Why The Iphone Is Better

Iphone remains the easiest smartphone to use

Despite all the promises of Android smartphone manufacturers to optimize their skins and make them lighter, iOS on the iPhone remains the simplest and most intuitive system. You can blame her for the lack of external changes, but for many, keeping the design, on the contrary, is a plus. Apple has been improving iOS from year to year, while maintaining its simplicity and recognizable appearance. By switching your iPhone 6 to iPhone 8, you don’t have to re-learn the interface and look for familiar functions. In addition, there is a convenient function of transferring all the necessary data.

Additional features when working with a Mac

With the new Continuity feature, call and message notifications on iPhone can be received directly from your MacBook. Alternatively, you can start writing an email or editing a document on iPhone and continue on Mac. There is even a universal clipboard available, which allows you to copy text on your smartphone and paste it into a document on a macOS device.

Rapid and large-scale iPhone updates

An indisputable advantage of the iPhone is the system updates that arrive on almost the same day for all compatible models. For example, according to analyst firm Mixpanel, more than 70% of all iPhones are already installed with iOS 11. The latest statistics on the distribution of Android versions cannot be compared to any comparison. Fresh Oreo is currently installed on only 0.5% of devices, and last year’s Android 7 Nougat has not even crossed the 25% mark.

Iphone is faster

Top-of-the-line iPhones outperform Android flagships both in the speed of complex tasks and in synthetic tests. For example, the iPhone X with the latest A11 Bionic chip transcodes a 2-minute 4K- to Adobe Clips in 42 seconds, Google’s Pixel 2 takes almost 3 minutes, and the Samsung Galaxy S8 takes over 4 minutes. In the most popular benchmarking applications Geekbench and AnTuTu, the new iPhones also take the first places by a wide margin.

The best apps come to iOS first

Many games and applications to this day are initially released on iOS, and after some time they appear on Google Play. Examples include Super Mario Run, Monument Valley 2, and Snapchat. Even Instagram on Android only became available two years after it debuted on the App Store. It is much more profitable for developers to create applications for iOS, since, according to statistics, in the United States alone, the average user spent 47 on applications in the App Store per year. For Android and Google Play, this figure is 30.

Reasons why iPhone is better than Android smartphones

Better cameras, performance and live system updates, the iPhone has many advantages over Android smartphones.

Gadgets. The main thing on the topic

“Galaxy A51 is half the price, but better in everything.” Why People Buy iPhone SE and Is It Right?

Why The Iphone Is Better

On April 15 this year, the second generation of the iPhone SE was released. Four months later, one analyst after another is talking about the strong demand and success of the smartphone. At the same time, it does not follow the market trends at all and is offered in the 2014 case. Life figured out how it happened and whether it is possible to buy an iPhone SE.

Iphone SE has a problem

Iphone SE is Apple’s lazy symbol. This is an iPhone 8 with an ancient body, microscopic battery, and a new processor. Too few changes.

Let’s put aside all the talk about design, it’s good. Its audience is the ex-owners of the iPhone 6S and 7. They are used to a smartphone with a compact body, a Home button and a small screen. And when choosing a new model, they will choose exactly this, and not rush to innovate. In addition, the new processor in the same case is the concept of the SE line, the same was the first generation.

The first iPhone SE (released in the spring of 2016. Approx. Life) showed consistency. There were no cases when people bought a smartphone five years ago, just to own a device of a certain brand.

Telecomdaily CEO

Another thing is battery is a nightmare in 2020. The battery could have been larger and the body made thicker, as was done in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. The capacity is only 1821 mAh, the bundle includes a weak charger, and the energy replenishment speed is two hours with a fast adapter and two and a half hours with a regular one. In parallel, any Android smartphone lives for one and a half to two days at moderate load and fully charges in an hour.

Nevertheless, this did not stop the smartphone from becoming popular. Over, even ex-Android owners are switching to it, who are more demanding on devices in terms of characteristics and capabilities.

