Xiaomi Dreame V9 And V9p Differences


The vacuum cleaner is powered by a Samsung rechargeable battery with a capacity of 2500 mAh, 25.2V. To replenish the charge, you need to install it on the base, which is fixed in advance on the wall near the electrical outlet. Parameters of the complete power supply: voltage 30 V, current 0.8A.

The mount has special contact pads on the springs. In order for the vacuum cleaner to start charging, just install it on the base. The mount has space for all attachments. Therefore, you do not need to choose a separate place to store them, you can quickly change one to another to clean various surfaces and areas.

If the docking station is not installed in a designated area, the vacuum cleaner can be charged directly from the socket. European plug, long cord. The charging time for both methods is approximately 5 hours. If you adjust the power of the cordless vacuum cleaner correctly, a full charge should be enough to clean a three-room apartment. To clean a large house, you will need to take time to recharge.

Features of the Xiaomi Dream V9 Pro vacuum cleaner

To start the Xiaomi Mijia Dreame V9 Pro vacuum cleaner, they include a large red button on the handle. It needs to be held while cleaning. The hand does not get tired because the button travel is easy. The vacuum cleaner is equipped with four brushes. There is a crevice tool for cleaning in narrow openings. It can be used in two ways by moving the retainer: to remove dust from fragile objects with soft bristles or to move the soft part closer to the base to remove with a plastic tip.

There is another small brush, not so narrow. She also cleans dust with lint. They can be used without an extension pipe, especially when cleaning the interior of a car or while cleaning furniture, household appliances.

Xiaomi Dreame V9 And V9p Differences

Dust from upholstered furniture, pillows, mattresses, inside a car can be removed with a small electric brush. It draws in dust and even dust mites. The attachment is equipped with a brush with hard rubber bristles. It can be removed for washing and cleaning. Can be used without extension pipe.

The most powerful is the turbo brush, equipped with its own electric motor. It is used for cleaning hard floors, upholstered furniture, curtains, carpets. The high quality of cleaning is achieved thanks to a special design. Her bristles are combined, soft gray cleans dust, and hard red. Hair and animal fur.

Due to the fact that the brush can tilt at different angles to the floor, it easily goes under any furniture, where the height of the nozzle allows to penetrate. It is convenient and easy to install the attachments. To remove them, press the white button on the body and remove the brush downward. The brush itself can be disassembled for cleaning, washing or replacing the roller.

The turbo brush motor rotates the roller, so it moves quickly and easily on any surface. Tube length is not adjustable.

The Dreame V9P vacuum cleaner cleans floors with different coatings:

  • Wooden
  • Marble
  • Ceramic tile
  • Carpet covering

At minimum power, laminate and tiles are cleaned. On the middle one, areas with heavy pollution are removed. When switching to carpet, you need to switch to maximum mode. The roller pulls out dust, dirt, hair and animal hair. It’s easy to clean.

Emptying the dust container is even easier. In a vacuum cleaner, this is not a bag, but a plastic container with a silicone seal. To clean it, just one press of a button on it, and the contents will fall into the trash can. Problems can arise with cleaning long hair and pet coats. They get lost in a lump, and they will have to be pulled out manually or using one of the small attachments. It has special grooves that are inserted into the filter element. After that, take it out of the tank along with the nozzle.


The main technical characteristics of the Xiaomi V9 Pro handheld cordless vacuum cleaner are presented in the table:

Suction power120 AW
Brushless motor speedUp to 100 thousand rpm.
Engine power400 watts
Vacuum pressure20,000 Pa
Cleaning area per charge380 m²
Dust container volume0,5 l
Filter typeHEPA (0.3 μm)
Noise level78 dBA
Weight1.9 kg
Maximum run time60 minutes


In the upper part of the body of the Xiaomi V9 Pro cyclonic vacuum cleaner there are a brushless motor in a cylindrical body, a HEPA filter filter. There is a special hole for removing and replacing the HEPA filter. Air intake and cooling vents in the motor housing.

At the bottom there is a cyclone filter, where the collected debris gets after filtration. On the side there is a handle with a red button for holding the vacuum cleaner during operation. A block for the storage battery is installed under the handle. It has battery indicators and the handle has a DC5525 jack.

