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Sometimes the solution lies on the surface: if a second-generation tracker was previously linked to a proprietary application, then you need to untie it and only then connect a brand new device. We already wrote an article on how to use several bracelets at the same time. Check it out and share your experience.

A non-original device will not sync with Mi fit. This feature helps to easily distinguish a fake version of the tracker. If the device does not connect to the phone, then this may be the problem.

There are other signs that give out a fake.

Connecting on Android phones: Lenovo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei Honor and iOS is no different. On some models, synchronization problems may occur, but on Xiaomi smartphones everything works perfectly.

There are several utilities that can help resolve device connection problems. You can try any of them, and if one did not help, then move on to the next one.

Fix it

One of the popular applications that has helped many users. In order to fix the “binding” you need to perform the following steps:

  • Untie device from Mi Fit.
  • Delete a program.
  • Install Fix-it.
  • Enter tracker MAC address.
  • tie bracelet.
  • Now you can install the official or unofficial application to control your smartwatch.

NRF connect

Another useful program that allows you to establish a Bluetooth connection with the Mi Band 3 fitness tracker.

  • Install utility.
  • Enable Bluetooth.
  • Grant Permissions.
  • Press the “Scan” button.
  • Wait for the search to complete and connect the device.
  • After binding, it should appear in the “Bonded” tab and you can connect to it at any time.

BLE Scanner

  • Install software.
  • Wait for the search to complete.
  • Connect to device.

All of the above programs are aimed at one thing. to establish a Bluetooth connection between the phone and Mi band 3. After that, you can try to bind the device in Mi Fit or other applications.

Mi Band does not connect to the smartphone. How to fix

Is your Xiaomi Mi Band unable to connect to your smartphone? Does the Bluetooth connection fail? The problem seems serious, but with the help of this article you can fix it.

What is the first step to start using Mi Band Smart features? Of course, first of all, you need to connect your fitness tracker to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Although this operation is implemented in Mi Band is really simple, many users may encounter various problems. In this article, we’ve collected 9 of the most common Bluetooth bracelet pairing problems, along with solutions for a quick and hassle-free pairing. This guide is suitable for both Mi band 2 and Mi Band 3.

Mi band cannot connect to smartphone via Bluetooth

First of all, you need to make sure that your smartphone and Bluetooth version meet the minimum requirements that Mi Band imposes. Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 2 require a minimum of Android 4.3 or iOS 8.0 and Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher.

If your device meets these requirements, try the following steps:

  • Make sure the Bluetooth module on your mobile device is enabled and check the number of entries of connected Bluetooth devices. If there are too many devices in the list, delete old connection entries for devices you no longer use and restart the pairing process.
  • No need to connect Mi band with standard smartphone interface. The right way. use the official Mi Fit app.
  • Make sure your bracelet has sufficient battery power. Also remember that the distance from the bracelet to the smartphone should not exceed 10 meters. Even at this distance, various objects can affect the quality of the Bluetooth signal, so a distance of 5 meters is considered optimal.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and restart your smartphone. Try again to try to connect Mi band.
  • If these steps do not resolve the issue, try using a different mobile device if possible. If the connection was successful, then the problem is with your smartphone. it could be a software or hardware error. Contact technical support and describe the situation.

The Mi Fit app reports that the bracelet is not found

  • Make sure your bracelet has enough battery power.
  • Place the bracelet next to the smartphone without obstructions.
  • Turn off Bluetooth and restart your smartphone. Try again to try to connect Mi band.
  • Try using a different mobile device if possible. If the connection was successful, then the problem is with your smartphone. professional help required.

I have several Mi Bands. Can I connect them to Mi Fit on my smartphone

Keep in mind that you can log into one Mi account on your smartphone at the same time unit, a Mi account, in turn, can only be linked to one Mi Band. This means that you cannot use two Mi accounts at once on your smartphone.

If you want to pair another Mi Band, you first need to unpair the connected bracelet in the Mi Fit app, and only then proceed to connect it.

If you really want two bracelets at once, then you can create two Mi accounts and switch between them manually in Mi Fit. Just every time you log out of one account and log in to another. not very convenient, but the way is working.

Mi Band connects to smartphone only while charging

The most likely reason for this behavior. Mi band battery failure.

Check the battery level either on the tracker itself or in the Mi Fit app.

If the charge level is very low, charge the bracelet for at least 3 hours. Then unplug it from the charging cable and try Bluetooth pairing again.

If that doesn’t work, then it’s a serious technical problem. contact technical support to fix it.

The connection to the Mi Band intermittently breaks during use and sometimes does not resume

This situation can be observed due to system errors or outdated bracelet firmware.

  • Close the Mi Fit app and launch it again. Available firmware will be checked, and if there are updates, the installation process will begin.
  • Restart your smartphone and launch Mi Fit.
  • If the problem persists, uninstall and reinstall the app, then download and install it again.

Even if the phone is next to Mi Band, the Bluetooth connection is still interrupted

The most common problem. Bluetooth version incompatibility. Try using a different mobile device if possible. If the connection was successful, then the problem is with your smartphone. Otherwise, something is wrong with the built-in Bluetooth module of the bracelet. professional help is required.

Smartphone won’t connect to Mi band even after reboot

We recommend that you delete records of previous Bluetooth connections on your smartphone.

  • Go to Bluetooth settings My devices (iOS) or Paired devices (Android).
  • Select devices one by one and press “Forget”.
  • Now restart your smartphone and try to connect your Mi band again.

After changing the phone, I can not connect Mi Band

This problem occurs when the bracelet has not been untied from the old phone. You need to unbind it from the previous smartphone first.

Install Mi Fit and log into your Mi account (which was previously used with this bracelet). Go to Mi Band Profile and scroll to the bottom of the page to select the option “Disable” Then go to the Profile page and click “Add device” in section “my devices”

Setting can be done using Mi Fit.

