Xiaomi headphones do not connect to each other

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The sources of interference are different and are not always associated with the loss of contact between the liners. Consider possible situations.

  • AirDots do not connect to a smartphone. Possible Bluetooth version conflict. Turn off active devices for a while, try to sync your headphones again.
  • Playing a song with delays. Earlier versions of wireless channels are characterized by low bandwidth. Remove unused TWS devices.
  • The connection between the headphones and the phone is constantly lost. Clear the cache and list of Bluetooth devices. Run Connect again.
  • The sound on one earbud became quieter. Examine the hull. Remove dirt. Use a toothpick, lint-free cloth.

If the above solutions did not help you get back up and running, only a factory reset will help. Zeroing the TWS headset is carried out if:

  • The headphones have been out of the case for several hours, and after activation they do not synchronize with each other.
  • The indicator lights up white on the left and right ear cups.
  • The light of the diodes in the container does not change to red.

Since the Mi and Redmi AirDots models are functionally and externally similar to each other, the instructions are applicable for two versions.

Earbuds not syncing

To fix the out of sync issue, run:

  • Before starting all actions, remove the pairing with your smartphone.
  • Place the liners in the container. Connect to power supply.
  • When charging is completed, the indicator on the front of the case will notify.
  • Take out your headphones.
  • Get your stopwatch ready. Hold the function key or touchpad for 50 seconds.
  • Hold the specified time. During this period, the bulbs of the earbuds will flicker white, slowly at first, then the tempo will accelerate. At the end of the process, the indication will change to red, after 5 seconds it will turn off.
  • Release the pressure and put Dots in the case.
  • Wait 10 seconds, remove plugs, check contact with phone.

The earbuds connect as one unit when the reset is done correctly. If the left and right AirDots appear separately in the Bluetooth list, it takes another minute to complete the setup.

  • Put the left earpiece in the container.
  • Disable the right AirDots by holding the key or sensor for 30 seconds. When the flashlight flashes red, leave the earpiece on the table.
  • Take out the left gadget, turn it off in the same way as your partner.
  • Put your devices in a case.
  • Remove after 10 seconds.

Devices are synchronized and will find each other. The indicator will only glow on the right.

Losing the AirDots connection with a smartphone or headphones between each other is an unpleasant situation. Do not rush to panic. Useful instructions from the article will help you quickly solve the problem.

Wireless headphones do not pair with each other what to do?

Many experts argue that in a couple of years, wireless Bluetooth headphones will completely displace outdated wired alternatives from the market. Wireless earbuds are comfortable to use, they last for 4-6 hours of battery life, they charge quickly, and in general, it is fashionable, stylish and practical. Having bought them, and trying to pair them with the phone, we often encounter a situation where they can only connect to the phone one at a time. What to do in a situation where wireless headphones for some reason do not pair correctly with each other? We will tell in our material.

Reasons for not pairing wireless headphones with each other

Among the reasons why wireless earbuds do not connect to each other, we note the following:

Reasons: Explanation:
The pairing procedure of the headphones was performed incorrectly by the user. Usually, users ignore the instructions for turning on and setting up the headphones, trying to connect at random. The result of such actions is incorrect operation of the device.
Headphones are far apart. We recommend that you pair the headphones for the first time by placing them side by side.
One of the headphones is off. In some versions of wireless headphones, it is not enough to remove the headphones from the charging box. They also need to be turned on by holding down the multifunction button of each of the headphones for a few seconds. If one of the headphones is not turned on, pairing will not occur.
Headphones (Earphone) not in pairing mode. In some models, to enter into synchronization mode with each other, you need to perform a series of actions (for example, double-click on the multifunction button of one of the headphones). If this does not happen, the earbuds will not sync with each other.
Devices are low. An important condition for pairing (especially the first such procedure) is their full charge. If one of the earphones is discharged, or is near this mark, pairing may not occur.
Incorrect connection data of the Bluetooth headphones is already stored in the Bluetooth data of the phone. This occurs in a situation where the user previously tried to connect headphones, but did it wrong. Incorrect Bluetooth connection data has been saved in the phone’s list of Bluetooth devices. In this case, it will be necessary to delete this data from there, “forgetting” the incorrect connection.
Nearby is a powerful Wi-Fi router. The Wi-Fi signal uses the same frequency spectrum as Bluetooth. Move away from the router.

After listing the main causes of dysfunction, let’s describe the ways to pair the headphones with each other.

  • Turn on the headphones and the Bluetooth module on your smartphone.
  • Go to the phone menu, find the Bluetooth tab, enter it.
  • You will see a list of devices that are in range of the signal.
  • Click on the name of the device. the smartphone will try to establish a connection with it.

If Redmi AirDots do not connect to each other, the headphones should be synchronized by resetting the wireless headset. To reset Xiaomi AirDots, perform the following steps: Turn off the headphones. Press and hold the touchpads until the indicators turn red.

First, turn off your headphones. Press and hold the touch pads/buttons on each headphone and release when the red lights turn on. The next step is to hold your fingers on the headphones again for about 30-50 seconds. During this time, the indicators will behave differently.

  • Hold down the buttons on both earphones until a red glow appears.
  • Put the headset into the charging case.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and wait until the accessory appears in the list of available devices.
  • When you click on Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R (as the headset will be called), the connection will be made.

The charging process of the case takes about 45 minutes. The headset charges slightly faster, and a full charge lasts approximately 4 hours. A charged case is able to restore the battery level of two headphones 3-4 times. With the active use of two headphones, their autonomy reaches 4 hours.

How To Pair And Troubleshoot The Xiaomi Mi AirDots

Owners are often interested in whether it is possible to charge Bluetooth headphones with a phone charger. This is not worth doing. By supplying power directly through the phone’s charger wire, you may damage the headset. This is due to the fact that the battery current of the headphones and charging is not the same.

Xiaomi headphones One earbud does not work What to do

How to connect Xiaomi wireless headphones to your phone

Xiaomi is engaged in the production of a large number of gadgets, ranging from smartphones to smart sneakers. Recently, the manufacturer has been actively engaged in the manufacture of wireless headphones, which are already very popular among users.

After buying a new headset, many people wonder how to connect Xiaomi wireless earphones to the phone. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this, and it will take several minutes for the entire initial setup. Now we will talk in detail about the connection sequence, and also consider possible problems.

One earpiece not working

The second most common problem is when sound is only heard in one of the headphones. This is most often caused by the battery of one of the wireless earbuds being completely drained. You can understand this by the indicator: if it is blue, then everything is in order, and if it is red, then the headset is discharged.

Also, it cannot be ruled out that the headphones cannot pair with each other. This is usually due to a system error, but there are also mechanical failures. To troubleshoot the problem, do the following:

  • Completely turn off each of the headphones by long pressing on the touchpad. The indicator lights should flash red. Again, press the button on the headset and wait for about 30-50 seconds. After the appearance of two quick flashes, stop pressing and just wait until the indicators stop burning altogether.
  • We put the earbuds in the charging case for 5 seconds, and then take them out at the same time. After such manipulation, the headphones should pair with each other.
  • We are trying to connect the headset to the smartphone. If it is defined by the smartphone as two different devices, then first of all we connect to the right earpiece. Upon successful completion, press the button on the left earpiece.

There is also another way that allows you to pair between each of the headphones:

  • We put the headphones in the case and check that they are fully charged.
  • We take out one of the headphones, and it does not matter right or left.
  • We expect the headset to automatically turn on, and then turn it off with a long press (30-50 seconds).
  • Press on the touchpad until the red indicator appears.
  • We take out the second earpiece and do the same. The most important thing is to follow a strict sequence.
  • We put the headset back into the case. Each headphone should have a red LED on.

After following these steps, the headphones should work together without any problems.

How to set up Xiaomi wireless headphones

Before you start connecting Xiaomi headphones to your phone, you need to make sure that the headset is fully charged. To do this, just look at the color of the indicator located on each of the headphones. Usually, if the LED blinks blue, then the battery is fully charged, if red, on the contrary, it is discharged.

Xiaomi produces many varieties of wireless headphones: Redmi AirDots, Mi True Wireless Earbuds, Mi Collar and Mi Sport. You can also find other types that will differ from the previous version with the addition PRO. Depending on the headset model, the principle of connection and configuration may differ, therefore, first with the instructions that come with the kit. But, as a rule, to connect Xiaomi wireless headphones to your phone, you need to do the following:

  • Turn on the headphones by pressing the touch or mechanical button.
  • After that, press the button again and hold it until a sound signal appears, indicating that it is ready to connect.
  • Go to phone settings and turn on bluetooth.
  • We are waiting for the device to appear in the list of available devices. If nothing appears, then you can click on the “Update” button. Also make sure the blue light on each headphone is flashing.
  • Click on the headphone model in the list and wait for pairing. In the window that appears on the screen, select “Accept”.

