Xiaomi Airdots Headphone Reset

Xiaomi’s wireless headset is prone to headphones out of sync when only the right continues to play music, or both earbuds stop working. This is a technical flaw that is easy to fix by rolling AirDots back to the factory settings.

Xiaomi Airdots Headphone Reset

How to reset AirDots to factory settings

To arrange a conditional hard reset for the headset:

  1. Hold the buttons on the headphones to turn them off. Hold your fingers until the indicator light turns red.
  2. Now again hold down the keys for 30-50 seconds until the indicators turn white, then wait until the indicators flash white and red after another 5-20 seconds. A few flashes will indicate completion of the operation.
  3. Put the headphones back in the case.
  4. After a few minutes, you can synchronize the headset with your smartphone or computer.

Rollback to the factory settings is used to restart the search for communication between the right (main) and left earphones. “Frequent pollution” from Wi-Fi lines, mobile networks and other things lead to failure.

If you use headphones with the Pro version, then for a complete rollback you will need:

  1. Replenish the battery of the case by 100% or put it on a 30 minute charge.
  2. Insert the earbuds into the case. An important point. do not close the case during the reset.
  3. On the back of the case is a key. Hold and hold it for 30 seconds.
  4. This will cause the settings to be rolled back to the factory settings. Synchronization between the headphones will happen automatically, without user intervention.

How to sync AirDots correctly

In order not to often reset Redmi AirDots, they must be correctly connected for the first time or reconnected to a new device:

  1. Make sure the headphones are charged or wait until they are replenished to 100% of the case.
  2. Take out the right earphone and leave the left one in the charging socket.
  3. Removed from the power connectors, the liner will automatically turn on. Turn it off manually by holding down the key until the red indicator lights up.
  4. On a completely disconnected one, hold the key down again for 30-50 seconds until the notification indicator flickers red.
  5. When the operation with the first is done, take out the second headset and carry out similar manipulations with it.
  6. Insert the earbuds back into the case and wait for full synchronization. it takes 5-10 seconds.

The above steps also allow you to reset the settings, but it takes more time.

Important! The instructions above are for variations. Airdots, branded Redmi and coming out from Xiaomi in the lineup Mi.

It is recommended to make a full reset to the factory settings of AirDots in case of headphones out of sync, audio transmission failures and long music delay. Proper synchronization eliminates the following problems and allows you to enjoy the sound.