Xiaomi Mi 5s Fingerprint Not Working

It happens that a user cannot unlock and gain access to phone features. Such a problem indicates that the Xiaomi Mi5 does not have a fingerprint, the scanner of which is located on the surface of the navigation physical key. The cause of the failure may be hidden in the software or hardware environment of the smartphone.

System Causes of Failure

If the fingerprint scanner does not work for Xiaomi Mi5 due to software malfunctions, these may be malfunctions of different severity levels.

  1. Too much workload of the device with a large number of tasks. It is fixed by closing active applications, or by restarting the smartphone.
  2. Perhaps the fingerprint was originally recorded in the memory is not too high quality, not completely. In this case, you need to record it again. To do this, in the lock / protection settings, open the fingerprint management section and assign a new one, following the instructions of the system, until the fingertip is scanned from all sides and angles.
  3. Problems in the OS or phone firmware. They can be eliminated by resetting the gadget to the preset ones (in paragraph “Advanced settings”), or by more complex actions: installing a freshly released update package, a working firmware version. Users who have skills in working with the engineering menu can configure the scanner in it. Before such drastic actions, it is recommended that you keep a copy of all the important information on your phone.
Xiaomi Mi 5s Fingerprint Not Working

What to do if the fingerprint scanner does not work on Xiaomi Mi5

If the fingerprint on the Xiaomi Mi5 stops working due to physical damage (breakdowns in the hardware), then the following mechanical effects usually become the cause.

  1. The fall of the smartphone, a direct hit on it, squeezing something heavy. All these incidents entail a split in the elements of the key on which the scanner is located (microcircuit, loop), their cracking, fragmentation. The seriousness of such damage makes the repair of the module impractical and economically unjustified. It is more advantageous to completely replace the key with a new one.
  2. Moisture penetration. Liquid, or its vapor, can get into the microscopic gap between the button body and the phone case. Sometimes moisture even condenses spontaneously inside the device if the heated gadget is suddenly transferred to a cold space. Liquid destructively affects the phone: it oxidizes all metal parts and the electronic signal can no longer be transmitted through them, which is why the finger scanner stops working.

There is a way to remove liquid from a smartphone: in a service center, it is placed in a tray with alcohol and exposed to ultrasound. This method is effective if there was little moisture, wetting was short-lived, and the smartphone was immediately turned off and transferred to specialists. If the device is held under a layer of water or in a humid room for a long time, it will be difficult to save it. It is much more profitable to replace wet modules, for example, if only the key with the scanner is affected by the liquid, only its module is replaced.