Xiaomi Mi 8 Does Not Turn On After Discharging

Very often, after some time after buying a new smartphone, the user is faced with a situation where the Xiaomi phone does not turn on. We turned to the specialists of the ACS (Xiaomi Authorized Service Center) to tell them the working ways to restore the phone at home.

Xiaomi phone does not turn on: 3 ways to solve

Practice has shown that the most common problem with a Xiaomi phone is the inability to turn on the device. If before the occurrence of the malfunction there was a mechanical impact, such as a strong blow, then everything is obvious. This is, with a high degree of probability, internal damage to the board.

But what if the reasons are not so obvious and the phone stopped working “on its own”? We will analyze the options why Xiaomi does not turn on, indicating how to solve them.

Deep discharge

The lithium batteries used in smartphones have a built-in charge controller. During deep discharge, it closes the battery power line. This is done in order to protect from falling capacity to a certain value so that the battery does not fail.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Does Not Turn On After Discharging

Therefore, when discharged, the phone may not turn on, even when connected to a charger. In this case, the signal LED will blink red. There are also cases when a white indicator flashes when pressed.

How to solve?

  • Leave the phone on charge for a long time: from one to six hours. This time should be enough to remove the gadget from a state of deep discharge.
  • Try to connect the gadget to another, more powerful charge.
  • Forcedly charge the battery from a 5 volt power supply, limiting the current to 300-350 milliamps.

If you have experience, it is recommended that you remove the back cover yourself, using the detailed instructions.

Technical problem

Xiaomi may be fully functional, but it doesn’t receive power due to a faulty cable or insufficient power charger? Check them out on another device.

If everything is in order, then the reason may lie in the power button. Assess its serviceability is real and visual. The button should be resilient, not dented, pressed with a subtle “click”.

Sometimes turning on the phone is prevented by a non-original case. Remove it from the smartphone case and try to launch again.

The microUSB jack often fails. During rough operation, it wears out quickly, internal contacts move away from the landing sites on the system board.

Only professional repairs in the service center will help here.

Software Failure

Critical errors that occur in the software are a common reason why the Xiaomi phone does not turn on. They appear for various reasons. Here is some of them.

  1. The operating system crashed on boot (the system crashed).
  2. An update was installed on the device, and a shutdown occurred (the battery was depleted).
  3. After installing TWRP.
  4. The action of malicious virus applications.

Solution methods.

  • Forced reboot. It is carried out by a long (about 10 seconds) pressing the power button. In this case, the phone should emit a short vibration signal and start up.
  • Reboot from the service menu. Enter the engineering menu by simultaneously pressing the power and volume buttons up. Next, turn off the device and try again to turn it on.

Flashing. Installing a new version of Android with the MIUI shell solves software problems. In order to perform recovery in this way, you need to use special bootloaders, for example, Mi Flash.

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High-quality sound instruction! It was a pity she was not when I had such a troubles with the phone. Bought a new Redmi 5 Plus phone. I had another phone in parallel. Therefore, I used the new one and a half weeks a little bit to get used to MIUI and explore the main features. As a result, I did not notice that the phone was completely discharged.
I took it on, and he didn’t. I kept the on button for a minute. the result is zero. I put it on charge did not react, although I’m used to that when you put the phone on charge, the indicator immediately lights up.
It turns out a really deep discharge has occurred. Accident also helped to understand this. Since it was a day off. He put the phone on charge and forgot, so he stood for 10 hours. Then I take it in my hand, hold the button again and lo and behold, I feel the vibration and see the MI logo on the screen.
And I already thought. it’s a trumpet, 14 days have passed, but my phone doesn’t work, and suddenly the marriage. There was no limit to the joy of the work phone. )

I held it for 10 seconds and everything worked out. THX

Great article! Save to bookmarks. Prepared, then armed)

Thanks for the advice on the battery! I have an old Redmi 4x, and who knows where the lid is conditionally fixed. Holding the power button for a long time did not help. I had to gently pry the back cover to make manipulation with the battery. As a result, the old man turned on, showed signs of life, but I didn’t have to lose hope and bring it to the service, where they would take at least 400 rubles from me for thanks.
Thanks from me!

Thanks a lot. Thanks to this article, I was able to figure out why my Redmi does not turn on and turn it on again. I was already afraid, I thought that it had broken and should be carried. And this is too much time, money, and I would have had to go without a phone. And so nice, she figured it out and turned on. Once again I thank the creators of the site and the author of the article!

Hello. Good article, informative. But unfortunately, it did not help me. I bought a new Mi8 when I went out. Became a brick. Any operations according to the article are inconclusive.

