Why Samsung does not connect to Wi-Fi

The phone does not connect to Wi-Fi-we understand the reasons

The capabilities of modern phones go far beyond the borders. With no less success, they can be used to store and edit files and, of course, to connect to a global network. Since mobile standards are most often limited by providers, for connecting to the Internet, the owners of gadgets based on Android and iOS most often use Wi-Fi technology. But in itself, the presence of a Wi-Fi module in a mobile device does not yet guarantee connection to the network.

It happens that the phone does not connect to Wi-Fi, giving errors or notifying the user about the impossibility of connecting. Most often, this occurs due to the failure or incorrect settings of the device itself, but the incorrect configuration of the router, modification of system files, installation of custom firmware, non-compliance with the viruses, and, in rare cases, failing to build the Wi-Fi module, can lead to the same results. So, we will try to make out in more detail why the phone does not connect to Wi-Fi and how it can be corrected.

How to fix Wi-Fi in Samsung Galaxy A32?

Here are various methods of eliminating problems that you can use to solve problems with Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy A32.

Assuming that you have problems using Wi-Fi on your Samsung Galaxy A32 (or other Android smartphones), there are several main points that you should take care of.

First, check if you have Wi-Fi. It may seem strange, but you could try to connect to Wi-Fi, not including it. Another possible main problem is that you pressed the Wi-Fi tile on the notification panel, but the phone has not registered incentives.

samsung, does, connect, wi-fi

How To Fix a Samsung TV that Won’t Connect to WiFi

Simply put, although you pressed the Wi-Fi icon to turn it on, it either did not turn on due to without registration when touching, or it may be a slight failure that does not allow you to turn on wi-violets for the first time. Example. Just tap the wi-fi icon several times to turn off these specimens. On the front panel of the router, check whether you connect to the correct router.


To restore the Internet connection, you should determine the exact cause of the malfunction. The method of access to access will depend on this.

Network problems

If Wi-Fi is missing not only on a smartphone, but also on other home devices, the problem may be from the provider. After checking the payment of the account and rebooting, you can call support operators.

If the repair work is underway, you will have to wait for the end of their implementation. Or leave an application for execution to restore an Internet connection.

samsung, does, connect, wi-fi

Problems with software

Often, owners of smartphones load third.Party applications without checking through antivirus on. As a result, the malicious code blocks the normal operation of the OS. The easiest way to solve this problem is to establish an antivirus and check all third.Party applications. But it is not always possible to restore Internet connection.

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There are alternative options that will help solve the following problem:

  • Reset all parameters to standard factory. Before that, it is worth digging the necessary information to external drives.
  • OS update to the latest version in the section “Archives and Reset”. Following the prompts, it will be possible to launch the update of the system.

After that, access to the Internet should be restored. If the connection speed is low, then the reason for this may be technical failures.

Important! If the update did not help you can reflash the phone. They do it on their own or trust a specialist.

The problem may solve the reset of settings

Hardware breakdown

The reason for the lack of an Internet connection may be mechanical damage to the router. It is necessary to call a technical specialist who will determine the nature of the damage and the volume of repair work.

If the breakdown is serious, you may have to change the router. Иногда причиной отсутствия вай-фая — механические повреждения в самом телефоне. In this case, employees of the service center will help to solve the problem.

Router checking and configuration

If, as a result of a kind of diagnosis, you have found that problems with Internet access arise on all devices that are connected to one wireless network, then look for the cause of the error in the router settings.

First reboot the router. Disconnect it from the network for 10-20 seconds, then turn on. Make sure that the device is close enough to the source of the wireless network, and nothing interferes with the signal passage.

Look at the settings and try to change them a little:

  • Open the wireless network parameters (Wireless Settings) in the router integral and install another channel.
  • Change the operating mode of the wireless network. For example, from 11bg Mixed to 11n Only. Increase
  • In the safety settings of a wireless network, select WPA2-PSK protection and AES-shift.
  • Make sure that the correct region/country is selected in the router settings.

When connecting to an open public network, check if you have passed web. Usually, when trying to connect to Wi-Fi, a browser with a page for entering the phone number is launched in some shopping center. If you do not, you will be connected to Wi-Fi without access to the Internet.

Repair engineer for mobile and computer equipment in a specialized service center, g. Moscow. Continuous experience from 2010.Have questions? Ask in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article. I try to answer as quickly as possible to you in the indicated mail. Each case is individual and therefore it is very important that you write your problem as much as possible and what is your device model.

Good afternoon! I have an Android wireless update today and after that Wi-Fi does not turn on? Does not see a single network, although other. Wi-Fi devices work!

Good afternoon. It is not known what kind of model you have a phone, so look for a discussion of the latest firmware version on the network yourself. There is a chance that this is a manufacturer glit. The second option: we drop it to factory settings, while this will be removed from the phone (make backup). I can’t tell anything more remotely. You can contact the service.

