Wi-Fi Direct How to connect a smartphone to a TV

Practical manual, how to connect the phone to the LG, DEXP and TV TV through Wi-Fi

Modern phones, like TVs, “grow” all with new functions. The only drawback users consider the size of the screen, but now you can correct it: just connect the phone to the TV. Below in the article we will consider all the available methods of connecting the phone to TV so that everyone can choose the most convenient option for themselves.

With this connection, the phone will play the role of the projector. This means that you can use all the functionality of your smartphone on the big screen. Depending on the phone model and the firmware version, the possibilities will be slightly different. But there are several universal functions that you can use when connecting the phone to TV:

  • View photos and videos.
  • Listen to music.
  • Create video presentations.
  • Play games installed on the phone.
  • Launch applications.
  • View sites and “sit” on social networks.
  • Use the phone as a remote control.
  • Launch a video on YouTube on a smartphone and they will be broadcast on the TV screen.

For which technique can be used

On most smartphones operating on the basis of Android version 4.0 and above, there is Wi-Fi Direct, with some exceptions. Intections may differ, but this is not a problem, because the settings are simple and intuitive. This applies to the iPhone.

Can be used for the following types of equipment:

  • Computers;
  • Printers;
  • Tablets;
  • Tvs;
  • Laptops;
  • Smartphones;
  • Wireless headphones);
  • Tvs;
  • Game consoles and t. D.

How Wi-Fi Direct technology works

The Wi-Fi Direct module is a specialized part acting as a receiver with the possibility of receiving a signal from the router. But it can be switched to the router mode and then he himself catches the network and discovers gadgets with identical capabilities.

It operates in the standard range-2.4-5 GHz. The advantages include determining devices that can improach photos, video materials and others, a lot of “weighing”, files. The technology distinguishes the technology from Blutus:

  • It has the function of bilateral simultaneous transmission of information, and in Bluetooth the transmission of information packages takes place only in one direction;
  • She has a higher speed and sending data, a larger coating range.
wi-fi, direct, connect, smartphone

Important! All television receivers with the presence of a module can play the role of the main distributor. They will translate the signal to which it will be possible to join as a router, and also display a picture from a cell phone or laptop to the display.

Wi-Fi network scheme

Experts highlight the following advantages:

  • General support. In most tablets, cell phones, TV and peripheral devices, the functionality is present. If it is not, then it is enough to purchase an inexpensive universal adapter for the television receiver, and it will begin to function as a built.In module.
  • High speed of information exchange. Compared to identical systems, this is ahead of the “counterparts” several times. That is why manufacturers prefer to equip modern devices with this protocol.
  • A simple attachment installation. There is no need to buy a router, as in the subsequent network setting. The general network is created by default, it will be enough for the user to connect the equipment to it and use its capabilities.
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The novelty is universality and is able to work on all known options for operating systems: from Windows and Mac, ending with android and iOS.

  • Low level of security. Despite the fact that it exceeds Bluetooth in quality, corporate use can jeopardize the confidentiality of information. The problem is due to the fact that any mobile device acts as a proxy and unauthorized persons can access information not intended for overall viewing.
  • Accelerated battery discharge-due to the high speed of data transmission, the devices spend a large amount of energy. The problem leads to a decrease in the autonomous operation of a cellular or any device, with a function included.

Important! The main disadvantage is the clogging of ether and a significant decrease in the speed of all networks in the protocol field. After its activation, several channels are created, and not joining a single access point, as when organizing a standard Wi-Fi network.

Advantages and disadvantages of a wireless network

Wi-Fi Direct on TV 4k

Perhaps that is why we still do not see the “flurry” of devices with the label “Certified for Wi-Fi Direct”. Although it is very useful. Many models of 2017 LG and Samsung 4K TV are already supported by such a function, and now it will hardly be a problem how to enable Wi-Fi Direct to jointly use the screens of your TV and smartphone.

If you accidentally have a couple of devices with this function at hand, it’s great. For example, the LG 43UJ634V 4K TV is supplied with Miracast technology, based on the same LG Wi-Fi Direct. Or Samsung MU6300U 4K Smart TV will easily find and connect your gadget to the screen using Wi-Fi Direct.

Wi-Fi Direct technology is also implemented in Android TVs in the form of Chromecast application. 4K Sony XD80 TV has a built-in Google Cast function, which allows you to easily connect via Wi-Fi directly to any Android device or IO.

Possible problems

Most often, when synchronizing two devices, users face the following problems:

  • TV cannot find a phone. To correct the situation, first of all, you need to make sure that both devices are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Smartphone does not connect. The reason may be the incompatibility of gadgets.
  • Photos or videos are not displayed on the TV screen. You should check whether the TV format of the document supports.

As you can understand, synchronize the work of the TV and smartphone is not so difficult. Especially when it comes to modern devices. The main thing is to follow the descriptions described, and everything will probably work out.

Wireless and TV-Fi TV wireless connection options

There are several ways of wireless synchronization:

  • Wi-Fi Direct technology;
  • Miracle function;
  • Broadcast through YouTube;
  • Creating a media server;
  • Using third.Party software.

Which option is better? To objectively respond to this question, let’s analyze the advantages and disadvantages of all these methods.

Using Wi-Fi Direct technology

Many modern devices are equipped with this option. Connection via Wi-Fi Direct is one of the most practical ways to connect a smartphone to a TV.

Wi-Fi Direct technology allows you to synchronize the TV and mobile phone without the need to create a local network or connect to a router.

To connect a smartphone to Smart TV, follow the following actions:

  • Go to the phone settings.
  • Select “Wireless Settings” section.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Now open the TV settings and turn on this option.
  • After the scan start on the screen, a notification will appear.
  • The television device will display a list of devices available for synchronization.
  • Select the name of your smartphone.
  • A notification will appear on your mobile phone with a request to call.
  • Confirm the connection.
  • Play any file on your smartphone.
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The image from your mobile device will be sent to a large screen.


