Windows Firewall Control Activation

On all computers with Windows operating system, a special defender, a firewall, is installed and enabled by default. Its main task is to restrict Internet access to suspicious applications and services. That is, if the firewall considers that any action of the program or service can lead to malware being downloaded to the computer that will harm the system, it will automatically disable the Internet access to the suspected application.

Do I have to enable a firewall

The firewall is enabled by default, but you can disable it at any time. But to do this simply is not worth it, since the protection of the computer will noticeably decrease, and the chance that a virus will get onto the computer will increase. Therefore, it is better not to disable the firewall, unless it starts to work incorrectly, and this can be expressed in the following: the firewall will start blocking Internet access to those applications that do not deserve it, mistakenly considering them dangerous.

This can happen due to a conflict between the built-in and third-party firewall installed with the antivirus, and also because the blocked program is unofficial, that is, it is a pirated copy. But this problem can also be solved without disabling the firewall, but simply adding a blocked application to the exclusion list, how to do this will be described later in the article.

Is the built-in Windows application reliable?

The official Microsoft firewall is designed to provide minimal system security. Of course, since Microsoft specializes not only in protection, third-party firewalls will perform their task a little better. But if other firewalls are not installed on your computer, then you should not disable the official one. Which firewalls are best used to fully protect the system will be discussed in one of the following paragraphs of the article.

Configure a firewall in Windows 10

If you decide to use the standard Windows firewall, then you should know what its settings can be changed and how it can be done. But first, let’s figure out how to enable and disable the firewall.

Activation and deactivation

  1. From the control panel, open the “Firewall” section.

How to open a port

If you use a router and connect it to a computer with a LAN cable, you may encounter the problem that the Internet will not transmit via cable. This is due to the fact that the port to which the router is connected is blocked by the Windows firewall. To get rid of this error, you need to unlock the desired port:

    Using the Windows search bar, open the computer control panel.

Add to Exclusion List

If the firewall mistakenly blocks applications that are not likely to harm your computer, then they must be added to the exclusion list. Applications that are on the exclusion list are not affected by the firewall.

    Launch the control panel.

How to block the application access to the Internet

In the previous paragraph, we examined how to add an application to the list of exceptions, but sometimes the opposite situation may arise when it is necessary to block access to the Internet for a specific application, while not disconnecting from the network. You can do this as follows:

    From the control panel, go to the “Firewall” section.

How to update

To ensure maximum computer protection, you must have the latest firewall. But updating it separately from the operating system will not work, since all the necessary innovations are automatically added to the firewall along with Windows updates. That is, you do not need to update the firewall manually.

Windows Firewall Control Overview

Firewall Control is a special third-party program from Microsoft that does not provide any additional features to protect your system, but allows you to perform more detailed settings of an already installed Windows firewall.

    You can download the program for Windows 10 from this site.

User reviews of the Windows Firewall Control program:

Normal programmina. The regular firewall of Windows is actually very bad (if you configure it wisely). Only these settings are hidden. Windows Firewall Control just allows you to access these settings, and provides convenient and easy operation with the Windows wall. I like the program: small, convenient, intuitive. It works perfectly.


I like that she always notifies about the network activity of programs, and does not do what she wants.

Ihre Schatten

What to do if the firewall is not working

Over time, the firewall may stop starting or start generating errors with various codes. The following instructions will help you get rid of all these problems.

Windows Firewall Control Activation

Virus scan

Most likely, the error appeared due to malicious content located on the computer that damaged the system files or interferes with the normal operation of the firewall, so you should delete it.

    Run the antivirus installed on your computer.

Service Setup

The next step is to configure the services running on the computer in the background and associated with the firewall.

    Using Windows Search, open the Computer Management service.

Automatically fix operating system problems

If the above steps did not solve your problem, then follow these steps:

    Go to the official Windows site ( and download a file that allows you to fix the problem in the future with by the firewall.

Overview of Third-Party Firewalls

If you decide that a standard firewall is not enough for you, then you can download and install one of the third-party, often distributed on the Internet for free, firewalls.

Comodo firewall

The advantages of this firewall are the following parameters:

  1. Convenient and intuitive program interface. All the necessary functions are correctly divided into sections, and it is difficult not to notice them.
  2. The ability to choose one of several options for the program, depending on where you are now.

Avast! Internet security

An Internet defender from the developers of the famous Avast antivirus, which has the following positive qualities:

  1. Strong protection, and the presence of constant updates to constantly improve the level of computer security.
  2. A beautiful and simple interface that does not get confused in managing the program.

So, the Windows firewall is designed to protect your computer from unwanted malware by restricting Internet access to suspicious applications and services. You can customize it for yourself by changing the mode of operation and the rules on which it relies when performing its work. If the standard firewall is not enough for you, or it is not reliable enough, then you can install one of the third-party firewalls, which can be found on the Internet a lot.