Now, when Bluetooth is turned on, the wireless headphones will automatically connect to the phone. To cancel permanent pairing, follow these steps:

In order for the headphones to appear in the list again, you need to do the connection steps again.

Problems connecting to the phone

Despite the ease of connection, an unprepared user may encounter some problems. Almost always, the situation is resolved after performing simple actions, which are described in detail below.

If Xiaomi wireless headphones do not connect to the phone, then most likely the problem lies not in the headset itself, but in the system error of the smartphone. Let’s take a look at the main troubleshooting steps:

  • Try restarting your smartphone after turning off Bluetooth. As practice shows, after such an action, many errors disappear for an unknown reason.
  • Temporarily turn off the headphones by holding your finger on the touch or mechanical button for 4-5 seconds. Please note that it is necessary not only to put the headset into standby mode, but to turn it off completely.
  • Try connecting the wireless headphones to another smartphone. If the task is feasible, then the problem definitely lies in the phone.

What you can definitely ignore when looking for a solution to a problem is the Bluetooth version. If the headphones work with Bluetooth 5.0, and the phone supports only Bluetooth 4.0, then there can be no barriers to connection. Restrictions can only be placed on the uninterrupted operation distance of the headset.

Charging problems

Charging problems with Xiaomi wireless earphones are quite common, and in most cases, they can be dealt with at home. The main causes and solutions for the failure can be found below:

  • The earphone contacts do not fit well with the contacts of the case. If you look closely at the earpiece, you can see two gold-colored metal contacts on its back side. Quite often they become contaminated, as a result of which the current conductivity is disturbed. The solution here is as follows: wipe the contacts of the case and earbuds with an alcohol solution or other disinfectant.
  • Component incompatibility. It is always difficult to distinguish the original headphones from a high-quality fake. That is why you may encounter various problems, including charging.
  • Manufacturing defects. There are always some flaws in production. We recommend that you contact the store and return the headphones under warranty.
  • Internal damage. If the headphones stopped charging after being dropped, then one of the internal components may have been damaged. The same applies to the case itself. It is quite problematic to fix the problem on your own without certain knowledge, so it is better to contact specialists.

Thus, you can connect Xiaomi wireless headphones to your phone in a few minutes. And it does not matter what operating system is installed on your smartphone. The headset works correctly with both iPhone and Android devices.

For people who bought a Bluetooth headset for the first time, it may not be clear what the pairing mode on wireless headphones means and what synchronization is for.

TWS headphones are also connected to each other via Bluetooth. At the same time, the main device (most often it is the right one) is also synchronized with the smartphone, transmitting a signal from the phone to its “partner”, and also slightly delays sound playback so that the music in both ears plays simultaneously.

The battery on the master earbud runs out a little faster than the battery on the slave.

Having figured out what pairing mode is on Bluetooth headphones, imagine it happens:

  • At the first synchronization, the right and left ears are connected to each other and exchange signals to accurately calculate the time of information exchange.
  • If the process is delayed, then there is a lot of interference around that interferes with the normal signal counting. When the gadgets determine the time, they will divide it in half, and they will “know” exactly how long the signal goes between them.
  • The completion of the calculation and readiness for synchronization with a smartphone will be indicated by the light indicator on the headset.
  • After that, it remains only to enable pairing with a smartphone.

How to enable pairing mode on headphones with an Android smartphone

Before pairing, you must fully charge the headset, then:

  • Turn off your device.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone.
  • Activate pairing on the headphones. The process will differ depending on the brand, but most often it is pressing and holding a key on the headset (or on both ears at the same time, in the case of TWS).
  • When the indicator on the headset starts blinking, search for Bluetooth devices on your phone. The headset will most likely be called the same as its model, but if you cannot identify the device (this happens, for example, with budget no-name devices), just turn off the headset and see what is missing from the list.
  • Having identified the device, click on its name, and connect, following the prompts of the smartphone.

For some TWS models, the connection is turned on by pressing a key on the case, or simply opening it.

Sync Bluetooth Headset with iPhone

Pairing mode on third-party headphones with iPhone is turned on in much the same way as on Android:

  • Make sure the headset is fully charged and turn it off.
  • Turn on Bluetooth in iPhone settings.
  • Start pairing on the headphones by holding and holding the main key until the indicator starts to flicker (if a specific model has a non-standard synchronization process, activate it according to its instructions).
  • When the model name appears on the smartphone screen, click on it to connect.

If the headphones require a PIN code, enter 0000 or 1111. If the basic combinations do not fit, look for the correct option in the documentation for the headset.

Airpods syncing is a little easier:

  • On iPhone, go to the Home screen.
  • Open the Airpods case without taking them out and bring the box to your iPhone.
  • When the animated sync splash screen appears on the iPhone screen, press the “Connect” key.

To sync Airpods Pro, read the instructions on the iPhone screen.

Features of connecting various models of wireless headsets

How to enable Bluetooth pairing mode for different brands of headphones.


To enable pairing mode on Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic, you need to get both devices out of the case and take each in your hand. Further:

  • Simultaneously hold the power buttons for 8-10 seconds until the red LEDs light up.
  • Press both buttons again for about 2-3 seconds (the LEDs will turn white).
  • When only the right gadget starts flashing a white indicator, the headphones are paired and ready to be connected to the transmitting device.
  • Then it remains to open Bluetooth on your smartphone and select Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic from the list of gadgets defined by it.

Even if only the right earbud is displayed in the list of detected devices, in fact, the entire Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic will still connect.

  • Remove both gadgets from the case and simultaneously press the button on both headphones three times to link them together.
  • Hold down the right ear button for 5 seconds.
  • Find JBL Tune 120 TWS in your phone’s Bluetooth device list and click on its name to complete the process.

The connection process on JBL headphones of other models (for example, JBL E25BT, T460BT, 110BT or 225TWS) may differ, depending on the design of the headset.

To activate pairing mode on Sony WH-CH500 headphones (or other model):

  • Turn off your headset.
  • Press and hold the power button until the indicator blinks red and blue.
  • After the voice message “Bluetooth pairing”, release the button.
  • Find the headset on your smartphone and connect it.

When you turn on the Sony CH500 for the first time, the headset pairs with your phone automatically. The steps above are required for subsequent syncs or for connecting to another gadget.


How to enable pairing mode on Honor Sport AM61 Bluetooth headphones:

  • Activate Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Press and hold the power button on the Honor case for 10-15 seconds until the LED blinks).
  • Search the smartphone for Bluetooth and connect to the device.


To activate the function on Huawei headphones, you should:

  • Open the charging case, press and hold the multifunction key for a couple of seconds (until the LED turns white).
  • On your smartphone, search for Bluetooth.
  • Connect found Huawei model.

After a factory reset or the first opening of the charging case, the Huawei headset will automatically enter the communication mode with the transmitting device.


Connecting Samsung Galaxy Buds to Phone:

  • Install the Galaxy Wearable app on your smartphone.
  • Correctly insert both Galaxy Buds into their respective slots in the case.
  • Close and reopen the box, the communication mode with the transmitting device on the Samsung headphones will turn on automatically.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, open Galaxy Wearable and follow the step-by-step instructions in the app.
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The Galaxy Wearable app is available for both iOS and Android.


How to pair a Sennheiser headset with a smartphone;

  • Make sure Sennheiser is turned off.
  • Hold down the power button for about 20 seconds.
  • When the LED starts flashing in different colors, search for the device in the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone.


The process of synchronizing Marshal headphones with your phone:

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your phone.
  • Press the power key on the Marshall case and wait for the blue LED to appear.
  • Search for devices on your smartphone and select “MID”.


To enable the feature on your Beats Powerbeats Pro Bluetooth headphones:

  • Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone.
  • Put the Powerbeats Pro in the case and leave the lid open.
  • Press the system button until the LED indicator starts flashing.
  • On your smartphone, search for a Bluetooth device.

Beats Powerbeats Pro pairs with your iPhone or iPad automatically when you open the case.


