Why the Asus Zenpad Tablet Stopped Charging

Absolutely all equipment is subject to breakdowns, our favorite Android smartphones and tablets are no exception! If your battery suddenly stopped charging on Android, then in this article you will find all the ways to solve this problem!

One of the most popular failures of smartphones and tablets is the inability to charge the battery. Many immediately go to the service center to fix the problem, but first you should try to solve the problem yourself if the battery does not charge!

Why the Asus Zenpad Tablet Stopped Charging

1. Charging cable

The very first problem why the battery may not charge is the charging cable (date cable). If you accidentally pulled it a lot, use it for a rather long time, or it is a cheap cable, then the very first thing is to check the charging cable.

2. Charger

If you are one of those who can’t remove the charge from the outlet after Android has been charged, then be prepared that sooner or later this charge will be inoperative. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that charging from different manufacturers may be incompatible, this is due to the difference in current strength (amperes) and output voltage (volts).

3. Contamination and oxidation at the contacts

If you do not work in perfectly sterile conditions, and also like taking your Android smartphone or tablet to the bathroom, then you may find that the contacts in the device’s socket may become dirty or oxidize.

Perform a visual inspection, and if so, clean. In order to remove pollution and oxidation you will need:

  • Can of compressed air
  • Old Toothbrush or Fine Needle
  • Alcohol

Clean as slowly and accurately as possible, the device must first be turned off and, if possible, remove the battery (if the design allows).

4. Charging Socket

A very popular problem on cheap smartphones and tablets is the poor connection of the charging socket to the main board of a smartphone or tablet. The jack simply comes off and dangles as a result of which the gadget does not charge.

5. Old battery

If you use your Android for too long, then the failure may lie in the fact that the battery has become unusable and there will only be one way out of the situation, buying a new battery.

6. Strong battery discharge

If you squeezed absolutely “all the juices” and your Android battery is exhausted very much, then you may suffer from the impossibility of charging it. There are two options for development. The first is the purchase of a new battery, the second option is to find a fairly powerful charger (a large number of amperes given out) and leave it to charge for a couple of hours. Also, to enhance the effect, you can warm the battery with a hairdryer, then the chance of recovery of the battery can be crowned with success. It should be as careful as possible, since all batteries are Li-ion, and lithium is fire and fire hazard.

7. Charging in the cold

If you try to charge your Android smartphone or tablet at a temperature below 0 ° C, then apart from harming the battery, you will not achieve anything. Charge only in a room where the temperature is above 5 ° C.

8. Software failure

Rarely, but still this happens, Android stops charging due to a software failure and there is only one way out, a complete data reset.

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