To do this, go to Settings, and then you should select a section that is specially created for configuring various events. In the window that opens, find Add Notification. After successfully completing the above steps, you will need to select the required device from the list to pair and configure.

Telephone repair

Xiaomi wrist devices have various sensors and memory devices. Which reliably store a large number of different information. Concerning the distance, as well as the pulse, rhythm and so on of the user of the gadget. To collect various statistical information, special software is used, which is installed on the smartphone. When sharing a smartphone and a fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3. You need to know how the process of turning on bluetooth on Mi Band 3 is carried out. And also how to quickly fix various device failures.

If the fitness bracelet constantly loses a stable connection with the smartphone or there are failures in broadcasting notifications. Then it is necessary to reduce the distance between devices. In addition, very often difficulties appear when using several utilities at once. Which carry out the process of managing a fitness bracelet. If the communication channel is malfunctioning, then it is recommended to use third-party software.

If the user has downloaded new software, then a number of procedures will need to be followed to enable Bluetooth, some of them are:

  • Launching the software in the Scanner window, where the button is located that allows you to carry out the process of scanning the air. The software scans the entire frequency range that complies with the Bluetooth standard.
  • The screen of the smartphone will display the process of discovering new devices.
  • Connect to the desired device.
  • Go to Bonded and press start.

Repair service, and setting up a smartphone, by our specialists, we will consult by phone, click here to get acquainted.

Attention! We are not responsible for all your manipulations with the phone, performed according to our instructions. Repairs must be carried out by a qualified technician. Contact our Repair Service.

When the quality of the pixels is determined, and among them it was possible to detect “burnt out”, you can start looking for applications that will correct the situation:

  • JScreenFix is ​​easy to use, you need to use the Fix Stuck Pixels button to get started. The developer promises 30 minutes to complete this operation, but the service center masters recommend leaving the devices. At least 10-12 hours for a more complete check;
  • Pixel Fixer: Another program similar to JScreenFix. To restore the pixels, you also need to click on the green button;
  • “Dead Pixel Treatment”: The platform not only tests a mobile phone for dead pixels. And then “heals” them, but at the same time reveals other defects in the display.

When using applications, it is recommended that the device not be disconnected from the chargers for the duration of the “treatment”. During pixel processing, the smartphone is constantly on, so the charge may not be enough.

Screen microcracks are fraught with a break in the power circuit. If this happens, then you will have to change the screen. Fortunately, in China they are several times cheaper.

It happens that the malfunction lies in the incorrect installation of the SIM card or flash drive. Try to take them out and see what happens.

A card with problems can be repaired by restoring broken clusters using a PC.

If shaken, a badly exposed plug from the display may fall out. What will entail disabling the image transmission module, or partial shutdown.

Remove the cover of the device, and plug the cable into the socket. If it is inserted, then take it out and insert it. In this case, do not forget to disconnect the power cable from the battery.

Actions, how to act in such a situation

Changing graphics to low resolution will help. It is required to limit the power consumption mode. Do not continue to play with the phone charger turned on. Remove the phone from the case, allow general ventilation of the case. Turn off phone, remove battery.

If the smartphone was in a humid room, or moisture got on it. This is especially true of the USB input, and leakage into the smartphone. Oxides can lead to current leakage, and this contributes to the heating of the device. To fix, you need to clean the USB. Take a thin stick and wrap cotton wool around it. Dip it in white spirit or alcohol, and wipe the contacts at the entrance.

If water got inside, then you need to disassemble Meizu. And, carry out the same operation with contacts that are attached to the board. But, before doing this, disconnect the battery cable to avoid a short circuit.

If Meizu M8 does not have a microphone, for this you need to do the following.

Open the security settings, look for root access and click accept, reboot the device. Open the “phone” and enter this combination ##54298## or ##3646633##. Scroll to the right and find ” Hardware Testing “. audio. Audio Playback set the value of Heaset PGA to 160. Exit the menu and reboot the phone.

Also, software methods can be used. But, they can only help if there are no malfunctions in the device itself. This method is one of the simplest, we open the settings on the mobile phone. And, select the command “reset settings”. Keep in mind that this means deleting all data from the smartphone.

So that the stripes on the Meizu M8 screen do not bother you, you need to:

  • Make sure the integrity and reconnect the display module cable;
  • Replace the screen completely if there is real damage;
  • Update firmware and Flyme shell.

In the first situation, contact could simply be broken. The connection came off due to impact, the contacts are clogged or the display was not fully connected at the factory.

In the second case, it is recommended to contact the warranty specialists or an independent workshop. The third option indicates that you bought a phone with an outdated software version. Which has flaws fixed in updates.

To carry out this procedure, you need:

  • Enter the device settings;
  • Select “About phone”
  • In the submenu, you will need to select check for updates. when you turn on Wi-Fi, everything will start downloading;
  • The device will reboot.
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The appearance of stripes during use can be eliminated immediately after purchase by updating. This will not void the warranty. Unlike a complete flashing or self-repair in the same period.

A banal method is to simply log into your account on the device. Click on the item “Delete Mi account” below.

In this case, the account will be unlinked from the mobile phone. There will no longer be a message when the machine is booting up.

If Xiaomi has lost sound, you should first check the audio settings. If there is an active mode (with sound), then we continue to look for the problem.

Necessary. clean the headphone jack.

If the headset icon is on the screen of the Xiaomi smartphone, and the headphones are not connected, it means that the contacts are shorted. Therefore, the sound is transmitted to the headphones, even though they are not physically connected.

Reboot your phone after cleaning.

If during a call the interlocutor does not hear you well, then this function may be disabled. Go to the “sound and vibration” settings and move the “noise reduction” slider to the value “on”.

If it is activated, and there is crackling and noise during the conversation, then try turning off the function.

The built-in mobile assistant can also interfere with the normal operation of the microphone. Go to the settings menu. search Google. Next, turn off the voice finder feature. Restart your Xiaomi phone.