The first time you turn on your Jabra headset, it automatically pairs with your smartphone. For subsequent synchronizations (to another phone or in case of failure), you need to:

  • Turn off Jabra.
  • Hold down the power key for 5 seconds until the indicator lights up.
  • Search for the device in the Bluetooth menu of the phone and connect it.
  • Remove both gadgets from the case and hold down the keys until the LEDs start flashing red and blue alternately, indicating the activation of the search mode.
  • Activate Bluetooth on your smartphone, search for devices (their name will be displayed as “Awei version index”) and connect them.

If the phone cannot detect the device, put Awei back in the box and close it to reboot the device. Then perform the pairing process again.


To connect a Plantronics headset to a smartphone or tablet:

  • Turn on pairing by holding the multifunction button (or the ringer key, depending on the model).
  • Search for Bluetooth devices on your smartphone and connect Plantronics.

If the model has a power button, you must start pairing with the device turned off.

All about charging Redmi AirDots

To charge the earbuds, place them in the plastic case. Each earbud has its own socket. Inserting the headphones into the case by swapping the right and left will not work. As soon as the “ears” are in place, the red indicators will light up. When charging is complete, the LEDs will change color to white.

It will take 1.5-2 hours to fully charge the dots in the case. It may be that on the left earpiece the indicator will be white, while on the right it is still red. This is a normal situation, because the right dots in a pair is the main one, it discharges faster and needs more time to charge.

The case, since it is a charger, has a built-in battery, and it also needs to be charged. To do this, the case has a mini-USB port into which the appropriate cable is inserted. This cable is not included, so you have to purchase it separately.

The case also has a status indicator. When charging is required, it turns red, after fully charged (this process takes 2 hours), the color changes to white and the indicator turns off quickly.

Sometimes one or both earbuds fail to charge. The reason may be banal. the battery of the case is discharged. In this case, the headphones do not disconnect from the phone after being placed in the case, pairing remains even if the case cover is closed. The second reason is the lack of contact between the earpiece and the charging pad in the case. Check if you have removed the film from the dots, and also find out why the earpiece does not sit completely in its socket. Perhaps the ear cushion or something else interferes with this. Remove the ear pads and try inserting the earbuds into the case without them. The problem with charging can be solved immediately. Then you will have to pick up new, more suitable silicone tips.

How to properly set up Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones

Instructions for connecting Bluetooth TWS headphones Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds basic and Xiaomi Redmi AirDots. I will show you how to properly connect this Bluetooth headset to an Android phone or tablet, or to an iPhone / iPad. I will also show how to use these headphones, how to control music and calls using the buttons on the headphones, and how to reset the settings if the earphone is not connected, or only one earphone is working. Many people have a problem connecting Earbuds / AirDots so that two headphones work. Since the TWS headphones and sometimes they are not connected to each other, as a result of which the sound is reproduced from only one earphone.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds basic and Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are absolutely identical headphones. It’s just that the second ones are produced for the Chinese market, so there is a different name. I bought these earbuds from us, so I have Earbuds. If I ordered from AliExpress, then maybe it would be Redmi AirDots. But it does not matter. Only with AirDots in the kit most likely there will be no instructions in Russian.

This is probably one of the most affordable and popular TWS headphones. They connect to any smartphone without any problems and can function as fully wireless stereo headphones and Bluetooth headsets (there is a built-in microphone). Works well with Android and iOS devices. All functions of the function keys work and the charge level of the headphones is displayed. Xiaomi Earbuds/Redmi AirDots also connect to Windows computers without any problems.

How to connect Redmi AirDots/Xiaomi Earbuds correctly?

It is very important to correctly pair the headphones with your phone, tablet, or other device for the first time. Since these are TWS earbuds, and the right earbud is the main one, it is important to connect it.

In my case, only it (the right earpiece) was displayed in the list of available Bluetooth devices on the phone. But I have seen cases when people connected the left earpiece to the phone, after which AirDots desynchronized and only one earpiece played, since the headphones were not paired. This problem is usually solved by resetting to factory settings (I showed how to do this later in the article) and reconnecting.

  • Take both earbuds out of the charging case. On both headphones, the indicator should actively flash white for several seconds. Then, on the left earpiece, the indicator should go out, and on the right one, continue to blink slowly. This means that our AirDots are synced.
  • We go into the Bluetooth settings on our phone, or other device. Headphones should appear in the list of available devices. I have them called Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R. They can also be called Redmi AirDots_R. It is advisable to choose a device with _R in the name. This is the right earpiece. I showed on the example of the iPhone. On Android devices, the connection process looks exactly the same. Just select headphones from the list of available devices.
  • The headphones are connected to the phone. Can be used.

How to turn off the headphones or connect to another device?

To disconnect your AirDots/Earbuds from your phone, just put them in a case. They will automatically turn off and start charging. As soon as you take them out of the case, they will automatically connect to the device with which they were previously paired. You can also force them to turn off. You need to hold the button on each earbud for 5 seconds. Well, in the Bluetooth settings on the phone, you can turn them off. I will talk about this in more detail.

If you want to connect the headphones to another device, such as a tablet, but they automatically connect to the phone and the other device no longer sees them, then you first need to either disconnect or delete the headphones on the device to which they are currently connected. You can do this in the Bluetooth settings on your Android smartphone, or on your iPhone.

On iPhone, just click on the icon (i) next to the headphones and select Disconnect or Forget this device (they will not connect automatically in the future).

On Android, to turn off the headphones, you usually need to click on the headphones themselves in the settings and select Disable, or confirm the disconnect by pressing Ok. And to remove the headphones, you need to click on (i) or the gear and select something like Unpair. On different phones and versions of Android, the names of the menu items may vary slightly.

Once unplugged/removed, the headphones will enter pairing mode (white light flashes) and you can connect them to another device. Or again to the same device.

Instructions for managing Xiaomi Redmi AirDots wireless headphones

The era of mobile electronics continues its development. Today, wireless headphones are quite deservedly popular among users. Among the abundance of TWS earphone models on the market, products under the Xiaomi/Redmi brand stand out. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Redmi AirDots are a worthy alternative to expensive “earbuds” produced by Apple, Sony, Samsung and other manufacturers. In some countries they are sold under the name Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic, but the model is actually the same.

It is important to remember that high demand has led to the fact that in the same China, clones of Redmi AirDots are produced in large quantities. They are sold at a low price, and the quality of such accessories does not stand up to criticism. Be careful if you are going to buy Xiaomi headphones for yourself or someone as a gift.

Below we give detailed instructions for those who have just bought Air dots, in which we will tell you how to use them.

The physical button on each of the headphones can perform several functions.

  • Answer / end / reject an incoming call
  • when a call comes in, tap once on the multi-function button to answer the call;
  • during a phone call, press the multi-function button to end the connection;
  • when an unwanted call arrives, you can reset it by long pressing the multi-function button.
  • Play / pause music

When you are listening to music and want to pause or restart playback, you can control it by pressing the multi-function button.

When the headphones are in standby mode, press the multi-function button twice to call the digital assistant.

The phone must support the voice control function, the quick launch mode (“wake up” of the device) must be activated in the phone settings.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots support voice control via Xiaoai, Siri and Google Assistant.

Redmi AirDots has support for third-party chat apps and voice input for iOS. Android devices use the built-in microphone by default, through which voice commands and responses from the digital assistant are sent.

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones do not have a volume control function, this setting must be done on a smartphone. By the way, you can use the voice assistant to adjust the sound volume.

How to use AirDots/Earbuds?

Since these are TWS headphones (two wireless headphones). then they have several features compared to conventional Bluetooth headphones. Now I will briefly try to explain the main points that will help you use these headphones correctly.

How to charge your AirDots?

The earphones are charged from the case. We, in turn, load the case. Immediately after purchase, do not forget to remove the film on each earbud, which is located on the contacts connecting the earbuds to the case. Please charge your headphones before connecting.

There is a small indicator on the front of the case. It glows red when the case is not fully charged. Also, the indicator on the case lights up red while charging. When the case is fully charged, it glows white.

To charge Xiaomi Earbuds or Redmi AirDots, you just need to place them in the case. They will start charging right away. While charging, the indicator light on each earbud will turn red. When they are fully charged, it starts to glow white.

If you opened the case and the indicator on the headphones is off, press the button on each of the headphones to view the charging status.

Turn on/off

This TWS earphone from Xiaomi will automatically turn on when you take it out of the case and turn off when you put it in the case. This can be seen in the performance of the indicators. We took out the headphones. the inductors start flashing white. Put them in a case. they are lit red (headphones are charging).