An aluminum extension pipe is installed in the hole at the bottom of the case and one of the nozzles is put on. Dimensions: 60 × 22×23 cm.

Operating modes

The Xiaomi Dreame V9P Vacuum Cleane Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can operate in three power modes. The switch is at the end. Below is the minimum (LOW), above. The average (MID), above. The maximum (MAX) suction power. In this case, the speed of rotation of the brush remains unchanged. But the battery is discharged faster when working at high power.

Operating time depending on power:

  • Minimum. 1 hour
  • Average. 28 min
  • Maximum. 8 min

In the minimum and medium modes, the vacuum cleaner works almost silently. In turbo mode, the volume increases significantly, but the suction power also increases.

Dreame V9 Pro has 5 filtering levels:

  • The cyclone filter selects coarse litter, sand
  • Metal mesh filters out hair
  • The mesh filter collects the remains of sand and dust that have passed through previous obstacles
  • Foam filter
  • HEPA filter for collecting the smallest particles

Xiaomi Dreame V9 and V9P differences

The Dreame V9P is considered an updated version of the Dreame V9. But the differences are minor. Visually, they practically do not differ, except in the color of the upper part of the case, under which the HEPA filter is located. They are gray, but the shades are different, which does not affect the quality of cleaning.

The main difference between Xiaomi models is. That the Pro version is considered global, its AC adapter is equipped with a European plug, the user’s manual is written in English. Dreame V9 Priced Approximately 207, V9 Pro 240.

Pros and cons

The handheld cordless vacuum cleaner Dreame V9 Pro from Xiaomi has a number of advantages:

  • Beautiful design
  • Works on various types of surfaces, including carpet
  • There are 3 power modes
  • Suction power as many corded models
  • Five-stage filtration system
  • Removes even fine dust as small as 0.3 microns
  • High autonomy, especially at low power
  • Can be charged from an outlet
  • Attached to the wall
  • The mount has a place to store attachments
  • Excellent balancing allows you to remove both the floor and window frames or objects at the top.
  • Can replace a conventional vacuum cleaner
  • Works quietly in standard modes
  • Can stand on a special sole
  • No backlight on the brush
  • The power button has no latch
  • The battery cannot be replaced


The Xiaomi Dreame V9P cordless vacuum cleaner comes to the buyer in a box made of durable white cardboard. There is a plastic carry handle. On the side there is an image of the body of the vacuum cleaner and its brand is written. Inside is the disassembled vacuum cleaner itself. All components are packed in separate bags that do not allow water to pass through.

  • White body with handle
  • Docking station that attaches to the wall
  • Charger with European plug
  • Extension tube made of aluminum with contacts for powering the electric brush
  • Dust attachment
  • Wide electric brush with soft roller
  • Crevice nozzle with brush
  • Narrow electric brush with rubber roller
  • Expansion from metal
  • Set of screws for fastening
  • English user manual

Xiaomi Dreame V9 pro Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Review and Comparison with V9

The handheld vertical vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi Dreame V9 Pro has a modern design, high suction power, the presence of a European plug on the charger and battery life. At the same time, the price of the Chinese device is affordable, and the value for money is excellent. Price about 240, which is about 30 more than the V9 version.

Xiaomi Dreame V9P Upright Vacuum Cleaner: an independent review

Updated on 28 August 2020

Traditional vacuum cleaners have one, but very serious, drawback. Extremely low mobility. And it’s okay if you have to clean up in a large house with wide aisles. But what if you need to carry the device around a small apartment, crammed with furniture? One solution is an upright vacuum cleaner. Almost the best device in this class is considered by many to be the Xiaomi Dreame V9P vertical vacuum cleaner. Now I’ll tell you why.

Design and capabilities

Returning to the design, I want to say that in both the European and Asian versions, the V9 looks just great and very modern. Compared to bulky traditional vacuum cleaners, this upright vacuum cleaner looks like a real child of the 21st century. Especially taking into account the multi-cyclone design, electric brush drive and a large dust container, which, by the way, does not spoil the appearance of the device at all.

All units of the unit are arranged very tightly, thanks to which the device turned out to be quite small.