You can reset your account using Xiaomi support.

To do this, you must have documents on the phone. to confirm that it is not stolen.

How to talk to Xiaomi technical support.

Go to your mail service type and log in.

Click create message. In the first line, we write this address: mishu@Xiaomi.com Or this one: service.us@Xiaomi.com You can write in the subject (Unlock mi account). You must write in English. Use an online translator.

Next, we write what is required. I want to reset my Mi account on Xiaomi Redmi 6a. This procedure is long and may take 2-3 weeks.

Choose English and any country;

We make an Internet connection using Wi-Fi or cellular data;

We go to ” Privacy Policy” (Security Policy) and select any piece of text. On the right, click on the three dots, “Web Search” and “Google App”. Next, we can go to the settings by clicking on the “Settings” entry. We are looking for the item “About Phone” and click on it.

After logging in, click on “Software version (Miui version)”, which you need to quickly click a few (about 5) times until a notification appears about granting “Developer rights”. We go back and go to “Second Space”, and then “Turn on second space”.

Here a second space is created and the device is already quite ready for work. Nevertheless, after the reboot, everything will be reset and you will have to do everything again, so we continue. We go into the settings, then “About Phone”, “Additional Settings” and “Developer Menu (Developer)”. Move switch USB Debugging to the enable position.

We connect to the computer using USB and start Switch. Download “Minimal Adb and Fastboot” and turn it on. We go to the first desktop, and on the computer we type “adb devices”. Here we enter the following command: adb (introductory command) shell pm uninstall (parameters).k.user 0 (values) com.Xiaomi.finddevice (server connection);

Delete “Find my phone (Find my phone)”.

Nuances after such a decoupling.

After that, the gadget is ready for full operation: you can go online, use various programs, etc.

However, it is worth noting that it will not be possible to use Xiaomi services. Which is explained by the absence of the account itself. There are a lot of complaints about the Xiaomi account from users due to poorly executed software, and it is quite logical that it is deleted.

Connecting a fitness bracelet to a phone

Often trackers are used with mobile devices. At the moment, it’s hard to find phones that run on Java, and BlackBerry is even rarer. Therefore, it is worth considering the main devices and how to connect them.

Instruction for Android

Android is the most popular operating system in the world, so most likely you will connect to it.

This instruction will be relevant for Mi Band models from version 2 to 5. First you need to turn on the bracelet and make sure it works. If it turns on, you can proceed further:

1 First, you need to download the official Mi Fit app from PlayMarket. This is a comprehensive software that manages all Xiaomi fitness satellites.

2 Then you need to configure the program: select a language, register, etc.

3 Then you need to start the wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

4 After in the Mi Fit application, you need to go to your personal profile and select the necessary device.

In general, now you know how to connect a fitness bracelet to an Android phone. After this setting, the Smartwatch should already work normally. The firmware update may start. this is normal and will take no more than 15 minutes. Can’t be interrupted!

Settings in third-party applications look about the same.

Instructions for iPhone

In general, the instructions are the same. The application is downloaded from the official App Store and a similar setup is carried out.

Sometimes there is a conflict with the Apple Watch app. This is normal, just remove it from the phone and the problem will be solved by itself.

Instructions for Windows Phone

Now you can’t find Windows Phone “by day with fire”, but if you have one, you can connect it to the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet. The problem is that there is no Xiaomi application in the official store.

It’s good that the Russian community of WP fans is still alive, so you can find third-party applications that work well.

The software is called Bind Mi Band. It is quite well equipped, even a smart alarm clock and similar functions are included. It is configured in the same way as Mi Fit.

The only thing to consider Bind Mi Band is unable to update the firmware. Therefore, initially it is better to connect the bracelet to an Android phone so that updates come and install.

How to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to phone and computer

You bought a fitness bracelet and brought it home. We tried to connect to the phone, but it does not mate! This causes panic for many, but practice shows that most people simply connect incorrectly. In this article, you will learn how to set up a fitness bracelet for the first time so that it works correctly.

Ways to connect the tracker to a laptop/computer

For PC, no applications were released at all. Nevertheless, the tracker assumes mobility and mobility, and not stationary use. But to synchronize and analyze your progress, a computer will be more convenient.

And so, for work you will need to download the emulator and configure it correctly. For PC, there are several good environments that will work together.

The most convenient is Bluestacks 4. It is not demanding, it works well even on older computers. Other emulators are less optimized, often crash, and sometimes don’t run demanding applications.

Installs like any other PC program. Then you will need to go through a short registration, as when you first started android. Fill out the questionnaire, undergo initial training and immediately after that it will be possible to use it.

Sometimes there is a problem with authorization in the Google system. In this case, you need to exclude Bluestacks from startup and in general all other programs that should not be there.

And when everything is ready, you can consider how to set up a Smart bracelet from China.

Instructions for Windows

When the emulator is working properly, you can proceed with the installation. You can do this in several ways.

The traditional method is through the Play Market. It’s right on the main panel right here.

By design, it is no different from Android, so there will be no problems finding applications. It is enough to write “Mi Fit” in the search and install.

The second method is through the search bar. She is here. The desired application is entered in the same way and installed.

After installation, you must repeat the same instructions that were described for Android.

Please note that the laptop must have Bluetooth. If not, you will have to buy an external device. Also, it will not be possible to use GPS, since this is a mobile protocol and computers do not use it in principle.

Instructions for Mac OS

In general, the instructions are no different. There are also no problems with autoloading, so the software is immediately ready for use after installation. The design of the emulator is identical, so the steps are similar.

How to change language on Mi Band 3?

After the start of sales of a new generation of Xiaomi fitness bracelets, many users tried to buy Mi Band 3 in online stores without waiting for the official release in Russia, which took place in September. Bracelets ordered on AliExpress and other similar sites often come without the Russian language. Therefore, users are looking for how to change the language on Mi Band 3.

