Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 How to Update

The time has come for wireless devices, more and more manufacturers are switching to new technologies. However, even with new products, the user may have difficulty. In this article, we will look at how to connect both Xiaomi Airdots headphones to the phone.


  1. Turn on the phone Bluetooth;
  2. We get the headset out of the case;
  3. We clamp the external touch panels on both headphones until the white indicators light up, release;
  4. The LED on the right starts flashing;
  5. The right earphone is displayed in the detected devices section. “Mi Airdots Basic_R” (he is the main one), who himself connect to the left;

Xiaomi Airdots Pro 2 How to Update

  1. Click on the name, connect;
  2. A request appears for exchanging contacts with the device. give permission.

If the sound comes only from the right earphone, to connect the second, touch the touch area on the left.

As planned by the manufacturer, when you get both headphones out, they should automatically connect to each other. At first there is a frequent blinking for both, then only on the right headset the pulsation of the LED slows down, which means that it is ready for pairing.

Alternative way

If the first method did not help to connect both headphones at once, it is worth making a complete reset of the headset. This method is universal and can be done for any problems with synchronization.

  1. On the smartphone, in the Bluetooth device section, delete the headset;
  2. Take Xiaomi headphone out of the case;
  3. Hold both touch panels;
  4. A red and white LED blinks a couple of times and goes out;
  5. Keep the headset turned off;
  6. Second will happen “wink” red and white indicator;
  7. Return the headphones to the case;
  8. Take them out and wait a few seconds, the frequent ripple in both will change to slow only in the right;
  9. Connect the headset to your smartphone.

For clarity, you can watch a with instructions.


  • A single tap on the body will pause the music if it plays;
  • Double tap activates voice assistant;

If you received an incoming call:

  • Single tap. discharge;
  • Double. take the challenge;
  • Hold for 2 seconds. end of conversation;
  • Double tap. Mute the microphone.


Red indicator. the battery is low. White. 100% charged.

Connection is the same for all smartphones on Android and iPhones.

The volume cannot be adjusted through the touch panels.

The percentage of battery charge can be viewed in the Bluetooth settings.

During on and off, a female Chinese voice will be heard, this is normal.

You can use only one earphone, we get it out of the case, wait 15 seconds when the fast ripple changes to slow and connect.

If you remove the earphone from your ear when playing music, then there will be no automatic pause like in Airpods.

Working hours. 2-4 hours depending on the outside temperature. Charging. 40-50 minutes