But they can also be turned on and off manually. This feature can be useful, for example, when you went somewhere with headphones on, didn’t take a case with you and you need to turn them off. Or when you want to use one earbud, you can just turn off the second.

To manually turn off Xiaomi Earbuds, you need to press the multifunction button on the headphones and hold it for 5 seconds. When the red indicator lights up and goes out, the earphone will be turned off. To turn on. you need to hold the multifunction key for 1 second.

The procedure is repeated with each earpiece.

How to sync and connect a second earbud?

Only one earphone is connected to the device (phone, tablet, laptop). the right one. He’s like the boss. The left earpiece connects to the right. They are synchronized with each other. This happens right after we take the earbuds out of the charging case. You don’t need to do anything manually.

The synchronization process of the left and right Earbuds or Redmi AirDots can be observed by the indicators. When we take both earbuds out of the case, the white indicator starts flashing very actively on them. This is the process of pairing the headphones. After 1-3 seconds, the indicator on the left earpiece goes out (this means that it was connected to the right one). and on the right earpiece, the indicator starts flashing slowly (it is ready to connect to a phone or other device).

Sometimes there is a failure and the headphones do not connect to each other. The left earbud does not connect to the right. In this case, the first thing you need to do is reset the settings.

Reset AirDots and Xiaomi Earbuds

There are a lot of instructions on the Internet for resetting the settings on these headphones. over, different instructions, they are different. Including they differ from the one that comes with the headphones. Here is what is written in the paper instructions that came with the kit:

Take the earbuds out of the charging case and make sure they are turned off. Press and hold the multi-function button on both earbuds for about 15 seconds. After the indicator flashes red and white alternately three times, and then it repeats again, release the panel and return the headphones to the charging case.

I did this: I took the headphones out of the case, pressed the buttons at the same time and held for 5 seconds. The red indicator lights up and goes out, the headphones turn off. release the button. Again, simultaneously press the button on each earphone and hold for 15 seconds. But my indicator behavior is different from what is described in the instructions. I have a white light actively/slowly flashing, then red for a second and white flashing again. And so in a circle. It seems that the headphones turn off and on.

Here is another instruction to reset the settings on Redmi AirDots:

  • We take out the headphones from the case and turn them off. To do this, press and hold the button for 5-6 seconds. The red indicator will light up and the button can be released.
  • Hold down the buttons on both earphones for 15 seconds. During the process, the indicator will flash white and red. As a result, the indicators should turn off.
  • Turn on the headphones by holding the buttons for 1-2 seconds.
  • You can put the headphones in a case, or immediately connect the Redmi AirDots headphones to your phone.

If resetting the first time did not solve the problem with connecting or syncing the headphones, reset again.

Using the multi-function button

Each headphone has a multi-function button. It performs the following functions (the same for the left and right earphones):

  • One press of the button in standby mode starts or stops music playback.
  • Double tap calls the voice assistant function (Google Assistant, Siri).
  • When there is an incoming call, one press allows you to accept the call.
  • To reject a call, you need to press the button and hold it for 1 second.
  • When the camera is running, you can use the button to take a photo.

This is all functionality. It lacks the ability to switch songs. So that the button can turn on the next track. On Android devices, you can try to implement this functionality using the DotDroid or MacroDroid application. You can install them from Google Play.

How to check the battery level on Xiaomi Mi AirDots?

On iPhone and iPad, the battery level of Bluetooth headphones is displayed in a widget.

On Android (depending on the device manufacturer and Android version) it happens in different ways. Usually this is an indicator near the Bluetooth stash in the status bar.

Cool and inexpensive TWS headphones that connect to any device without any problems and work great. The connection and use process is simple and straightforward. Especially if you read the instructions, or this article

There are problems with the fact that only one earphone plays. I can’t connect them in such a way that both headphones work. This problem is easily solved by resetting the settings to the factory settings and reconnecting to the device. How to reset and connect these headphones, I showed in detail in this article.

If you have any questions about Xiaomi Redmi AirDots or Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds basic, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will also be glad to see your Комментарии и мнения владельцев in which you share your own wholesale use of these headphones. Perhaps you know some interesting tricks, or solutions. Share with us!

First steps to establish a connection with a smartphone

Step 1. Remove both earbuds from the charging case, they will automatically turn on immediately.

Step 2. Turn on the Bluetooth module on your smartphone. It will start searching for nearby wireless devices. The line “Redmi AirDots_R” should appear in the list of found devices. This is the right earphone, you need to start connecting from it, the left one will connect automatically.

  • If you put the earbuds back into the case, the red light will turn on. Redmi AirDots will automatically disconnect from the phone.
  • If you take the earbuds out of the case again, the white light will turn on. AirDots will automatically connect to your smartphone again.

You can connect “dots” via Bluetooth not only to your phone, but also to a PC, and to a laptop.

It often happens that problems arise during pairing, or after a while one of the headphones starts to lose connection, the sound appears in it, then disappears. In any case, you will need to reset the connection. pairing and connecting to a mobile device.

What’s in the box?

The new Redmi Airdots are packed in a small oblong blue cardboard box. The box contains:

  • Charging case.
  • Headphones (in a case) with “M” size ear pads.
  • Interchangeable ear pads in “S” and “L” sizes.
  • Operation manual in Chinese. Instructions in Russian are not included.

Before using for the first time, we recommend that you charge the case and wireless headphones. Remove the film from the case and from the contacts on the earbuds (the film can only be on one of them).

How far do wireless headphones work from a phone or PC

Depending on the signal transmission technology used, the range of wireless headphones varies. often, manufacturers of reproducing equipment do not strive to indicate the exact indicator, assuming the use of the device in close proximity to the signal source. The technical documentation indicates a standardized figure of 10 meters (for Bluetooth headphones). But at the same time, it is not specified that this indicator is valid for use in open space. Indoors with a large number of walls, the radius is reduced to 3-5 meters.

The specific reception distance depends on the version of the Bluetooth technology used and varies from 5 to 100 meters. The latest version of the interface is characterized by extended coverage, improved stability and signal transmission speed.

When buying long-range Bluetooth headphones, it is important to consider that the signal source must support the aptX codec. Without it, the signal during transmission will be compressed to increase the stability of the transmission, which will negatively affect the sound quality.

For infrared headphones to work, line of sight between the source and receiver is important (similar to a TV remote control). Obstacles adversely affect the sound quality and may not allow the beam to pass at all. For this reason, infrared wireless models are predominantly used for TVs and home players, while other signal transmission technologies are preferred for mobile devices. IR devices have a lot of drawbacks, but they have excellent sound and relatively low cost. But the limitations of technology have left their mark, and such models are gradually fading into the background.

Radio headphones seem to be the most reliable and long-range. The signal used in this case is capable of traveling a distance of up to 100 meters, and obstacles such as furniture or walls do not delay the waves at all.

How wireless headphones work: instructions

Wireless headphones function differently depending on the technology used. Understanding the mechanics of such devices will help you make the right choice and get the best result while listening to music.

bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headphones are the most common, as they seem to be convenient mobile devices with a pleasant sound.

The role of the transmitter is a special bluetooth interface, which is present in the headphones themselves and in the signal source. The source is a computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or a special player. The receiver inside the headphones picks up the signal coming from the source, decodes and converts it into sound waves.

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For the operation of such models, the energy provided by the battery is required. The power supply is built directly into the headphone case or integrated into the neck strap.

The Bluetooth interface starts up automatically as soon as it is turned on. over, the device can be in standby mode for a long time, while consuming less energy than during playback.

The described connection works at shorter distances than radio headphones, but is characterized by better sound quality and increased resistance to interference. In addition, mobile devices compare favorably with models with a traditional Bluetooth radio transmitter. Headphones do not take up much space and can be easily synchronized with a smartphone.

The signal is transmitted over an encrypted channel, in which each of the devices has its own identification numbers. This approach increases the stability and security of the connection, but requires prior pairing between devices.

Modern bluetooth headphones are so small that they can easily fit in your But if desired, large full-size models are also available to users.

In order for the playback device to function, it is necessary to regularly recharge the battery. Now manufacturers are able to create extremely optimized and energy-efficient models that can operate without recharging for a long time.


Another type of wireless headphones are models with a radio module. It is on the example of standard radio headphones that the principle of operation of wireless reproducing gadgets is usually explained.

How radio headphones are arranged inside

Radio headphones consist of the reproducing equipment itself and a special transmitting base. This base connects to a power source and a broadcasting device, which can be a computer, audio player, or mobile device.