You will learn: how to change the language to English; how to make it display Cyrillic; how to change to Russian; what to do if iPhone and phone on iOS.

How to change language on Mi Band 3 instruction

Step-by-step instructions with a photo are great for the Chinese version, as well as for the NFC version. Unlike the global version, the Chinese one is currently the cheapest, although in fact it is not inferior in quality and functionality to other versions.

The actions taken, in the end, completely solve the problems associated with the display of the Cyrillic alphabet. To work, you need an Android smartphone. Other OSes will not work. If you have an iPhone, for example on iOS 11, then the main instructions will be different.

Consider three popular and working ways to change the language.

installing Mi Fit from scratch

For the first method, you will need to install the Mi Fit application, which, starting from version 3.4.4, translates the watch language into Russian. This is the official application from the developers.

At the moment, the official firmware has already been released, which supports the Russian language. Therefore, by connecting Mi Band 3 to an Android smartphone, the update will download and install itself on the Smart watch. After that, the clock will be fully Russified and support the display of Cyrillic on the display.

firmware installation

The second option describes the method using the latest international firmware. Works stably and without any complaints. Installing the firmware will be quite simple.

And before you start, it is worth noting that the phone must be turned on the airplane mode, in order to prevent unnecessary actions.

  • MiFit application. if it is installed, be sure to uninstall it. If it is already gone, you can safely move on;
  • Next, download the special version of the MiFit app and install it. This is the stock version of helper It is completely ready and has a built-in firmware in Russian;
  • Run the utility and log in with your own Mi account;
  • Connect Mi Band 3 to your smartphone and start synchronization;
  • After the synchronization, the firmware will be downloaded and installed automatically;

After that, the device will fully support the Russian language.

change language to english

Perhaps the easiest option for changing the language. In order to change the language to English (maybe someone likes it more), you will need:

  • Go to phone settings;
  • Find the system language change tab;
  • Change to English;
  • After a while, the language will change on Mi Band 3.

By the way, the same thing needs to be done to change the language back to Russian. Just in the 3rd paragraph, choose not English, but Russian.

Instructions for iPhone

What should an iOS phone owner do? The main point is to go to the AppStore, download the Mi Fit app for iOS or Mi Heart rate. Then Mi Band 3 to iPhone and application settings, select “Firmware update”. Then, in the list that appears, select the desired firmware, which will then be installed on the device itself.

Hello dear friends! My name is Mikhail Xiaominko, I am a fan of Xiaomi technology, gadgets and smartphones. Having access to information, I try to provide interesting and high-quality content for Xiaomi readers. Sharing the latest news and exclusive content.

Battery drain

It happens that the tracker turned off and does not show signs of life, which causes a certain excitement of the owner. The reasons for this behavior may be a dead battery or a malfunction of the tracker. The drop in charge is easy to fix. The package includes a charger that can be connected to a computer or phone. The appearance of the charge indicator on the screen means the successful start of charging and after two hours you can start using the tracker.

If this does not happen, then perhaps the cause of the dark display is another problem that needs additional diagnostics.

Mi Band 3 won’t turn on after charging

The Mi Band 3 fitness bracelet does not turn on and does not respond to any actions in several cases, and before writing off the gadget, it is recommended to understand the root causes of this behavior. Fit bracelet has become the most profitable solution in the budget segment of Smart devices. It not only performs the function of a pedometer, heart rate monitor, but also displays phone alerts. Digital technology is prone to malfunctions and the tracker is not out of this range.

Problem Diagnosis

If the battery is in order, and Mi Band 3 does not turn on, there may be such problems:

  • Contacts. the connectors have become dirty, and an ordinary dry or slightly damp cloth will help to fix this, which wipes the contacts on the cable and capsule. After cleaning, it is recommended to check the tightness of the charging strap and attach the bracelet to the PC. Lighting up indicators will notify you of the successful completion of the operation.
  • Mechanical damage. it can be both a blow and the impact of water. Tracker manufacturers claim IP67 protection level, but this does not mean that the device can withstand impacts of any strength and survive after that. Regarding water, it must be clarified that a long stay will negatively affect the performance of the bracelet. Therefore, the recommended maximum water test time is only 30 minutes. This can be checked in two ways: connect a phone or PC, laptop. Upon completion of the charge, the bracelet will vibrate and require disconnection from the cable.
  • Problem four, why Mi Band 3 does not turn on, the tracker is broken and the only possible way out is to purchase a new device.

Full discharge

Since the bracelet spends a lot of time on the road to its owner and is not recharged, the battery can become completely empty. The gadget is always on and in the normal course of events, after purchase and removal from the box, you can immediately put it on your hand and start using it. If the screen is dark, then most likely the battery could not withstand transportation and is completely discharged.

The first step is to check the charging of the bracelet. In the event that, after connecting the cable, the process began, then there are no more reasons for worrying. If the Mi Band 3 does not turn on, then it may be worth leaving it to charge for a long time. Usually two hours is enough, but when fully discharged, it can take a whole night. Users bring the battery to life also with cold, just by putting the tracker in the freezer.

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Bracelet breakage: causes

The reasons why the Mi Band 3 does not turn on can be any of the following, which should be resolved immediately:

  • Moisture. the destructive effect of water is almost the root cause of the breakdown of gadgets. In this case, contacting a service center is the best way out.
  • Falls. often the owners say that after falls it is the screen that fails. This does not mean at all that the bracelet has stopped working completely. It may not output data, but vibrate and sync with the app.
  • Marriage. a sudden failure to correctly display information on the display indicates a omission of quality control by the manufacturer.

Thus, the new Xiaomi Mi Band needs to be charged for the first time for a longer time. Bracelets that have been in use for some time can become victims of improper or careless handling. As a result, come to a non-working state.

