Why The Keyboard Does Not Work On Samsung Laptop

Why The Keyboard Does Not Work On Samsung Laptop

Consider popular problems and how to solve them.

The keyboard on the laptop does not work due to a software failure:

Due to the installation of a program, the keyboard may not work. To solve the problem, do the following:

1. Restart the computer, during the reboot, click Del and go to the BIOS.

2. If the keyboard does not work in BIOS. then the problem is with it at the physical level. you need to disassemble and clean the laptop. If all buttons work fine in the BIOS, go to step 3.

3. After rebooting, restore the system from the last restore point when the keyboard worked normally. About how to restore the system and do a rollback. read our question about restoring Windows from recovery points.

The keyboard on the laptop does not work due to oxidation of the cable wires.

1. Disassemble the laptop case and get to the cable (many laptop manufacturers on their official websites post a step-by-step manual for analyzing their laptop models, sometimes this is 3 minutes, even for a beginner!)

2. Pull the ribbon cable out of the connector and carefully inspect for damage, oxidation, or shorting. E
If everything looks normal, wipe the cable with a cotton wool with alcohol or an ordinary eraser. Put it in place.

3. Wait for the alcohol to dry, then assemble the laptop and turn it on.

4. Test the keyboard.

The keyboard on the laptop does not work due to liquid.

1. If you spilled liquid on a laptop, turn it off urgently, turn it over and try to remove the battery as soon as possible and shake out all the water from the buttons.

2. Dismantle the case if possible and dry everything thoroughly with a hairdryer (cold air) or by putting the laptop in a dry, warm place.

3. Do not rush to assemble a laptop. it may not work. Normal drying times can reach one week. Be patient.

The keyboard on your laptop may not work due to physical damage.

1. If one or more buttons on the laptop does not work, this may be the result of physical damage to the keyboard.

2. Need a complete replacement of the entire keyboard. If you can change everything yourself. do it, if you can not. take the laptop to a service center.

Dirt and dust are the main reasons that the keyboard does not work.

1. Disassemble the laptop, remove the keyboard.

2. Thoroughly clean the problem areas and blockages with a cotton swab with alcohol or an eraser.

3. Let the laptop dry for a while, then reassemble it and try to start it.

The keyboard does not work on the laptop due to the motherboard

A problem with the laptop motherboard can lead to the fact that the keyboard, USB ports, Wi-Fi and many other devices will not work normally.

It is not recommended to do anything on your own here. you need to carry the laptop to a service center. In the best case, specialists will repair it for you. At worst, you have to purchase a new one.