Instructions for this technology are available in video format:

This is an integration that allows you to conduct a wireless data exchange between devices. You can connect the Android system to the TV using Miracast in the following ways:

  • Leave the wings of the device and redirect it to the “Translation” section;
  • The search for devices that will receive the signal begins;
  • If a new model is detected, click on its name;
  • Use remote control to confirm the connection on the TV;
  • When the procedure is completed, the appropriate image will appear, and the receiver will gain access to all data on the smartphone.

Broadcast via YouTube

One of the most popular methods of connection, which gives access not only to films and programs, but also specialized services for wireless connection of home appliances. To activate it, follow the following sequence:

  • Go to the TV menu and find the YouTube channel;
  • The same program for downloading to your smartphone;
  • On the gadget to start the desired video;
  • Touch the Wi-Fi screen icon on the phone located in the upper right corner.

The system will begin to search for the connection by presenting the list of available options. Among them, choose the name of your TV.

All connection methods are very simple and available for non.Specialists. The most important thing is to follow the order of operations. It is also important to have a common home network and additional applications, and, of course, the models of devices support a wireless connection.

We create a media server on the phone

Another wireless way is to connect the phone to the TV via wi-fi. Firstly, you need to make sure your smartphone and TV are connected to home Internet. Further, it is important that both devices support DLNA or Miracast. The user must follow the algorithm below:

  • In the gadget, you must go to Google Play.
  • Find the DLNA server and download it to your phone.
  • Open the main menu, add a new server.
  • Open the “root”, select the opening folder.
  • Returns to the main tool menu. The pre-created media server is displayed here.
  • Press the Start button to run the server.

After that you need to find the service, click on the folder that you have chosen earlier. And then you can start searching for a viewing file.

This method can only be used if your model supports Smart TV.

Mobile Applications for Synchronization by Wi-Fi

Special applications have been developed that allow you to connect a smartphone to a wireless television. They are based on the duplication process or mirror display on the TV screen of what is happening on the smartphone screen.

The most popular android mobile applications for downloading:

wi-fi, direct, connect, smartphone
  • Imediashare;
  • Samsung Smart View is suitable for the phone of the same name. The application refers to the file manager. The tool allows you to control the TV as a remote control from a smartphone.
  • Mirror OP and IMediaShare. These are programs with an intuitive integrant. Hints will lead you through the settings process in the blink of an eye.
  • The marginal servers. In the free version of the application you can create two servers, in the paid version, extended settings are available. Pixel media server: supports most media formats. The user will be invited to choose a place in which files will be broadcast.
  • Before setting up the connection using additional software, make sure that the devices that you want to synchronize are connected to the Wi-Fi network. If your TV does not have a built.In wireless module, you can purchase an external adapter.

With the help of a router

How to connect a phone to a TV via wi-fi? The user must perform the following actions:

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Wifi Direct on SONY Bravia Tv

  • Go to the TV menu.
  • Open the “Network” and go to “Network Settings”.
  • Click on a “wireless network”, which means connecting through your router.
  • Enter security code if necessary.
  • Only after that connect the phone to the network.

With the help of a router

You can configure the connection of two devices using a router. To do this, you need to step by step perform the following actions:

  • In the main menu of the TV, find the “Network” item, and then “Network Settings”.
  • Select “Wireless Network”.
  • If necessary, enter all the data that the TV device will request.
  • After that, connect the gadget.

Attention! It is recommended to download additional applications in advance, with which it will be possible to open various folders on the smartphone.

Applications to the phone to connect to the TV on Wi-Fi

There are many third.Party applications to conjure the phone to the TV. There are paid and free programs, Russified and English. Their integration in most cases is simple and understandable. The most popular are Cast to TV and Cast Web Browser.

BRAVIA. Настройка и использования функций Wi-Fi Direct и “Дублирование экрана” (Screen Mirroring)

  • Cast to TV is a free application with a simple and understandable integration, the main purpose of which is to broadcast flow information through the Wi-Fi Direct protocol. The program is in demand thanks to a simple intese. Functional capabilities Cast to TV: the ability to rewind a video from the phone, adjust the volume level, automatic search for available devices, built.In file identification.
  • The Cast Web Browser application is designed to broadcast music, films and photos on TV. Also, users have the opportunity to transfer local files that are saved in the internal memory of the mobile device. An indisputable advantage of the application is the ability to turn off the phone screen during a broadcast in order to save battery charge.

How to connect a smartphone to any TV

You can connect the phone to the Wi-Fi TV not only if you have a modern Smart TV. No matter how strange it sounds, but you can connect your smartphone even to a huge ancient lamp TV. Respectively, to more new kinescope analogues and to flat TV without a Smart function. To do this, you need to connect an additional Android setup to the TV.

If the TV has an HDMI port, then Google Chromecast, HDMI-Miracast adapter or HDMI-Wi-Fi adapter may suit you. Before buying, make sure that it is suitable for the brand of your TV.

If there is no HDMI port, then you need a Smart TV prefix with Android OS and, possibly, cable-adapter cables. It depends on the connectors that you have. With this device, everything will be as simple as connecting the phone to the Smart TV TV via Wi-Fi.

Now follow the same instructions described above, and your TV will be connected to the phone. You can even surprise friends by doing such Focus with a really old device.

Knowing how to connect a smartphone with a TV via Wi-Fi, a lot of new opportunities are opening for you-both the TV and the smartphone. Do not miss them. Keeping the precious time and getting rid of routine and wires, we make our life better. For this, technologies are intended.

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