If the Mi Band 3 does not connect to the phone, the cause of the problems is probably the following:

  • Bluetooth connection problems. When synchronizing, the bracelet and smartphone should be as close as possible to each other. If this does not help, then check if the Bluetooth module is working on your smartphone. To do this, connect your smartphone to another phone or computer;
  • no charging. If the gadgets do not connect, check the charge level of the bracelet. If not, plug Mi Band 3 into power and try again later;
  • connecting to MiFit2 bracelets. As already mentioned, you cannot link 2 trackers to one account at once. If you have already used another version of Mi Band, then in the “Profile” section, click “Unlink”;
  • non-original tracker. If the application simply does not see your Smart watch, the gadget may not be original or it may be damaged. After a successful check for a fake, we recommend returning the Mi Band 3 to the seller;
  • system failures. This happens quite often, you can fix a connection error caused by system failures by simply restarting your smartphone.

Attention! If these recommendations did not help you fix your Mi Band 3 connection problems, then reset the bracelet to factory settings. You can do this in the application or on the tracker display.

How to connect a bracelet to Android

If you have a phone from Samsung, Honor or any other model on Android, then follow the instructions below.

Note! If you have already linked to the Mi Band 2 application, then first you need to untie it. To do this, go to “Profile”, then “Mi Band 2” and tap “Disable”.

  • To connect the watch to a smartphone, on the main screen of the application, click on the sign “” or tap on the corresponding button at the bottom of the display.
  • Next, select the device that will be synchronized with the smartphone.
  • Consent to the collection of information and grant access to the location.
  • Synchronization is carried out via Bluetooth, so confirm it is turned on.
  • At the end, the smart watch will vibrate. After that, press the touch screen control button and perform the initial settings.

As you can see, you don’t have to do anything complicated in order to synchronize gadgets.

Installation and registration in Mi Fit

First of all, you need to install the Mi Fit program. through it, the bracelet will be paired with the phone. The application is available for download in Play Market and App Store.

After successful installation of the software, you need to log in:

  • click on the “Register” or “Login” button (if you already have an account);
  • when registering, in the section with the region, set “Russia”;
  • at the last stage, you will need to indicate your data: gender, date of birth, name, height, weight;
  • it will then prompt you to select the number of steps the user should take each day. 8000 steps will be optimal;
  • give the application access to all necessary files.

After registration, you can proceed to link Mi Band 3 to your smartphone.

Connecting the Xiaomi Mi band 3 bracelet to the phone

In order to use all the features of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 (track steps, monitor physical condition, monitor sleep, etc.), you need to link this bracelet to your smartphone. For many, this process will seem complicated, because it is not uncommon for problems to appear when trying to synchronize. But in fact, this action can be completed in a few minutes. Further on how to connect Mi Band 3 to the phone and what initial settings you need to perform.

Answers to common questions

Questions Answers
Can’t sign in to account. How to solve this problem? It is possible that the login to your account is blocked for a particular area. A regular VPN service will help fix this. Download it from the app store and select the region in which the account will be available.
After the update, the tracker no longer connects to Mi Fit. How to proceed? Sign in to Mi Fit and unlink the tracker from the app. Then sign in to the app and re-sync. If that doesn’t help, try resetting your Mi Band to factory settings.
Bluetooth often drops out. Does it affect the display of data? No, this should not affect the display of data. When the connection is stabilized, the information should be corrected.

The Mi Band 3 is a useful fitness tracker with a good range of features. It is useful for both athletes and those who want to keep fit and track their physical activity.

Why Mi PC Suite does not sync with Xiaomi smartphone

To exchange files between a computer and a Xiaomi Redmi Plus smartphone, you need to install a special program on the PC. Mi PC Suite. But some users are faced with the problem that their device is not detected by the system. Let’s take a closer look at why Xiaomi Mi PC Suite does not see the phone and what to do about it.

Complicated ways

Radical methods involve the use of third-party hardware or software.

android terminal emulator

This program can be found in the Play Market. After downloading it to your Xiaomi Redmi Note Pro, you should set up a number of commands:

  • SU (super user). with its help you will go to the root folder.
  • Setprop persist.sys.USB.config mass_storage, adb. this combination must be written next. Be sure to check the spelling.
  • Rebot. confirm the action and restart the device.

There are other similar programs in the Play Store.

Their functionality is largely similar to those described by us. If you want, you can download one of them. The commands are the same, the field names may differ slightly.


You will not be able to find this application in the Android store. It must be downloaded separately from the Internet. Best of the Xiaomi themed forums. After installing the program, you can manually edit the connection settings according to the following scheme:

  • Find the “Package” section.
  • In the field that opens, write “com.Android.settings”.
  • Next, go to the “Class” tab.
  • Here you need to set the command “com.Android.settings.UsbSettings”.
  • Click “Create Shortcut”.

Then try again to connect the device to the computer.

Application for installing drivers

Download a special program to your phone that will independently install all the drivers necessary for a successful connection. Thus, you will get rid of the problem with the lack of the necessary program suitable for your device.

After installing the add-ons, go to the “Task Manager” on your PC.

Then pave the path to the folder with the files. After that, the synchronization should be successful.

Update MIUI

When you connect the phone to the PC, you can see the inscription you need to update your device to use Mi pc suite, what to do in this case?

Such a nuisance can happen even with new devices on which Android 6.0 and higher is installed. In this case, install the Chinese version of the software.

How to remove the error you need to update your device to use Mi pc suite (translated as “You need to update your device to use Mi PC Suite”) when connecting to Mi PC Suite:

  • Open Mi PC Suite.
  • Go to the “Settings” section.
  • Make sure there is a check mark next to PC Internet.
  • Find the Up Arrow icon in the lower left corner.
  • Wait for the software to update.

After installing the Chinese MIUI, restart Xiaomi and reconnect to the computer. The problem should be gone.