Inside the devices there is a receiver that receives the signal coming from the transmitter. In order for this reception to be possible, the device needs a constant power source like a battery or AC power supply. Radio headphones are characterized by large size and poor-quality protection against interference. The physics of the frequencies used allows you to transmit a signal through walls within a radius of tens or even hundreds of meters.

The signal is transmitted in analog form at frequencies FM 863-865 MHz. The sound quality is good, but the presence of interference from other devices brings a lot of inconvenience.

The distinctive features of the described devices include the presence of a built-in radio receiver. over, the headphones are able to independently memorize the necessary stations, which saves time on tuning. often than not, devices are highly customizable to suit the specific preferences of the listener. And the presence of high-quality protection against the negative effects of the external environment will allow you to use the device even in the most difficult conditions.

But when choosing radio headphones, it is worth considering that weather conditions affect the reception of a radio signal, and the design itself is often characterized by a noticeable weight. Too long wear often causes discomfort.

TWS devices are considered a variation of Bluetooth headphones. They also transmit a signal via Bluetooth technology, but unlike standard models, the headphones are not connected to each other and are independent devices for each ear. The abbreviation TWS stands for true wireless stereo, which means true wireless stereo.

Notable examples of TWS headphones are Airpods for iPhone, Xiaomi Mi AirDots, JBL Tune 120 TWS, Honor Choice and True Wireless Samsung Galaxy Buds for Android devices.

What are True Wireless Stereo Headphones made of?

From the inside, TWS earphones have a design similar to other playback devices. The case contains the motherboard, battery and the speaker itself.

often, the body halves are interconnected with latches without the use of glue. This approach guarantees access to the inside for repair. Original TWS are not cheap, so maintainability seems to be the most important condition.

Airpods also have a set of sensors that automatically pause playback when you take the earbud out of your ear. At first, it is unusual to use such headphones, but clear instructions and manuals in Russian will help you quickly figure out the settings.

There is also a built-in microphone in the headset, which helps you to talk comfortably.

TWS devices come with a case that also doubles as a charging station. While the headphones are not in use, they are stored in the case and at the same time are recharged from the power bank built into it. This ensures comfortable use of headphones without worrying about unexpected battery drain.

TWS earphones seem to be the most advanced among wireless playback devices. The devices are reliable and functional. There are many inexpensive Chinese models on Internet sites like Aliexpress, so the user will be able to choose the option according to the description of the product in accordance with his own wishes.

All wireless headphones function in a similar way. The devices use wireless signal transmission technology, the choice of which depends on the specific requirements for equipment and the specifics of the sound source.

There are three methods of signal transmission without wires:

  • Radio signal. Extremely stable method with range and up to 2.4 GHz channel. Such devices can hardly be called portable in the full sense of the word, since an overall radio transmitter is required for operation. Carrying the design with you is simply inconvenient.
  • bluetooth. Universal wireless signal transmission technology used by modern devices. Communication is implemented at a frequency of 2.5 GHz. Headset with built-in Bluetooth interface is easy to connect to a computer, smartphone or other device equipped with the appropriate wireless interface. The IEEE 802.11 (Bluetooth / Wi-Fi) standard is characterized by signal stability and resistance to external interference. The presence of a special encoding will not allow other nearby devices to intercept the signal. Headphones are compact and suitable for use on the road.
  • Infrared transmitter. It uses signal transmission technology with high-frequency ripple. The headphones are provided with a receiver that intercepts and amplifies the IR signal from the source. Models with this type of signal transmission are not suitable for use outside the home, since the connection only works when there is a 220 V mains supply.

Any method of signal transmission involves the use of radio waves of the appropriate frequency. Common bluetooth devices come in the form of a standard design with a common cable or TWS models. Each type deserves separate careful consideration, helping to choose the appropriate option for specific purposes.

Wireless earphones are extremely comfortable devices that are a milestone in the development of technology. For domestic use, models with a bluetooth interface seem to be the best option. It will not be difficult to choose a device according to its characteristics, sound quality and design.

Radio engineer (according to the first higher education). I have been listening to a variety of music since childhood. I was always interested in sound reproducing equipment, which I updated many times. I am a passionate lover and music is always with me in life. I have been into HI-Fi for over 20 years.

What to do if Xiaomi AirDots headphones do not connect

Even if the above recommendations are followed, users may experience problems when connecting AirDots to each other. Connect the case to the charger in which you place the headphones. Leave them in this position for half an hour. The owner of the headphones also needs to take into account that in some cases synchronization occurs even if the white indicator is not displayed. This means that after removing the device, you need to wait approximately 20-30 seconds. Then try to connect them to the phone.

How to synchronize earbuds with each other

Often, after connecting Airdots, sound comes from only one earpiece. This may be due to the fact that the Xiaomi device did not have time to synchronize with each other. As a result, only one of them was connected via Bluetooth. In such a situation, you need to reconnect them by resetting the settings. You also need to remove the model name from the list of connected devices via Bluetooth. To do this, return to the settings window and find AirDots in the list.

Then click on the arrow next to the model name. In the next window, select “Delete”.

In some phones, there is a cross next to each connected device, clicking on which removes the device from the list of connected ones. To reset the settings on the headphones, you need to take both in your hands and hold the button on them for 45 seconds. During this time, the indicators on the buttons should turn red. After that, they should flash white approximately 10 times.

When you reset the settings, repeat the instructions for connecting them from the first section of the article. In this way, you will be able to connect both Xiaomi AirDots headphones to your smartphone or laptop with Bluetooth. The desynchronization of the earbuds with each other may occur due to the fact that they have lain on a shelf or in a drawer outside the charging case for a long time. This happens even with headphones that were previously paired with the phone and both worked synchronously. Therefore, it is important not to leave them out of the case.

When connecting headphones, users often encounter the fact that music plays in one headphone, but not in the second. Although both earbuds appear in the list of connected devices in the Bluetooth menu.

Perhaps this is some kind of factory defect in the entire AirDots line. Or a flaw in the model with a synchronization issue. This is also due to the fact that the headphones can be separated. You can connect only one of them to the phone, while the second one can be connected to the laptop. Or lend it to another user to listen to music on his smartphone.

Even if you try to connect a second Xiaomi AirDots earphone in parallel, it will be connected and the second one is disconnected. And so it will go on ad infinitum. Let’s take a look at how to sync them correctly.

When unpacking, you need to remove the case with the inserts from the package:

  • You need to immediately make sure that the battery of the case and headphones has enough charge to connect to each other;
  • Remove both devices from the case and wait a few seconds. At the beginning, the indicators on their body will glow red;

This instruction will be useful for those who have not yet connected AirDots to the phone before. If you have already done this, but without success, read the next section of the article.

Features of using a wireless device

The Redmi AirDots don’t have a touchpad like many other wireless devices. Instead, there are mechanical buttons on the case. Some people like them better, as the sensor often reacts to touch when we simply adjust the earpiece. But there is also a disadvantage. the mechanical button has to be pressed with effort. As a result, the earmold is pressed deeper into the ear, which brings discomfort.

Using these buttons, we synchronize the wireless headphones of the Xiaomi AirDots model with each other. We can also control the music player on the phone. By clicking on any of them quickly twice on the button on the phone, we will call the voice assistant.

If you press the button once, the playback of the musical composition will stop. Press again and the music will continue to play. Each earphone has a built-in microphone, which transmits sound to your interlocutor during a conversation with a fairly high quality. Most users also have no complaints about the sound quality of this device.

Wireless headphones from Xiaomi are common in the international market, have an attractive price and good quality.

But there is one point that often causes difficulties for users, namely, how to connect both headphones to a smartphone or other device via Bluetooth.

This is mainly faced by people who have not previously used Xiaomi products. Xiaomi wireless headphones connect directly via Bluetooth to the phone without a case. Because of this, it happens that one earphone does not connect to another and works separately.

In general, this problem is easily fixed by simply resetting the headphones. The manufacturer itself recommends resetting for troubleshooting. Let’s see how to do it:

  • First of all, the headphones turn off as in normal use, with one short press.
  • Next, simultaneously press the buttons or sensors on the two headphones exactly until the red indicator light turns on. If it briefly flashes red, then everything is going in the right direction.
  • After briefly releasing your fingers from the sensors, hold down the buttons again for 40-50 seconds. Sometimes it may take a little more or less time. But it is better to use a stopwatch so as not to overdo it. During this period of time, the change of colors can be chaotic.
  • After twenty or more seconds, the indicator will turn white, indicating that the Xiaomi Redmi AirDots are looking for turned-on devices to establish contact via Bluetooth. No need to take your fingers off the sensors.
  • Further, the indicator will turn red, at this moment it is necessary to hold your fingers without releasing until the headphones start flashing and completely go out.

