet

Before the first settings of the gadget, be sure to charge it with the included charger. To do this, remove the watch case from the strap and place it in the charging socket so that the charging contacts on the back of the watch line up with the socket contacts. Sink the watch into the nest, but note that it will protrude slightly from it. Plug the charger plug into the USB port of a computer, power bank or other suitable device. The watch is charged from a regular charger for about two hours.

About “Xiaomi Mi Band” versions, languages ​​and control buttons

Several variants of the Xiaomi Mi Band bracelet have appeared on the market. This is the global version and Chinese. The global version comes without NFC, a microphone and an assistant, but supports multilingualism. The Chinese version has three variations: regular, with NFC, and with the theme of the notorious “Avengers” from Marvel Studios.
The NFC version has a microphone and supports an assistant, so the functionality of this model is slightly different from the regular version. Chinese models support Chinese and English, but there is one caveat. So far, English support is only possible if you set English as the supported language in your phone. Otherwise, the clock will be Chinese. If a global firmware is released, then the Chinese version of the bracelet can be switched to Russian. To change the language, use the “Settings” menu on your phone and the “General settings (Language and input)” section or similar. Xiaomi Band 4 has a full touch screen, which makes it easy to control. To move around the screen, swipe left, right, up and down. Also at the bottom of the screen there is a small touch button that facilitates the process of controlling the gadget.

How to connect Xiaomi Band 4 watch to phone

To control the clock, as in previous generations of the gadget, the Mi Fit application is used. If your phone is based on Android, go to Google Play, search for Mi Fit, click “Install” and then “Open”. For iOS phones, the app is downloaded from the App Store. After installing the application, launch it and create an account with your email or phone number, or sign in if you already have an account. Enter all the data requested during the initial setup and give the necessary permissions. If you have already installed the Mi Fit app, make sure it is updated to the latest version or update it manually. “(Band) and” Agree “(Agree). After that, click on the Mi Smart Band 4 line and confirm the pairing on the watch by pressing its touch button on the screen. Turn on Bluetooth if necessary. Depending on the version of the bracelet and the installed application, these commands may differ slightly. If the fitness bracelet refuses to connect to the phone, make sure that the gadget is fully charged, that the bracelet is near the phone, or that another Mi Band is not tied to the phone. for example the second or third versions. In the latter case, find the name of this bracelet in the Mi Fit profile, scroll down the menu, click the “Untie” button and confirm the action in the next step. Sometimes restarting the phone helps fix the problem. The application may also prevent you from connecting a fake fitness bracelet.
If you have used previous Xiaomi Mi Band fitness trackers, then setting up Band 4 is unlikely to cause you any difficulties. But if you joined the ranks of the owners of the bracelet for the first time, the instructions below will help you translate the gadget into the optimal language, connect it to the phone, and introduce you to the basic functionality and control mechanisms. If the menus and commands below do not match yours, look for similar ones. Different versions of smart bracelets and applications may have different settings.

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Settings on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness tracker itself

Six items are available on the watch: status, heart rate, training, weather, notification and additional features. They are fully customizable through the Mi Fit app. On the watch itself, you can set the Do Not Disturb mode, manage the alarm, start the stopwatch or timer, and customize the dial. You can also find your phone by clicking on the corresponding line on the watch screen (Find device). Music lovers will be especially pleased with such an innovation of Mi Band as the ability to control music directly from a fitness bracelet. On the watch screen, you can pause the track, change the track and adjust its volume. In the training section, traditional activities are available: running, running on the track, cycling, rocking, walking and swimming. But in the Mi Band 4 bracelet, more information is displayed on the screen during training than in bracelets of previous generations. You can even set the allowable heart rate limit through the mobile application. If, during training, the watch detects that you exceed this limit, you will receive a notification on them. In general, the settings are intuitive, require verification in practice and cause difficulties mainly due to the language barrier. With the latter, everyone copes in their own way. Some translate the phone into English until a suitable firmware appears. Others master all the functionality of the application in Russian, and remember the settings on the clock from the pictures. And some do tricky manipulations to change languages ​​without further entering the mobile application. In any case, with the Russification of the gadget, this problem will become a thing of the past.

