Why the Smart TV turns off and turns on

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Your TV is turned on, fixing tips

Modern TVs have become so smart that they can perform their functions without the participation of the user. The fact that the technique is turned on according to the schedule or according to a given scenario, there is nothing unusual. But what to do when you did not set it up to complete the task or such an opportunity for the model is completely absent, and the television receiver shows excessive independence, including, for example, in the middle of the night or so far no one is at home.

Faced with a similar phenomenon, users build different guesses, and that just does not come to mind at such moments. No, these are not the machinations of the brownie and not the uprising of the cars to which your TV joined. In fact, the source of the problem of getting out the control of control can be more banal. Consider the real reasons why TVs can spontaneously turn on and how to deal with it.

Councils of specialists

So that the user does not have to independently repair an expensive device or overpay in service centers, it is better to follow the recommendations of specialists for servicing modern TVs:

  • Do not place the TV on the windowsill, next to the aquarium or in other places where water can get to the printed circuit board.
  • Periodically remove the room with a damp cloth. This will reduce the accumulation of dust and dirt on important TV printing boards.
  • Do not leave the TV on when it is not used.
  • The voltage regulator must be installed to protect all electrical equipment, preferably at the location of the power supply in the house.
  • During work, make sure that the buttons on the remote control are pressed with sufficient force so that they are not hit and not squeezed out of the corps.
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There are various reasons why the TV turns off or turns on by itself. As you can see, solving problems with turning off the TV yourself, in most cases, is not so difficult. In addition, ways to solve such problems on Samsung, Vizio, Mitsubishi, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Hisense, Hitachi, Element, Magnavox, Sanyo and all other TV models are the same.

The main reason for turning off the TV is poorly configured options. For example, some designs have the ability to automatically shut off if the user did not use the remote control for a long time. Such a malfunction can be easily eliminated using the settings menu. If the malfunction is associated with the equipment, and the owner has no sufficient experience, then it is better to invite a specialist for repair.

Fault prevention

In order to prevent breakdowns and not to find out why the TV is turned on, it is necessary to carry out simple preventive actions.

Samsung tv turning off and on itself fix

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  • The equipment must be regularly cleaned from dust, and also prevent moisture from entering the device.
  • Do not use the timer function or configure it correctly.
  • Monitor software updates and regularly install them.
  • If voltage drops happen constantly, purchase a stabilizer.

Conclusion If the TV independently turns on and turns off at arbitrary time, this can happen for a number of reasons. To understand what this happened to the technique and what to do to fix the breakdown, you need to diagnose the device. The user can eliminate external malfunctions independently, but if you suspect a defect inside the television receiver, it is better to contact professionals so as not to aggravate the situation.

SAMSUNG UE43RU7172U. TV turns on and off every 10 seconds with no picture on the screen. Sound is ok

smart, turns

Fault prevention

To save the TV in a working state and avoid subsequent repairs, adhere to the following recommendations:

  • Do not install the TV near places of accumulation moisture: aquarium, window sill, air humidifier. Put mugs and vases away.
  • Check the settings for the inclined sleep timer or awakening according to schedule. Turn on the protection mode from children so that they do not accidentally change the parameters of the system or not set dubious software.
  • Wet cleaning in the room will reduce the amount of dust and the chances of its penetration into the body. Moisturizers and air purifiers act in a similar way (see the first recommendation).
  • During downtime, disconnect the TV from the network, this will protect it from stress jumps. The alternative will be the use of a network filter or stabilizer. Relevant for residents of the private sector, where often an unstable voltage supply.
  • Follow the exit of the updates and do not tighten with their installation. They help get rid of the shortcomings of the previous version, including the arbitrary “life” of the model.
  • Periodically disassemble the device to clean it from the inside, inspect the state of the motherboard. Carry out and inspection only after the guarantee, otherwise arbitrary opening of the case can be canceled by the guarantee.
  • Carefully use the remote control. Try not to press the keys, do not drop it to the floor, keep it away from the water.
  • Do not forget about safety measures when it is necessary to inspect the nutrition elements for defects or damage.
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Cases when the TV turns on and immediately turns off among the models of all brands and are the cause of “external” factors or failure of the motherboard. In cases where the source of the problem remains uncertain, experts recommend contacting the service center or replace the device under warranty.

Why is the Samsung TV itself turns on and off and what to do with it

Spontaneous actions of technology have always been considered a bad sign. Any actions that are not caused by a person indicate possible problems in the device.

In the case of complex devices such as TVs, there are not so many reasons for independently turning on or off the device. They can be divided into two categories:

  • Hardware. The reason is the electronics or power elements;
  • Software. TV settings are installed in such a way that it is forced to turn off (there may be problems with firmware or configured sleep timer).

Failed power supply

If the Samsung TV turns on and immediately turns off, the problem is worth looking for in the power supply. Experts recommend diagnosing the indicator. For example, if in the waiting menu the device light reacts to turning on, but flashes, there may be problems with the BP. Although sometimes the problem may be associated with the breakdown of other parts of the device. TV will have to be taken to the service center.

The indicator when turning on can constantly glow. Perhaps failures are observed in the power of the TV. BP refuses to answer the user’s commands, respectively, the indicator will not manifest itself in any way.

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Smart TV is a rather complicated device that is equipped with its operating system. It is the OS that can be the main reason affecting the spontaneous shutdown of the TV-approval.

Often problems from the software arise due to incorrect factory settings or installed third-party programs. To eliminate the defect, the user will have to reinstall the software. To do this, you need to go to the official website of the manufacturer, download the firmware for a specific model, download it to the USB flash drive and insert a portable drive into the port of the USB TV. Next, using the control panel, go into TV settings, find a section with system parameters and select the boot item from an external source.

What to do

If the TV arbitrarily stops working after launch, it is necessary to determine the type of breakdown: it is necessary:

  • Check the operability of the remote control;
  • Make sure that the power cable and the fork are intact, do not have traces of damage, and the plug itself is tightly inserted into the outlet;
  • Go into the settings and make sure that the sleep timer is disconnected;
  • Turn off the automatic renewal of the television receiver and delete all applications that can independently run the devices;
  • Disassemble the TV and diagnose the power supply.

Having discovered a malfunction during the check of the television panel, the user needs to eliminate it on his own, if possible or seek help from specialists.

smart, turns
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