Simple Ways

You can easily perform all of the following methods on your own, with minimal knowledge about your smartphone and PC:

  • Replace USB cable. Most often, a connection problem occurs when you use a non-original cable. With the help of a foreign wire, a smartphone can be successfully charged, though not for long. But it is not suitable for connecting to a computer. Try to borrow the original cable from someone you know and check the connection.
  • Check the USB port. It will also be useful to check the port on the computer. In most cases, there are several such connectors on a PC, on different sides of the case. Plug the cable into another port and initiate the connection. If you are using a desktop computer, select the connector on the back. It’s closer to the motherboard.
  • Disable the anti-virus program on your computer before installing the software. In rare cases, it blacklists Mi PC Suite, after which it cannot be used.
  • Download new drivers or update existing ones. With old ones or without them at all, connecting to a computer will be impossible. You can download the latest drivers from the Xiaomi official website or the thematic forum. Before installation, we strongly recommend checking them for viruses.

Note! The Xiaomi official website has drivers for each phone model. First of all, use the filter to select your phone, only then download the software.

If none of the above methods worked for you, try manually debugging the USB connection. This is done like this:

  • Go to smartphone settings.
  • Find the line “Advanced”.
  • Then go to the “For Developers” section.
  • Click “USB Debugging”.
  • Click “Enable”.

This method is used to troubleshoot problems on the smartphone itself. If you have tried all the simple solutions, but have not been successful, it’s time to move on to more radical ones.

Causes of the problem

First of all, you need to understand what caused the problem. To do this, you will have to find instructions from your Xiaomi or delve into the settings.

Sometimes the cause can be improperly connected equipment. In other cases. software failure.

Mi Band 3 Pairing Problem Fix | Mi Band Couldn’t Connect to Phone | Android and iPhone Issues

The list of the most common reasons includes:

  • System problems on the machine itself.
  • Non-original USB cable.
  • The program is blocked by antivirus.
  • Wrong phone connection method.
  • Outdated drivers or their complete absence on the PC.

Some Xiaomi Note sin in that they can only be recognized by a computer in camera mode.

To solve this problem, transfer the files you need to the snapshot folder.

Then, after a successful connection to the PC, sort them into their places, as you see fit.

However, these are not all the reasons why Mi PC Suite cannot recognize the device. To determine your particular case, you will have to independently reject all options empirically. Below we will talk about some ways to solve the problems that Xiaomi won’t connect to the computer.

Alternative way

Question: “Mi PC Suite how to connect a phone without a USB cable” worries many owners of Xiaomi phones. File transfer possible via Wi-Fi.

A special file manager that can be downloaded from the Internet will help you manage it. The main thing is that it works with ftp. So it will be much more convenient for you to work. If all other types of connections are not available, there are probably no other options.

Important! Use only secure data transfer channels, especially in the case of Wi-Fi.

It is best to use your home network. Avoid sharing personal data over free Wi-Fi in public areas.

As practice shows, in order to find a method that suits you, you need to try each of the list. One of them will definitely lead you to the desired goal, namely to connect your smartphone to the Mi PC Suite program.

If the problem is still not solved, it is most likely a pirated firmware. Either install the Chinese one according to the instructions above, or completely update the software of your device

To learn more about the reasons for the lack of synchronization and how to fix the problem, you can watch the overview video on the YouTube platform at the link:

As you can see, it is not difficult to solve the problem with the lack of correct synchronization of the Xiaomi smartphone with the computer. You are offered a variety of options, depending on the severity of the problem. Try each one in turn, after troubleshooting the communication equipment.

Display not working

To check if the display is working:

  • Charge your device fully.
  • Install the Mi Fit app on your smartphone and log in using your Mi account details.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and connect to the bracelet from the application. If the device is working properly, it will vibrate and the display will show a message that pairing is complete. If the screen remains black but the bracelet vibrates, then the display is faulty. The device can continue to be used as a heart rate monitor and pedometer.

Reasons due to which Xiaomi-Mi-Band 3 3 may not turn on:

This is the main reason why the bracelet cannot be turned on. It cannot be turned off and therefore the device continues to work all the time from the seller to the buyer.

To turn on the bracelet, just connect it to the charger for 2-3 hours. This time is enough to disable the overdischarge protection and to charge the battery.

Mi band 3 why it is not connecting to mobile

Other malfunctions

Sometimes Mi-Band 3 does not turn on due to defective electronic components. Repairing the bracelet in this case is quite problematic and therefore it is easier to return it to the seller.

It is not worth agreeing to reimbursement of repair costs, since opening the case will void any warranty. It is preferable to return the device to the seller.

Summing up, we can say that the Mi Band 3 bracelet may not turn on for 3 reasons: low battery, non-working screen or electronic components. In the first case, the problem is solved by a long charge. In the rest. replacement with a new device.

What to do if Mi Band 3 does not connect to the phone?

Mi Band 3 is the latest fitness bracelet from Xiaomi, which has won a large part of the market and fans. Let’s first see if you connected the bracelet correctly with your smartphone. This paragraph shows how to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 3 to your smartphone through the Mi Fit app.

How to connect Mi Band 3 to a smartphone

First of all, install the Mi Fit App on the Google Play Store or App Store after you extract it.

Mi Band 3 does not have a power button, it is always on. Once you download it, open and login with your Mi account or desired login.

As shown in the screenshot, click “No Paired Devices” to pair Mi Band 3 and select Band from the list. The firmware will start updating while pairing, probably the language will change to English from Chinese.

Press and hold the pairing option on Mi Band 3 when you see it. Your Mi Band 3 has been successfully paired. Only one device can be paired at a time, if you have any previously paired Mi Bands, please unpair them to connect Mi Band 3.

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After launching the application, the language should be set to English after updating the firmware.

The Mi Band 3 fitness tracker is a notable upgrade from its predecessor Mi Band 2, it offers a number of features such as a heart rate sensor, calorie counter, step counter, and can notify you of calls and messages. It’s also IP67 waterproof up to 50m (5ATM) so you can take it to swim.