The built-in batteries last about half an hour of cleaning at medium power. Unfortunately, the batteries are not removable. The battery is charged via the standard DC5525 input. Directly from the power supply or via the docking station. The latter also acts as an organizer: both the vacuum cleaner itself and all accessories must be stored directly on it.

It’s nice to know that the desire to make the vacuum cleaner as compact as possible has in no way affected its ergonomics. The device has a very good balance, weighs less than two kilograms, a convenient trigger right under the finger as the main control. You can vacuum with one hand, although you will have to choose the speed with the second. The switch is located at the end.

There are three power levels in total: for most cases, the first two are enough, and the maximum is best reserved for particularly difficult areas. The fact is that it drains the battery much faster, and the vacuum cleaner will not last longer than eight minutes at maximum speed. Fortunately, a power of 400 watts (with a suction power of 120 watts) is enough for most household tasks.

Packaging and equipment

It would be strange to expect something extraordinary from the packaging of the vacuum cleaner. Xiaomi does not fail here and does not boggle the imagination. The device is hidden in a nice and compact white cardboard box. Each item in the set is additionally wrapped in a hydrophobic film.

In addition to the vacuum cleaner itself and the accompanying waste paper, you will find in the box:

  • Extension aluminum pipe;
  • Wide nozzle with a soft roller;
  • Narrow nozzle with a rubber roller;
  • Dust nozzle;
  • Narrow nozzle;
  • Charger;
  • Docking station.

It is worth dwelling on the latter in a little more detail. The wall-mounted docking station with charging is an accessory for the European version of the vacuum cleaner with the index P. The Asian version, SIMply marked as V9, costs less, has a prettier design, in my opinion, but is equipped with an Asian plug and such a useful accessory as a dock. Station, devoid. So it is better to stop your choice on the European modification.

Filters and attachments

The Dreame V9 filter system removes all possible particle sizes from the air. There is a net for coarse cleaning, a replaceable synthetic HEPA filter, and a multicyclone for separating dust and debris and fractions. Dust container with a capacity of 0.5 liters is emptied at the push of a button.

Large and small turbo brushes rotate at up to 3000 rpm. They work efficiently, collect animal hair without problems and allow you to process even the most difficult surfaces clean. The large nozzle is universal. It can be cleaned even on tiles, even on laminates, even on carpets, even on furniture. But in general, a small turbo nozzle is more suitable for furniture: it can vacuum sofas, mattresses and pillows, and at the same time get rid of ticks. The turbo nozzles are easy to disassemble to remove and clean the brushes.

The rest of the nozzles are not equipped with a power supply and rotating brushes, so in terms of the effectiveness of combating lint and wool, they do not reach the turbo nozzles. Nevertheless, they are quite convenient for cleaning corners, getting under furniture and other hard-to-reach places.

The extension pipe is made of aluminum. It is equipped with power supply for turbo brushes and plastic locks. It is more convenient to clean at home with it, but by pressing a button you can easily remove the pipe and connect the nozzle directly to the motor unit of the vacuum cleaner. For example, vacuuming in a car is much more comfortable in this “shortened” mode.

Xiaomi Dreame V9P is without any doubt one of the most successful cordless upright vacuum cleaners on the market. This is a very convenient and high quality machine that is suitable for regular cleaning both at home and in the car. Yes, with a price of around 15,000 rubles, this device is much more expensive than most analogues. But unlike them, it is really capable of cleaning up trash without any discounts for the offline format.

Dreame V9P handheld cordless vacuum cleaner: powerful Chinese analogue of Dyson

Review of the dream vacuum cleaner: the Dreame V9P cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, modern and powerful, which can plug any model in the belt. Dreame V9P is one of the best stick vacuum cleaners on Aliexpress. This model stands out for its technical parameters, in particular for its autonomous operation and suction power, as well as for its cost. The ratio of price and quality of this model is on top.