“New iPhone” sounds attractive

Real addiction. Why iPhone users can’t upgrade to Android

In the process of using the iPhone, the owner of the iPhone develops a set of habits with which it is painless to change the platform. Ease of use, unity of style and simplicity of the interface, the ecosystem with these factors, the iPhone becomes the only convenient smartphone.

Not to mention Android. Here the user easily switches from Xiaomi to Huawei, from Samsung to OPPO and so on. This is why brands are releasing more devices and competing on performance. Therefore, it is much easier for the iPhone to attract this audience. Android needs Apple to fail in order to successfully take advantage of the anger of users and take it for itself, a smartphone from Cupertino just needs to become a worthy alternative.

It has no competitors in terms of power

The TV will shut down if the screen is not properly cleaned. 4 tips for caring for your device. 5 silly questions before buying an iPhone SE And one reason to get the iPhone XR

Iphone SE is the most famous smartphone of this year. Conventional Huawei, in order for its release to be discussed, needs to make the smartphone unique. This is how the company burst into the flagship arena in 2018 with the release of the flagship P20 Pro. Apple does not need to be surprised, in this case the very fact of the release of the new iPhone is already an event.

This is the most inexpensive of the modern iPhones. It is bought by those who do not understand the market and buy a “new iPhone”. There is no reason for an Android user to take it. Compare the model to Samsung Galaxy A51. It’s half the price, but better in everything

Lead Analyst, Mobile Research Group

With this presentation, the iPhone SE seems to be the most reliable smartphone and the most advantageous in terms of value for money. Here the buyer’s logic is as follows: the smartphone is under discussion, the brand is probably well-known, it is reliable and modern, otherwise the company risks user loyalty.

Moving away from iOS to Android is difficult. The reverse is easy


The camera on the iPhone 5s is 8 megapixels, on the Samsung GALAXY S5 is 16 megapixels, however, the photos taken by the devices are almost the same. Let’s summarize the main factors:

  • The sharpness of photos and the viewing angle are better on an iPhone;
  • Samsung GALAXY S5 has a wider dynamic range;
  • Iphone 5s automatically triggers HDR mode;

The color rendition of the cameras of both smartphones is a very controversial issue. Samsung GALAXY S5 shows more realistic colors, but on the other hand, it is more pleasant to look at photos of iPhone 5s.

Samsung settings menu

For those who like to take pictures, it is better to choose Samsung GALAXY S5, which has a lot of functions. For those who just need a camera as an addition to their phone, who do not want to understand the abundance of functions, but just quickly take pictures at the right moment and get good quality pictures, your choice is iPhone.


Samsung developers have implemented many of the features just because the iPhone has them. For example, a fingerprint scanner. Sometimes it even seems that Samsung is setting high for its products due to the high cost of iPhones.

Apple iPhone 5s. What do we see? Tempered glass, high-quality metal, the ability to replace the phone under warranty.

Samsung plastic, then under the metal, then under the skin. The question immediately arises why Samsung should cost like an iPhone? One of the main design problems of the Samsung GALAXY S5 smartphone is fake materials, which is typical of Korean manufacturers. After all, the feeling of fake leather or metal will not bring the owner the proper pleasure.

Objectively speaking, the iPhone looks better, and more expensive, and more honest, because it is made of expensive and high-quality materials. On the other side of the coin, the GALAXY S5, which is waterproof and dustproof to IP67. Simply put, this technology provides complete protection for your smartphone from dust and water ingress. But this fact can also be argued, tk. Waterproofness calls into question the detachable smartphone cover and easily accessible connectors.

Considering the higher quality of materials, according to the criterion of Appearance and design, the victory is won by Apple iPhone 5s.


It is quite difficult to objectively evaluate the screens of completely different smartphones, from different manufacturers. The brightness reserve in the sun, the readability and visibility of the screen in the sun are quite objective parameters, but the resolution, size and color rendition are subjective factors.

For example, someone has a great tablet and doesn’t need a large smartphone screen. When shooting with the camera, the screen does not matter, and sometimes even vice versa, the more compact and smaller, the better.

