Why TV Shows Black And White Image

Modern TVs differ from models of the past in image quality and color reproduction. Companies such as LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips, etc. are constantly developing new display formats and require owners of their equipment with many colors and their realism. Therefore, when a malfunction occurs associated with the transition to black and white, a person perceives it especially acutely, feeling a kind of degradation of technology.

There may be several reasons for this behavior of the TV, but it is difficult to find them. Therefore, for their quick detection and timely correction, it is best to contact the Polite Service 5 service center, which provides repair services for residents of Moscow and the Moscow Region. By calling 8 (495) 707-05-05, you can call a specialist at home, and his arrival will be scheduled in the very near future, seven days a week from 7:00 to 23:00. You can also leave a request on the site, and our staff will call you back. We understand that the problem with the breakdown of the TV and even just switching to black and white mode is the main one and requires an immediate response.

Probable causes of the malfunction and their elimination

When the color disappears on the TV, there may be several reasons for this behavior. The user can eliminate some of them by himself, by performing simple manipulations and changing settings. However, there are some breakdowns among them, the correction of which requires the participation of a specialist and the use of a special tool.

Problems with TV settings

In some cases, this TV behavior is caused by a malfunction. Usually, when a black and white image appears, this is rare, but there are also such cases, especially if there is a similar switching option in the settings.

Why TV Shows Black And White Image


This type of troubleshooting is performed as follows:

  • first, the necessary settings are searched in manual mode, which is accompanied by trial attempts to adjust;
  • you can also turn off the TV for a short time, in the hope that after a complete de-energization, all the controls will be returned to their original state;
  • Using a special function in the TV menu, reset to factory settings.

Problems with signal reception settings

In countries with TV models, an error in choosing the PAL and SECAM mode very often led to the color image becoming black and white. Also, this effect arose when the antenna signal was weakened or the tuning of the channels themselves failed.


To fix such a defect, resort to the following:

  • first they try to change the channel settings from PAL to SECAM and vice versa, if the TV has such a function;
  • then it makes sense to check the antenna, which the mixture could have blown;
  • then reconfigure all channels automatically, which should completely solve a similar problem;
  • if the signal already comes in this form from the console, tuner or other device, then you need to repair it.

Strong magnetic fields of other devices

If you have a CRT, then dimming or the complete disappearance of colors can be caused by a long process of exposure to a strong magnetic field. Plasma and LCD models are not susceptible to such a defect. Also, such behavior can be caused by improper operation or a complete breakdown of the demagnetization, but the device on the tube of the tube.


To fix such a defect, you must:

  • use a special button or function of the day of demagnetization;
  • You can try turning the TV off and on again;
  • remove at a certain distance all household appliances capable of generating a magnetic field;
  • call the master, who using special devices will demagnetize.

Firmware damage

Many modern TVs have their own operating system. Most often, this is a stable software with a high degree of reliability. However, there are times when, due to power surges in the network or for other probable reasons, a failure appears in the TV firmware that can affect the quality of the display on the screen.


There are three ways to fix such a defect:

  • make an update from the manufacturer’s official website by connecting the TV to the Internet;
  • download firmware on a USB flash drive and install from it;
  • call the master, who will flash the TV using special equipment and programs.

Color adjustment board is out of order

For the color rendering process on the TV, a special unit or a separate board is responsible. Typically, the failure of this element is accompanied by a complete loss of image. However, in some cases, it can produce certain types of defects and even completely translate the picture into black and white playback mode.


It is not worthwhile to make an independent repair and replacement of this element. It is better to seek help from a service center, having previously named the model of your TV. So the master has the opportunity to immediately sculpt the part necessary for replacement, which will save time.


Some people think that, knowing the source of the problem and having studied the option to fix it, they will be able to repair the TV with their own hands. This is especially true for connoisseurs of electronics and owners of certain tools. However, before proceeding with any actions, it is worth considering several reasons to refrain from independent intervention:

If you have lost colors on the TV, then there can be many reasons for this behavior. It is impossible to find them yourself. The user only has to try to adjust the color or reset to factory defaults. If this does not help, then you should call the wizard. Self-intervention in the internal device of the TV most often leads to additional malfunctions.


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