Xiaomi Mi band 4 can be wet

Make your purchases with Mi Smart Band 4 NFC and Mi Smart Band 6 NFC fitness bracelets convenient, safe and fast !

How to connect the MASTERCARD card to a fitness bracelet

Xiaomi Wear / Xiaomi Wear Lite app available for Mi Smart Band 6 NFC fitness bracelet holders

How to pay for purchases with a MASTERCARD:

Which Belagroprombank cards can be connected to Mi Band Pay?

Answer: Mastercard Standard; Mastercard Unembossed; Mastercard Gold; Mastercard Unembossed Mastercard World O-GO!; Mastercard Gold Touches; Mastercard Unembossed Touch; Mastercard Gold Mastercard Business; Mastercard World Superpower; Mastercard Standard Savings; Mastercard Gold Savings;Mastercard Standard Perekrestok.

How much does it cost to use Mi Band Pay?

Answer: The service is provided at no additional charge.

Do I need an internet connection to pay with Mi Band Pay??

Answer: Internet connection is required only to add a card to Mi Fit and Xiaomi Wear, Xiaomi Wear Lite to view the history of transactions. To pay for purchases in stores using Mi Band Pay, Internet access is not required at the time of purchase.

Which devices support Mi Band Pay?

Answer: Fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 4 NFC, Mi Smart Band 6 NFC.

What PIN code must be entered at the terminal when paying for purchases?

Answer: If, when paying with Mi Band Pay, the cashier asks you to enter a PIN code, you must enter the PIN code of the card.

When the manufacturer claims that the device is protected from moisture, this means that certain elements are provided in the design to ensure tightness. But not all gadgets are able to withstand diving to a depth of more than 10 meters.

The protection class is abbreviated: WR (Water Resistant), IP (Ingress Protection), ATM (atmospheric pressure measurement). The devices of the first and last row will only withstand the impact of the aquatic environment, and dirt and dust can disrupt the performance of external and internal parts and mechanisms.

Devices with IP67 protection are usually made resistant to mechanical damage to protect against environmental influences.

Degree of protection Band 5

On different forums or reviews of the new Mi Smart Band 5, you can find different water resistance designations: 50WR or 5ATM. Although these numbers look different, they mean the same thing.

The bracelet will not be damaged by surface swimming in an open source pool or fresh water. From scuba diving, jumping into the water from the side or the tower should be abandoned. In this case, the pressure exerted increases many times, mechanical damage to the body may be irreversible.

Честный обзор Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Sea water is an aggressive environment. If you are planning a vacation on white sand beaches, think carefully about whether to take a smart watch on a trip. The fifth Band endures short bathing in salt water. But it is worth remembering that such a liquid adversely affects the external contacts located on the back side. Pogo Pin magnetic charging is negatively affected.

Rain and even showers, showers do not affect the functioning of the tracker.

Handling rules

In order for the Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet to please the user with functionality for a long time, to help track physical activity parameters, we recommend that you follow a few recommendations:

  • After swimming in the sea, thoroughly rinse the device under water, wipe with a dry towel and leave in a ventilated area.
  • Visiting a sauna or bath with a gadget on your wrist is not recommended. The tracker will not withstand high temperatures.
  • Go through maintenance of the fifth Band in the service workshop. The specialist will replace worn gaskets to increase tightness.
  • Do not apply cosmetics to the skin of the body, hands or face while wearing a bracelet. In case of contact, rinse with water.
  • While in the water, do not change modes, change tracks while swimming, and do not check the weather.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Water Test!

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5 fitness bracelet received a good water resistance class. Water protection in Mi band 4 is implemented in the IP68 system, where resistance to external influences of dust and dirt is added. Which device better or worse demonstrates the work in the pool, will show further practical use. But swimming in salt water is negative for both gadgets.

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