Brand: Dreame
Model: V9P
Type: handheld cordless vacuum cleaner
Vacuum pressure: 20,000 Pa
Suction power: 120AW
Filtration type: multicyclone, Hepa (0.3 microns)
Power: rechargeable battery 2500 mAh 25.2 V (Samsung cells)
Motor: brushless up to 100,000 rpm
Charging power supply: 30V / 0.8A (included)
Charging at base: Yes
Cleaning area on one charge (sq. M.): 380㎡
Floor Types: Carpet, Wood Floor, Marble Floor, Tiled Floor, Carpet Floor, Ceramic Tile
Capacity: 0.5L
Noise (dB): ≤78dB
Power (W): 400 W
Weight: 1.9kg
Package weight with kit: 4.8400 kg
Vacuum cleaner size (L x W x H): 60.00 x 22.00 x 23.00 cm
Working time: 60 minutes (LOW), 28 minutes (Mid), 8 minutes (MAX)

The Dreame V9P handheld cordless vacuum cleaner was brought by an IML courier personally in hand A huge plus for the seller, which saved consumers from the mail service. And couriers are fast and convenient.

The packaging is well thought out and stylish. The box itself is white, with a handle and a picture of a vacuum cleaner. Inside, the disassembled vacuum cleaner and the kit are carefully placed in two levels.

The vacuum cleaner itself looks very technologically advanced. It is a vertical multi-cyclone with a large waste bin and electric brush drive.

Each accessory in the kit is packed separately in a hydrophobic film.

The kit includes:

  • Vacuum cleaner;
  • Aluminum tube;
  • Brush nozzle with a soft roller (wide);
  • Brush attachment with rubber roller (narrow);
  • Dust nozzle;
  • Narrow spout;
  • Charger;
  • Wall charging dock;
  • English manual;

The body is integrated with the cyclone basket, handle and battery.

Above is a hole for replacing a Hepa filter, the white cylinder at the top is a brushless high-speed motor.

The air outlets are located next to the engine. At the same time, they remove heat from the running engine.

A battery pack is made at the bottom of the handle (not removable).

When turned on, the battery charge level is indicated.

In the handle itself, the manufacturer placed a DC5525 jack. A standard jack for constant power.

European standard power supply with long cord. Provides up to 30 Volts at 0.8A for battery charging.

Can be charged either directly or via a wall mount.

At the end there is a mechanical switch for three modes. Three “speeds”. Minimum (bottom), average, and maximum (top) suction power. When switching, the speed of the vacuum cleaner motor increases, it begins to suck in dust more strongly. In this case, the rotation speed of the electric brush does not change. The higher the revs, the faster the battery sits down. It is wiser to clean at minimum power or at medium power (depending on the type of coverage and dirtiness), switching to maximum speed in difficult areas or on carpets.

On the sole there is a nameplate with the model number, operating voltage (25.2V) and typical power (400W).

Nearby are sliding contacts for connecting to a wall mount.

A few words about the filter and garbage collection container.

The figure shows a cyclone filtration scheme: a HEPA filter, a coarse filter (mesh), a special multi-cyclone separator (a “feature” of this model) are installed at the outlet. Garbage remains in the bin, which can be cleaned in one stroke.

HEPA filter. Replaceable, synthetic, that is, it washes perfectly and dries without loss of properties.

The lid opens and debris falls down. A silicone seal is provided on the lid.

A few words about complete electric brushes.

They are combined attachments with a soft or rubber turbo brush, which are driven by an electric motor. The brushes develop up to 3 thousand revolutions per minute, allowing you to effectively rake all debris and clean difficult surfaces.

One of the main ones is a large electric brush attachment. It is a versatile nozzle for both hard floors (laminate, tile, linoleum) and soft carpets. Combined bristles are great for tough dirt, with the hard part (red bristle bar) acting like a pet-brush, catching hair and animal hair.

The nozzle tilts in different positions, allowing you to crawl with a vacuum cleaner in hard-to-reach places. The brush itself is soft, with a combined bristle.

It is possible to disassemble the nozzle and remove the brush for cleaning or replacement.

Another useful attachment is the small electric brush. Its main purpose is anti-mite cleaning, cleaning furniture, carpets. Small dimensions allow efficient cleaning in the car. Well, vacuuming mattresses with such a brush is a pleasure. Try it and you will be surprised how much dust can be extracted from your pillows and mattresses.

The nozzle is much more compact than the previous one, and has a special rubber brush.

The set contains two SIMple attachments, not motorized, narrow, for cleaning garbage, cleaning corners, furniture, and so on.

A SIMple nozzle has an adjustable brush outreach (just snap off the lock). And a narrow spout. The latter is convenient to vacuum in very hard-to-reach places.

