Will iPad 2019 Be In March

Will iPad 2019 Be In March

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In this article, we have collected all the rumors that go about the release date, price, design changes, new features and technical specifications of the iPad 2019. If you plan to update the tablet. Continue reading.

At the moment, the most successful Apple tablet model. This is the 9.7 inch iPad 2018. It combines optimal size, fast performance, reasonable price and compatibility with the first generation Apple Pencil.

IPad 2019 Release Date

Most likely, users will see the new tablet in March 2019, as the two previous 9.7-inch iPad models were released on March 24, 2017 and March 27, 2018.

On January 25, it became known that Apple had registered 7 new tablet models. This step always precedes the release of new gadgets. The 7 registration numbers received are most likely related to iPad and iPad mini models with different memory sizes and the ability to work from Wi-Fi or a cellular network.

Earlier, new devices were registered a month before the release date, so the release of iPad 2019 can be expected in early March. Some experts say that Apple will not organize a large-scale event to mark the release of new items, because apart from the iPad they will have nothing to represent. The company may limit itself to a press release, as it was when the new tablet was launched in 2017.

Chinese analysts promise serious changes in the design of the device. If Apple really releases a model with a larger screen and thinner frames, it will have to wait for its release before a large-scale presentation in the second half of 2019.

IPad Price 2019

The successful sales of the 9.7-inch iPad in 2018 can be partially explained by Apple’s pricing policy. The acceptable cost of this model, combined with excellent technical characteristics, attracted the attention of buyers. Without a premium for brand premium, the tablet sold very well. Especially in contrast with less productive and more expensive models, such as the iPad mini 4.

If the design of the iPad 2019 is not changed, it will cost a little more than the 2018 model. But if the company releases an iPad with a diagonal of 10.2 inches, then the new iPad mini will become a budget version, and the price of a full-sized iPad will increase.

Design and appearance of the iPad 2019

The main question regarding the design changes of the new iPad is whether Apple will apply the full-screen principle (thin frames, the absence of the Home button and the presence of Face ID), as in the Pro line.

Based on information from a report by Chinese analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the screen of the iPad 2019 will indeed be increased to 10.2 inches due to the narrowing of the frames. It is unlikely that the company will decide to use Face ID and remove the Home button. Many users like the classic design. In addition, equipping the tablet with a face recognition system will significantly increase its price, and models from the Pro line will lose their “chip”.

IPad 2019 specifications and new features

The developers and engineers had a difficult task: to improve the technical characteristics of the iPad 2019 compared to the models of 2017 and 2018, so that buyers had a reason to pay attention to it and spend their money. But at the same time, keep the advantages of devices from the Pro line.

Given this approach, most likely the iPad 2019 will be compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil. This will increase sales for the improved second-generation Apple Pencil, which is conveniently attached to the tablet body with a magnet, supports wireless charging and is designed exclusively for working with iPad Pro models.

It is possible that the iPad 2019 will support Portrait mode. Despite the lack of a camera with a double lens, tablets from the Pro line made portrait shots using software. By the same principle, Portrait Mode works in the iPhone XR.

The new iPad 2019 will receive an A11 processor that runs faster than the A10 in previous models, but not as powerful as the A12X in Pro models. Screen resolution will remain the same. 2048 x 1536. Perhaps Apple will equip the new tablet with the ProMotion system, as in iPad Pro, which automatically adjusts the refresh rate of the image on the screen depending on the type of activity and saves battery power.

As for the connectors, we will see the familiar Lightning port, but most likely we will say goodbye to the headphone port. IPad Pros are equipped with a USB-C connector, as they are designed for professional use by people of creative professions.

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