Xiaomi Band 4 How to Charge

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 sports bracelet is almost identical in appearance to the previous generation product. The abbreviation Smart is added to the name, which means the word smart. The same capsule is oval on a polyurethane strap. However, if you take a closer look, the changes are still visible. The size of the new model of the bracelet has become somewhat larger, but this can be seen only with a direct comparison of the two samples.

The front side of the new product is flatter, and on it there is no recess in place of the touch and only buttons. And this is not bad at all, because there is nothing practical in it. A circle or a horseshoe is applied to the recess site, depending on the modification of the fitness bracelet. 2.5D rounded glass display, which has an oleophobic special coating. A finger glides over it easily, but fingerprints from it appear at the same second, even after just washed hands.

Instructions on how to charge the Mi band 4 bracelet

Before you begin to configure the gadget, you must charge it using the supplied charging unit. To do this, pull the capsule from the strap and place it in the charging socket so that the contacts of the bottom side of the product coincide with the contacts of the socket itself, drown the bracelet. At the same time, they will remain slightly protruding from the nest. Connect the charger to the USB port of a PC, battery or other charging device. From a native charge, the watch charges about a couple of hours.

Instructions for connecting the Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet to a smartphone

To control this gadget, as in its typical versions of the previous generation, Mi Fit software is used. If the phone is running on the Android OS, you need to go to the Google Play service and type in the search bar Mi Fit, and then successively click the “Install” and “Open” buttons. With iOS, the program will have to be downloaded through the App Store service. As soon as the application is installed, it is launched and an account is created where the data of the mail or phone number is indicated. With an existing account, you can simply log in there.

At the first setup, enter the requested information into the system and give the necessary permissions. In the event that Mi Fit is already available, you should make sure that this software is the latest version, if not, then the application will have to be updated manually.

To connect a fitness bracelet to a smartphone, you need to go to the Mi Fit profile and select the “Add device” item, click the “Band” and “Agree” buttons in sequence. Now click Mi Smart Band 4. This is your bracelet and confirm pairing by clicking on the icon on the display. If necessary, turn off the bluetooth. Depending on the modification of the gadget and the installed version of the application, these actions may differ.

The inclusion of the Russian language on the bracelet

On June 25, the next software update was released with the addition of the Russian language in the system. To update the bracelet, you need to update MiFit on your device, and then the bracelet itself. Details in the video below.

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Fitness bracelets differ in functionality, unlike a smart watch and a smartphone, so you should familiarize yourself with their charging algorithm. In order for the device’s battery to last as long as possible, the device must be properly charged. How to charge a fitness bracelet? About it below.

How to charge the bracelet for the first time

Xiaomi Band 4 How to Charge

For the manufacture of sports bracelets use a cast-ion battery, which does not have a memory effect. However, to fully utilize all battery resources, you must do the following:

  1. Discharge the device completely.
  2. Fully charge the device.
  3. Discharge again until disconnected.
  4. Charge up to 100% again.

Important! Recharging has a negative effect on the battery of the device, so it is recommended to check the percentage of charge on the device. When it reaches 100%, it should be immediately disabled.

You can check the percentage of charge on the device screen. Just press the power button of the bracelet to see the charge indicator in one of the upper corners of the screen.

Video: Xiaomi Band 4 How to Charge

Most budget models show battery level only with a light indicator. When fully charged, it starts to glow, and when fully discharged, blinks. You can also use the synchronization function with the phone. Applications allow you to view not only the received data from the bracelet, but also the battery level.

Helpful advice! Often, fitness bracelets charge from 2 to 4 hours.

Charger Connection Methods

The designs of some models may vary, so their way of connecting to the network is changing. First, it is worth noting that you can charge the battery using a low-current power supply or through the computer’s USB connector. You can also use portable batteries for charging (power banks), however, the charging current should comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations (often it is 1-1.5A).

To charge most modern models, you need to remove the capsule itself with the screen, and then connect it through the wire. Often, the connector is located on the side of the capsule. Expensive models of bracelets are more like a smart watch, so it will not work to separate the capsule from the strap. Often, the connector on such models is on the back. Some devices provide the ability to remove only one strap for connecting a USB port to a power supply or computer.

How to charge a Leomax health bracelet

“Bracelet of health” Leomax: how to charge correctly?

  1. To start, the device must be turned on. To do this, place your finger on the bottom of the screen for 2 seconds.
  2. Detach the screen from the strap by pulling it in the opposite direction from the capsule.
  3. Insert the charging cable into the USB connector.
  4. Wait for the full charge, disconnect the wire and secure the cord and capsule.

