Wifi does not work on iphone 7

Internet access is a basic feature of any smartphone. Most of the functionality, from the ability to use a browser to updates, depends on the availability of a network connection. The easiest way to connect is a home or public router.

If there are problems with the connection, you can almost always find out for yourself why Wi-Fi may not work on the iPhone. Sometimes you need to change the settings. In other cases, you can not do without reinstalling the system or even hardware repair.


Perhaps I’ll start with how we can determine that we have problems with Wi-Fi. The main symptoms of the problem:

  • The smartphone does not connect to available points, while other gadgets catch the network as expected;
  • Wi-Fi icon is not active (gray);
  • You know for sure that there are connections available, but your iPhone does not see them;
  • The network periodically “falls off.”

Causes of the problem and solutions

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I offer an overview of the easiest ways to solve Wi-Fi problems on iPhones.

Network reset

Before proceeding to more complex manipulations, it is advisable to simply reset the network settings. This applies, first of all, to constantly used connections to the router. home, work, in your favorite cafe.

If Wi-Fi does not work on the iPhone 6 (the problem is typical for this model), then you should always start with such manipulations:

  1. Go to the “Settings” menu.
  2. Select the sub-item “Basic”.
  3. We find the option “Reset network settings.”

At the same time, the Wi-Fi connection disappears, but it is restored after a while.

Sometimes this measure is enough to restore network stability. The phone simply updates all the settings on its own, getting rid of the accumulated errors. The Wi-Fi problem on iPhone 6 causes inconvenience to many phone owners, but it is also easy to “treat”, without requiring additional intervention or manipulation.

Software Update

Another reason when Wi-Fi disappears is related to the operating system. It is relevant for legacy devices that are no longer supported by Apple’s official policies. When Wi-Fi does not work on iPhone 4s, 5s, most likely, you will have to manually try to reconfigure the operating system.

Despite the fact that the “old” models no longer receive updates, you can do the following:

  1. Connect the phone to a computer on which the current version of iTunes was installed in advance.
  1. In the menu “Browse” you need to find the button “Update”.
  1. It is pressed when a smartphone is connected via cable. The system will automatically check for the appropriate firmware for the specific model and try to install them.

The method is effective, but if the version is older than 4s, for example, if Wi-Fi does not work on iPhone 4, then you will not be able to use it. The manufacturer completely refused to “help” the owners of obsolete devices. “Buy our new products,” offer Apple.

Wifi does not work on iphone 7


In other cases, a problem with a non-working Wi-Fi appears after an iOS update.. The situation is just new. For example, Wi-Fi may not work on iPhone 7 or 8, or even on brand new X or Xr. This is called a “beta firmware problem,” which is fixed as follows:

  1. Again, you have to use iTunes.
  2. We go to the same menu “Settings”.
  3. Here, besides “Refresh”, we find the option “Restore”.
  4. We choose it.

It is advisable to make a backup copy of all the data available on the phone. contacts, photos,s. Theoretically, everything you need is saved on iCloud, but additional protection is never superfluous.

Phone recovery may also help if Bluetooth does not work on iPhone 7. This function is now rarely used for its original purpose. to transfer files. But Apple used it to connect to wireless headphones. Therefore, if the branded AirPods stopped connecting, you probably also have to restore the phone through the Aityuns settings.

Hardware issues

Almost always, problems with the wireless network are software crashes. They arise due to “errors” and “bugs”. Especially if the phone is no longer new, iOS was updated several times “over the air”, and besides, the owner of the gadget takes part in beta testing of new versions of the operating system.

The reason why Wi-Fi on the iPhone does not work or disappears can be considered more serious if none of the methods helped. Or if the connection icon itself remains “gray”, inaccessible, regardless of the presence of a router. They indicate a breakdown of the module. that is, a hardware malfunction that will have to be fixed by opening and reinstalling spare parts.

Similar problems can occur on the iPad or iPod.

Before carrying the device to a service center, make sure:

  1. What does the router itself work. Sometimes the problem is precisely in it, then all the “home” gadgets refuse to connect. If the computer or laptop not from Apple also does not work, this is a failure of the router firmware.
  2. That phone is not Jailbrake. Many “illegal” iPhones begin to behave unpredictably from time to time.
  3. That a test of possible software problems was conducted.

The Wi-Fi module on any device rarely breaks down by itself. Remember, did you drop the device, did not get water. A positive answer to this question most likely indicates a malfunction with the contacts or a completely burnt out part.

Options for the daredevils

There are a couple more ways to “revive” a non-working Wi-Fi. They are hardly worth calling scientifically sound, so you can use them only at your own peril and risk. These methods take as a basis the problem of breaking contacts, and solve the problem using extreme temperatures as follows:

  • take the phone;
  • put it in the fridge
  • hold for 15 minutes;
  • reload.

Remember that the technique is fraught with the formation of moisture condensate on the contacts!

Another way is no less extreme:

  • take a hairdryer;
  • bring it to the iPhone;
  • warm up with hot air for ten to fifteen minutes;
  • also reboot.

What’s happening? “Home” imitation of soldering. Sometimes it really helps if the contact is removed on the Wi-Fi module. But there is also a great chance that the phone will deteriorate completely. As a rule, the technique of a refrigerator or a hairdryer does not “last” for a long time, but there is enough time to wait for a full repair.

Watch about extreme solution methods here:

Our team in no way encourages the use of these methods! They just exist, but we are obliged to talk about them!

If you have questions about the topic, or you want to discuss this article, please write in the comments! And I say goodbye. Be kind!