Windows 10 1903 Not Updated

Windows 10 1903 update is not installed

The new version of the OS, which was released on May 21, 2019, has many new features and innovations. We briefly list the main innovations:

  • Improved Windows search and a more compact Start menu;
  • Light theme;
  • Simplify Windows Hello and log in by phone number. Microsoft in the near future wants to abandon the standard passwords that everyone is used to;
  • Sandbox (Windows Sandbox). open suspicious archives or applications, without harm to Windows;
  • Performance improvements and many other changes.

And according to tradition, for some users, the new version will bring a small headache in the form of its installation. Starting from the fact that windows 10 does not see new updates, ending with the fact that it is not possible to update windows 10.

Divide everything into 3 stages. Download, install and result. For each stage, we will analyze the most common problems and give tips for solving them.


The problem with downloading new versions of the system is becoming less frequent. optimization of the loading algorithm in previous versions of the OS has led to the situation where the update of windows 10 does not load is extremely rare. But problems still occur. error 0x8007000E, just a hang of the boot process and other errors.

Option 1. Cleaning the files

Sometimes incompletely downloaded update files can interfere with the overall process. To do this, find the SoftwareDistribution folder in the root of the system (C: Windows) and delete it.

Windows 10 1903 Not Updated

After that, try again.

In this case, the Windows Update service must be disabled. In order not to get into the settings, restart the PC and delete the specified folder.

Option 2. Use of utilities and direct download

If the Windows 10 update does not start, you can use the update assistant or the Media Creation Tools utility.

Both tools are available here.

The update assistant will check the system for compatibility and download the files necessary for installation.

Media Creation Tools (MCT) allows you to record the image on an external drive for further system installation or upgrade.

To start updating the system, launch MCT, select “Update this computer now” and follow the instructions of the installer.

Even if you do not receive the windows 10 1903 update, you can use one of the suggested tools. There are several ways to boot the system.


Windows 10 updates are not installed, although the download was successful? Let’s analyze the system and try to solve this situation.

Option 1. Incomplete / incorrect download

It happens that during the download, problems may occur, because of which, the downloaded information may be damaged. The same situation can happen with the update. In this case, you need to delete the past downloaded files and try again.

Open the Run window (WinR shortcut), enter the cleanmgr command and click OK.

The system cleanup window will start. Click the “Clear system files” button if the application was launched without administrator rights. this will provide a more detailed list of files to clean.

To remove, select “Previous Windows Installations” and “Temporary Windows Setup Files”.

After cleaning, restart your PC.

Option 2. Start troubleshooting with the central heating system.

Increasingly, standard system problems are resolved through troubleshooters. system troubleshooting tools. Failed to install windows 10. update is no exception.

Go to Windows Settings. Update and security and click the Troubleshoot tab.

Launch the Windows Update Troubleshooter, wait for the process to complete and restart the PC.

Option 3. Use Media Creation Tools

Media Creation Tools is a wonderful tool. helps not only in downloading, but also in installing the system. Thanks to MCT, you can perform the Inplace Upgrade procedure. updating system files with saving data and settings. Roughly speaking. this is reinstalling the system (system data) without losing any files and data.

There are 2 ways to perform Inplace Upgrade using MCT:

  1. Via the MCT interface. all files will be downloaded automatically, as well as installed.
  2. Through the image of the system. First you need to download it. “local” way. used if there is no internet access.

This is a fairly lengthy process. takes from 10 minutes to an hour or more, it all depends on your equipment.

If the previous methods did not help you, be sure to try Inplace Upgrade.


The result can be either positive (the new version has been successfully installed) or negative. The results themselves may not suit the user, for example, the system has been updated, but something is not working or slows down.

We will analyze common situations:

  • Failed to complete windows 10 update. Negative result. In order to understand what prevented a full installation. you need to look at the logs and identify the cause of the error, but based on practice, there are not many such reasons:
  1. Antivirus. it often interferes with the copying of some system files, which leads to errors. It is recommended to turn it off or even remove it before installing the update;
  2. Drivers Install drivers for unknown devices and update for known ones. Often in the logs you can find initialization errors for some drivers, which causes errors;
  3. System errors periodic scanning of the system through SFC and DISM will not hurt.
  4. There was such a situation. windows 10 is not updated to 1809, the device is on the list of supported ones (Acer laptop, new model). The touchpad and camera did not work. all drivers are installed, Windows is reinstalled (2 or 3 times). As a result, the BIOS update helped.
  • Updating windows 10 does not work; make sure that your device or equipment is compatible with the new version of the OS. Sometimes errors occur on unsupported and really old devices;
  • Try performing Inplace Upgrade. If this does not work out, you can always reinstall the system with the new version, if it is so necessary. if not, then hide the update until better times.

In this article we talked about why windows 10 is not updated to 1903 and how to solve this problem. We hope that this information was useful and helped to resolve your issue.