It’s important to know! The strap should fit snugly on the wrist, but not squeeze it. During training, you can compress it more strongly, but after it you need to relax it.

How to charge Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 smart bracelet comes with a USB cable to charge the device. Using it, you need to charge the device, but it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with some of the nuances.

Often, users complain that they accidentally damaged the charger or simply lost it. In this case, do not panic. Just look at the recommendations for charging when losing a USB cable.

How to charge xiaomi 4 fitness bracelet without wire:

  1. Third-party cord. Any USB cable is suitable for charging. First, he needs to expose the black and red wiring, and then press them to the contacts of the device. It is also recommended to fix them with paper clips for greater reliability. At the end, you need to connect the USB cable to the computer.
  2. Power Supply. This option is suitable for those who are versed in electrics. First you need to define “” and “-” on the device. Next, remove the laboratory power supply, set it to 5 volts and bring the “spikes” to the contacts.

Important! It is not recommended to use third-party items to charge the fitness bracelet. They can have a negative impact on the future operation of the device.

How to charge

Immediately after buying the device, you need to put it on charge and wait for 100% charge. This is necessary to warm up the battery so that in the future it will work better and maintain the duration of the work.

The second and subsequent times of charging, it is recommended not to bring the battery to 100% charge. It is better to leave at 85-90% if the minimum number of options is used. If the device regularly displays alerts from the phone, you need to charge the battery up to 100%.

How to understand that the bracelet is charged

After the battery is fully charged, the device vibrates, and a 100% charge icon appears on the screen and the inscription “Battery is full” appears. After this, the cable must be disconnected and the capsule inserted into the strap.

Why is it not recommended to charge Mi Band 4 from a normal outlet?

A normal outlet transfers too much current, which can negatively affect the operation of the device. It is recommended to connect the device to the USB-connector of the computer or to a wireless charger (Power Bank).

By purchasing a new gadget, each user rejoices in its functionality, completely forgetting about the need for charging. This happens with the owners of the fourth generation of Xiaomi fitness bracelets. Upon purchase, users often see a dead battery due to a seller check. As a result, before using the tracker, you need to replenish the charge so that when connected to the phone and performing other actions, it does not refuse to work. To do this, it is important to know how to properly charge Mi Band 4. This is what we will talk about in the article.

How can I charge Mi Band 4

Especially for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, the manufacturer released a USB charger. It is present complete with tracker. Charging the gadget through it is a sure and effective way, but besides it there are several more options.

The charger is a very fragile and small thing, and therefore it is easy to accidentally lose or take it out of service. Unfortunately, for inexperienced users, such situations often occur. But you should not be upset, because there is still a way out of such a nuisance.

You can charge Mi Band 4 without charging in the following ways:

  1. Side cord. To recharge, any USB cable is suitable. In it, you need to expose the black and red wiring, and then press them to the contacts of the tracker and secure with clips for greater reliability. After the cord is required to connect to the computer via the USB port.
  2. Power Supply. This method will be better understood by people who are knowledgeable in electrics. First of all, you need to define “” and “-” on the bracelet. After that you need to take the laboratory power supply, set it to 5 volts and bring the “spikes” to the contacts.

How to properly charge Xiaomi Mi Band 4 fitness bracelet

Now let’s go directly to the analysis of how much you need to charge the device and how to do it. The charge is always recommended to replenish up to 100%, without interrupting the charging process prematurely. It takes no more than two hours.

Before starting to charge remove the capsule from the strap. For this you need:

  • To take with a strap with both hands from different sides, turning the device screen up;
  • Slightly pull off part of the strap near the top of the capsule and squeeze the second up, wielding the index finger from below.

Next, you need to take the charger included in the kit and insert the capsule so that the contacts of both were in contact. Immediately after this, the cord can be connected to the computer via USB.

For the first time

Once the purchased Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 has been brought home, it should first be put on charge.

For the first time, a device must be fully charge. Up to 100%. This is necessary to warm up the battery and its better functioning in the future.

All subsequent times

Starting from the second charge, Mi Bend 4 is allowed not to be brought to an indicator of 100%. Here you should consider the frequency of use of the tracker:

  • At minimum loads there will be enough charge up to 85-90%;
  • When working with all options, including the included notifications, 100% will be required.

How to understand that the bracelet is charged

As soon as the Mi Band 4 watch’s battery is fully charged, the device emits vibration, and the image of the full battery and the inscription appears on the screen “Battery is full”. After that, the cord is allowed to be disconnected, and the capsule can be returned back to the strap.