Windows 10 Game Mode Does Not Turn On

Game mode is now available in Windows 10 with the Creators Update, which is designed to increase performance in computer games. Consider how to enable game mode in Windows 10?

Windows 10 Creators Update offers the user many improvements and innovations, including the introduction of a new function, “Game Mode”. But is this function really capable of increasing the frame rate per second? What is its effect and how to turn it on?

Windows 10 Game Mode Does Not Turn On

What is Game Mode in Windows 10?

Windows 10 runs many services and background processes, which in turn use computer resources and can slow down game performance. Many users try to maximize the potential of their computer, but they are hindered by the fact that some system processes can start in the background during the game.

Game mode solves this problem. After its activation, the gameplay gets the highest priority. All resources will be allocated in favor of the game process, and the “unnecessary” services that work in the background at the moment will be limited. As tests show, the function not only affects the frame rate per second, but, of course, allows you to limit the so-called “slowdowns” in games, which often occur due to the fact that some system process, for example, the file indexing service, started in the background ( in turn causes a high load on the disk).

How to activate the game mode function

Player mode can be enabled through the game menu, which is called up using the WinG keys. The menu is an overlay in the style of those offered by Steam or Origin. In its settings, you can enable the mode for the running process.

First you need to check that the game menu is included in Windows 10. Open the Start menu, go to Settings (gear icon) and select the “Games” tab.

Here you need to check whether the checkbox “Display the game menu during playback in full screen checked by Microsoft” is checked.

Pay attention to the name of this option, you might think that the game mode can be enabled only in those games that were purchased in the Windows Store as a universal application (UWP), for example, Rise of Tomb Raider.

But this is not so. The menu can be enabled through the WinG key combination in any game, provided that it was launched in windowed or full-screen format. It is enough to enter the image settings in the options and set the display format from “Full Screen” to “Window” or “Window without frame”.

When the game is already running in window format (or in full screen, if downloaded from the Windows Store), just press the WinG key combination. The Windows 10 game menu appears on the screen.

Click the gear icon to enter the settings. In the menu, find the item “Use game mode for this game.”

It will be enough to note this item to enable the mode, which will increase productivity. Now you can switch it to the classic full-screen format. the settings in the menu will be saved, and the game mode will still be turned on.