Xiaomi Mi 6 Freezes

Want to know why hiaomi freezes? Yes, because any device needs a reboot. It is recommended to periodically restart the smartphone or tablet so that errors in the operating system are corrected. Android is a huge number of working applications and programs, and even when we close all applications, then working in the background is not just one program, but a whole bunch. Like a computer, Xiaomi Redmi 3 needs to be rebooted until there are so many errors that the phone or tablet hangs tightly.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Freezes

Many users get so nervous when their phone or tablet hangs hard that they are ready to tear it to pieces tossing it against a wall or floor.
I recommend you not to do this and try to apply a method of forced rebooting of a hung Xiaomi and similar devices, as described below.

Now let’s see how to restart xiaomi redmi 3 which is frozen and does not respond to any actions.
Press and hold without releasing the button “Power On / Power On” 20 seconds, after which your Hiaomi will reboot. (For those who do not understand to keep pressed, you need a button with which we usually turn on the smartphone). If it doesn’t work, then you can try holding the button again, but a little longer.

If the method above did not help to get the phone freezing, then follow this link to another page where other methods of forcibly restarting Android devices are indicated.