As a result of such simple manipulations, AirDots are reset to factory settings, as after purchase, now they need to be placed in a case and wait for a complete shutdown. After that, you can connect to the main device, for successful synchronization, first pull out the right and then the left earpiece, wait a few seconds for them to find each other and connect, connect to the device.

Why the headphones do not pair with each other when connected to the phone

Since Xiaomi has the function of using wireless headphones separately in mono mode, this mode is suitable for calls or just to listen to music and chat, in some cases, when synchronized with the phone, they work as two separate headsets, not pairing with each other for a reason that one cannot detect the second earpiece.

It also happens when the second earpiece is taken out of the case too late and the first one has already activated the single mode. In this case, you can turn on the slave earpiece, but its work will also be single, which can cause significant inconvenience. The result of such a connection will be a strong desynchronization of the sound.

To fix this problem and synchronize the wireless headphones with each other, it is enough to carry out the reset described above.

Another reason for desynchronization is the wrong order of connection to the Xiaomi AirDots smartphone, when the first thing you get instead of the right one is the left earphone, which starts working in a separate mode.

Such a seemingly insignificant action can lead to desynchronization. But if at this moment you get the remaining one, then it will be displayed in the list for connection.

What to do if the headphones work separately

How to connect a Bluetooth headset so that the headphones work together, and not separately, causing inconvenience in the form of poor sound transmission?

When the master is connected, the slave earphone turns on automatically, pairing with the master without additional actions.

But sometimes there are crashes when both headphones are connected as two different headsets and are displayed as two separate ones. Instructions on how to restore work, and what to do in such cases with headphones, are given above. It must be repeated if necessary.

It happens that when connected, the sound comes from only one earphone, although before that both were in working condition.

The reason for this phenomenon is desynchronization due to the AirDots not being used for a long time, when they simply lay in the container or the absence of recharging for a long time.

You can fix this by rolling back the headphones, this procedure is similar to resetting, but there are a couple of nuances:

  • We take out the dots from the case.
  • We clamp the sensors on both headphones at the same time.
  • Hold for forty seconds or more until the light turns red and a double sound passes.
  • We put the AirDots back in the case for storage and recharging for a few seconds.
  • We get it back. If the white-blue indicator is on, then the rollback was successful, and the headphones are synchronized with each other.
  • We connect the dots via Bluetooth to the smartphone and make sure that they work as a single device.

It happens that Xiaomi AirDots headphones are displayed among themselves as two separate devices in the line of connected devices. Then you should first connect to the right, that is, the leader, and then to the left, so that they see each other.

Such a procedure may not come out the first time. this is absolutely normal. After a few attempts, the pairing of the headphones will improve. You can reset it all the time, because it does not harm the device and headphones.

JBL Tune 205BT

  • design: liners (closed)
  • connection: Bluetooth 4.1
  • emitter type: dynamic
  • working time: 6 h
  • impedance: 32 ohm
  • frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 100dB/mW
  • weight: 16.5g

JBL T205BT wireless headphones are categorized as plugs. Available for purchase in several colors: green, gold, white, black, pink, blue, gray.

Belongs to the category of “everyday”, suitable for listening to music. The built-in microphone allows you to use it as a full-fledged wireless headset. Signature JBL sound and specific coloration of the bass, suitable for playing modern compositions. The headphones are connected to each other by a thin, soft wire that runs behind the neck. The headphone wire has a durable design, due to its shape and texture it will not tangle.

The microphone is medium sensitive with the ability to adjust the volume.

The battery allows you to work offline up to 6 hours.

  • affordable price;
  • duration of work without charging;
  • wide color palette;
  • instant synchronization with a smartphone;
  • comfortable shape.

Accessstyle Darkblack TWS

  • design: intracanal (closed)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • charging: micro USB
  • degree of protection: IPX6
  • emitter type: dynamic
  • working time: 3 h
  • battery life in case: 24 hours
  • impedance: 16 ohm
  • frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 105 dB
  • weight: 12 g

Universal headset suitable for men and women. The model is presented in black. There is no color palette to choose from. The elegant design of Accesstyle Darkblack will emphasize the individuality of the wearer.

The headphones come with a stylish matte case made of plastic. The use is thought out to the smallest detail. the cover of the case is equipped with small magnets that will ensure the safety of the headphones when worn in a bag or A distinctive feature is the equipment of the cover with ultraviolet lamps. Simultaneous storage and disinfection of the headset.

On the side panel there are buttons for adjusting the sound. Convenient location will prevent accidental pressing. The headset works autonomously up to 3 hours. Case-case will allow you to charge the gadget 7-8 times. The package includes a carrying case, a USB cable, three pairs of ear pads of different sizes and an instruction manual.

  • ultraviolet disinfection lamps built into the case;
  • the function of switching melodies is available;
  • water resistance;
  • the ability to charge headphones in a case-case 7-8 times;
  • good sound insulation.


  • design: overhead (closed)
  • connection: Bluetooth 4.0
  • emitter type: dynamic
  • working time: 11 h
  • impedance: 32 ohm
  • frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • weight: 320 g

The peak of popularity of the gadget came in 2016. However, in 2021, the demand for headphones has not fallen. Full-size headphones are presented in a color palette of three colors: gray, blue, white. The headband is made of wide plastic parts. This allows you to tightly fit your head. The cups can be adjusted, which also helps to achieve maximum comfort in the headphones. The gadget is suitable for home use when using a personal computer, well suited for sports. The ear cushion is made of a pleasant material similar to leather. Prolonged use does not cause discomfort.

They work autonomously for a very long time. almost 11 hours. According to this criterion, headphones occupy one of the leading positions among the list of other headsets. Of course, one cannot fail to note the excellent sound of JBL and the specificity of the bass sound. Feature of this brand.

Along with full-size headphones, the set includes a plastic case, instruction manual and micro USB cable for charging.

  • beautiful specific bass sound
  • high-quality sound;
  • tricolor palette;
  • regulation of the headband and ear cushions;
  • autonomy of use up to 11 hours.


  • design: in-ear
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • charging: micro USB
  • degree of protection: IPX5
  • emitter type: dynamic
  • working time: 4 h
  • battery life in case: 14 hours
  • impedance: 16 ohm
  • frequency response: 20-20000 Hz

JVC HA-A10T wireless headphones are presented in different colors. Available in colors: black, grey, pink and blue. Thus adapted for use by both men and women. The miniature size allows you to carry them anywhere. The headset comes with a handy carrying case. The headphones are suitable for use in noisy environments as they are equipped with a noise canceling function. With them, extraneous sounds will not distract you from listening to your favorite tracks. Continuous battery life is possible up to 4 hours. Recharging in the case, the service time will last up to 14 hours. Includes USB cable for charging, user manual.

JBL Tune 110BT

  • design: intracanal (closed)
  • connection: Bluetooth 4.0
  • emitter type: dynamic
  • working time: 6 h
  • impedance: 16 ohm
  • frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 96dB/mW
  • weight: 16.2g

Connection Problem Between Redmi AirDots/Earbuds S. ZeroError Ep.2

Universal in-ear headphones. Comfortable position in the ears allows you to use them for several hours in a row. Do not cause discomfort when worn. Wireless in-ear headphones feature signature JBL branded sound. A snug fit to the auricle creates an acoustic sound. Suitable for use in noisy places (street, subway, tram). You can play sports in headphones, comfortable and reliable location in the ear will not cause inconvenience.

Synchronization with a smartphone or personal computer is performed using Bluetooth. Autonomy of use reaches 6 hours.

  • build quality;
  • acoustic sound;
  • tight fit to the auricle;
  • connections via Bluetooth;
  • ease;
  • suitable for Android and iOS smartphones.

JBL Live 400BT

  • design: overhead
  • connection: Bluetooth 4.2
  • emitter type: dynamic
  • working time: 24 hours
  • impedance: 32 ohm
  • frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 106dB/mW
  • connector: mini jack 3.5 mm
  • cable length: 1.33 m
  • weight: 185.8g
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Classic on-ear headphones. Excellent value for money. For modest money, the user gets a beautiful stylish gadget. Despite the budget option, the headband is made of fabric, which adds comfort when worn. The appearance does not match the price tag, they look expensive. Headphones support the voice assistant function, for which a touch button is provided.