The article describes solutions that help turn on the phone in 95% of cases.
Please specify what actions were performed with the phone? What firmware was there?
In itself, for the phone to work like this, nothing was done, and in the end it went out and stopped turning on. the case is quite extraordinary.
Perhaps flashing the phone?

Good afternoon, Redmi 6 pro is charging and does not turn on, constantly every 5 seconds the vibration lights up MI, goes out again and so on in a circle. What to do?

Judging by the symptoms, after updating by air, they grabbed a “bootlap”. It is recommended to look at the 4PDA topic about remote recovery and EDL mode.

I have the same trouble with Mi A1 what to do.

I have the same problem, the phone (Mi8) just lay on the table (did not fall, did not beat). At first, he stopped catching the network (he learned from people who couldn’t reach me). I turned it on, tried to call someone. it says there is no network. I clicked on the phone reboot, and he doesn’t react to anything at all. A firmware version of miui 10 on 9 android was installed.

You managed to break the screen, then you repaired it yourself and now you are surprised that the phone does not work?

Yesterday, while using the phone, it just turned off, although charging was normal. when turned on, it does not load. At the loading stage (KD built for people) something is written there), then nothing happens. left at night for charging, but when turned on repeatedly, nothing happens beyond the above stage ((((

If you can’t reanimate it in any way, can you somehow connect it to the computer, so that at least all the info is saved? Just connecting to a computer as before does not work, does not see the phone ((

If preservation of information is important, then it is better not to take harsh actions so as not to harm even more. In this case, it is recommended to contact a service center. Judging by the described reasons, the case is not quite standard, for resuscitation, it may be necessary to disassemble and diagnose.

Yes, and it’s better not to do Factory Reset yet, that is, reset to factory settings, since all user data will be lost.

Good afternoon. My Xiaomi redmi Note 3 turned off during use. while the charge was sufficient. It does not turn on when charging; the indicator does not light

Such a situation: mi 4c took away from the repair changed the battery. All the rules worked. I had beta 10 miui 8.9.13 like. So, the phone was lying long before the repair, and I decided to check for firmware updates. It turns out there are no more, well, everyone does not release updates for him, but I don’t really understand this native updater, it’s also in English.

There was a button there download update. Well, I downloaded it twice, until I realized that there were still no updates and that I was installing the same version. Well, I left this venture, put down the phone, I think let it lie while I started downloading firmware, I just wanted Russian, that’s the whole point. Well, in the meantime. The phone was cut down and bricked. Without my exposure.

Well, I think, okay, apparently the firmware has become crooked. I’ll put another one and that’s it. Fortunately, I already got used to breaking the boot loader, such as two fingers. But here the main pitfall awaited me. The phone is not detected by the computer. Such an option, it did not brick at all, but cannot start. That is, the logo appears mi goes out again and again, I connect to the laptop at the same time, it immediately goes out and I can’t turn it on all connected.

I must say that the battery was above 80%. So, in fast boot mode, the laptop also does not see it. I thought that the matter could be in the laptop, yusby laid it there. Nifiga, the reboot didn’t give anything, I went to my computer and everything was the same there. NU and the phone in fastboot mode does not light for a long time immediately turns off. It was already deep night and I decided that the morning of the evening is wiser. He put down the phone and scored. Woke up in the afternoon. I’m trying to turn it on. And here …. NOTHING. Well, that is, absolutely no reaction.

I thought as an option to disconnect the battery physically, wait 10 minutes and reconnect. But I’m afraid a pitfall awaits me in the form of what. Well, he’s talking about and he does not accept yusby. And yes, when charging or connecting to a laptop, the charge indicator does not light. What is the actual question: What else can it be, besides my guesses? Well, before I take any action. I just would not really like to open it, I have at least experience with smartphones inside. I would not want to break the helmet. But for now I can’t give it back for repair. A little later, if all else fails.

You can try to reset to factory settings, in some cases, such a simple action makes the phone work normally again. It is only desirable that there is a backup of the necessary data, since a “reset” deletes user data from the phone.

I have almost such a situation) in general, after the street I went to my friend’s apartment after a frost) I just sat on the phone, he sat down, put on charge after an hour, I watched 2%, that’s it (I turned off the charging), the next day I came to myself and put on charging.
As a result, charging does not rise above 0%! Reduced the settings to factory times 2, the battery calibration did the same without changes. I put the charge on usb, it turns on, you can sit, the battery charge shows 65429%)))) but the charge does not go, I remove the usb from the phone, it immediately turns off and that’s it! I don’t understand how this happened, the phone was not in damp. Purely in your pocket on the street and after the street frost.

Interesting case. Thank you for sharing the information!