Made of aluminum alloy, lightweight, with plastic locks on both sides for attachment to the vacuum cleaner and to the attachments.

Locks in with a click. In order to disconnect the pipe, just press the button.

Assembled with a pipe and a nozzle, the vacuum cleaner becomes a hike for its fellows. For example on Dyson.

In the photo. With a large brush head.

In the photo. With a small brush attachment.

In the photo. With a narrow nozzle.

If you are cleaning in a car, vacuuming furniture, cleaning in hard-to-reach places, then it makes sense to use the short version.

In the photo. A shortened version with a large brush head.

The photo shows a shortened version with a small brush attachment. With a small attachment, it is very convenient to clean furniture. And the car seats too. The suction power becomes larger, the area is smaller. The cleaning efficiency increases significantly.

The photo shows a shortened version with a narrow nozzle. This option is suitable for cleaning carpets and furniture.

The photo shows a shortened version with a narrow nozzle. And this is a convenient option for vacuuming corners, cabinets, rugs and the like.

A few words about wall mounting.

The guys have adopted Dyson’s idea. Everything is stored in one wall mount-organizer. There are latches for nozzles on the sides and in the center. The vacuum cleaner itself is fixed in the center.

For charging, spring-loaded contacts are provided. That is, it is enough to hang the vacuum cleaner on the mount, and it will start charging on its own.

There are fasteners for the wall holder in the kit, you don’t need to break your head.

Over, the charging unit can be connected to the vacuum cleaner directly or to the holder. One-stop solution.

The vacuum cleaner stands on the “sole”, but it is best to hang it on the intended stand.

Over, you can charge in this stand. Cradle locks at the bottom and top, providing electrical contact for battery charging.

It is convenient to hold in your hand. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight, balanced. The trigger fits nicely under the finger. With the other hand, you can switch “speeds” at the end.

To make the dimensions of Dreame V9P more or less clear, I compared it with Xiaomi Roidmi F8.

As you can see, the vacuum cleaners differ in the layout of the cyclone basket, and the Dreame V9P also has a pipe almost one and a half times longer.

Due to the more complex design of the nozzle, the Roidmi F8 provides 60 degrees left-right rotation. Well, the slopes, like Dreame.

The principle of power supply to the brushes is the same. A supply wire is laid in the pipe. But the brushes are not compatible in terms of seats and terminals.

My Roidmi came with 2 brushes. Soft for hard surfaces and pet-brush with rubber inserts. And there is an opportunity to change the brush.

Dreame has only one brush in the kit. You can change it, just there is nothing.

Roidmi also has a built-in backlight in the nozzle itself. When cleaning, it illuminates in hard-to-reach places.

And it shines brightly enough. Dreame doesn’t have that. It’s a pity.

Overall, Dreame looks bigger. And Roidmi F8 is more like a vacuum cleaner for girls (small). Although Dreame is noticeably lighter, apparently due to design optimization.

Of other options, I would compare it with the cheap JIMMY JV51, since JIMMY updated the lineup and added an even older model JV83.

JIMMY JV51 is about the same size, but has a weird design (in my opinion, this is a minus of this model) and a SIMplified basket for a cyclone.

Video showing the strength of the cyclone and the motorized brush.

After the vacuum cleaner test, the container is full of debris, and there is both fine dust, which was filtered by the cyclone, and large debris on the mesh.

The Dreame V9P vacuum cleaner is one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners. It is lightweight, removes dust with high quality, both large particles and fine dust (up to 0.3 microns). The large volume of the waste bin allows cleaning for a long time (about an hour). Working time: 60 minutes at “1” speed, 28 minutes at “2” speed, 8 minutes at “3 maximum” speed. Very handy for daily cleaning. A large number of attachments, including a mosquito brush, make it a versatile vacuum cleaner for home and car. The universal electric brush does an excellent job of all types of surfaces, while the small electric brush powerfully cleans pillows, mattresses and furniture. If you are interested in the vacuum cleaner, then it makes sense to purchase it with coupons and promotional codes.

I recommend that you check out my best selections of gadgets in my profile.