This model also features the signature JBL branded sound. Good sound is provided by 40 mm speakers with an emphasis on bass. Mid and high frequencies are not overlapped by low ones. Universal sound allows you to listen to any music from vocals and melodies of classical composers to club electronic tracks. Autonomy of use reaches record values ​​- up to 24 hours of continuous use. At the same time, charging the gadget lasts 2 hours, after which they are ready for use again. A huge number of pluses and good technical fullness of the gadget can compete with models no cheaper than 5000-6000 rubles.

  • price-quality ratio;
  • fabric braid headband;
  • convenient management;
  • the presence of a call button for a voice assistant;
  • excellent sound;
  • battery life;
  • the headset cable is made of a material that prevents tangling.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2

  • design: intracanal (closed)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • charging: micro USB
  • emitter type: dynamic
  • working time: 4 h
  • battery life in case: 12 hours
  • impedance: 32 ohm
  • frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 115 dB/V
  • weight: 8.2g

The first versions of the Redmi AirDots gadget immediately won the love of the public. The universal form is suitable for people of different generations. they are a fashionable addition to the image of teenagers, and also look stylish in combination with a business suit.

Classic Xiaomi Redmi AirDots headphones are suitable for use with smartphones based on Android and iOS. The battery capacity allows you to continuously use the gadget up to 10 hours, up to 150 hours in standby mode. Headphones are adapted for an active lifestyle and are suitable for sports. They are moisture resistant. Equipped with key blocking function.

The kit includes a stylish plastic case-case of a small size. it is almost weightless and fits into the s of clothes. The earphones and cover are held by magnets and close tightly. Accidentally opening the case and losing the gadget is excluded.

  • almost weightless. weight about 35 grams;
  • sound purity. intelligent noise reduction;
  • excellent assembly;
  • voice control function;
  • ergonomics.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds

  • design: intracanal (closed)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • charging: micro USB
  • emitter type: dynamic
  • working time: 4 h
  • battery life in case: 12 hours
  • impedance: 32 ohm
  • frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 115 dB/V
  • weight: 8.2g

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds are a real Must Have of 2021. The popularity of this gadget is gaining momentum every day. Previous versions in the Xiaomi wireless earbuds lineup are significantly inferior in terms of technical specifications. This version has a noise reduction function. Now the gadget can be used even in the noisiest places. Another plus of this model is the new formula for improving sound quality.

The gadget is continuously without recharging up to 4 hours, charging in the case, the operating time is extended up to 12 hours and offline up to 150 hours. This time is enough for one flight or a trip to a neighboring city. The shape of the headphones is worked out in detail. Adapted to any ear. the earbuds will not fall out even when playing sports.

The kit includes a case-case, instructions, as well as 3 pairs of interchangeable ear pads.

  • voice assistant;
  • choice of shade of the gadget;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • high frequencies;
  • moisture protection;
  • durable plastic.


  • design: intracanal (closed)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
  • charging: micro USB
  • degree of protection: IPX4
  • emitter type: dynamic
  • supported codecs: AAC
  • battery life in case: 20 hours
  • impedance: 32 ohm
  • frequency response: 20-20000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 108 dB

The elegant model of the headset is made in black, a universal option for both men and women. The headphones come with a handy case made of matte plastic. Ease of connection is added to the piggy bank of pluses. Bluetooth headphones are ready to use immediately after they are turned on, there is no need to manually pair the smartphone with the headset and go through the authentication process.

In addition, the headphones have the function of simultaneously connecting to different devices. Several people can listen to music at the same time. If one earbud runs out of power, you can charge it and continue talking or listening to music on the second one. The model is suitable for people who have several phones in use. High energy efficiency guarantees continuous offline operation. You can charge the gadget using a case-case, which will provide additional use time up to 20 hours.

Noise canceling and ambient noise reduction functions do not interfere with enjoying music from your smartphone. The moisture resistance of the headset will allow you to use them in wet weather, as well as during sports activities such as jogging. The headphones come with a charger, cable, replacement ear pads and a user manual.

The main reasons for the lack of signal

If the headset is turned on and working, then you can figure out why the wireless headphones do not work only by sequentially going through all the possible reasons.

Unlike wired headphones, which can connect to any device that has the right connector, Bluetooth models use different communication protocols and may have compatibility issues. For example, AirPods are made specifically for the iPhone, so their functionality when connected to Xiaomi Redmi, Samsung Galaxy or other Android smartphones will be limited. You can check the compatibility of wireless devices in the instructions for use or on the manufacturer’s website.

Too far distance or interference in coverage area

If the user is a few meters away from the smartphone or PC, then you should not be surprised why the JBL, Xiaomi or Airpods wireless headphones do not work. the Bluetooth coverage area is a maximum of 10 meters along a straight mowing line (whether indoors or outdoors). Walls, trees, or other obstructions in the signal path can also lead to disconnection or interference.

For old or cheap models of wireless headsets, even the wearer’s body can become an obstacle. In this case, you should try to shift the smartphone to another (for example, from jeans to a shirt).

Note! If the devices are nearby, and the noise is still heard, it is worth rebooting them and updating the software, as well as checking the health of the speakers by connecting them via cable. Find out how to remove noise or crackle from your headphones and achieve the perfect sound.

Smartphone or computer does not see the headset

The most common problem in the operation of Bluetooth devices is when, when connected, the gadget does not appear in the list of available devices on the phone or PC. This can happen for various reasons, but all of them (except for mechanical damage to the headphones) are easily fixable.

If the wireless headset does not appear in the list of the transmitting device, then the first thing to do is:

  • Make sure the headphones themselves are working properly. When the device is turned on, a beep should sound and the LED should light up (the indication may differ depending on the model).
  • If the headset does not respond to the power button, it should be fully charged.
  • Check the Bluetooth-module of the headphones by connecting them to another transmitting device.

Important! If power saving mode is enabled on a Windows laptop, the system saves battery power at the expense of non-essential devices, and the strength of the Bluetooth transmitter may not be enough for a normal connection. In this case, you should set the PC power settings to “High performance”.

Not pairing with smartphone

On most headset models, pairing with a smartphone must be confirmed each time before turning it on. This is done so that the device does not spontaneously connect with other accidentally detected Bluetooth transmitters. To re-pair your phone and headphones, you need to:

Note! A common reason why wireless headphones do not work, which users often do not consider, is the standby mode. Most models disconnect from Bluetooth when not in use for a while.

An out of sync has occurred

Out of sync is the most popular problem why the second wireless earphone does not work. If the gadgets have lost connection with each other, then only the master speaker will play. To reconnect, you need:

  • Disconnect device from smartphone.
  • Reboot the headset by putting the speakers in the case and holding the button on it for a few seconds (the exact reset procedure for each specific model should be found in its instructions).
  • Re-sync your headphones. Sometimes the procedure has to be repeated 2-3 times to achieve a normal connection.

Desync often occurs if the user only wears 1 speaker, so it is recommended to periodically use both gadgets. Insufficient battery power is one of the reasons why wireless headphones start to work silently.

One earphone is not working or it is turned off

The speakers of TWS headsets are not physically connected to each other, so each device functions separately. There may be several reasons why only one wireless earbud works, and most of them can be corrected by the user.

In cheap TWS headsets or Chinese replicas of famous brands, the headphones may not always automatically turn on together when removed from the case. To activate the speaker manually, hold down the button on it for about 5 seconds.

Note! If one Redmi AirDots speaker does not turn on, try putting it in the case with the button pressed.

Dirty speaker or Bluetooth transmitter

Clogged earphone and case contacts are usually noticeable visually, and even if it has not yet caused the device to malfunction, you should keep the wireless headset clean. You can remove earwax or dirt from the speakers and contacts with a toothpick, a needle, or a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

Important! It is worth checking the cleanliness of the speaker every time the earpiece starts to work quietly.

Factory Reset and Bluetooth Wireless Headphone Sync

If you don’t need this information, you can jump straight to solutions (below in this article).

Most TWS earbuds work like this: there is a main earpiece, master (depending on the model, it can be left or right) and there is a second earphone, slave. When we take the earbuds out of the case, the earbuds sync with each other via Bluetooth. The second earpiece (which is slave) is connected to the main (master). After that, we already connect the main earpiece to the phone, computer, etc. There are headphone models where both the right earpiece and the left one can act as the main earpiece.

