Windows 10 Enterprise Enterprise Vl What It Is

Hi, today I’ll talk about the difference between the regular version of Enterprise and LTBS, by the way I want to tell you right away that I myself use the latter, it is a little better.

Microsoft, if I’m not mistaken, has always released its own versions besides the usual ones, and a bit trimmed in anything, here LTSB is one of them.

Maybe the word “truncated” is not entirely successful, but rather some components that are in Windows 10 Enterprise are simply not included in it. In LTSB, in particular, there is no Edge browser, as well as a metro interface. In fact, it is, but disabled.

Windows 10 Enterprise Enterprise Vl What It Is

In the Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB version, the differences will be important for those users who perform very important processes in the system and they primarily need stable operation, therefore the LTSB version is positioned as for business. Updates will only install critical updates and patches. Obtaining new opportunities in the LTSB will be absent, since enterprises for which this version is developed do not have the desire to participate in testing new opportunities. Since Microsoft will gradually add them to the Edge browser, it is also absent in this version.

Microsoft Edge Browser Won’t Know Why? Because the LTSB version does not provide updates that relate to some new chips in existing programs, so the company does not make sense to leave the browser if it does not update. Also, in addition, new functions of the system will not appear for as long as ten years (meaning through the update), the system will receive only critical updates (I like that).

If you are strictly working on a computer and it is important for you that the system works quickly and there is nothing superfluous, then this version of Windows may be of interest to you.

Also, in this version of the Start menu, it’s cleaner. there is no weather, no obscure news sites, etc. I honestly don’t really know what, since I installed it for one day, and then I found LTSB and installed it. Since then I’ve just been sitting on it, it seems to be even faster.

In LTBS there is no built-in program for viewing pictures (photos), so it was a Metro application, which by and large was disabled in this version. Therefore, you need to think in advance about a third-party program for viewing pictures.

There is really one minus, I have to tell you about it. In this version there is no “viewer” of photos (many recommend using Honeyview), keep this in mind immediately. For me, this is not critical. I do not look at the photo on the computer at all, but it can be a hassle for you.

Also, my dears, there is another plus in this version. no, it’s not that Cortana (voice assistant) is not there, and the search only searches for local files, the main advantage (at least for me) is that this system spies less on users. And what remains to be deleted, you can safely “cut” the third-party utility, which I wrote about here: DoNotSpy10 (you will succeed, I’m sure).