Xiaomi Air True Wireless How To Connect

Sound quality

The sound of Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro is good for its segment (TWS-headphones) and price category. Fairly balanced and detailed. Perceptibly better than very budget fully wireless models, but also worse than more expensive options.

Xiaomi Air True Wireless How To Connect

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro active noise cancellation

Low frequencies (LF). Accentuated, but not overkill. The bass is quite powerful and deep, but not messy or soapy. Soft than percussive and not very fast, but this is quite normal for such headphones. Medium frequencies (MF). Moderately even without obvious failures and accents. Voices sound good where they belong. High frequencies (HF). Somewhat smoothed at the very top, but accentuated compared to the middle. In general, the classic V-shaped frequency response. Scene. It can be said that it is absent. Narrow and flat, like most analogues. There is a separation of instruments. And that’s good. Detail and naturalness. At a pleasant level. Headphones are clearly more detailed than more budget options. And on them you can even listen to not only synthetic music, although they, of course, cannot be called very natural. Musical genres. Headphones are best suited to popular synthetic genres. Any electronics, pop music in general. Anything where there is no emphasis on naturalness or speed. Applications (music, games, movies). Due to the absence of a noticeable desynchronization of the picture and sound, it is quite possible to watch movies and play games in headphones. The sound here is impressive enough to sound any special effects. But, of course, the best model is music.

Specifications, equipment and brief /-

  • Type: fully wireless in-ear headphones
  • Driver size: 12mm
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz. 20 kHz
  • Resistance: 32 ohm
  • Connection type: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Codecs AAC, SBC, LHDC
  • Autonomy: up to 7 hours on a single charge
  • Autonomy with case: up to 28 h
  • Charging connector: USB-C
  • Waterproof: IPX4
  • Earphone weight: 6.5G
  • Case weight: 40 g

Brief pros and cons:

    Nice sound. Comfortable fit. High-quality assembly and interesting design. Autonomy (up to 7 hours on a single charge). Wireless charging capability. Noise reduction and transparency mode.
    No volume control. Noise reduction is not the best. Branded app in Chinese. Only work best with Xiaomi phones. Quite high price for Xiaomi.
    Headphones Charging case 5 pairs of ear pads Charging cable (USB-C) Documentation

Connection quality and noise reduction

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro connects to the source via Bluetooth (5.0 and below). Supported codecs are SBC, AAC and LHDC. However, there are nuances here. By AAC (and, it looks like LHDC), the headphones will only connect to Xiaomi phones. They will connect to models from other manufacturers via SBC. Despite the fact that even in the developer menu it will not be possible to change the codec to AAC. And LHDC is generally not “visible” for the phone.

Pairing with the phone here is as follows: press the button on the side of the case (headphones inside), they become available, select them from the list of available ones and pair them. If you have a Xiaomi phone, an animation will appear and the charge level of the headphones and case will be displayed. By the way, otherwise you won’t be able to check the charge level of the case. There is an indicator, but it is one and not very informative.

The Bluetooth connection quality of the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro is good. Usually, there is no interference, stuttering and the like. But sometimes it happens in places with busy air. The usual thing. Headphones can only be connected to 1 source at a time. There is no or almost no desynchronization of sound and picture when watching videos (and in games). You can watch the film and the series without any problems. Play, in principle, too.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro TWS earbuds are equipped with active noise canceling system, as it is now fashionable. The noise reduction is quite working here (the low-frequency hum is more or less damped), but far from the best and not close to the best options. Fortunately, the plugs, as a form factor in general, and this model in particular, have good passive sound insulation. In addition, noise reduction changes the sound somewhat: not much, but still (distortion appears in the low frequency range). Segment leaders don’t have that.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro Review. Wireless TWS Earbuds

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro. Fully wireless (TWS) vacuum earbuds with active noise canceling and wireless charging case, new in 2020. Of course, this model was conceived by the company as a direct competitor to the AiPods Pro. What? The same thing, only cheaper. # 128521; In the review we will try to figure out how it really is.

Appearance and build quality

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro comes in a rather large and beautiful box with a clear hint of the “premium” model. Inside you can find the headphones themselves in the case, 4 pairs of interchangeable ear pads (one pair already on), a USB Type-C charging cable and documentation. In this regard, everything is fine, there are more ear pads than most often, the charging connector is USB-C.

The headphones themselves are made in the form factor of “plugs with legs”. Actually, it was not for nothing that it was said about the competition with AirPods Pro. The cases are completely plastic. The finish is mostly matte, but the touchpad is glossy. It looks, I must say, good. The case is completely made of matte plastic. Has one button (side), one indicator (front) and a wireless charging icon (respectively, back).

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro is assembled with high quality and looks reliable, unlike their own Redmi models, for example. In general, outwardly, the headphones leave a rather positive impression. Although I, for example, in principle do not like all these headphones “with legs”, everything here is done neatly and stylishly. Headphones clearly stand out from cheaper Chinese headphones.

Battery life and microphone

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro can work on a single charge for up to 7 hours with noise canceling turned off, which is a very good result for fully wireless headphones. This is confirmed by tests. With the included noise reduction, the headphones can work 4.5-5 hours without recharging. With “refueling” from the case: up to 28 hours without noise reduction and up to 20 hours with noise reduction.

The microphone is good enough for true wireless headphones. Indoors, you can communicate without problems. On the street. Plus or minus too. However, already in moderately noisy places (for example, near a small road), problems may already arise. In general, it is best to use the Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro as a headset only indoors or on a very quiet street.

Headsets with a good microphone and other wireless headphones:

Comfort and control

The Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro earbuds fit comfortably and securely in your ears. The main thing is to choose suitable ear pads, since there are enough options in the kit. You can spend a couple of hours in headphones without discomfort, which is already good. Of course, it all depends on the shape of the auricle. Someone can safely wear these headphones for 3-4 hours or more without taking them off. They will also withstand moderate physical activity, but with sudden movements of the head they may fall out. Or at least shift in the ear.

Management here is completely touch-sensitive. Very good solution: no single touch action. Because of this, the number of false positives is minimized. Through the headphones, you can control playback, switch noise reduction and transparency modes: double-triple touches and hold. But the volume cannot be controlled, which is frustrating.

Interestingly, the controls can be partially customized in the proprietary application for Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro, but the volume control cannot be set there either. By the way, the application is in Chinese (if the craftsmen have not yet made the Russian version, I heard something like this, share in the comments if you know), which makes its use not always and not convenient for everyone.

Xiaomi Mi Air 2 Pro. High quality and relatively inexpensive fully wireless headphones. In addition to high-quality sound for your money, there are popular and useful features: active noise cancellation, transparency mode and even wireless charging of the case. Nice everyday headphones. They don’t grab the stars from the sky, but they justify their price.

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