Dreame V9P handheld cordless vacuum cleaner: comparison with Dyson

A new look at the Dreame V9P upright turbo vacuum cleaner. This time there will be a comparison with Dyson. Indeed, vacuum cleaners are very SIMilar and occupy one niche in terms of functionality, only Dreame is almost 3-4 times cheaper.

So, since the vacuum cleaners are SIMilar, as they say, if there is no difference, then why pay more??

The appearance of the vacuum cleaner is a handheld vacuum cleaner that can work both as a vertical turbo vacuum cleaner and in a shortened form for cleaning furniture and mattresses, as well as for auto cleaning. Includes two turbo brushes. Filtration. Smart multi-cyclone filter.

Brand: Dreame
Model: V9P
Type: handheld cordless vacuum cleaner
Vacuum pressure: 20,000 Pa
Suction power: 120AW
Filtration type: multicyclone, Hepa (0.3 microns)
Power: rechargeable battery 2500 mAh 25.2 V (Samsung cells)
Motor: brushless up to 100,000 rpm
Charging power supply: 30V / 0.8A (included)
Charging at base: Yes
Cleaning area on one charge (sq. M.): 380㎡
Floor Types: Carpet, Wood Floor, Marble Floor, Tiled Floor, Carpet Floor, Ceramic Tile
Capacity: 0.5L
Noise (dB): ≤78dB
Power (W): 400 W
Weight: 1.9kg
Package weight with kit: 4.8400 kg
Vacuum cleaner size (L x W x H): 60.00 x 22.00 x 23.00 cm
Working time: 60 minutes (LOW), 28 minutes (Mid), 8 minutes (MAX)

Dyson’s packaging is designed for the Wow effect (bright, with a technical bias), while Dreame, on the contrary, is minimalistic white, in the style of Xiaomi.

The set is about the same, and there are many accessories and attachments, a wall charging station, two turbo brushes. The only thing I will note is that it would be more appropriate to compare with the Dyson V8 model, and I had a Dyson V10 at hand, which differs in a longitudinal cyclone filter.

The rest of the parameters of the vacuum cleaners are SIMilar. This is a multicyclone, three speed settings, an electric brush. Dreame has a slightly larger trash bin.

At the end of the Dreame there is a switch. It is convenient to operate with one hand. And the dyson has a SIMilar one made for the second hand. It will not work to switch the “speed” with one hand during operation.

The meaning is the same. I speed, II speed, Maximum (Turbo mode). The rotation speed of the electric brush is constant, the suction force SIMply changes.

Electric brush heads are SIMilar, Dyson has a completely transparent body and one more degree of freedom for bending, while Dreame has half transparent, the brush bends up and to the side.

Brushes have a SIMilar design, both with a soft roller for hard floors.

And the sizes of the vacuum cleaners are almost identical. Well, except for the location of the basket.

Both Dreame and Dyson have a charging connector on the handle and slide contacts for a wall charger.

Button location. Same.

The layout of the battery and indicator is also SIMilar. Both there and so. The battery is not removable.

Both vacuum cleaners are lightweight and easy to use. At top speed, the Dyson is noisier. Dreame, like Dyson, is suitable for daily light cleaning. It is convenient to use for everyone, including teenagers and fragile girls.

I did a standard fine debris test.

Usually fines or solids are difficult to vacuum, clog conventional filters, or are not completely captured.

Video test and a short description.

The Dreame vacuum cleaner did a good job. Everything was cleaned up, no gaps. To empty the basket, just press the button to open the bottom cover.

The innovative Dreame V9P vacuum cleaner confirms a firm rule. If there is no difference, then why pay more. For a modest 160-170, you can purchase an excellent vertical vacuum cleaner with an honest multicyclone, with long battery life, with a rich set (several nozzles and turbo brushes), with a wall charging station. And most importantly, this vacuum cleaner is really powerful. Pay attention to this model. It can be interesting as a gift to your loved ones and relatives.

Dust container for 0.5 liters

Small capacity but high density. Dust and debris are tightly compressed and do not impede the free passage of air flows. All versions have a one-touch container cleaning system without the risk of getting your hands dirty. Pressed. The container is opened, the garbage goes directly into the bucket.

All parts of the filter can be washed as needed in plain water.

Distributed power

The multi-cyclone system allows the maximum power to be used without the risk of damaging floor coverings, upholstery fabrics, etc. Powerful, even and deep suction to remove stubborn dust, carpets and sofas.