If after making the connection, as in the instructions, Mi Band 3 does not see the smartphone, follow these steps:

Полная настройка Xiaomi Mi Band 3 II Скрытые функции II Как включить Mi band 3

  • First check if the official Mi fit app is working. And check if you are running the latest available version of the app.
  • Then suggest you re-pairing with Mi band in notify app, so please try the following steps first check in the main left menu of the notification app, if you see “Mi Fit installed” or “Mi Fit NOT installed” correctly, open the notification app and in the left menu do “Replace with new group” re-open the notification app and allow the initial connection to re-open
  • Make sure you have access to notifications enabled for both apps: notification and the official Mi fit app.
  • Make sure the official Mi fit app works correctly in the background, otherwise the notification app won’t be able to stay in touch with the band.
  • if the official Mi fit app also doesn’t work, try updating the Mi band firmware to a newer version using the latest official version of the Mi fit app

Also, you need to Enable indication in the status bar (Mi Fit connected / disconnected) in the general settings of the Mi Fit app

Now let’s figure out how to fix the error “Could not connect Mi Band” or “Mi Band connect failed”. This error usually occurs when the Mi Band is unable to connect to an Android device due to connection issues.

Solutions to try:

There are several solutions to fix “Mi Band connect failed” error on Android. They are listed below.

Restart Bluetooth in Android:

This is one of the easiest ways to fix Mi Band connection failed error on Android. Just turn Bluetooth off and on again. See if it works, if not then follow the solutions below.

Reboot your device:

This is another easy solution to fix Mi Band connection failed error on Android. Turn off Bluetooth, restart your Android device and see if it works. If the problem persists, follow the solution below to fix it.

Solution 3 Restore Mi Band from Mi Fit Settings:

Follow the steps below to learn how to restore Mi Band from Mi Fit settings.

  • Open Mi Fit.
  • Now go to Mi Band Profile.
  • Here you will see No Band error.
  • Scroll down and click on the Unpair option and select OK.
  • Close Mi Fit and restart it.

As soon as it turns on, you will be prompted to turn on / connect Mi Band again. To do this, simply click on the Mi Band when the LED starts flashing. It will be synced again with your Mi Fit app in your Android phone. The bracelet will work fine again.

Switching to a new smartphone Mi Band 3 does not connect to the phone

This is due to the fact that the bracelet is tied to an old phone. First you need to disconnect the bracelet from the old smartphone.

  • Open MiFit
  • Log in My devices Mi Band 3. Swipe off the bracelet, at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then return to the start screen and after that click Pair or Add devices, in the line My devices Then wait for the connection, after that the bracelet should be paired.

Mi Band Master alternative app

If, for some reason, the Mi Fit application writes the same error, we recommend installing a similar application “Mi Band Master”.

We talked about how to install Mi Band Master in this article, on our website.

By the way, if for some reason you decide to buy yourself a new fitness tracker, then this can be done in a good Xiaomi store.

The article will be supplemented with new solutions.

To connect a wrist device, you must use a mobile device equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 wireless transceiver or higher. The manufacturer recommends using equipment that meets the requirements of standard 4.2. Users note stable operation when using the transmitter version 4.0. If the owner has an outdated smartphone equipped with a version 2.0 or 3.0 wireless communication unit, it is impossible to connect the bracelet. The equipment also does not connect to iPhone version 4C and below.

If the bracelet does not want to connect with an Android phone, users resort to installing utilities created by third-party developers. After the connection is established, the program is deleted, the owner makes a second attempt to synchronize via Mi Fit. If the problem is not solved, you will need to flash the wrist equipment using the Gadgetbridge utility. Configuration using Fix-IT, NRF connect or BLE Scanner software.

Algorithm of actions when using the Fix-IT program:

  • Check the charging of the battery built into the bracelet. To restore the capacity, use the original cord (included). Before connecting the charging, the capsule of the wrist device is disconnected from the strap.
  • Disconnect the communication channel between the bracelet and the smartphone (in case the devices have been synchronized).
  • Delete the official Mi Fit application from the memory of the mobile device.
  • Save utility (does not require a license and payment).
  • Open a dialog box, enter the MAC address of the wrist device in the corresponding field.
  • Perform Product Synchronization.

When using the NRF connect software, you will need:

  • Download a utility that does not require the purchase of a license agreement, and then enable wireless communication on your phone.
  • Open the program window, grant permissions according to the settings menu. The Scanner window provides a button to search for devices located within the range of the Bluetooth transceiver.
  • Wait for the search to complete and go to the Bonded section. Make sure that there is a Mi Band 3 bracelet in the list of found equipment, and then perform the synchronization procedure.

To speed up the search and binding procedure, the BLE Scanner utility is used. After unpacking the distribution, you will need to run the executable file and install the program. Enable the utility, in the main window there is a hardware search button. Some users note that the search procedure starts automatically every time the program starts. After the scan is completed, a list of detected devices is displayed on the screen. The owner finds the bracelet and attempts to sync the devices.


If the user uses Apple equipment, it will be necessary to use programs adapted for the iOS operating system. Utilities created for Android will not work on iPhones. If the wrist equipment does not connect to the Apple phone, the owner restores its functionality using the Mi Band Master utility. An alternative method is to reset the parameters on the smartphone.

Mi Band Master software is released in 2 versions. The basic modification, distributed free of charge, allows you to synchronize your phone and wristband, as well as adjust the settings. The advanced version of Pro, equipped with a firmware module for wrist equipment, requires the purchase of a license. Before starting the firmware, you need to download and install the utility. Then an archive is saved with 3 files (with the extensions fw, res and ft), which are subsequently written to the bracelet’s memory.

The utility provides an adjustment menu, after activating the paid version, an additional firmware section appears. The user specifies the location of the files and then starts the installation procedure. After installing the new version of the programs, the bracelet is synchronized and tested.

