WTB Top-up Phone Balance Via SMS

Many people think that you can top up your phone balance only in public places: banks, ATMs, in the offices of a mobile operator. In fact, the possibilities to implement this are much greater. You can deposit money to your mobile phone account in the following ways:

  • using an ATM or terminal
  • with a mobile operator
  • via sms
  • using internet banking
  • through the mobile application

If everything is clear with the first two, since they are standard, then the other points raise questions.

WTB Top-up Phone Balance Via SMS

SMS recharge

In order to pay for the services of your mobile operator using the VTB 24 card, you can use the Telebank service.

Send an SMS request to a special number. For each mobile operator, it is individual:

  • Megaphone. 2269
  • Beeline. 2689
  • MTS. 2222

After entering this number, you will receive a template in which the step-by-step procedure is indicated.

This procedure is simple, it is enough to adhere to the instructions sent.

It is also possible to pay for mobile services and other operators. Their short numbers can be found at the VTB 24 bank branch.

Through online banking

To implement this procedure, you must have activated the VTB24-Online service. This will help in the bank branch.

To replenish your account through Internet banking you need to have a device with the ability to access the Internet (computer, tablet):

  1. go to the official site of VTB 24
  2. enter your personal account and enter the data provided by the bank employee (login and password)
  3. select item Payment for services, then. cellular
  4. choose your carrier
  5. fill in the fields with the need to enter details: phone number, the amount you are going to put on the account, and card number
  6. enter the code that you will receive in the SMS message

Before entering VTB24-Online:

  • make sure that the connection is established with the site of the system at
  • make sure that the connection is established in safe mode, i.e. the address bar in the browser starts with https: // and is highlighted
  • do not use the autocomplete function in your browser settings. This will help to not save data (user password, username, etc.) in the browser memory, which will prevent third parties from using the data

Using the VTB24-Online Mobile Application

If you chose this method, you first need to download a special application (it exists for all mobile operating systems. Windows, Android, Apple).

Next, the process is performed in exactly the same way as when using Internet banking. The only difference is that you do not need to expect a confirmation code from SMS. After entering all the requested data, just click Proceed, and the operation will be completed.

Be sure to remember and follow these recommendations:

When using each of these options, no commission is charged. It is also convenient that you do not have to look for an ATM. you can replenish your mobile account online.