If you like to scatter bolts, nuts. You can say goodbye to them. At maximum power, the vacuum cleaner even sucks up finger batteries. Dust mites and other microflora also cannot withstand the power of Xiaomi Dreame vacuum cleaners. Allergy sufferers and asthmatics can get enough sleep.

Five-level filtering

HEPA airflow filtration. No dust returns with outgoing airflow. The use of two cyclone filters provides excellent cleaning power while eliminating any dirt and dust. There is also a coarse filter and a special dust filter.


The total autonomy of all versions is 60 minutes in quiet mode (sufficient in most cases). In standard mode, V9 / V9P guarantees 28 minutes, V10 / V10P 30 minutes, Dreame XR champion 40 minutes. In maximum mode at full power, versions 9 and 10 work for 8 minutes, Dreame ХR is able to give 10 minutes.

Average full charge time 3.5 hours.

Comparison of Xiaomi Dreame handheld vacuum cleaners: V9, V9P, V10, V10P, XR

The Dreame series of upright cordless vacuum cleaners from Xiaomi has become a colossal challenge in the luxury home appliance industry. The prototype of the series was the elite Dyson vacuum cleaner. Practically inaccessible to most because of the prohibitively high price. Not a vacuum cleaner, but an object of dreams from glossy spreads. This explains the general name of the Dreame series. A dream. All the characteristics of an inaccessible Dyson in a high-quality brand performance and even with improvements, but at a real price.

The very first Dreame Upright Vacuum Cleaner with cyclonic filters, split streams and automated motor brushes has been a bestseller since its announcement. Modifications v9, v9p, v10, v10p and XR have been released. The last line update is in April 2020.

Comparative table of characteristics of models of vacuum cleaners Dreame

Dreame XR Dreame V9 / V9P Dreame V10 / 10P
Suction power22000 Pa20,000 Pa22000 Pa
Engine modelSpace 3.0 Turbo Upgrade 140 AWSpace 3.0 120 AWSpace 3.0 Turbo 140 AW
Engine speed100,000 rpm100,000 rpm100,000 rpm
Battery lifequiet mode. 60 minutes
normal mode. 40 minutes
turbo mode. 10 minutes
quiet mode. 60 minutes
normal mode. 28 minutes
turbo mode. 8 minutes
quiet mode. 60 minutes
normal mode. 30 minutes
turbo mode. 8 minutes
Charging time3.5 hours3.5 hours3.5 hours
Noise level68 dBA78 dBA73 dBA
Set of nozzlesroller nozzle
tick nozzle
crevice tool
brush attachment
extension hose
carpet brush
roller nozzle
tick nozzle
crevice tool
brush attachment
roller nozzle
tick nozzle
crevice tool
brush attachment

Nozzles included:

Roller floor nozzle

Crevice brush with extendable extension

Soft brush for appliances, shelves, car cleaning

Special furniture brush that removes mites and allergens

The Xiaomi Dreame XR version includes an additional flexible hose. Flexible hose is extremely convenient for cleaning in tight spaces and in the car.

A wall mount is also included as standard. The total weight of the box with a vacuum cleaner, bases and attachments is about 4.8 kg.

What is PRO version

The letter “P” in the title means the PRO version.

V9P and V9 PRO. The same version with a difference in the reading of abbreviations.

Dreame V10P and V10 PRO. Similar.

The Xiaomi Dreame V9P vacuum cleaner is a basic model made in the European format. When comparing with other versions, Xiaomi Dreame V9P will be taken as a standard.

What is the difference between the models

There is a lot of confusion in the designations, because European and Asian versions hit the market at the same time. European design is more like Dyson, while Chinese are more minimalistic.

The European version is more expensive, buyers are eager to save money. In this case, it is absolutely unjustified. In Asia version, the power adapter and charging are not included in the wall mount system. You will have to charge the Asian version separately.

Versions V9, V9P, V10, V10P differ in connectivity. V9. Asian version without wall charging, V9P. European version with Euro plug and wall charger. V10 is an Asian plug, V10 P is a European plug. Dreame XR comes in European version.

The European version includes an improved wall mount system with built-in vacuum cleaner power.