The reset procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Enter the mobile device settings section.
  • Find the paragraph responsible for the main adjustments, and then enter the section.
  • Press the reset button, an additional window will appear on the screen in which the settings to be reset are selected.
  • Select the reset mode for all settings, and then confirm the start of the procedure. When resetting, the parameters set at the factory are restored. At the same time, the user’s files (photos, musical compositions, notebook) remain unchanged.


The Gadgetbridge utility (which is freely available) allows you to replace the software stored in the bracelet’s memory. The technique is used after testing other methods, since flashing the product can adversely affect performance. Before starting work, you need to install the program on your smartphone, as well as download the desired firmware version. The distribution kit includes 3 files with extensions fw, res and ft.

After installation, the utility is launched, a wrist device is selected in the dialog box. Then the synchronization procedure starts automatically, the user opens the folder with the saved firmware components. The required file is highlighted with the button held down for 2 seconds. An additional window opens on the side, in which the option of opening the document using a third-party application is selected. The Gadgetbridge utility is selected from the list, the remaining files are opened in a similar way.

After the firmware procedure is completed, the utility is removed. Uninstalling software from the smartphone’s memory does not affect the performance of the installed firmware. Then the owner of the equipment synchronizes the bracelet through the standard algorithms provided in the Mi Fit program. If the equipment does not find the phone, it is recommended to contact the service center that deals with the repair and maintenance of Xiaomi equipment.

Vibration not working

If the device does not vibrate, you should figure out why.

    . If there is no vibration during a call or SMS, you need to check the quality of the connection. Check the bracelet-phone pair. stable operation will be provided by NRF connect for mobile.

  • Mi fit needs to open access to notifications and work in the background. With the correct settings, it is recommended to pay attention to the following item.
  • It is required to synchronize the device using only one software in order to avoid program conflicts.
  • Try disconnecting and then reconnecting.
  • Vibration may not be present if incorrect software is installed. If the reinstallation did not help, download other applications with similar features: Notify Fitness, Mi Band Master, RuMifit Lolex.
  • If all else fails, reflash the device.

Notifications don’t work

Many users of Xiaomi Mi band 3 complain about the poor performance of notifications. Some messages do not come, and some, on the contrary, are duplicated. If notifications aren’t working for some reason, it’s a good idea to check:

  • Settings of the official Mi Fit application. The operation of the application in remote mode must be unlocked, and in Mi fit you need to set permission to manage notifications.
  • Alerts should only be handled by a single program.
  • Go to “Background Activity Control” and make sure that the application has no restrictions.
  • In the mobile settings, make sure that Mi fit is activated at autorun.

NFC not working

NFC only works with special protocols. Its functioning is impossible without connecting Google Pay. Also, Google Pay does not have an open API, which means access is only possible if the connected accessory is running Wear OS.

Since these functions are not implemented in Russia, NFC does not work throughout the Russian Federation. The manufacturer has not yet provided information on whether contactless payment will work anywhere other than the domestic market of China.

The bracelet sensor takes some getting used to. In the first week of use, it may seem that the sensor does not work, but you just have to get used to the screen. The performance of this model is not ideal.

Even if you use the device with exceptionally dry and clean fingers, the sensor sometimes does not perceive touch. Crashes happen randomly, so it’s probably just a matter of firmware. It is recommended to wait for an update in which this shortcoming will be fixed, or to reflash the device. This can be done in several ways:

Display not working

Some Xiaomi models have display problems. Even a fully charged device may not show the charge level. You can check and solve the problem like this:

  • By connecting the bracelet to the mobile. You need to register in Mi-account and link your smartphone to a fitness tracker. Next, the bracelet should vibrate. An inscription will appear on the screen asking you to confirm the action by pressing the touch screen.
  • There are cases of factory marriage. This is when the display brightness is so low that you can only see anything on the screen in certain lighting conditions. In this case, the device must be replaced.
  • The charge level may not be displayed due to its discharge. You can fix the problem by fully charging the device. Connect it to your computer and wait until the device is charged up to 100%. The bracelet will vibrate 2 times, informing about the readiness for further work.
  • Download and install the Mi Fit application on your phone from the Play Market or the App Store
  • Log in to the program with your Mi account
  • Choose your region of residence
  • Specify height, weight, gender, name, date of birth (this information is necessary to customize the bracelet to your personal parameters)
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone
  • In the application, select the item “Device not connected”
  • Click on the column “Bracelet”
  • Click “Allow”
  • When Xiaomi Mi Band 3 vibrates and an alert appears on its screen, click on it.

After that, your fitness bracelet should connect to your phone.

If it doesn’t, see below.

Disconnecting an old fitness bracelet

There could be a problem during the connection process if your Xiaomi phone has already been synchronized with another fitness tracker.

  • Log in to MiFit
  • Click on “Profile”
  • Select the name of the bracelet that you want to disconnect from the phone (at the same time, at the moment it may not be connected, but simply stored in the smartphone’s memory)
  • Click “Disable”.

The procedure does not require confirmation from the smart bracelet screen. If “Device not connected” is displayed in Mi Fit, the task is completed correctly, and you can synchronize with the new tracker according to the instructions above.

In some cases, Mi Band 3 cannot be synchronized because the smartphone does not see the bracelet. To resolve the issue, try the following:

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled
  • Check if the current version of Mi Fit is installed on the smartphone (go to the application and update it if necessary
  • Put the bracelet on charge from the USB of the computer, enter the application on the phone and disconnect the adapter (usually, immediately after the performed actions, the program finds the device);
  • Make sure that the fitness tracker you are using is not a fake (yes, yes, and this can be
  • Try another app to connect (Fix-it, NRF connect, BLE Scanner).

Sometimes the problem can be related to errors in the firmware of the smart bracelet. To solve it, you can try resetting Xiaomi Mi Band.

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