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The phone (Lenovo T898) does not go on the Internet via open (without password) Wi-Fi network. If the network is parole, then there are no problems with access to the network. The failure in the router is excluded- this happens only with my phone and in a wide variety of places. There were no problems with access to free networks before. Is there any way to change something in the phone settings?

Depending on the Android version, look at the instructions on the accommodator website. In the Wi-Fi setting or security will be a point on connecting to unprotected networks.

Wi-Fi I connect from different sources writes connection without the Internet other Android s, I work normally for me Nokia 5

Try to make the described in the article: forget the network and connect again

I also have nokia5. The same trouble. Removing and again the connection does not help. Reloading the router also did not help. It remains options for warranty in the service center.

So the firmware has been updated recently?

I can’t go to the Internet from the phone and v.5.1 Now I am sitting through the Cyberghost 6 program (VPN) without it Yandex Browser writes cannot be connected to the proxy server

Try: 1 turn off VPN. 2 Reload the phone. 3 Try some other browser.

Good afternoon! On Nokia 8, since yesterday evening shows Wi-Fi? Connected, without the Internet, the Internet itself works, but applications are not downloaded from it and nothing is downloaded. At home and at work the same provider, bodies. Reloaded does not help.

Good afternoon. The article has already written, try: forget the network and connect to it again.

Hello. On Nokia 6 Wi-Fi without the Internet. In the morning everything worked. On another smartphone there is the Internet. There are also on the computer. Forgot the network and connect to it again did not help. In the proxy server there is no “no”. Date and time correct. What could be the reason?

Good afternoon. Check for a start on another router (Wi-Fi network). There is a chance that it has a problem. If not in the router, then most likely your firmware failure, or the failure of the Wi-Fi module. In this case, it is better to contact the service, t.To. I need to diagnose and I will not help you remotely for you.

Authentication error

The reason for the error occurred during authentication in the incorrect entry of a password from Wi-Fi. Make sure that the input language is right, and you do not use Cyrillic instead of Latin. Check the accuracy of the registration of the letters.

If you have questions or have complaints left. Let us know

Ask a Question

To eliminate the source of the problem, delete the wireless network (“Forget”) and reboot the router.

If the restart of the router and the new network search did not help, change the password again through the settings of the router.

  • Information for entering the web-intese look on the device case.
  • Entering the system, change the password using the Latin and numbers.
  • See the standard value-should be WPA2-PSK.

Or select the WPA, WPA2 mode, if it is not supported by a smartphone. Unfortunately, while in public transport or in a shopping center, you will not be able to change the “safety settings” of the router. Wait for arrival home.

TV does not connect to a Wi-Fi router, although he sees it

In situations where Samsung Smart TV does not connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, additional methods of solving problems are used:

  • Reloading the entire system is carried out;
  • The television receiver returns to the factory, initial settings;
  • The TV software is updated;
  • The state of the module and apparatus is checked;
  • DNS errors are searching;
  • All information for creating a pair is introduced in manual mode.
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How To Fix Samsung J250f wifi not open problem fix

Important! Sometimes issues with performance are related to problems in the router. In this case, you need to check the equipment for the presence of a mechanical type of damage.

Checking the physical condition of the adapter

Errors: “saved”, “authenticity checks”, “incorrect password”

Everything is done correctly, but the system begins to write: “saved” or “authentication”. There are situations when after entering the connection password does not occur. Usually you just need to restart the router, but sometimes you need to change the settings.

The error of authentication checks may occur if password improperly entering. The team protects from unauthorized penetration. Perhaps the encryption settings are simply incorrectly indicated or there was a failure. All that needs to be done is to restart the system.

The most intelligent devices directly write to the user: “Wrong password”.

Bought a phone or tablet

Well, do not forget that the smartphone or tablet itself is also a small but rather powerful computer with its own operating system (Android or iOS), which can also fail. This is revealed quite simply-any other device is connected normally, namely this phone writes: Wi-Fi is connected, without access to the Internet.

samsung, does, connect, wi-fi

What can you try to do in this case? First, just delete this network and connect again. To delete a Wi-Fi network on Android, you need to open a list of networks, select the connected and in its properties click on the “Delete” button. Like this:

In those cases when the reconnecting to Wi-Fui does not help, I would advise reset the settings of the network adapters of the smartphone. On almost all phones with Android, starting with version 9.0 and above is the possibility of resetting network settings. To do this, you need to find in the settings (usually this is the “Additional Functions” section) the menu “Reset network settings” menu:

We select this menu item and see this picture:

Here, the Android system warns us that all network settings, including Wi-Fi, mobile Internet and Bluetooth will be reset. This is absolutely satisfied with us. We click on the “Set Tails” button at the bottom of the screen.

The smart system will once again warn that the reset settings cannot be restored. But this does not scare us and we boldly click on the OK button and wait for the end of the process.

And if none of the options proposed above helped. Then it remains only to completely discard the settings of the entire phone to the factory. I encountered this several times on Chinese smartphones like Xiaomi. And only the full factory reset helped. So! Good luck in solving technical problems!

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