Although, back to the review. Screen resolution should increase with size, in other words, pixel density is the determining factor. The iPhone uses a resolution of 1136×640 (326 ppi versus Samsung’s 426), which is even less than Full-HD. Despite this, the iPhone 5s screen is sharp, and it’s almost impossible to see individual pixels. The GALAXY S5 uses a higher resolution, but PenTile doesn’t make the phone appear sharp enough.

Color rendering is quite an objective parameter, but not in our everyday life. Most people prefer vibrant, acidic shades over natural colors. Neither an iPhone nor a Samsung can boast of ideal color reproduction. Samsung is visibly blue, and the iPhone is red.

When it comes to visibility in the sun, Samsung is winning. It’s brighter than the iPhone. But you can’t definitely say that Samsung’s screen is better.


Battery iPhone 1560 mAh, Samsung 2800 mAh. Despite this difference, the iPhone will hold a charge much better than the Samsung. After all, the abundance of applications on Android quickly sits down the smartphone.

Therefore, the autonomy is a draw. The comparison results are shown in the table. As a result of an objective assessment, we can say that the iPhone 5S is better than the Samsung GALAXY S5.

Samsung wins in functionality and a slightly brighter screen, but those who value device ergonomics, high-quality design, usability and a good camera should choose an iPhone.

The duel test showed that now there is no technology on the smartphone market, better than Apple in all respects. What is better for you to decide only for you.

Do not forget to read the comments, there is also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later comments, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

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Fingerprint sensor

The fingerprint scanner was first installed in the Toshiba Portege G900 smartphone. Then it did not take root, because of the need to move your finger along the sensor with a certain speed and direction. Apple has been successful in incorporating this technology into its devices. And as a rule, what appeared in Apple will appear on other flagships of famous brands. Samsung has.

A fundamentally different Samsung fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner in the Samsung GALAXY S5 loses to the iPhone 5S. Firstly, it is not optical, the finger must be applied strictly perpendicular to the edge of the phone and must be held with the entire pad of the finger.

In addition, you can save 5 prints on an iPhone, and only three on a Samsung. How to output a fingerprint scanner on an iPhone, better than on Samsung.

What have changed

Better sound

In terms of audio, the iPhone XR was good, but apparently, the iPhone 11 will be even better: now there is support for Dolby Atmos. In addition, Apple has announced the Spatial Audio feature. Translated into Russian, we are talking about spatial sound, a kind of field around the phone. How does 3D sound work in such a small phone? We will check this already during the testing of the device. But before this was not in iPhones.

Improved Face ID system

Improvement of the face scanner is another innovation. According to Apple, the new sensor system is 30% faster than the old one and detects faces from a wider angle. What worries me the most is whether the phone has learned to recognize the owner when you hold it horizontally rather than vertically. For example, iPad Pro can do this, and I want to get the same function in my phone.

New processor

The fastest and most powerful processor with the best photographic accelerator this is how the new Apple A13 Bionic can be described. It is 20% more powerful than last year’s Apple A12 Bionic. If you love benchmarks and numbers, there will soon be a bunch of tests and comparisons from curious reviewers. In any case, there will be an excellent performance headroom for the coming years.

What has not changed

Now that Apple did not change the phone.


It seems like a trifle, but how it sounds: an iPhone ten era or an iPhone X-era versus a simple iPhone eleven. I think this is already a matter of psychology and personal attitude, but I like the option with the iPhone 11 more. So it is clearer and more logical, without unnecessary problems.

What is the difference between a smartphone and an iPhone and which is better?

Users often ask how the iPhone differs from the smartphone? The question is really interesting, although it was posed incorrectly because the iPhone is also a smartphone. It’s just that in recent years its name has become a household name, as, for example, in the case of a copier, because Xerox is the name of a company that, among other things, produces copiers.

Smartphone (from English smartphone, that is, smart phone) is a mobile phone that successfully combines the functions of a pocket computer. With it, you can not only call friends, but also play games, watchs, listen to music, surf the Internet and much more.

Iphone a series of smartphones produced by Apple.

And what happens? And the fact that calling an iPhone a smartphone, you can’t go wrong!

What is the Difference Between Smartphones and iPhones?

Now let’s talk about what makes the iPhone different from other smartphones.