Out of sync very often occurs in the process of incorrectly connecting headphones. When we connect to a phone or other device, not the main earpiece, but the slave one. For example, when we want to use only one earpiece. After that, the headphones cannot connect to each other and only one works. And on the device, two headphones can be displayed in the list of Bluetooth devices. Sometimes the name may contain a letter that indicates the right and left earpiece (for example, name_R, name_L). Screenshot for an example (your situation may be different):

After that, you can connect one earphone, but not both together. precisely, you can connect both, but only one will play. Which of course we do not like.

It happens that TWS earbuds are out of sync due to some kind of failure when we do not put the earbuds in the charging box after use, use one earphone, or after completely discharging. The problem with out of sync, as a rule, has nothing to do with the device. Whether it’s a Windows PC, an Android phone, or an iPhone.

Resetting the TWS earbuds allows you to re-sync. We delete them on the devices to which we connected, reset the settings, turn them on, and the headphones are synchronized with each other and start working in pairs. This usually solves all synchronization and connection problems. Also, this method can be applied when the earpiece just fell off, the indicator does not light up and does not respond to pressing the button.

How to factory reset TWS wireless earbuds?

That’s right, you must first reset the TWS headphones to factory settings. So that they forget that they once worked in single mode. To do this, remove the headphones from the phone with the “Forget device” button

Then simultaneously hold down the function buttons on them or hold your finger on the sensor for about 5 seconds. Headphones will first light up most often with red lights, and then turn off.

Then we repeat the action, but we already hold the buttons for 10-15 seconds. First, they will turn on with a characteristic sound from the speakers. Do not let go and continue to keep your fingers on the sensor or hold down the buttons until two double beeps work with a short break. You can also pay attention to the light indication. As a rule, at this moment the lights will flash. red and blue or red white or only one color, depending on the model.

Further, all indications will go out, and the headphones will turn off again. put them back into the case. This is enough to erase the settings and return to factory defaults.

Step 1

Open the Bluetooth settings on your phone, tablet, laptop or other device and remove the headphones from the list of paired devices (forget this device). I show on the example of the iPhone. On Android devices it looks about the same.

On computers, you can remove the headphones in the Bluetooth settings.

Remove the headphones on all devices that are nearby and to which they have been connected. If both headphones are displayed in the list (for example, with _L or _R in the name), then delete both.

Step 2

If you have instructions specifically for your headphones, then the reset process is most likely described there. Even if the instruction is in the language of which you do not know, you can translate it using your phone (just point the camera, through the same translator from Google). You do not have to try different options and look for the right combinations.

one-stop solution

This solution is suitable for most of these headphones. I show on the example of Xiaomi Redmi AirDots and Earbuds Basic.

  • Charge your headphones.
  • We take out both earbuds from the case and take them in hand.
  • We hold down the buttons (mechanical or touch, it depends on the model) for about 5 seconds. Usually the red indicator lights up and goes out. We release the buttons. We turned off the headphones. Beep Power Off. On some models, this step can be skipped.
  • Again, simultaneously hold down the buttons on the headphones and hold them for about 20-50 seconds. The time after which the reset will occur and how the indicators will behave at this moment depends on the specific model. It’s not always the same. But as a rule, the white indicator flashes first, and then the blue / red (white / red) indicator alternately flashes several times. To be sure, keep the buttons pressed for about a minute.
  • Put the headphones in the case for 10 seconds.
  • We take out the headphones from the case and wait for them to synchronize with each other (as a rule, the indicator starts flashing (white, blue / red, blue, depending on the specific model) on only one earphone, on the main one). This means that the headphones are ready to connect. If the indicators on the headphones do not flash, then hold the buttons for 5 seconds to turn them on.
  • Reconnect the headphones to your phone or other device. Photo for example. You may have a different headphone name and a different phone.
  • If it doesn’t work the first time, be sure to try a few more times.

do a reset by holding the buttons in the case

On the same Xiaomi Earbuds (on an updated, or older version, I don’t know) that I have, the reset occurs only when we hold down the buttons on the headphones and at the same time they are in the case. Without removing the earbuds from the case! If the universal method did not work for you, and the design allows you to hold down the buttons when the right and left earbuds are in the case, then try this method.

  • Charge your headphones.
  • Without removing the headphones from the case, hold down the buttons and hold them for about 30 seconds. At this point, look at the indicators. On my Xiaomi Earbuds, for about 5 seconds, the indicators are red, then blink white several times, then actively blink white / red, turn red again, go out and turn red again. By the time it takes 15-20 seconds.
  • Remove the earbuds from the case and wait for the left and right earbuds to sync with each other.
  • Connect to a Bluetooth device.

button on the case

On some TWS headphones, resetting must be done with a button on the case. On the same Airpods, or Xiaomi Mi AirDots Pro. I understand that this method is most often found on expensive models.

  • Recharge your headphones at least 10-20%.
  • Put both earbuds in the case.
  • Press the button on the case and hold it for 20-40 seconds. Pay attention to the indicator. On Airpods, for example, the reset occurs after the indicator blinks orange several times. But do not forget that on different headphones. in different ways.

Detailed instructions for Airpods: connect Airpods to iPhone: does not see, does not connect, one earphone does not work.

if the buttons are touch

If you have touch buttons on your headphones, then the reset is done in much the same way as in the case of regular buttons. For example, take Xiaomi QCY T3, Xiaomi Haylou GT1. The instruction is suitable for different headphones with touch buttons.

  • Recharging the headphones.
  • Taking them out of the case.
  • We hold the touch button on the headphones (sometimes you need to hold down only one) for 5 seconds to turn them off. Usually turn on red and go out.
  • We clamp the touch buttons and hold them for 20-40 seconds. Normally flashing red/white light, but not on all models. Or like this (using a good copy of Airpods as an example):
  • Put the headphones in the case and close it. We take out the headphones and wait 5 seconds until they are synchronized. If they do not turn on automatically, then hold the sensors for 5 seconds.
  • Everything is ready, you can connect!

Sometimes on headphones with touch buttons, you need to press the sensor several times to reset the parameters. For example, make 4 clicks on the touchpad. On Motorola Vervebuds 100, for example, you need to touch the touchpad once, then hold it down and hold it for 5 seconds.

on the example of TWS I7s

I had very cheap Chinese I7s headphones lying around. Decided to show more on their example. If I understand correctly, then they do not need to be reset at all. Just turn on the headphones by holding the buttons for 5 seconds and they automatically connect to each other. After that, on one earpiece, the indicator actively flashes red / blue. This means that they can be connected. I found information that the main earpiece is assigned by double pressing the button. But maybe on older or newer models, or on i9s, i10, i11, i12, i30 it all works differently.

  • We take out our I7s or a similar model from the case.
  • We turn them off by holding the buttons pressed for 3-5 seconds (the red indicator lights up and goes out).
  • Press the buttons at the same time and hold them for 30 seconds.
  • Turn on the headphones by holding the buttons for a few seconds.
  • After synchronization, we connect them to the phone.

An important point: it does not always work the first time. Be sure to try again a few times. If the methods described above do not work, your headphones behave differently, then describe in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев the problem why the reset does not work and indicate the model of the headphones. I’ll try to give you a solution.

Solution: You need to perform a hard reset of the headphones. indicators. Next, once again we clamp both headphones for about 30-50 seconds. First, they will turn on (the white indicator will flash), then, after 10-20 seconds, the indicators will light up red-white and flash 2 times.

To work separately, you just need to put one earpiece into the case. The connection will be to the earpiece outside the case. Or in the opposite case, when connecting from the case, on the contrary, remove the unnecessary earpiece to connect to the remaining one. Also, in some models, it is possible to simply turn off the earpiece by pressing the button.

Just turn on the headphones by holding the buttons for 5 seconds and they automatically connect to each other. After that, on one earpiece, the indicator actively flashes red / blue. This means that they can be connected. I found information that the main earpiece is assigned by double pressing the button.

Yes, and the solution in this case is the simplest. turn on the earpiece (right or left) by holding the button on it for 5 seconds. Headphone out of sync. This is the most popular problem. Headphones lose connection between each other, resulting in only one earphone playing.

  • Hold down the buttons on both earphones until a red glow appears.
  • Put the headset into the charging case.
  • Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and wait until the accessory appears in the list of available devices.
  • When you click on Mi True Wireless EBs Basic_R (as the headset will be called), the connection will be made.

To use only the left earbud (L) when not inside the battery case, press the button on the left earbud for about 3 seconds to turn on the power. To use both earbuds, remove the right earbud from the battery case.

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