Perhaps the first and most important is the iOS operating system. Our site has already managed to tell about it. This operating system is interesting in that it is used exclusively on devices from Apple, so you will not find it on smartphones or tablets from other manufacturers. This is good on the one hand, but bad on the other. Good, because Apple hones its operating system to shine, so it often works much more stable than other operating systems. And the bad thing is that it is impossible to install it, for example, on an LG phone.

Iphone 11 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10:

The second important difference is the small model range. So, for a long time, Apple released only one model, which was later joined by the iPhone 5c. The same goes for the screen size, although in the sixth generation two devices came out at once, one with a screen diagonal of 4.7 inches, and the second 5.5 inches. Now look at the huge selection of Android devices, the difference is fantastic. So if you don’t like the iPhone’s looks, you have little choice but to start looking at devices from other manufacturers.

As for the appearance, there is nothing unusual here. In previous years, Apple could shock the appearance of its devices (remember, for example, the iPhone 4 with a glass back cover), but now it is an ordinary smartphone. Of course, it differs in the presence of expensive materials, but all this invariably affects the cost of the device. But on the back there is a corporate logo bitten apple.

Iphone 11 and Huawei P30:

Iphones lack a memory card slot. This can be said to be Apple’s proprietary feature. Of course, you can always choose an iPhone with a large memory capacity, but the price difference will be several thousand rubles, while the cost of a fast and high-quality flash drive does not exceed a thousand rubles. However, in fairness, we note that now many manufacturers refuse slots for memory cards. Fortunately, not all.

Iphone Xs Max and iPhone Xr:

Some users refer to the disadvantages of the non-removable battery in the iPhone. In our opinion, this should not be considered a disadvantage. Firstly, in most modern smartphones, the battery cannot be replaced (except in the service), and secondly, it lasts 2-3 years, while the average smartphone replacement period is only one year.

Iphone SE and Sony Xperia Compact XZ2:

It should be noted that it supports only one SIM card. True, the latest models have eSIM support for a virtual SIM card.

As for everything else, including specifications, availability of applications, quality of shooting, etc., in this regard, the iPhone does not differ much from other Android devices. What’s better? It’s up to you to decide. You can go to an electronics hypermarket and compare iPhone to another smartphone you like.

Be that as it may, we found out that the iPhone is also a smartphone, which has its own characteristics.

Apple iPhone 6. Processors and performance

The fifth models are equipped with A7 (iPhone) and Snapdragon 801 (Galaxy S5) processors, respectively. The first is dual-core at 1.35 GHz, the second is for four cores with a clock frequency of 2.5 GHz.

Apple’s sixth model continues to follow tradition with its own 1.4ghz dual-core A8 processor.

The Korean company also decided to use its own processor and installed an eight-core CPU in the S6 Samsung Exynos 7420.

Eight cores are actually split into two quad-core processors at 1.5 and 2.1 GHz.

A less powerful chip acts as an auxiliary chip and turns on only at high loads.

Filling smartphones

It makes no sense to compare the fifth and sixth models with each other, because the continuous development of technologies does not give everyone the opportunity to keep up with them, and what was a breakthrough a year and a half ago is now irrelevant.

Apple iPhone 5s. Autonomy and battery

The battery capacity of both Galaxy (2,550mAh for the S6 and 2,800mAh for the S5) is almost twice that of the iPhone (1,810mAh for the 6 and 1560 for the 5s). Autonomous work for all devices is approximately the same.

Why is this happening?

Because Koreans use more power-hungry processors.

Each device is capable of being in standby mode for about 260 hours, providing 20 hours of talk time and about 50 hours of playing music.

Memory: operational and stationary

Which smartphone can store more information? Samsung is doing better with RAM: S5 2 GB, S6 3 GB. Both apples are supplied with 1 GB.

Over, their performance does not suffer, because of the excellent optimization. Only S5 has an SD card slot (up to 128GB).

The rest of the models are offered with built-in data storage (S6 32/64/128 GB, 5s 16/32/64, 6 16/64/128).

At the same time, the actually available space for storing personal data will be slightly less, since this parameter does not take into account the OS.